Rajasthan Tourism 2016

These Rajasthan Tourism ADS are simply Unavoidable !! [Must Watch]

Rajasthan Tourism has finally come up with competing Ads to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Tourism Ads with the tagline – “jaane kya dikh jaaye” these Ads make you Vouch your Love for Rajasthan and Its Tourist Places. The Multi Crore budget & launch of the Campaign all set to Boom the Tourism in Rajasthan which as of now gets 1.5Million Foreign Tourists every Year and is expected turn to 3Million by 2020.

Rajasthan Tourism 2016

Here are the Videos – Enjoy – Love – Share !







With Best to Credits to Rajasthan Tourism 


7 responses to “These Rajasthan Tourism ADS are simply Unavoidable !! [Must Watch]”

  1. LAlit Tiwari Avatar
    LAlit Tiwari

    Royal Rajasthan .

  2. Laeequddin Kazi Avatar
    Laeequddin Kazi

    My dad generation( forefather) came from Rajhastan. I’m Rajput from my father side. I have never been in Rajhastan. I wish, I may visit that great part of India., one day.

  3. Bhanupriya Avatar

    Hi ,i am planning to visit udaypur next month so can yu guide me abt places

  4. kaustubh Avatar

    where in janesthan ad actually in rajasthan

    1. Mayank Bhatt Avatar
      Mayank Bhatt

      its kota…

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