This 150 Year Old Sweet Shop in Udaipur Must Be in Your Checklist!

Are you a sweet tooth? Let us take you to a very famous sweet shop in Udaipur-

Lala Mishthan Bhandar

Source: Taste of City

Lala Mishthan Bhandar was started by ‘Lala Narayan Ji’ somewhere 150 years ago. Apparently, the shop has been named after him. Located near the Ghanta Ghar police station, this shop is ever crowded by people who come here to relish the authentic taste of seasonal desserts and sweets and undoubtedly the sweets are mouthwatering.

We had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Hemendra Sahu who told us about the shop. He said that Lala Ji was his grandfather. He lived for an astonishing 103 years. It is getting operated from several years ago and quite evidently it has seen the golden era of kings and queens in Udaipur. Today, this sweet shop is witnessing its fourth generation.

Must try things to try at Lala Misthan Bhandar

Gulab Jamun

Preparation of Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun at this place is one of the best things you’ll taste in the city. These soft, flavorsome and light on the palette Gulab Jamun will instantly melt in your mouth leaving heavenly sweetness behind. Best time to have Gulab Jamun is morning and evening when they are freshly prepared. With every Gulab Jamun in your mouth, you can enjoy the sight of their preparation.

Salty snacks!

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There are various snacks that can be found at the Lala Mishthan Bhandar. From Matri, Mathiya, Kachori, Gaathiya, to various kinds of Namkeen, the sweet shop won’t let you leave you empty-handed.

Seasonal Barfis and sweets

Seasonal Mango Barfi

They serve seasonal Barfis such as in winters Moong dal halwa, Gulab Jamun, Gaajar Halwa is in much demand, in rainy season sweets like ‘Rabdi ke maalpue’ are prepared specially to let the foodie rejoice the season, shrikhand and lassi are prepared for summers. These seasonal Barfis and sweets are great to satiate your sweet cravings. They claim that the special ‘aam ki barfi’ is something which is only available here in the entire town. Trust me! They are a delight!

Rot, Panjeeri and other types of ‘Prasad’ (offerings to God)

Jaggery Rot

Rot (रोट) is a thick chapati made up of rough wheat flour. It is fried in ‘Ghee’ and topped up with Jaggery (Gur) and hot ‘Ghee’.

This Rot is prepared every Tuesday as an offering to Lord Hanuman. People from all around the city come and buy it to offer at Lord Hanuman’s temple situated at different places in the town. It is later shared among the devotees in the form of ‘Prasad’. One cannot find this special ‘Rot’ at any other shop except ‘Lala Mishthan Bhandar’.

Not only this, they make prasad for various occasions too, like ‘Panjeeri’ is made as an offering to the Lord.

If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, it’s just the right time!

Tell us what do you like the most at Lala Misthan Bhandar in the comment section below. Share your valuable feedback with me at 

People Videos

The Silversmiths of Udaipur | Forgotten Artists of The City

A city is made up of the people that live in it. Udaipur is made up of artists! Be it the narrow alleys or the wide marketplaces, the City of Lakes is flooded with artisans in various fields that entice and awe-inspire travelers from all across the globe. Whether it is wooden toys or zinc furniture or handmade jewelry, everything here is indigenous and from the very roots of the city.

One such community of artists is the Silversmiths. Living in the tapered lanes of the Old City of Udaipur, you will find a number of small ‘Chabutra’ style shops that are business places to one of the most creative people I say. These are the Silversmiths.

I am a fan of silver jewelry, and just in the search for some customized silver ornaments I met this person some 4-5 years back and since then he is my fave!

A couple days back I decided to have a small interview (more of an impromptu chat, like I, always have with him). He mainly does repairing work and has stopped making ornaments. While, if insisted he makes ornaments. He also does piercings in nose, ears etc.

I believe that these people deserve the acknowledgment of their art. Their ways and techniques are old but that’s what the essence of their work is. He makes the smallest and tiniest pieces of silver jewelry by hand and each one is unique in its true sense.

I always get things customized for myself and he does that without losing his patience on me!! (*laughs*)

We asked him to make two nose pins that we could buy. Here, is a small video of him making the two nose pins and talking to us regarding his work. Let’s meet Mr. Yash Kumar Soni.


You can Contact them at:

Yash Kumar Soni: +91-9314937509

Bhupesh Soni: +91- 9887112889

Address: Laxmilaal and Sons (Kundan Art Works), Ganesh Ghati, Old City, Udaipur

Also, if you know any person or a community who indulges in some indigenous and ancient art of any kind, do write to me at
I would love to hear their story!


8 days, 5000 clicks, several videos: ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’

Udaipur is like a peaceful dream; a place called the City of Lakes amidst the land of sand, a city against all the odds. The very soul of the city was captured in a recent video clip named ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR.’ It is the first of its kind video of Udaipur. It is a short clip of 3 minutes and 41 seconds delineating an arousing story of the city.

A mesh of inventive ideas, striking visuals, seamless editing, and the comforting soundtrack is what ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ is all about.


The sound of chirruping birds, people talking, the waves of the lakes and grandeur of the royalty of the city; A Summer in Udaipur expresses how beautiful can a place look even in the most parched and dried state of India. The city indeed is shown as a masterwork by the hands of nature. The video starts with a glimpse of a typical Rajasthani couple riding a bike. As the video finds its course, one can witness an immense aesthetic appeal. The soundtrack of the clip makes it all the more surreal. The video concludes on a quick note, leaving a mystical essence that compels the onlooker to press play again.

The Man Behind A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR- Ayush Dinker

The young and talented Ayush Dinker from Delhi is the artist behind the appealing and involving short clip shot on a trip through Udaipur and completed over the course of a month. He also runs a youtube channel named ‘Ethereal.’ Ayush traveled for more than a week through every nook and corner of the city along with UdaipurBlog’s Team from the morning before the dawn till evening, while working on this project.

A Still From The Video

The footage of ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’ was captured with a GoPro, Canon 6D Camera, Flycam Stabilizer, a microphone and three different lenses. The stills for the hyper lapses were shot handheld. The video is a mixture of match edits, in-camera effects, some hyper lapses, compositing shots and small video clips. Crash zooms, back-time cuts, picture inverses and light effects were also added to add a dramatic touch between the cuts. The real challenge was of stitching all these shots together while maintaining a fluid movement of the footage.

Nearly 5000 clicks and numerous clips and hyper lapses were taken during Ayush’s visit to the city of lakes. He traveled with our teammates to various parts of the city covering every little detail. Facing some troubles too, the video came out to be a spectacular one.

As per Ayush, whenever he used to hear about Rajasthan, he would think of some of the obvious places and the sweeping desert. He perceived Udaipur to be a small city which he knew less about.A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR

He further expresses his sight of the city as, in his words, “The moment I sat down beside Lake Pichola on a summer evening, I knew this place is beautiful with a flavor unmatched in this world. The vast expanse of a number of lakes and the magnificent palaces huddled with narrow city lanes is a synthesis to make you a guest here. No doubt the hotels are soaring high for the best view. Whether the city has any more romance left is for you to conclude.”

The video has achieved soaring views of about 250k on Facebook alone and is still a trending video in Udaipur.

A visually compelling masterpiece takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work. ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ can indeed elevate your senses and make you love your city even more. Have a look at the video 

An initiative by UdaipurBlog in collaboration with Ethereal.




[Video] Pushkar from Sky – Aerial View by PixelDo

Pushkar Aerial Photo

After the successful Aerial Photoshoot of Udaipur from Lake Pichola our friends from are back with a Aerial Video Shoot of Pushkar, Rajasthan during the Camel Fest 2013. We hope you like it and share it. 🙂


[Video] The Oberoi Group – What I Give is What I Get

Seek the Hospitality offered by the Employees and their Life @ Hotel Udaivilas.

Check out the Video Shared by : Nicky Ram


Hotel Oberoi Udaivilas


Neemach Mata Udaipur Video

Neemach Mata Mandir

A Video taken by me when i recently visited neemach mata. It was really a panormic and mesmerizing view to see peacock , the Lake Fatehsagar and The Whole City from the top of the Neemach Hill after Walking 1Km to it. Neemach Mata is an Old Temple of Udaipur Eatablished Near the Lake fatehsagar.

View of FS from the top of Neemach Mata

I would love all of you to have a Do visit to it and leave your Comments Down here and do share your videos or pictures to us.

Featured Places to Visit

Sajjangarh palace

5 kilometers to the west of Udaipur there is a hill named Bansdara which is 3100 feet above the sea level. Located at the highest altitude of the hill is the “Sajjangarh Palace” also known as “Monsoon Palace” which gives an excellent view in all the directions.

The best thing about this place is the serpentine road to reach the palace. As this was the highest place in neighborhood, Maharana Sajjan Singhji started the construction of the palace for his summer residence. Original plan for its construction was for nineteen storeyed structure. However, by the time one storey and half was constructed, the Maharana died prematurely in 1884 A.D. and the plans were curtailed. Maharana Fateh Singhji however completed the palace on the hill which contain apartment for ladies, a large Gateway and an enclosing wall.

This is now derelict palace dominates the skyline 2468 feet high atop of bansdara mountain. It is visible from a great distance and affords splendid scenic views which has made it one of the best place of Udaipur. The edifice looks its best during the rainy season which no one would like to miss.