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Where to Enjoy Disco Parties in Udaipur

At times of celebrations, all that we want is loud rock and roll, coloured sparkly lights and a few friends with whom we can move our feet on and dance to our favourite tracks. So, we bring you a list of Disco venues in Udaipur where you can not only have a good time yourself but also give a memorable time to your buddies.

1.) Twist

Following in the footsteps of metro nightlife, Twist is a glitzy bar and lounge space with an enigmatic aesthetic. The lively music played by local and international DJs adds to the feeling that anything is possible in this place. The best part is that it has no entrance fee and the club is accessible throughout the week. While the evenings feature live music performances by musicians, the majority of visitors say the staff are pleasant. One may describe the service at this establishment as enjoyable. Overall, a good place with a chill vibe.

Address: Connaught Place, Shobhagpura, Udaipur

Contact: +91 8306231050

2.) Big Shot Udaipur

You will be lured to The Big Shot’s rustic atmosphere as soon as you walk in due to its chic ambience. One of Udaipur’s swankiest and trendiest pubs, The Big Shot, draws sizable audiences every day. It has fantastic music, delectable food, and a wide selection of drinks. Both the setting and the food are superb. The extensive menu will satisfy all palates, and the variety of drinks will without a doubt, quench your thirst. The lounge area gets even more lively over the weekends.

Address: Near New RTO, Opp MPUAT back gate, Sukher-Pratap Nagar Road, Udaipur

Contact: +91 9660550441

3.) Vegas69 Bar & Lounge

Had a busy week? Call your pals and head out to Vegas69. With numerous lights and neon signs, the atmosphere is rather jazzy. Additionally, there is a good selection of drinks, and the pub frequently hosts both ladies’ nights and Bollywood nights. Whether you enjoy dancing or not, the DJ’s incredible selection of music will get you in the mood. The service is polite, and the food and drinks are top-notch.

Address: 2nd Floor, above Mom & Me 100 Ft. Road, Opposite Old Ashoka Palace, Shobhagpura, Udaipur

Contact: +91 8829949809

4.) The Beat Town

Are you a party person? Or do you not enjoy going to parties? However, it doesn’t really matter once you enter The Beat Town. You will fall in love with parties because of their upscale and gorgeous nightlife! You can get anything you want from this amazing club. This glamorous place, hosts club nights. If you want to have a wild time with your buddies and you happen to be in Udaipur, you should go here. The Beat Town is a place where you may have fun with your pals. This high-end club gives you the best experience you have been longing for thanks to the helpful and kind staff that is always there to listen to you and laugh with you!

Address: Plot No.10, Balicha, Rural, Road, Goverdhan Villas, Udaipur

Contact: +91 7878632970

5.) Illuzion Bar & Lounge

It is difficult to resist the temptation of Illuzion Bar & Lounge when it comes to disc parties. With an amazing vibe, the place is keenly designed in a French architectural style. It brings about a retro vibe and adds a memorable charm to the night. The place hosts thematic parties that include Retro Nights, Women’s Special nights, and other such events. It is a fun place to be in when you want to experience an escapade from city life. 

Address: The Belmonte House, K 34, Airport Road, Sunderwas, Udaipur

Contact: +91 9950680044

6.) The Artist House

The Artist House

A stylish new hangout for creative folks opened in a building that was once a theatre but has been renovated and refurbished. The Artist House is the best venue to party with a DJ on Friday and Saturday evenings, which draws a hip, young crowd. There is also a bar area along with the pool. In addition to cocktails, a wide range of wines and beers are offered. The Artist House offers excellent food, a pleasant atmosphere, and a good selection of wines. Their disco bar takes pride in its distinctive drinks and food selections, which are influenced by royal family customs. As the sun sets, The Artist House transforms into a disco, with loud music, a rocking DJ and all the lights.

Address: Near Ashoka Cinema Rd, Thakkre Baba Colony, Surajpole, Nada Khada, Udaipur

Contact: +91 7357368222

Now, that you have the list of these amazing disc party venues in Udaipur, learn some funky dance moves, collect your friends and celebrate life without any reason.

How many of them have you visited? Feel free to share your suggestions or inputs on 


उस उदयपुरवासी की कहानी जिसनें 1971 के पाकिस्तानी हवाई हमले में लिया था हिस्सा

पाकिस्तानी आतंक की खबर सुनकर आज भी इस उदयपुरवासी का खून खौल जाता है. वीर चक्र विजेता 83 वर्षीय दुर्गाशंकर पालीवाल भारतीय रेलवे के वही पायलट है जिन्होंने 1971 के पाकिस्तानी हवाई हमले में काफी महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई थी. दुर्गाशंकर ने भारतीय सेना को  सीमा के उस पार जाकर असलहा और बारूद पहुचानें का काम किया था. उस समय भारतीय सेना ने पाकिस्तानी सीमा में करीब 30 किलोमीटर तक कब्ज़ा कर लिया था और जब सेना का असलहा ख़त्म होने को आया था तब और असलहा उपलब्ध कराने की ज़िम्मेदारी दुर्गाशंकर पालीवाल को दी गई थी.

Source: Oneindia Hindi

इस दौरान दुर्गाशंकर को 25 बोगियों वाली ट्रेन लेकर पाकिस्तानी सीमा में दाख़िल करना था. वे बाड़मेर के पास मुनाबाव रेलवे स्टेशन और पाकिस्तान के खोखरापर से होते हुए, परचे की बेरी रेलवे स्टेशन तक पहुँचे. उस समय रेलवे ट्रैक टूटा हुआ था तो करीब 10 किलोमीटर का ट्रैक रातों रात बनाया गया. दिनांक 11 दिसम्बर 1971 को दुर्गाशंकर बारूद से भरी हुई ट्रेन लेकर पाकिस्तान की सीमा में दाखिल कर गए.

पाकिस्तानी सीमा में खोखरापर से कुछ ही दूरी पर दुर्गाशंकर को एक विमान दिखा जो की उनकी ट्रेन पर नज़र रख रहा था. ज़रा सी देरी में वो विमान फिर से पाकिस्तान की ओर लौट गया. लेकिन वह विमान खतरा भांप चुका था और सुबह 6 बजे छह मिराज विमान मौके पर पहुंच कर बमबारी करने लगे. इन विमानों ने दुर्गाशंकर की ट्रेन को घेर लिया था लेकिन वे एक पल के लिए भी नहीं घबराए. उन्होंने अपनी ट्रेन की रफ़्तार बढ़ा दी और सिंध हैदराबाद की ओर जाने लगे. पाकिस्तानी विमानों ने कई बम गिराए लेकिन ट्रेन को नुक्सान ना पंहुचा पाए.

Source: Rajasthan patrika

इसी तरह से विमानों में भी बम ख़त्म हो गए और रीलोड करने के लिए वे सिंध हैदराबाद की ओर उड़ान भरते हुए निकल गए. इस समय दुर्गाशंकर ने काफी अक्लमंदी और फूर्ति का इस्तेमाल करते हुए वे रिवर्स में ट्रेन को 25 किलोमीटर तब खींच ले गए. उन्होंने पर्चे की बेरी में अपने बटालियन को भी इस घटना की सूचना दे दी. पूरे बटालियन ने करीब 15 मिनट में पूरी ट्रेन का माल खाली कर दिया और एंटी एयरक्राफ्ट मिसाइल रिलोड कर दी.

वहां से लौटते हुए फिर से पाकिस्तानी विमानों ने ट्रेन का पीछा किया और खोखरापर से 5 किलोमीटर से पहले रेल लाइन पर एक हज़ार पौंड का बेम फेंका. बम से निकलती हुई चिंगारियों से दुर्गाशंकर का हाथ और मुँह भी जल गया था लेकिन उसकी परवाह किये बिना उन्होंने अपनी कोहनियों से ट्रेन चलाना जारी रखा. बमबारी के कारण रेल ट्रैक टूट चुका था जिसके बाद दुर्गाशंकर हाथ में बन्दूक लेकर ट्रेन से निकल गए और करीब 2 किलोमीटर आगे उन्होंने भारतीय वायुसेना का हेलीकॉप्टर को इशारा कर उतरवाया और अधिकारी को सूचना दे दी.

Source: News18

दुर्गाशंकर को अपनी वीरता और अदम्य साहस का परिचय देने के लिए, तत्कालीन राष्ट्रपति वीवी गिरी द्वारा वीर चक्र से सम्मानित किया गया था.

Source: News 18

पुलवामा हमले के बारे में दुर्गाशंकर का कहना है की भारत ने पाकिस्तान को अभी भी पूरी तरह से जवाब नहीं दिया है. वे कहते है उनमे अब भी इतना जोश है की वे बॉर्डर पर जाने को तैयार है और सरकार के हुक्म पर देश के लिए कुछ भी करने को तैयार है.


The Har(assing)mless Face of Police System | UB Editorial

It was just another day for me when I came to work, made a checklist of the day and was just strolling through my mailbox when an anonymous mail popped up in front of my eyes. This guy seemed genuinely disappointed with the behavior of traffic police in the city. After one of my news article 300 Traffic Defaulters Fined by the Police in a Single Day He questioned me if covering your face while riding a vehicle is against the traffic rules of Udaipur as he was fined for the same a few days ago. For the time being, I couldn’t answer his question but the incident gave me an impulse to write this article instead.

I wondered if similar such incidents are faced by other Udaipurites as well! As for me, I was forced to relive one of my encounters with the policemen in the city. Some 2 years back from now, I and my friend (who was a male and just my friend) were exiting from one of the famous tourist attractions of the town named Ambrai. The broad daylight of the harsh summer made me cover my face to prevent tan as any other girl would do at the moment. A bunch of policemen approached us and the first thing that left his mouth was ‘Why have you covered your face?’

Note that we weren’t riding or anything. Now since it was just the two of us, I pretty much knew what these policemen were up to. So after some of their usual questions, they told us bluntly to empty whatever we had in our pockets. Obviously, we didn’t give them anything but the whole incident left me with a thought that even if we were a couple, it wasn’t a crime to be there as long as you are just sitting.

Source: Patrika

I’m sure similar incidents must have happened with many of you. But before we get down to any conclusions, let’s see what the facts have in store for us. According to section 294 of the Indian Penal Code, if you are involved in any obscene act in public places, you can be imprisoned for 3 months. But since the definition of the word ‘obscene’ is still not clear, the law is usually misused by the police. However, as long as groups like Bajrang Dal are ruling the date of 14th Feb in the country, such petty issues shouldn’t bother us, isn’t it?

Now let’s get back to the bribe part of the above incident. It has been quite long that the citizens have been facing problems like such. Having said all of that, it doesn’t come as a surprise that 62% of law enforcement officers take bribe wherein traffic violations to make 25% of it, as per an article by the Wall Street Journal. This takes us to the other aspect of a similar problem.


The season to follow the traffic rules

The season to follow the traffic rules has begun. During this season, you’ll find the gathering of traffic police standing at random places along with busy Chourahas. Several citizens are fined during this period for violating the traffic rules which mostly includes not wearing a helmet, not carrying a license, more than two members sitting on a two-wheeler vehicle, often you get fined for covering your face too and you obviously know the rest.

Now if you have ever noticed, these people getting fined are mostly the male members of our society, not the female ones. Following this statement, I recall another incident of mine. A few days back, while I was crossing one of the busiest Chouraha of the city, guiltily without a helmet, I witnessed the traffic police approaching the helmet-less GUY riding right adjacent to me. When I looked back the two of them were exchanging some statements hastily, apparently talking about the Challan.

Here I, in no manner, mean to disagree or disapprove the actions taken by the traffic police. But the only concern of mine is why there is a season of following the traffic rules? Why such strictness is not followed throughout the year? And why is there gender biases in following the traffic rules?

Oh and now that we are talking about it, let me mention some of the ‘not so basic’ traffic rules and your rights –

What all documents are you supposed to carry while riding/driving?

It is mandatory to keep the original driving license and PUC (pollution under control) certificate along with a copy of RC and insurance with you every time. Don’t forget to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler vehicle and wearing a seat belt while driving a four-wheeled vehicle.

What should you do if you are stopped by traffic police?

First of all, don’t get into an argument unless there’s a severe need to do so, cops are doing their job, so cooperate. Look what are they seeking out of you. Generally, if you have all the necessary documents and a helmet, they will let you go. However, if anything is missing, you are eligible to be fined. If it’s the latter, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Since people are naïve in the traffic rules, the cops tend to tell them that the real fine is X (big amount) and they will settle for Y (small amount) which is absolutely wrong. Generally, the fines of small offenses are minimal. To avoid that, you should ask for a receipt of the fine. This way the Traffic police won’t be able to lie. Also, traffic police not carrying a challan book or e-challan machine cannot penalize you.
  2. Traffic police are not allowed to snatch your key or force you to get out of your car or take any of your documents away (he may, however, ask you to produce them) according to the Section 130 of the Motor Vehicle Act. He may take the driving license away to seize, only after generating a receipt, in cases like jumping the red light, overloading, drunken driving and using the mobile phone while driving.

What to do if Traffic police are demanding bribe?

Never yield to illegal demands of the police. Do not attempt to bribe the traffic police. In case, he is demanding, note down his buckle number and his name. If he hasn’t worn his buckle, ask him for his identity card. If he refuses to give you his identity card you can refuse to give him documents or pay any fine. You can approach the traffic police department after that or simply file FIR against the misbehaving cop.

So yeah, that’s that. There are other endless issues floating out there like soap bubbles, but for now, one thing at a time. Let this be the beginning.

Have you ever had a rough encounter with the police in the city? What do you think is the right solution for these emerging problems? Share your story or better share your suggestions in the comment section below and let us know what do you think about the same.

Written by: Juhee Mehta

The blog written above reflects the opinion of the writer and not UdaipurBlog. Thus, it shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the offense it may generate in the mind of the reader.

UB Editorial is a space for the people of Udaipur to share their opinions, facts, or information about the hot topics of the country. Because you are the face of Udaipur and your opinion matters.

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What are the Ideal Characteristics of a Best School in Udaipur?

No matter where you look, every school out there claims to be the best. But at the end of the day, the decision falls on you as to which one is actually the best school for all-round growth and development of your child. This decision of yours will affect the tomorrow of your child on a large scale; so apparently, there is no scope for a faulty decision.

However, in the world of rigorous marketing everywhere, it is very difficult to decide if a school is ideal for your ward or not and so in this article, we will give you 10 points which you should look for before choosing the right school for your little one.

Know the roots of the school

Mount Litera Zee School is an initiative by the Essel group which is guided by Dr. Subhash Chandra in order to develop students to walk along with the advances of the 21st century from its education body, Zee Learn Limited. It is one of India’s most awarded school chain spread across the country with more than 150+ MLZS (Mount Litera Zee School).

Mount Litera Zee School is the best school of the not just the city but the entire country and is a part of India’s no. 1 school chain facilitated by the renowned brand ‘Zee Learn’. Since the year 1994, Zee Learn limited has been a pioneering leader in Indian education. Zee learn has successfully introduced many endeavors in the country which are one of its kind including Mount Litera Zee Schools, ZeeQ, Mount Litera School International, Kidzee preschools, BrainCafé School Programs and Zee institutes of Media Art and Creative Art.


World Class infrastructure

MLZS’s is the best school of Udaipur as its infrastructure is at par with the international standards. The spacious classrooms are abounding with high tech facilities for better learning and understanding of the student. It is also equipped with facilities such as

  • Day Scholar – MLZS offers one of the finest day scholar program where each and every minute of a student is preplanned to nurture the uniqueness of your child.
  • Day Boarding – A great option for working parents where the parents can conveniently work throughout their day and the child can get involved in the school activities such as academics, sports, extra co-curricular and personality development.
  • Residential – sending your loved one away from you is a difficult decision but once you see the loving as well as the protective environment of MLZS Hostel, you will know that you have made the right decision.


Teaching Methodology and Curriculum

Home Page of Luminosity

Udaipur’s best school Mt. Litera Zee School follows a uniform study pattern throughout the country which assures you that your child in Udaipur is studying the same thing which a child in MLZS Mumbai is studying.

Moreover, the teaching methodology of MLZS is enriched with the New Age Learning Management System known as Luminosity. It is a digital portal with a unique mix of 2D and 3D content, 3D animated videos, and well-designed activities for grades 1 to 10, specially designed for the students to understand everything thoroughly and with clarity. It also has a personalized app for all the students, parents and teachers for a proper structure of the study pattern and convenient management for the students.

The methodology also involves the Litera Octave model which implements various pillars that impacts an individual during their learning period. The model comprises eight critical interlinked elements of school engagement with children along with their parents. These elements are Litera Infra, Litera Network, Litera Life skills, Litera Content, Litera teacher, Litera Parents, Litera Assessment and Litera Enrichment.


Outdoor and Indoor Sports Facilities

The school hosts an array of facilities for both indoor as well as outdoor games for the age-appropriate development of the children. These sports include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Splashpool, Skating, Cricket, billiards, gymnasium and Swimming along with indoor sports like table tennis and carom. During vacations, students get the opportunity to participate in the Trekking, adventure trips, and summer camps making it the best school of Udaipur.


All-rounder skill programme

The best school of Udaipur MLZS believes in all-round development of the student where a student engages in the all kind of curricular activities such as music, dance, theatre, and other art activities. They help a student to explore their inner strength and passion and excel in the same. Here, students get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of artistic pursuits guided by professional instructors.


Highly qualified and trained teachers

For a better learning process, it is very important for a teacher to interact with the students and make learning a pleasurable experience for the children. All the faculty members at MLZS, which is the best school of Udaipur, persistently upgrade their skills through the multiple in-house training programs and workshops by experts.


Convenient transport facilities

The best school of Udaipur, MLZS has an ample amount of AC equipped transport facility which is operated throughout the city. These also have male as well as female attendants that make sure that your child reaches you safely every day.


Regular assessment and evaluation

MLZS conducts various assessments and parent-teachers meetings on a regular basis to review and discuss children’s pace of growth rather than just during the stressful time of exams. These assessment sessions are based on the feedback from various stakeholders which also involves the parents wherein they are oriented through various workshops and are inculcated awareness about important parenting issues.


Community connect and social awareness programme

While your little one is growing, it is important that he/she inculcate the values of giving back to society. Students at the best school of Udaipur, MLZS constantly work towards creating a sustainable environment. Students, as well as parents, are encouraged to connect to various organizations working for the welfare of the senior citizens, poor people, etc.


Winning hearts, bagging awards

Mount Litera Zee School is the best school of Udaipur and has won the most prestigious awards and recognition in the country. Some of these awards are

  • Awarded as ‘India’s leading education brand’ by Praxis media group.
  • Awarded as ‘K-12 school chain of the year’ by the Indian education group.
  • Awarded as ‘Dream companies to work for in education’ by World HRD Congress.
  • Awarded as ‘Leading brand of the year K-12 schools’ by WCRC.
  • Awarded as ‘Brand excellence award for education’ by World Marketing Congress.
  • Awarded as ‘International school award 2017-2020’ by The British Council.
  • Awarded as ‘CEO awarded outstanding school leader’ by Indian education congress.
  • Awarded as ‘MLZS Network awarded great place to study’ by Forbes Marquee.

Mount Litera Zee School is an aspiration of innovative ideas and constant development. For years, it has helped students to get over mindless cramming and rote learning. The entire process helps students to explore their inner strength focusing on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not.

For more details, visit Mount Litera Zee School

For Admissions, contact – 7665586655 

With all the above points, now you know what’s the right choice for your child. 


Story of the Youth who Left Delhi to Build School in Udaipur’s Villages

Rahul Dubey was mere 19-year-old when he graduated from the Delhi University and came down to Udaipur for a three-month internship. He says ‘I was always a bright child and used to get great grades in school and college and so proceeded with mathematics in my academics. But this wasn’t what I wanted to do in my life. Another reason why I came to Udaipur was to find out what I really love.’

In 2012, what started as a three-month-long unpaid internship at Kherwara, a tribal village in Udaipur district became a turning point in his life. From a city like Delhi to a village in Kherwada, this was the first time for Rahul when he was witnessing the life there including huts, cows, farming, along with the issues like scarcity of water and electricity.

During his internship, he was meant to teach basic subjects to the children of a government school. It was the first time when he came across the education system there where the teachers didn’t use to come to the school, a single teacher was assigned to attend 80 students at once, many children used to drop out, many never came to the school, poor infrastructure and facilities was a huge void and all these issues disappointed him. Maybe that’s what made him stay a little longer.

So just after three weeks, he decided to extend his stay for 3 more months. In this time period, he removed all those barriers which were stopping him to achieve what he wanted. He worked on the language barrier as the language ‘wagdi’ was spoken in the village, he stayed at the houses of the natives, understood the customs and culture there, got involved in their festivals and rituals and he says “the journey was so wonderful that today it has been 7 years since he has been in this village and it feels like it was just yesterday. However, so much has changed all this while. The organization, Alfa Educational Society, where I started as a mere volunteer has my guidance now as a CEO.”


This is how the school ‘Village Spirit Academy’ fell into place!

Back in the year 2013, Rahul went to Nepal for another internship of his where he saw the natives, as well as other interns from different parts of the world, renovating a very poor conditioned school made out of bamboo on a hilly area. It was a very difficult project but no one there was ready to quit. The interns, never bothered about other worldly inhibitions, gave in everything in the school. The entire episode seeded the idea of making his own school in Rahul’s mind.

This school was to be made on the land of Lokesh Kalal, Rahul’s friend and the founder of Alfa Educational Society, and on 1st July 2016, the school was officially registered. On the very first day, they received a total of 99 admissions from the village.

Rahul wanted to build a school which turns out to be an ideal space for the children to learn and study even in the harsh climatic conditions including the scorching summer and aggressive monsoons. There were several problems awaiting their journey ahead.

After a lot of struggle and research, they finally got in touch with the architects of Chennai who helped them take another step towards their dream. Another challenge was the funding for the school. Since Rahul didn’t want to take up corporate funding, he organized an online portal for crowdfunding and received great support from people all around the world gathering an amount of 6 lac rupees.

For several days Rahul burnt the midnight oil to build an eco-friendly school made with huge mud blocks that could sustain the harshness of the climatic conditions. And all his efforts paid off in the year when his school ‘village spirit academy’ finally took a shape. He says that they might not have luxurious facilities in their school like fancy speakers, massive playground, LCD, but the structure of the school is such that it is fire resistant, sound resistant, earthquake resistant, and also adapts to the climatic temperature very efficiently. Children are happy and satisfied studying here.

“When the school was in its building phase, the round structure of the school made villagers think that we were building a church and will tell the students to convert. But when it got completed and they saw that it was an ordinary school, they became decisive.” Rahul funnily says.

Republic day celebration | Before
Republic day celebration | After

How Did your Parents React to your Decision to Leave Delhi?

I belong to a very strong academic background. As every Indian parent would do, mine also wanted me to opt for secure and mainstream career options, and so apparently they were highly reluctant of my choices. During my internship period, which got unexpectedly extended, they were very concerned about where am I heading towards in my life, which clearly reflected in every phone call of theirs. They would tell me why I wanted to shift from a city to a village when everyone else was doing the opposite.

I remember them telling to continue my education and head for a master’s degree and so I enrolled in a college in Udaipur for Masters in Social Work, somewhere 100 km from my village. To attend college, I used to catch a bus at 5:30 in the morning and came to the village on the same bus by 7:30. Thereafter, I managed the school and NGO work and slept by 2:30 am and followed the same schedule every day.

One day I was traveling in the bus like any other day sitting on the ground of the bus when I received a call from the college. I heard someone saying that I had topped the University. When I communicated this to my mother, she would hardly believe that I even enrolled in a college and asked me to send the pictures of my fee receipts first.

It was actually the time which taught all of us, me to follow my dreams and them to understand my passion and let me do what I love.

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Places to Visit

This Fort in Jhalawar is India’s only Fort Built without Foundation | Read to Know More

In the entire world, if there is a which has a humungous number of forts and palaces, then it would be Rajasthan. Go to any part of the state and you’ll find a fort or fortress waiting for you. Today’s article is dedicated to the one such amazing fort named as ‘Gagron fort’.

Located in the Jhalawar district of Rajasthan, this fort is surrounded by water from all sides. Not just this, but the fort is unique in its own way as it is the only fort which doesn’t have any foundation. Gagron Fort’s popularity has been spread far and wide for its glorious history and awe-inspiring architecture.

Source: Oh My Rajasthan

Gagron Fort and its outstanding architecture

Gagron fort was constructed by the Dod king Bijaldev in the 12th century and the fort was ruled by the Khinchi kingdom for 300 years. Although the exact time of the construction is not known. Historians say that the fort was built from the seventh century to the fourteenth century.

It has witnessed a total of 14 wars and 2 Jauhars (Hindu custom of mass self-immolation). The magnificence of the fort can be estimated by the fact that it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: Indian heritage site

It is the only Fort of northern India which is enveloped by water; hence it is also called ‘Jaladurga’. Generally, all forts have two ramparts but Gagron Fort has three. Along with that, its towers are blended with Mukundara Hills of the Vindhyan mountain ranges where the hill itself is acting as the foundation of the fort.

The fort has two main entrances. One gate leads towards the river and the other leads towards the hilly road. Earlier this fort was used to give the death penalty to the guilty. Inside the fort Ganesh Pol, Nakkarkhana, Bhairavi Pol, Kishan Pole, Selekhana are the important gates. Apart from this, there are other important historical sites in the fort such as Dewan-i-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Janaana Mahal, Madhusudan Mandir, Rang Mahal etc.

Image courtesy: Ajay Sood (Travelure)

The significance of Gagron in the Medieval period is known by the fact that both the famous emperor Sher Shah and Akbar the Great conquered it and merged it into their empire. Akbar also made it his headquarters, but in the end, gave it to Prakashraj of Bikaner as a part of his estate.


The Unfortunate Saga of Jauhar at Gagron Fort

Achaldas Khinchi was the last Khinchi-Chauhan ruler of the historically renowned Gagron Fort. In 1423 AD, Sultan Hoshangshah of Mandu surrounded the fort with 30 thousand horsemen, 84 elephants and numerous infantry with many other rich kings. When Achaldas realized the tremendous army and advanced weapons of the enemy, he clearly estimated his defeat. At that point in time, instead of surrendering in front of them, he sacrificed his life while fighting with valor. Following that thousands of women embraced death to protect their self-respect from the enemy.

Source: Tripoto

Some Interesting facts related to Gagron fort

  • After the victory of Hoshangshah, he was so impressed by the bravery of Achaldas that he did not meddle with the king’s personal residence and his other souvenirs. For hundreds of years, the fort remained with the Muslims, but out of fear or respect, no one dared to remove or destroy Achaldas’ bed from the bedroom. Till 1950, the bed remained in the same place.
  • According to the folk tales, the spirit of the king Achaldas Khinchi would come and sleep on this bed every night. At night, many people claim to have heard the noise of someone smoking sheesha from this room.
Source: Tripoto
  • The maintenance and cleanliness of the king’s bedroom were managed by a hairdresser on the behalf of the state. It is said that every day he used to find 5 Rupees on the bedside. The hairdresser once told someone about this incident and from then on he stopped receiving it.
  • Once, an ADC attempted to steal the sword of the king but he had to leave it midway as it was extremely heavy. Currently, the sword is guarded in the Jhalawar Police Station.
  • The fort also houses a number of peacocks and unique parrots. These parrots are known as Hiraman parrots and are considered to be twice the size of the normal parrots. They are usually dark in color and have black stripes on their neck. They are experts in mimicking human speech very well.

The picturesque and the most dramatic fort never disappoint any of its visitors. Everyone leaves with a tinge of history and lots of memories to cherish.

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Techno India NJR is Proud to Hold World’s Largest Hackathon for the 3rd Time


Smart India Hackathon 2019 (World’s largest Hackathon) will be organized on March 2-3, 2019 in Udaipur. Techno NJR is the Nodal Center for companies Quick Heal Technologies and Bridgestone Tyres as a part of it.

It is a matter of pride that Udaipur was chosen as one of 48 Nodal Centers for organizing Word’s largest Innovation Hackathon. Udaipur based Engineering College, Techno India NJR Institute of Technology has been chosen as a Nodal Centre for the 3rdconsecutive year after their successful hosting of Smart India Hackathon 2017 and 2018.

What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event, usually hosted by a tech company or organization, where programmers and Innovators get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project/problem. The participants work rapidly and often work without sleep to achieve their task, as the events generally only last 24 hours to 36 hours or take place over a weekend.

Why Smart India Hackathon 2019?

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, envisages a Digital India to bridge the digital divide in our country and further promote digital literacy in order to make development a comprehensive mass movement and put governance within everyone’s reach in India. In order to work towards our PM’s vision, MHRD, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Inter-Institutional Inclusive Innovation Center (i4C), and Persistent Systems organized the 1st and 2nd edition of Smart India Hackathon in 2017 and 2018 respectively, a unique initiative to identify new and disruptive digital technology innovations for solving the challenges faced by our country. The initiative was a huge success. To reiterate the efforts towards our PM’s vision, MHRD, AICTE, i4C, and Persistent Systems is proud to propose the 2nd edition of this initiative – Smart India Hackathon 2018. This time along with Government Organizations, Private Sector organizations like Quick Heal, Maruti Suzuki, Bridgestone, Samsung, and various others have also listed their problem statements.

Smart India Hackathon 2019 is a non-stop digital product development competition, where problems are posed to technology students for innovative solutions.

What makes it the Largest in the World?

Various Union Ministry & Departments, State Ministries along with Many Private Sector Organisations are participating in this event who gave 500+ Problem statements. More than two lakh students submitted their digital solutions out of which 1,300+ teams consisting of 10,000+ students were shortlisted for Grand finale to be held at 48 Nodal Centers across India Simultaneously. Techno NJR is the Nodal center for Quick Heal Technologies and Bridgestone Tyres.

Techno NJR will see the arrival of 20 teams consisting of 120+ students and mentors arriving at their campus on 1stMarch to dive into the hackathon Session on 2nd March. Along with that, four teams of Techno India NJR are also shortlisted for SIH 2019 and will be departing to Kanpur, Jamshedpur, and Ahmedabad for the same.


British Council and AICTE invite Dr. Pankaj Porwal to UK for Leadership Development Program

Dr. Pankaj Porwal, Principal Techno India NJR Institute of Technology will be part of 10
member team selected by the British Council and AICTE for 5 days visit of Dudley College, the UK.

Under the United Kingdom and India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI) Leadership
Development Program. This visit is a culmination of four leadership development workshops organized in various parts of India in 2017-18 for 100 principals from various private and government engineering colleges. Selection of 10 members was based on the level of participation in the workshops and the impact that the participants had in their institutions.

The aim of this program is to develop advanced leadership and management skills and laying the foundation for long term sustainability within the participating institutions. The visit is tentatively scheduled in 1 st week of April.

This is a new feather in the cap of Dr. Pankaj Porwal, who is a graduate of IIT Bombay and
Ph.D. from Cornell University (USA) and had served at IIT Bombay as Assistant Professor.
He has been leading Techno India NJR as principal for last 9 years.


Heritage Girls School: As Distinctive as Your Daughter

Going to boarding school isn’t an easy decision. Selecting a school is much worse. The physical separation from your family and old friends can make the decision emotionally difficult.

Then why a boarding school?

● Living in a boarding school community leads you to learn something that is more valuable than the education you get in a classroom.
● The art of dealing with life smartly and effectively, to a great extent, can be learned imperceptibly when you spend some time in a boarding school.
● In the rough and tumble of boarding school life, one learns to take problems head-on right from a young age. She has to seek out her own solutions, look for peer guidance or learn to approach the right person to get out of a sticky situation. That process trains her to be a solution seeker.
● A person who has learned to tackle all sorts of situations in life, glides through disasters, tragedies and turmoil with a stiff upper lip. The roller-coaster ride of boarding school life prepares children for the most difficult of times.
● Self-confidence comes when self-esteem is high. When a child learns to cope with myriad
situations on her own, sometimes successfully, her confidence in her own abilities improves.

Why Heritage Girls School?

● Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio
● Finishing School
● Practical based learning
● 24*7 Security & CCTV Surveillance
● 15+ sports
● Organic vegetable farm & dairy
● Special focus on co-curricular activities
● Good connectivity with all major cities

An insight on school life at Heritage Girls School, Udaipur from our student; Khushi Agarwal
(Head Girl 2018-19)
“Yes, Heritage Girls School is indeed a traditional public school where we learn about all the
things that lie between the covers of books as well as of the outer world. On day one itself, we are told that we are very important and that each one of us is a valuable member of the Heritage fraternity. Whatever happens, every ‘I’ matters in the scheme of things here. At Heritage Girls, we become serious thinkers at a young age.”

We are encouraged to enunciate, to speak correctly and persuasively and to build on our
vocabulary. We are shown how reading books is enriching and enjoyable, taught to appreciate the nuances of language and style. The girls are, in turns, responsible to arrange activities. The focus, at the end of it all, is to grow up into a well-rounded individual.

Heritage Girls School was founded on the vision that there is a leader in every child and given the fact that the girl is the beginning of the new generation, leadership will filter down to the next generation too. The school assures that every child gets opportunities for leadership exercises be it voicing their opinions, giving vent to what they feel and what their viewpoint is, planning events, organizing events and envisioning them the way they ought to be. These are the things that we are engraving in the young women and we believe that this is something that will go on to make valuable citizens for the country.

VIP Visits: Gen Bipin Rawat (Chief of Army Staff), Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, Vinesh Phogat, Mrs. Maadhuri R. Sharma (Mrs. Earth International 2016).

Rankings & Recognitions:
● 1st in Udaipur by Education World & Education Today
● 2nd in Rajasthan by Education World & Education Today
● 9th in India by Education World & Education Today
● Best Infrastructure Award by Franchise India
● Best Upcoming Girls Boarding School by Education Today

Annual Events: National Cooking Competition, TEDxYouth@HGS & HGS-MUN

Creating Identity with Heritage Girls School
Nurturing Individual Talents | Heritage Girls School


Indian Tennis Player Somdev Devvarman’s wedding to be held in Udaipur

Somdev Devvarman is a former professional Indian tennis player who has been awarded Arjuna award and the Padma Shri award. The renowned sportsman is said to be getting hitched with Shiwali Wal in the City of Lakes.

Source: Scroll

The wedding will take place at the The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa on 27th and 28th February where several Bollywood celebrities, sportsperson, international celebrities, and close family members would be invited. According to the wedding planner, Manish Purohit, the wedding is going to be very subtle and only close ones are invited. Upon asking about the celebrity specific, he chose to remain quiet.

However, one thing is for sure, the city would soon be filled with the wedding vibes again.

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