Viral Video: Miscreants chasing leopard in Udaipur during Night

Recently, a video is going viral on WhatsApp and other social media handles, in and around Udaipur. A leopard is being chased by some miscreants during the night time. Mostly these wild animals are active during the night, they get out either to eat or to drink. In the name of development, we as humans have almost destroyed the homes of these animals and if we continue to do such things, then we really need to think, who the real animals are?

We are not confirming that this video is of in or around Udaipur still wanted to spread some awareness about how to treat the wild animals. We hope that we are successful to deliver the message, what we intend to.

Save nature and its gift because they are limited.

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5 Amazing Videos of Udaipur by YouTubers | A Must Watch

Udaipur is all the about the beauty- whether of the landscape or its palaces or its inhabitants. A lot of tourist flock to the city of lakes because they have seen the city’s beauty in videos on YouTube! So, here are 5 amazing Udaipur travel videos by YouTubers that you must watch to see Udaipur through the eyes of the travelers.

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  1. Pixel do Media

PixelDo Media Pvt. Ltd has made one of most wonderful videos of Udaipur. This video of Udaipur showcases every aspect of the city from an aerial angle. The video was one of the awe-striking videos of Udaipur ever made!

  1. Ethereal

One of my personal fave videos is the ‘Summer in Udaipur’. This video film is brought to us by the YouTube channel Ethereal which majorly deals in films and video content about culture, society, history, nature, travel, and science. If you are a true Udaipurite like me, you would LOVE this video for sure!

Have a look:

  1. Cup of TJ

TJ is a travel vlogger and documented her visit to Udaipur in a very raw manner which is quite cool to watch! She creates travel videos about different cultures, destinations, and amazing street finds and food around the world.

Watch her video of Udaipur

  1. Vaga Brothers

Another amazing and fun-filled video is of Vaga Brothers- Alex and Marko. The duo makes phenomenal videos of the place they travel to. This video showcases even the narrowest streets and alleys of Udaipur in the most unique way.

Find out their version of Udaipur here:

  1. GottaDoIndia

GottoDoIndia has made a series of travel videos on Udaipur. This channel is run by Sherry Shroff who is again a very prominent YouTuber. In this video, she has shared top 10 things to see/do in Udaipur which makes this video fun as well as informative- a lot interesting and alluring for the travelers coming to the City of Lakes.

Watch her version of things to do in Udaipur here:


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The Silversmiths of Udaipur | Forgotten Artists of The City

A city is made up of the people that live in it. Udaipur is made up of artists! Be it the narrow alleys or the wide marketplaces, the City of Lakes is flooded with artisans in various fields that entice and awe-inspire travelers from all across the globe. Whether it is wooden toys or zinc furniture or handmade jewelry, everything here is indigenous and from the very roots of the city.

One such community of artists is the Silversmiths. Living in the tapered lanes of the Old City of Udaipur, you will find a number of small ‘Chabutra’ style shops that are business places to one of the most creative people I say. These are the Silversmiths.

I am a fan of silver jewelry, and just in the search for some customized silver ornaments I met this person some 4-5 years back and since then he is my fave!

A couple days back I decided to have a small interview (more of an impromptu chat, like I, always have with him). He mainly does repairing work and has stopped making ornaments. While, if insisted he makes ornaments. He also does piercings in nose, ears etc.

I believe that these people deserve the acknowledgment of their art. Their ways and techniques are old but that’s what the essence of their work is. He makes the smallest and tiniest pieces of silver jewelry by hand and each one is unique in its true sense.

I always get things customized for myself and he does that without losing his patience on me!! (*laughs*)

We asked him to make two nose pins that we could buy. Here, is a small video of him making the two nose pins and talking to us regarding his work. Let’s meet Mr. Yash Kumar Soni.


You can Contact them at:

Yash Kumar Soni: +91-9314937509

Bhupesh Soni: +91- 9887112889

Address: Laxmilaal and Sons (Kundan Art Works), Ganesh Ghati, Old City, Udaipur

Also, if you know any person or a community who indulges in some indigenous and ancient art of any kind, do write to me at
I would love to hear their story!


Best Aerial Video of City of Lakes – Udaipur

Udaipur crowned as one of the Most Beautiful City of the World is celebrating its joy of beauty with the Beautiful Aerial Video created by PixelDo Media in association with UdaipurBlog and support of District Administration.

Watch it, Share it, Love it. 😉




These Rajasthan Tourism ADS are simply Unavoidable !! [Must Watch]

Rajasthan Tourism has finally come up with competing Ads to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Tourism Ads with the tagline – “jaane kya dikh jaaye” these Ads make you Vouch your Love for Rajasthan and Its Tourist Places. The Multi Crore budget & launch of the Campaign all set to Boom the Tourism in Rajasthan which as of now gets 1.5Million Foreign Tourists every Year and is expected turn to 3Million by 2020.

Rajasthan Tourism 2016

Here are the Videos – Enjoy – Love – Share !







With Best to Credits to Rajasthan Tourism 


Best Wedding Videos in Udaipur

udaipur wedding videos

Udaipur – The City of Lakes is one of the Favourite Destination for Wedding all around the World. Udaipur gets to experience year round Royal Weddings. No one can miss a chance to have a sneak peak to such an occasion. Here we present you few of the Best Wedding Videos in Udaipur that we discovered on Youtube.


Udaipur Marwari Wedding | Neeraj & Pragya


Ayush & Arpana’s Wedding in Jag Mandir


Hina and Gaurav – Udaipur ‬Wedding


Indian Wedding Movie Trailer – Pooja & Kunal, Jagmandir


Wedding of Vishal & Evgeniya in Udaipur


Indian Royal Wedding in Devigarh


Udaipur Hindu Wedding : Namita and Aneesh


Gaurav & Navda Pre Wedding Shoot at Udai Vilas Udaipur


Nikhil & Priya – Hindu Wedding Trailer – Udaipur


Udaipur – “The City Of Lakes” – Movie Trailer


Udaipur Wedding


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[Video] Pushkar from Sky – Aerial View by PixelDo

Pushkar Aerial Photo

After the successful Aerial Photoshoot of Udaipur from Lake Pichola our friends from are back with a Aerial Video Shoot of Pushkar, Rajasthan during the Camel Fest 2013. We hope you like it and share it. 🙂


[Video] Doop Dance at Pizza Hut Udaipur

Pizza Hut


Check out this video featuring ‘Doop Dance At Pizza Hut, Udaipur

Video shared by : Razzasha


[Video] Udaipur – One of The World’s Best Cities


Udaipur - The Majestic City

Check out this video shared by : Sanjay A video of ‘TALKING PICTURES

Yeah Yeah! We all know ‘Udaipur’ is one of the world’s best cities 😉 and WE (all Udaipurites) are proud of it. Aren’t we??


(Photo Courtesy : Mujtaba RG)


[Video] Udaipur – Lux Lifestyles


Check out this video of Udaipur – ‘The City of Lakes’ being featured on a travel show. Video shared by : FilmXposed