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Premiumness weaved into traditional clothing by Palakshi Poshak

The first thought that comes to our mind while finding traditional wear is how it will look on us! Isn’t this always a concern? Well to me it is! I always struggle to find something chic yet something which has that ‘unique’ factor in it. Especially when it comes to wearing rajputi poshaks, it becomes really important to find something that goes with your style! So here we are sorting that out for you, keep reading!

Palakshi Poshak is a one-stop solution for all you traditional wearers especially rajputi poshak for women. Whether you want something minimal modern or ornate just like the royalty this place is the one you. Housing a myriad of dresses to swoon over, Palakshi Poshak has all that you need!

Palakshi, the fun-filled daughter behind the name of the store

All great things have a story behind them. A story that is weaved with a love for art and passion to strive and give your best. Pinki Chauhan started a place filled with warmth so that you look your best on your special day! She considers every dress as the piece of her heart and puts in the very effort needed to create them.

She started pursuing her passion for designing Poshaks in 2017 and since then has never looked back. 

“I started with designing for myself and getting it stitched by a local artisan around 2016. At that time I still had my job as a teacher. I used to design rajputi poshaks for my family and some extended family members when it struck me that I should make it my full-time endeavor as the response was quite amazing.” – Pinki Chauhan

Pinki Chauhan | Founder Palakshi Poshak

Today, she designs all the dresses and has an in-house workshop where she gets the dresses stitched. Her skilled artisans make her vision of beautiful clothing come to life! All the clothes are chosen by her very meticulously and designed by herself. Every piece has a unique touch of traditional nuances. One thing adding to the entire premiumness of her clothing is the maintenance of hygiene. She makes sure all her clothing is passed through a diligent hygiene check. Isn’t that a great thing especially when we are amid a pandemic!

She specializes in ‘Pakka’ Gold & Silver work and also gets Danka, Gota Patti, Zari/Zardozi, Pitta work, Aari Tari, Salma, Dabka work and more done for her orders. She also deals in bulk orders for various occasions and creates rajputana dresses for weddings, showers, and parties.

Other than creating amazing handcrafted designs for rajputana poshaks, she also shows her creativity in making Sarees, Suits, and other party-wear dresses. An extravaganza of aesthetic clothes, Palakshi Poshak can be your next destination for a shopping spree!

Some of her works:

Still can’t decide on what to select for your special occasion? Why don’t you just give them a call and let them help you decide what fits you best!

Contact Details: +91-8005667089

Facebook: Palakshi Poshak

Happy Shopping!

Places to Visit

Museums in Udaipur you must know about

Udaipur has a very interesting history and the city is quite different from the rest of the Rajasthan. Udaipur has a great system of lakes, Ahar/Ayad river passes through the city, and the entire city is encompassed by lush Aravali hills. The terrain, the history, and the culture make the city an amazing one. The relics of the bygone era are preserved in the Museums in Udaipur and is something every local or tourist must pay a visit to. On the occasion of International Museum Day, let us take you on a virtual tour to the different museums in Udaipur.

Here is a list of Museums in Udaipur


The City Palace Museum, Udaipur

Source: TripAdvisor

The most celebrated museum in Udaipur is the City Palace Museum, which was set up in 1969 by Maharana Bhagwat Singh ji. It was to preserve the culture, heritage, and traditions of the people of Mewar. The museum contains relics including miniatures paintings, silver artifacts, recreational items of the royals, swords, and artillery and so many antiques.

Timings: 9:30am – 5:30 pm


Adult: Rs 300

Child: Rs 100

Camera: Rs 250

Guide: Rs 250

Audio Guide: Rs 200


Ahar Archeological Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

This museum was established in 1960 by the Archaeology and Museums Department of the Government of Rajasthan. This is a site museum which means that this museum is located in the vicinity of the excavation site itself.

The museum contains copper and terracotta pottery objects that are more than 3000 years old. It also houses sculptures of Hindu gods and ‘tirthankars’ (Great Jain teachers) from the 8th to 16th centuries AD. Here you can see earthen pots, iron objects and other artifacts that were a part of the lifestyle of prehistoric people. Some things are acknowledged to belong to 1700 B.C. Two of the main attractions are the metal statue of Lord Buddha and a statue of “Vishnu-Nag-Nathan” which are a great wonder to watch.

If you are interested to know more about the archaeology and origins of Ahar civilization, do watch the detailed documentary below:

Timings: 10:00 am – 5 pm, Closed on Fridays

Tickets: Rs 20


The Vintage and Classic Car Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: Trawell

Introduced in 2000, the Collection Includes 22 Splendid Cars. You can also have lunch at the adjoining Garden Hotel. Some of the cars are more than 70 years old. The collection embraces Rolls-Royce, MG-TC convertible, Cadillacs, Vauxhall-12, Ford-A Convertible, Mercedes – Benz, Chevrolet bus and other beautiful vintage cars.

Timings: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Ticket: Rs. 250


Bagore ki Haveli Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

West Zone Cultural Centre decided to restore as well as renovate Bagore ki Haveli in the year 1992 and set up a museum to restore its architecture. One can find, jewelry boxes, dice-games, hukkahs, pan boxes, nutcrackers, hand fans, rose water sprinklers, copper vessels and other household objects of the everyday life of the bygone era. The museum showcases the chambers of royal ladies, their dressing rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, worship rooms and recreation rooms as well.

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Foreigner (Adult/children): Rs. 100/-

Indian (Adult): Rs. 50/-

Indian Children (Age between 5 to 12): 25/-

Camera/Video: Rs. 50/-


Moti Magri Museummuseums in udaipur

There are paintings of Rajput kings and royal queens and models of the Haldi Ghati Battle and Chittorgarh Fort. This museum also contains an exhibition of the arms and weapons used in ancient fights by soldiers. The Pearl hill or Moti Magri is a great spot to visit, overlooking the lake Fatehsagar in the front and Pichola-Swaroop Sagar from the back.

Timings: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm


Adult: Rs 50

Child: Rs 15


The Crystal Gallery

museums in udaipur
Source: Rajasthan Tourism

The Gallery contains artifacts created by F. & C. Osler in the year 1877. These are furniture and cutlery, exclusively ordered by the Maharana Sajjan Singh and consist of Crystal chairs, tables, beds, sofas, dinner sets, perfume bottles, decanters, glasses, plates etc. The Maharana passed away before these crystals arrived so these were kept packed and intact for 110 years. In the year 1994, the gallery became open for public.

Timings: 9 am – 7 pm


Adult: Rs 500

Children: Rs 300


Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal Museum

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurBlog

The Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal museum displays a remarkable collection of ‘Lok Kala’ or Folk Art. It was founded by Padma Shri Devi Lal Samar in 1952. The museum houses folk heritage of India, traditional attires, ornaments, miniature paintings and many other art objects. In other words, one can say that the museum is devoted to the culture and folk art of states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. Artifacts found here consist of wooden articles, old musical instruments paintings, masks, puppets, pottery, rural dresses etc.

Timings: 10 am – 6 pm


Adults: Rs 40 and other tickets include video/audio cameras


Tribal Research Institute Museum (TRI’s)

museums in udaipur
Source: UdaipurTimes

It is one of the 18 Tribal Research Institute of the nation. MLV (Manikya Lal Verma) Tribal Research Institute provides awareness about Mewar’s tribal communities. The museum houses artifacts belonging to the tribal communes, along with a library on tribal life and issues. The museum also has multiple household articles, costumes, arms and armors, musical instruments, ethnic art and wall paintings, agricultural implements, grain containers, handicrafts, ornaments and so much more.

Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Tribal Museum Shilpgram

museums in udaipur
Source: TripAdvisor

A tribal museum was set up in 1995 inside Shilpgram. Here history, life, and cultures of the tribal communities like Bhil, Mina, Garasia, Kathodi, and Saharia have been exhibited with the help of photographs and ethnographic objects. Shilpgram or ‘Craftsmen Village’ is an initiative to promote the rural and tribal craftsmen by providing a platform to exhibit and sell their products. Shilpgram has about 26 huts which depict the lifestyle of the rural tribes.

Timings: 11am – 7pm


Indian (adult and child): Rs.30

Foreign visitors: Rs.50


Zonal Anthropological Museum

Out of 19 government museums in the state, Udaipur division has four – situated in Ahar, City Palace, Dungarpur, and Chittorgarh. Udaipurites are lucky to have a special museum at the anthropological survey of India, Western regional center at Pratapnagar inaugurated in March 2018. The popularity of the museum was evident from the fact that it was visited by no less than 9000 persons in the very first year. The diverse ways of life followed by various communities such as Kotwalia, Naika, Varlui, Rebori, Marwara, Meghwal, Rathwara, Tadi, Bhil, Gameti, Ahir and Jat of Gujarat as portrayed in the museum, make it a special one.

Source: Google Photos

As also communities such as Sahoria, Damor, Bhil, Brahman, Jain, Rajput, Dangi, Bhopa, Jogi, Langa, Lohar, Mangryar, Mudlim, Kumbhar, Prajapat, and Suthar of Rajasthan. Lifestyles of groups such as kali, Patel, Mahyavansh, Mitka, Halpati of Daman and Diu are presented in the museum so as to highlight the different socio-economic milieus with the help of specimens, sketches, charts, maps, and photographs. Specimens exhibited to help in the understanding of various cultural adaptation not only show their exotic appearance but also showcase the biocultural richness of the people of Western India.

Till date, the regional center has collected about 6000 ethnographic objects from different districts of Gujrat and Rajasthan from all communities including tribal. The specimens can be functionally classified as agriculture, hunting, fishing, etc. Bows and arrows, ornaments, musical instruments, crafts, objects, ritual, objects, pre-historical material and so on. The center arranged exhibitions on various themes at a different location such as Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur during Shilpgram Utsav and other occasions.

(Information by Ashok Mathur)


 How many of these have you visited?

Note: The above article is for information purpose. While we have tried our best to ensure the latest available time and ticket prices, etc., the respective museums have the right to change them. Readers are advised to do their research on timings/tickets/availability, etc.

Featured People

‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

Truly living up to its name ‘Aavaran- Echoes of Rural India’, has taken Mewar’s Dabu work to international levels. Aavaran derives its inspiration and beauty from the indigenous work of the families residing near Udaipur. The dabu work is an exemplary example of the art of indigenous communities of Rajasthan, known to be one of the best art forms in the entire nation.

My visit to Aavaran:

I visited Aavaran a few days back and as soon as I entered the main area I was startled by the fact that everything around me had the aboriginal Indigo color. The spreads, the cushion covers, the coasters, even the ‘chappals’ were made from the Indigo dyed cloths. Aavaran believes in zero waste hence even the ornamentations were made from the scrapes of the Indigo clothes.‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

I noticed motifs getting printed over cotton cloths via hand block printing- the blocks for printing are being hand carved. It is a long process but the output is simply stunning and pleasing to the eyes. I got into a conversation with the managing team there and came to know some staggering facts, figures, and information about Aavaran which surely made me awestruck, amazed and proud. Yes, proud that Udaipur has some hidden gems which we people are still missing on.

What exactly is Dabu Work?

Dabu is mud resist hand block printing technique from ancient Rajasthan. The practice almost died out in the last century but was revived and flourished by organizations like Aavaran. This technique of cloth printing is quite laborious and involves several stages of printing and dyeing. At Aavaran, artisans also make use of double and triple dabu techniques for cloth printing. Undoubtedly, the result is extraordinarily beautiful.

Aavaran- Echoes of Rural India

Based out of Udaipur, Aavaran was started by Ms Alka Sharma, who is a textile grad from Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur. She, from her childhood, always had a thought for bringing out the craftsmanship of Indian rural communities. One such community lives in Akola, a village near Udaipur, which utilizes a cloth dyeing technique called Dabu.‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

Ms Alka, fascinated by the artwork, urged to sustain this impeccable yet dying art form.

She calls Aavaran a journey started to uphold the rural indigenous communities and their traditional craft. Aavaran’s attempt is to evolve and sustain the traditional ‘Dabu’ mud resist technique of hand printing, specifically the indigo dyed ‘phentiya’ print which is a staple of Mewar Region.

Our efficient team works on minimal prints, with no compromise with comfort and style.” –says Ms Alka Sharma. She further adds, “As we are a zero waste company, we utilize all our scrapes in inventing home furnishings, jewelry, bags, pouches and so much more.”

Aavaran Family

‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!
Aavaran Family

Aavaran has almost 280 people working with them, out of which 80 are skilled artisans. There are 200 ladies who with the support of Hindustan Zinc Limited and Aavaran by COS-V, have learned different skills like stitching, hand embroidery, rug making, accessory making etc. and work for Aavaran, which helps them to generate a livelihood for themselves. Rest of the 80 artisans work at the Aavaran production unit, where they are involved in the activities of Dyeing, Printing, Stitching and so on.

What makes Aavaran different?

Aavaran uses Dabu Mud resists hand block printing as the primary technique wherein natural dyes are utilized like Haldi Dye, Manjistha Dye, Kashish & Indigo Dye.‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

Apart from this, Aavaran has developed Ayurvastra which is a 5000-year-old philosophy revolving around Ayurveda. Here organic cotton is treated with a defined combination of herbs and oil which treats ailments and heals inside out. Clothes dyed under the concept of Ayurvastra help in increasing the immunity and reaching a better mental equilibrium.

Aavaran in the markets and other accomplishments

Aavaran, not only produces goods under their label but also for other renowned labels. This has subsequently increased Aavaran’s presence in India as well as in the entire world.‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

One of the prime people working with Aavaran is Mr. Ramkishore Ji Chippa, who has received an award from CRAFT COUNCIL OF INDIA, for the natural dyeing process in the year 2016, which is indeed a big accomplishment for Aavaran.

The workspace of Aavaran is a beautiful premise with loads of dedicated workers and artisans joining hands together to create impeccable and outstanding pieces of apparels. With 3 different outlets in Udaipur, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, Aavaran has established its name in the textile industry via reviving a unique art of hand dyed prints.‘Aavaran’ From Udaipur Has Taken Mewar’s Dabu Hand Prints to International Levels!

The journey of Aavaran has been through ups and downs. With climate changes and other factors, it has seen quite a number of hurdles in its journey and despite all these issues it has risen and planned a better life for artisans.



People Are Against the Food Court Construction at Swaroop Sagar in Udaipur

The new food court beside Swaroop Sagar is facing quite a negative response. Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti working for the welfare of lakes in Udaipur has submitted a letter to the Minister for Urban Development, Shanti Dhariwal, asking him to stop the cantilever projection in Swaroop Sagar lake for creating a food court.

The Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti is worried about the contamination of the lake post opening of the food court by the lake. They are concerned about the degree of damage that the lake would face due to the littering and trash discarded by the people and the food stalls at the food court.

People Against the Food Court Construction at Swaroop Sagar in Udaipur
Image Source: udaipurkiran

According to the Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti, Udaipur Municipal Corporation is constructing the food court without getting the required approval from the Lake Development Authority.

“The construction in question would adversely affect the existing heritage value and serenity of Pichhola- Swaroopsagar Lake and cause detrimental effects on the eco-health of the lake. It will prove to be fatal for the avian and aquatic life of the lakes and eco-sensitive surrounding areas” the letter read.

People Against the Food Court Construction at Swaroop Sagar in Udaipur
Image Source: udaipurkiran

Do you agree with the ideas of the Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti? If yes, mention your thoughts in the comment section below and discuss it or drop a mail at


Names Of The Chourahas And Roads To Be Changed In Udaipur

New names are going to be kept for the Chourahas and roads in Udaipur. Several routes were named in the meeting of the Cultural Committee of the Municipal Corporation. Also, a decision was taken to set up a statue of former Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the Subcity Centre.

Names Of The Chourahas And Roads To Be Changed In Udaipur
Image Source: Cleartrip

The names of the roads and Chouraha changed are as follows:

  • The road from Ayad Pulia to Sukhdia University will be named as Vivekanand Marg,
  • Dhulkot Chouraha will be named as Sant Pipaji Chouraha,
  • Pipli Chouraha at Tekri will be named as Devnarayan Chouraha and
  • Savina Railway Crossing Underbridge will now be known as Bhagwan Vishwakarma Underbridge.

This meeting was held in the presence of Chairman Jagdish Menaria and Mayor Chandra Kothari.

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below or mail at


Udaipur Police in Action-Vehicle checking to start every Tuesday!

Udaipur Police to start a strict and sudden vehicle checking. This is especially going to happen every Tuesday! This checking will be carried out by the police in unison with the Department of Transportation (परिवाहन विभाग). Meanwhile, riders will bear heavy challans for not having two-wheeler licenses, vehicle RC papers, and helmets.

This decision was taken at the District Level Road Safety Meeting held at the District Collectorate (जिला कलक्ट्रेट) on Wednesday, 9th Jan 2019. Additional District Collector Sanjay Kumar, Regional Transport Officer Mannalal Rawat, District Transport Officer Dr. Kalpana Sharma, Akshay Vishnoi, Nitin Bohra, Traffic Deputy Superintendent Ratan Chawla were present in the meeting.

Image Source: patrika

Due to the increase in the number of deaths caused by accidents, the ADM (city) expressed concern for the same in the meeting and reached to a conclusion that the district police and transport department will jointly take actions against two-wheelers without helmets. Further, on every Tuesday the police shall make special checks for RC papers and licenses etc.

As this is the 30th National Road Safety Week even the Education Department is going to help the police and district administration. To educate people especially the youth about road safety measures the Education Department will organize essay, poetry and poster slogan competitions from 14th to 19th January 2019 in all the secondary and higher secondary schools of the district. The top 100 participants at the district level will be honored during the 30th National Road Safety Week.

Do you think these measures taken by the administration will change the face of the traffic and road safety in Udaipur?

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below or mail at


Swachh Sarvekshan 2019- Will Udaipur be able to make it to top 50 this year?

Swachh Sarvekshan has started on 4th Jan 2019 and will conclude on 31st Jan 2019. This time, the Udaipur Municipal Corporation is aiming to reach among the top 50 cleanest cities of India. There is a great level of enthusiasm in the municipal corporation of the state and is desperate to get a better rank than the previous rank.

Last year in 2018, Udaipur scored:

  • 546/1400 in Service Level,
  • 940/1200 in Direct Observation,
  • 1118/1400 in Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App and
  • An overall score of 2623 out of 4000.

This score got Udaipur 85th rank in the total ranking of 100 ULBs (urban local bodies) on the basis of the total score. Indore was the cleanliest city in the 2018 Swachh Sarvekshan.


This year there are many changes regarding the Swachh Sarvekshan 2019. In such a situation, Udaipur has to work hard to get a better ranking than the year 2018. The municipal corporation has completed the first step of the verification of the documents, but the major test awaits now.

Let’s have a look at the numbers:

Udaipur Swachhata app at a glance: 

  • Total registration number: 11975
  • Score 80
  • Active Users 0.3 only

This year the Swachh Sarvekshan 2019 will be assessed on the following:

  • Certification
  • Direct Observation
  • Service Level Progress
  • Citizen Feedback
  • Sustainable Sanitation
  • Solid Waste Management

And many more!

The performance components will be judged out of 5000 marks and Service Level Progress would be out of 1250 marks.

If you wish to contribute to the Swachh Sarvekshan 2019 for Udaipur, you can visit the Citizen Feedback section, Here

You can also visit:

If you like this piece of information, then mention your thoughts in the comments section below. If you want to add anything to this information or have any suggestion, drop a mail at

I would be glad to hear from you!


First time in Udaipur- Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019

For the first time in Udaipur, a Nature Literature Fest will be organized in the city. The Forest Department has been organizing Bird Festival in Udaipur from last 4 years and this year will be their fifth bird festival. The festival will start from January 18 till January 20, 2019. Many aboriginal species of birds can be found in our region. Also, a lot of migratory birds fly to Mewar in the winter season which becomes an amazing site for bird watchers. The festival aims at educating people about the types of birds present in the Mewar Region.

The first day of the Bird Festival 2019 will have a very special, unique and first-time-in-Udaipur addition- The ‘Nature Literature Festival’.

Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019
Source: Rajasthan tourism beat

The Nature Literature Festival will have books and literature related to the birds, published by eminent ornithologists. These books will have information about the nature, conservation, and habitats of birds. There will be present many writers and lecturers who shall be enlightening the masses about birds and their preservation. Nature Literature Festival will start at 2 pm on the first day (19th Jan) and will be concluding by evening.

The Bird Festival 2019 will commence at Golden Park in Sisarma, where students, volunteers, nature lovers, bird lovers, and forest department officials and employees will be present.

There will also be book stalls for bird watchers and enthusiasts who want to read about avian species.

Nature Literature Fest at Bird Festival 2019
Source: namaste holiday

If you are a bird lover, then you must visit the Bird Festival 2019.

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Celebrate winters in the land of sand- Winter Festival at Mount Abu!

29th and 30th December 2018 will mark the celebration of an amazing and different festival organized at the ‘hill station’ of Rajasthan- Mount Abu Nr. Udaipur. This festival is known as the Winter Festival in Mount Abu. This festival pays tribute to the astounding culture and heritage of the state of royals, Rajasthan. So, without any further delay let us get to know this ‘much-talked’ about festival of Rajasthan.

winter festival at Mount abu, Udaipur
Source: Rajasthan Tour Planner

Winter Festival at Mount Abu:

The festival is an eclectic amalgamation of a unique effervescence of the culture of Rajasthan. It houses awe-striking handicrafts, folk dance performances including Daph, Ghoomar, Gair and authentic food options contributed by craftsmen and performers from every corner of the state. The festival will commence on 29th of December and will conclude on 30th December 2018- this two-day fest brings together the spirit of Rajasthan.

winter festival at Mount abu, Udaipur
source: Gets Holidays Blog

Besides the aforementioned, the Winter Festival at Mount Abu or Mount Abu Festival also hosts sports and other entertainment activities like kite flying, boat rowing and some creative activities like poetry reading sessions and many more.

A noteworthy point about the festival is that it is the only festival in Rajasthan where cricket has been introduced as a part the festival.

The commencement and culmination of the Winter festival:

A lavish procession through the city marks the beginning of the Mount Abu Festival. It ends at the very famous Nakki Jheel with a ceremony in the evening called the Deepdan.

winter festival at Mount abu, Udaipur
Source: rajasthandirect

In this Deepdan ceremony, hundreds of ‘Deep’ or Diya (earthen lamps) are let to float in the waters of Nakki Lake. The sight of these buoyant diyas is amazing to watch. The festival also highlights a series of processions organized by the local authorities.

How to reach Mount Abu:

The Udaipur Airport is the closest and is located 175 kilometers away from Mt Abu. You can also take a bus, cab or local transport to reach Mt Abu from Udaipur.

winter festival at Mount abu, Udaipur
Source: AbuTimes

Undoubtedly, these fair, festivals and processions make Rajasthan one of the richest state in terms of culture and heritage. So, if you are in Udaipur in the same time span, then you must visit the Winter Festival at Mount Abu or Mount Abu Festival and enjoy the glistening beauty and season of winter in Rajasthan. Trust me! It is truly incredible!!

If you like this piece of information or you wish to add more information to this article do mention your thoughts in the comment section below or drop a mail at, I would be glad to hear from you!

Photos Photos and Videos

Udaipur Light Festival 2018 – Relive the memories (Photos)

Udaipur Light Festival was a massive hit! No, we don’t say it- THE PICTURES SAY IT!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so cutting short, here is a gallery of pictures for you from Udaipur Light Festival 2018.

Spot yourself, save and repost your pictures on your Instagram tagging us! We would be glad to see your love!


Special Thanks to Team Star Photoworks for the amazing pictures!

Pictures curated by Dimpy Chundawat

See you next year!