12 Techno NJR Faculties Certified NPTEL Certification in their respective field

Not only students but Faculties also do a certification at Techno India NJR in their respective fields through well-known organizations like NPTEL, Udacity.



Faculties along with their departments, badges, and Certifications:

  • Nitin Kothari (ECE) – Gold Badge, Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • Nishant Sharma (CE) – Gold Badge, Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Engineering 1
  • Jitendra Choubisa (CE) – Gold Badge, Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • Kiran Acharya (CSE) – Silver Badge, Cloud Computing
  • Yogendra Solanki (ECE) – Silver Badge, Embedded System Design using ARM
  • Paras Kothari (CSE) – Silver Badge, Problem Solving Through Programming in C
  • Vishnu Agarwal (ME) – Silver Badge, Steam & Gas Power Systems
  • Vivek Jain (ECE) – Silver Badge, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
  • Sangeeta Choudhary (CE) – Geotechnical Engineering 2, Foundation Engineering
  • Sangeeta Choudhary (CE) – Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Engineering 1
  • Vishnu Agarwal (ME) – Thermodynamics
  • Rakesh Yadav (CE) – Subsurface Exploration: Importance & Techniques Involved

About NPTEL:

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) was initiated by seven Indian Institutes of Technology (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and Roorkee) along with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2003. Five core disciplines were identified, namely, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering and mechanical engineering and 235 courses in web/video format were developed in this phase. The main goal of NPTEL Phase II (2009-14) was to build on the engineering and core science courses launched previously in NPTEL Phase I. An additional 600 web and video courses were created in all major branches of engineering, physical sciences at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and management courses at the postgraduate level. Several improvements such as indexing of all video and web courses and keyword search were implemented.

Places to Visit

Have you been to the Best Hangout Place in Udaipur trending right now?

Udaipurites always roam around the city in search of new and fashionable places to spend a good time and click some amazing pictures. But to choose from so many places, it turns into a mental dilemma every weekend to find a good place. A place which offers an unforgettable view, delectable food and n number of points where you can click good selfies and so-called candid pictures

Voila!! Here’s where the Enigma Restaurant and Lounge pop up in the head. This restaurant has exactly got everything that one is looking for.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Enigma Restaurant and Lounge is the serenest place to hang out!

  • An unmatched feasting experience:

No matter what the place has to offer, until and unless you aren’t served with an unforgettable dining experience, you won’t visit the place again most probably. Food served at Enigma Restaurant and Lounge will not just satiate your taste buds with amazing food but also take care of all your cravings. A special and the most romantic seating arrangement for 2 on the rooftop is the paradise for the lovebirds. A Private Silver Dining Room that can accommodate10 people and Personal Butler Service. What more can anyone ask for?

Dining arrangement at Enigma.
Dining arrangement at Enigma.
Silver Dining arrangement at Enigma.
Silver Dining arrangement at Enigma.


  • Private Terrace lounge:

A breath of fresh air while you are enjoying the different taste of your favorite dish served. Ever fantasize to have a meal like this? If yes, you surely can fulfill it at the terrace lounge of Enigma Restaurant and Lounge. This also brings us to our next point.

Terrace Lounge at Enigma.
Terrace Lounge at Enigma.


  • Eye-Soothing view, in front of you:

A breathtaking view of Lake Pichola and the magnificent City Palace while you savor every taste with your loved ones? Who wouldn’t love it?  And if you are wondering where you can get such a view. I guess, you already know the answer, The rooftop setting, and the Terrace lounge will give you a panoramic view that will allure you for sure.

View from Enigma.
View from Enigma.


  • Photo-Friendly Interior:

The restaurant is designed with exclusive interior artifacts that will surely lit up your Instagram handle. From special Hand-Carved Winged Couple chairs to Hand shaped ones at the rooftop, from beautiful chandeliers to astonishing wall arts, you won’t be able to resist yourself from clicking pictures.

Interior at Enigma
Interior at Enigma

  • Lavish services:

At Enigma restaurant and lounge, one thing you’ll experience for sure is a great butler service. The credits go to the services available at the restaurant. These services include A La Carte Service, Valet Parking Service, Personal Butler Service, and much more.

So, it’s time to go easy on your phone screens looking for a perfect weekend spot. Enigma restaurant and lounge promise an unforgettable meal experience.

Been to Enigma Restaurant and lounge? Share your memories with us in the comment sections, We would love to hear from you.



Indian Railways: Now change the boarding station four hours prior to the journey

If a confirmed ticket was booked from IRCTC website but had to be cancelled because there’s no option to change the boarding station, here’s good news!

Udaipur mysore humsafar express
Photo Credit: Shivam Sadhu/ raah_chalta_

Passengers travelling by rail will now be able to change the boarding station up to four hours before the chart is formed. This facility has been implemented since Wednesday. This means that one can change the boarding station that is selected at the time of booking tickets.

Prior to this, the boarding state could be changed only 24 hours before the start of the journey and for that passengers had to submit an application to the railway reservation head. Now it can be done online through the IRCTC website for tickets booked online. The boarding station can also be changed by calling the Railway Inquiry Number -139. However, the condition is that there will be no refund on cancelling the ticket.


Deal between the famous Hotel Leela Venture and Brookfield cancelled

Stomping down heavily on Hotel Leela Venture Ltd, market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has barred Leela Venture from selling its 4 high-profile hotels, comprising Hotel Leela Palace Udaipur and other assets to the Canadian investment fund Brookfield Asset Management.

Credits: Shutterstock

The dramatic move came just after a day when India Tobacco Company (ITC) which holds around 8% of stake in the company, moved the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in contrary to Hotel Leela Venture claiming “oppression and mismanagement”.

ITC also claimed that the deal between Leela Venture Ltd and the Canadian investment fund Brookfield was against the company’s and stockholders’ interests. SEBI has also received representations from ITC on the same matter and had mentioned this in its letter to Leela.

ITC’s plea was cited before the Mumbai bench of the NCLT, which postponed the matter for hearing on the coming Wednesday, Hotel Leela Venture had said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday.

“Representations and allegations against Hotel Leela Venture Ltd, as received by SEBI in relation to the issue, concerns the interest of the investors in the security market. While the representations are still being examined by SEBI, in scarcity of time involved and keeping the interest of investors in mind, they are advised to make sure that none of the transactions planned in the postal ballot notice dated 18 March 2019 are acted upon till further directions from SEBI,” states Hotel Leela Venture in the filing.

With the petition to Company Law Tribunal, ITC also filed two applications seeking a waiver of the requirement of the minimum threshold of 10% shareholding. ITC holds a 7.92% stake in Hotel Leela Venture. Earlier, the board of Hotel Leela Venture, while selling the hotel business, together with all assets and liabilities of the hotels located at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Udaipur on a slump sale basis, split out Rs.150 crore each to the former promoters – Vivek and Dinesh Nair. Further, the sale to Brookfield also included 100% shareholding of the company in Leela Palaces and Resorts Ltd which owns the property and holds licenses for the development of a hotel in Agra.

All other management contracts currently in operation including the employees have been reassigned to Brookfield. The total payable amount to the company is of Rs.3,950 crore which is subject to adjustments on account of net working capital plus the applicable transaction cost. It is being said that the company will continue to operate the hotel in Mumbai, own a piece of land in Hyderabad and the joint development project of residential apartments in association with Prestige Developers in Bangalore.

Canadian corporation Brookfield still reserves the right of refusal over the company’s hotel in Mumbai, as a part of the business transaction.

News Source: Udaipurtimes


Cultural Centre at Saheliyon-ki-Bari still not open for visitors

Even after 9 months in the Kalangan centre prepared by the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), the cultural evening and short films for tourists have not been started.

Saheliyon Ki Bari - Panorama

On the pattern of heritage in Bagore Haveli, the evening full of cultural events were supposed to happen daily. A short film on the history of Saheliyon-ki-Bari was prepared to show in a specially constructed room, but the indigenous and foreign tourists visiting here are not able to see it at this time. On July 28, 2018, the former Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria inaugurated the Kalangan Center. In it, there were 44 works of famous artists of contemporary art including Mewar’s famous traditional miniature painting style, Nathdwara, Kawad Photo category etc. Apart from this, the panels of the historic theme of Mewar, which are built in Herbal Gardens of Forest Medicinal Plants, Bird Vihar are located here.

More than two thousand domestic and foreign tourists visit Saheliyon-ki-Bari, according to which the proposed rooms for short films are facing a shortfall, which is going to shift above. Second, in the evening selection of a qualified institution for cultural events cannot be held. There will be a separate ticket for entry, but how much it will look, it can not be decided by the administration. Here, additional security professionals are required for deployment, but SCERT lacks a budget to keep security personnel on contract. Time for completion of this project is indefinite hence, the visitors have to wait for a new addition to Udaipur itinerary.


Fun Tanga Ride to Start at Fatehsagar and Rani Road

A huge bucket of nostalgia is going to shower you as Udaipur will soon have a fun tanga ride at Fatehsagar and Rani Road. Municipal Corporation of Udaipur held a meeting where they discussed running overall 7 Tangas on the beginning note. It was further decided that 3 tangas will run from Devali to Rani Road, 2 tangas will run from Mahakal temple to Devali and the rest 2 will run from Swaroop Sagar to Moti Magri.

Source: Cleartrip

This will prove to be a good action as per the environment conservation after the cycle sharing the news. With the Tanga ride, many people will be able to recall the fun old days in the city. Furthermore, the people who used to earn their livelihood from Tanga riding will again have the opportunity to start it once again.

It has been decided that the tanga operators will have to pay Rs. 2000/- as license fees per annum. It’s not good news for just locals but also the tourists. They will also be able to adore the stunning view of Lake Fatehsagar while also enjoying the tanga ride.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the article? Share it in the comment section below or write to me at


This 150 Year Old Sweet Shop in Udaipur Must Be in Your Checklist!

Are you a sweet tooth? Let us take you to a very famous sweet shop in Udaipur-

Lala Mishthan Bhandar

Source: Taste of City

Lala Mishthan Bhandar was started by ‘Lala Narayan Ji’ somewhere 150 years ago. Apparently, the shop has been named after him. Located near the Ghanta Ghar police station, this shop is ever crowded by people who come here to relish the authentic taste of seasonal desserts and sweets and undoubtedly the sweets are mouthwatering.

We had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Hemendra Sahu who told us about the shop. He said that Lala Ji was his grandfather. He lived for an astonishing 103 years. It is getting operated from several years ago and quite evidently it has seen the golden era of kings and queens in Udaipur. Today, this sweet shop is witnessing its fourth generation.

Must try things to try at Lala Misthan Bhandar

Gulab Jamun

Preparation of Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun at this place is one of the best things you’ll taste in the city. These soft, flavorsome and light on the palette Gulab Jamun will instantly melt in your mouth leaving heavenly sweetness behind. Best time to have Gulab Jamun is morning and evening when they are freshly prepared. With every Gulab Jamun in your mouth, you can enjoy the sight of their preparation.

Salty snacks!

Source: Laughing Colours

There are various snacks that can be found at the Lala Mishthan Bhandar. From Matri, Mathiya, Kachori, Gaathiya, to various kinds of Namkeen, the sweet shop won’t let you leave you empty-handed.

Seasonal Barfis and sweets

Seasonal Mango Barfi

They serve seasonal Barfis such as in winters Moong dal halwa, Gulab Jamun, Gaajar Halwa is in much demand, in rainy season sweets like ‘Rabdi ke maalpue’ are prepared specially to let the foodie rejoice the season, shrikhand and lassi are prepared for summers. These seasonal Barfis and sweets are great to satiate your sweet cravings. They claim that the special ‘aam ki barfi’ is something which is only available here in the entire town. Trust me! They are a delight!

Rot, Panjeeri and other types of ‘Prasad’ (offerings to God)

Jaggery Rot

Rot (रोट) is a thick chapati made up of rough wheat flour. It is fried in ‘Ghee’ and topped up with Jaggery (Gur) and hot ‘Ghee’.

This Rot is prepared every Tuesday as an offering to Lord Hanuman. People from all around the city come and buy it to offer at Lord Hanuman’s temple situated at different places in the town. It is later shared among the devotees in the form of ‘Prasad’. One cannot find this special ‘Rot’ at any other shop except ‘Lala Mishthan Bhandar’.

Not only this, they make prasad for various occasions too, like ‘Panjeeri’ is made as an offering to the Lord.

If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, it’s just the right time!

Tell us what do you like the most at Lala Misthan Bhandar in the comment section below. Share your valuable feedback with me at 


Disasters in Udaipur

Udaipur is known for its limitless beauty and tourist friendly atmosphere. We, the citizens of Udaipur have seen the city when it unfolds its best and most amazing side in front of us, but there were many events or let’s say disasters in Udaipur that not only left us speechless but imprinted memories in our mind so deep that it would take dying to get over it. Many people reading this would be able to recall the events and the incidents which took place in their life at those moments. Life of a large number of people was affected by these disasters and life in Udaipur was distorted.

Let us see when and how Udaipur was seen at its extremities and how did it affect the city and its citizens.



Disasters in Udaipur
Source: Daily mail
Disasters in Udaipur
Source: wikipedia

Almost all the citizens of Udaipur can visualize the images of the drought that occurred in Udaipur when I say it. In July 2009 a severe drought occurred in Udaipur. It nearly snatched the beauty of our beloved City of lakes as the main attraction of the city which is Lakes that were all dry. Lake Fatehsagar became cricket field, Vehicles were getting operated inside Lake Pichola to reach the most romantic hotel Lake Palace and other beautiful hotels such as Jag Mandir.  This disaster drastically affected tourism in Udaipur, especially the hotel industry. At this time, the temperature of the city was somewhere around 45 degrees.



Disasters in Udaipur
Source: Udaipur times
Disasters in Udaipur
Source: Travel blog

Udaipur has witnessed heavy rains in past many years but this particular day it was something else. August 2006 was one such day when Udaipur witnessed a heavy flood which disrupted normal life of Udaipur. The city had recorded 111.6 mm of rainfall for a complete week. While the floods affected thousands of people and areas, 6 people were reported to be dead as a result.

All the major Lakes such as Fatehsagar, Pichola, Swarupsagar, and Udaisagar were filled to capacity which damaged the nearby areas and affected the people residing in them. Holidays were announced in schools and colleges and the administration was prompted to alert the army. This flood not just disrupted Udaipur but many other cities and districts such as Barmer, Pali, Jalore, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Sirohi, Dungarpur, Banswara, and Jhalawar.



Disasters in Udaipur
Source: rajRAS

When we talk about earthquakes, one fact that needs to be mentioned is Udaipur is a city which is blessed with an earthquake-resistant land. The reason behind it is that entire city is surrounded by Aravali range which dilutes the effects of earthquakes and thus whatever earthquakes that we have experienced in past years were very mild and didn’t cause any harm to people, place and whatsoever.

Although more than at least 5-6 times Udaipur has witnessed earthquakes, this very time it was a bit different. In March 2014 an earthquake occurred in Udaipur which was measured as 2 on Richter scale. After two days an earthquake with the same frequency occurred again and that’s what makes it a noticeable event. In a period of 3 days, two earthquakes took place in the city of lakes. No harm was reported to persons, animals or places as such.


Power blackouts

Disasters in Udaipur
Source: rediff
Disasters in Udaipur
Source: CNN
Disasters in Udaipur
Source: aboflan

July 2012 was the time when India faced its biggest power blackouts. For entire two days that is 30th and 31st, July whole northeast region of India was offline. Udaipur was the victim of this failure too. It happened because three of the country’s five electricity grids failed. The grid failed because of the excessive power withdrawal from the grid. The blackout affected twenty states of the country. Udaipur was affected too and as a result, business, schools and even railways were troubled.



Disasters in Udaipur
Source: Udaipur times

Disasters in Udaipur

This event couldn’t be described specifically as a disaster rather it created a beautiful sight in the city. It is only a dream for citizens of Udaipur to witness hails all around the city and on April 11, 2015, it came to reality. For some 20-25 minutes, hailstorms were seen in the city which created a beautiful sight everywhere you see. It came as a shock and a surprise for the people as in the season of rains they were able to see hails which is not possible in the city like Udaipur. Although, this hailstorm had adverse effects too for farmers. It caused damage to their crops which brought disappointment on their faces.


The times when the city was all dark and gloomy were the days when the patience of the citizens was tested. At such times a large amount of damage happened to people to which we give our most sincere condolence.

If you have experienced such extremities in the city and want to share the incidents related to them, we are always here for you. Share the experiences of you and your loved ones related to these disasters in the comment section below.


Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora

Before you read!!

Disclaimer Time: All these questions below were asked by people on different online social platforms such as Quora, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and in person as well. I have selected and filtered out the most interesting and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur, along with the answers that other people have provided them. The content is taken from the above sources originally, Hence, language and grammar shouldn’t be the point of concern. 

Here we go (you are free to laugh out loud btw)

Question Udaipur is a lack city so is there only lacks? If yes where do persons live?

Answer ha bhai we have only lakes all around. Human beings live on tapu and we have to swim through the water to go to school, college, work, etc.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
Source: Singapotato

Q Bal Vivah sach mein rajasthan mein hota h kya? What is the general age when you get married?

A In reality it happened back in stone age but now, yes, Bal vivah exists but only in serials such as ‘Baalika Vadhu’. Other than that nobody marries before legal age. And even after that one can get married by the age of 28-30 easily.

Q Udaipur, Rajasthan bhi desert h kya? Agar haan to paani kaha milega?

A It would be a bit dfficult to find water in the city.

you can find packaged water in every other shop and we have thousands of shops in the city. If you are not satisfied with just that you can visit several lakes which our city has. So yeah happy journey.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
Source: Rebloggy

Q Hy, can I travel Udaipur without knowing Mewari?

A Not only can you travel to Udaipur without knowing Mewari but you can travel to Udaipur without knowing Hindi as well. We Udaipur citizen know Mewari, Hindi and English too. So unlike people thinks, we know other languages as well. In fact, only a few people in Udaipur speaks Mewari on a daily basis.

Q Do you eat Dal Baati every day?

A Dal baati is the regional food of Rajasthan but like every other city of India we eat other food too. In Udaipur you can find other national and international cuisines too such as Punjabi, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, etc. So no WE DO NOT EAT DAL BATI EVERYDAY.

Q Why is Udaipur called Kashmir of rajasthan? Does it have snowfall?

A Why do people even ask such questions? Udaipur is called Kashmir because it is similar to Kashmir in terms of beauty and landscapes not because it is a cold place or it has snowfall.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora

Q What should one not do in Rajasthan?

A Don’t disrespect warriors of Rajasthan by any manner. specially Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan. People respect them a lot.

  • Don’t think Rajsthani people have only Dal- Bati to eat. We have lot of recipies and all of them are delicious.
  • Water scarcity is now not a big issue. It’s not like we even drink water in calculative way. We also waste lot of water on Holi.
  • All of us are not Marwadi and Rajputs. Marwar is just one of the region in Rajsthan and Rajputs are one of the communities.
  • We are not that Orthodox as we are shown in movies etc. Men and women are treated as equal now.
  • Don’t think it’s entire desert. It’s just a part that to close to border. Elsewhere you will see modern rajasthan for example in jaipur , udaipur, jodhpur etc.
  • Don’t ever say literally don’t ever say Kanjoos to a marwadi guy. We get offended. We also spend lavishly on luxaries. If you want to see just attend a wedding of Marwadi family.
  • Don’t ever try to mess with Gurjars. This is not offend anyone out here. But they are kind of Don in Rajsthan. a positive way.
  • Don’t judge men if you see him wearing jewellery. Specially earrings. This is tradition.
  • This one is my personal experience and I got offended on this. Never say that rajasthan and Rajasthani people didn’t play role in our freedom and all the kings surrendered to British for salutation‘ SIR’ in their name. They had no choice or they protected their persons ‘praja’ by doing that. Infact Rajasthan was very prone to warriors from outside like Afganistan and Pakistan. Our kings fought with them and don’t let them inside our territory till their last breath.
  • We all don’t live in bungalows. ‘Kothi’ or ‘mahal’. We have usual houses.
  • Don’t underestimate Bhangarh fort. It’s scary and will surely haunt you. Don’t try to be over smart at haunted places like Bhangarh and Kukdhara village in jodhpur. (Haunted Village)
  • Last but not least don’t underestimate Rajasthan Royals in IPL. After all we have won the title without any big name from cricket world. Rajsthan Royals is for talented youngsters not for big names.

Thank you for reading!!!

Q How social is Udaipur on social media?

A Facebook -I am tired of receiving friend requests from old classmates, acquaintances from coaching classes, neighbors, close relatives, distant relatives, relatives of relatives. Pheww! Mom, Dad please don’t ask me again to create your Facebook profile.

Instagram – I signed up on Instagram just to see that my feed had nothing but repetitive snaps of cold coffee at Fateh Sagar, sunsets at Ambrai Ghat, people leaning over the letters of I.L.O.V.E.U.D.A.I.P.U.R in Pratap Park. Till date, I never logged in again.

Whatsapp – I once happened to scroll through my Dad’s Whatsapp contact list. My thumb started paining but the end of the list never came. Every doctor, every retailer, all the milkmen and newspaper guys we ever had, everyone was there.

They are everywhere my friend. You name the website, they would sign up on it within a minute with a selfie taken at Fateh Sagar set as their profile picture.

On Quora?

A few intellectuals signed up, followed their facebook friends and vanished. Another category includes travel bloggers or tour guides who plan other people’s itinerary here and thereby redirect them to their websites.

Seems like I am all alone here.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
Source: tenor

Did you go WTF after reading these questions people ask about Udaipur from different parts of the country? Well, it was well intended and it comes as no wonder that people still have many misconceptions about the beautiful city of lakes even after it has such a huge coverage on media every now and then. Meanwhile, all we can do is go on these online platforms and resolve the myths people have in mind about Udaipur.

Did anyone ask you such weird questions about Udaipur too? Share the incident with us in the comment section.


Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Almost every street of Udaipur is filled with the aroma of Chaat, Jalebi, samosa, Bhelpuri, gol gappe, kulfi, dahi bade, kachori, and the mere name of such delicious street foods are enough for us to get our mouth drooling. And after all who doesn’t like street food? No matter how much we eat different cuisines at different luxurious restaurants, the one cuisine that will remain on the top of our favorites is always going to be street food. No matter how much we try to avoid street food but the pleasing aroma and their unbeatable taste attract us towards our favorite stall and in no time we find ourselves standing in front of our favorite street food stall.

Street food vendors are present in every nook and cranny of the city and people often prefer eating at markets in their vicinity but here we are, with some of the must-go street food markets of the city. You aren’t a foodie if you haven’t eaten at all of these places, at least once! Check these out:

Sukhadia circle

Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Source: Udaipur insights

Whenever any Udaipurite hears of street food or for that matter just food, the first place that pops up in the mind is Sukhadia Circle. It is the most popular street food market across the city. Almost every other person would have his favorite stall or shop in the market for street foods. From Chinese, Italian to Indian, one can find every kind of food variety here.

Sukhadia circle got its name from Sukhadia garden which happens to be in the circle itself. Tourists can enjoy the place as it has various food stalls along with a garden and a fountain right in front of the stalls.

Gulab Bagh

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

And don’t even get us started here! Gulab Bagh is probably one of the most popular street food markets in town which is funny because it is quite small as compared to the above two. Now you might ask, what makes it so special? But should you even ask? This market is famous for some of the most amazing parathas, especially aloo paratha and gobhi paratha. Hundreds of Udaipurites flock here every morning to eat these delicious aloo parathas topped with a dollop of butter, and some yogurt and pickle to go with.

Location: Gulab Bagh Main Road, Opp. Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur

Dudh Talai

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another street food setup just a walking distance away from the Gulab Bagh market is on the way to the mesmerizing Doodh Talai serving tasty daal poori, daal baati, omelette, pav bhaji, soda, etc. You can see hundreds of people eating traditional Rajasthani food with much craze here.

Location: Doodh Talai Road, Opp. Samor Bagh, Udaipur

Chetak Circle

Known majorly for the savory egg bhurji, omelette, egg rice, momos, Chinese food, etc. This street food market has many shops serving an assortment of dishes made with eggs. Have you tasted the egg bhurji here? It is to die for!

Location: Chetak Circle, Near HDFC Bank, Udaipur

RMV Road

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another popular street food market, just minutes away from Gulab Bagh. It is mostly popular for pani puri and Chinese food.

Location: RMV Road, Udaipur


Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Townhall is located in the center of the city. It has some really famous stalls such as pandit pav bhaji stall. You can have food such as pav bhaji, chaat centers, and barf gola and falooda in this market. Opposite to the food stalls is the Bapu Bazaar market where there are various shops and showrooms of different brands. It is a good place for shopping because one can find both shopping and food at the same place. Thus, townhall is an ideal street food destination for both locals and tourists.

100 feet road at University road

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

This is the one market which is developing itself in street food markets very rapidly. Day to day the number of street food stalls and trucks are increasing. And not just the quantity but the quality is very delicious as well. In this market, you can find street food like chole kulche, chicken momos, chaat, etc. Since the road is quite large and less crowded, unlike the other street food markets you can take four wheeler vehicles to go there.

Bansi pan road

Best Street Food Markets in UdaipurThis food market is situated at the roadside. To reach here, you have to go to the famous panvala in the city which is Bansi pan. After that you have to keep moving forward towards the Sukhadiya Circle, just opposite to first cry shop, you’ll find a number of street food stalls on the road. Almost all the street food is available in this market. From chaat, Chinese to dosa and pizza all varieties can be enjoyed here. There is one famous stall for Chinese street food which is RK food stall. It serves spicy Chinese and whenever you’ll see this stall it will always be surrounded by a number of people enjoying the amazing and delicious street Chinese. This market usually fills up by late evenings around 6’O clock.

Bombay market – Fatehsagar

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Fatehsagar is the heart of the city. And along with the eternal beauty of this lake and its surroundings, there is a very famous street food market right on the opposite of Fatehsagar pal which is called Bombay Market. It is a large chain of food stalls and food shops where almost every kind of street food are available. Chaat, pizza, Chinese, and beverages are very much consumed in this market. Apart from all the food items that are available there, the most liked food item is its cold coffee. People from all around the city visit Bombay market to have its cold coffee. Other specialties at Bombay market is bread bada and momos. One thing to note about Bombay market is that it remains closed on Wednesday.

One more reason why people like to visit Bombay market is that with the delicious food, you can enjoy the amazing view of the lake and if you visit this place at the time of sunset, the place looks very mesmerizing.

Sector 3 at 100 feet road Hiranmagri

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Pratik Mali

For all the people residing near Hiranmagri, this market is very convenient for you. This food market is located outside Swagat Vatika. There are a number of stalls meant for all kinds of food items such as kulfi, falooda, chaat, Chinese, barf gola, etc. You can either enjoy the food then and there watch the streets filled with a hustle bustle or you can get it packed and have it at your peace in your house. Not just the taste is delicious but the prices of everything is quite reasonable too. This street food market is filled with stalls by evening as the sun begins to set.

So now that you have a fine list of all the street food markets in Udaipur, what are you waiting for? Prepare your appetite and go visit all these markets and satisfy your street food cravings.

Tell us how many street food markets have you eaten at yet?

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Happy Eating!

Article by: Akshat Khamesra and Juhee Mehta