Rajasthan Tourism Ad Music

Download Rajasthan Tourism Ad Songs & Lyrics

The New AD Campaign by Rajasthan Tourism 2016 is making everyone Crazy and We have been getting a lot of request for the Music Track & Lyrics. The work for rebranding the Rajasthan Tourism campaign was assigned to the Agency – Ogilvy & Mather who has developed these awesome campaigns to add to the Beauty and Unexplored Charm of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tourism Ad Music

Here is a Clip/Jingle of the Music Track taken from the Aryasthan Version of the Advertisement. We hope you Like and Enjoy the Jingle & Lyrics.

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 1

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 2

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 3



The Lyrics of Rajasthan Tourism Ad are as Follows :


Maati baandhe painjanee,

Bangdi pehne baadli,

Dedo dedo baavdo,

Ghod-mathod baavdi…


The English Translated Version of Rajasthan Tourism Ad : 


The land is wearing anklets,

The sky is wearing bangles,

The clouds in a happy frenzy have taken different shapes,

The beautiful revolving and rotund earth…


49 responses to “Download Rajasthan Tourism Ad Songs & Lyrics”

  1. Anand Avatar

    Thanx for the music. The new Rajasthan tourism advt.s r really amazing. Love it

  2. NISHANT JHA Avatar


  3. Shireen mirza Avatar
    Shireen mirza

    Coz i Live in RAJASTHAN ❤

  4. Anshul Avatar

    Love this ad song… Dedo dedo baavdo… 😉

  5. Siddhartha Sharma Avatar
    Siddhartha Sharma

    That’s the royalty with simplicity

  6. Vishesh Avatar

    Thanku so much for these lovely songs links.
    I?? Rajasthan

  7. jignesh Avatar

    Wow nice song

  8. niveda Avatar

    eargerly waiting for a full version of this amazing jingle!

  9. amit Avatar

    Too nice song….. I love it…..

  10. Rushabh Avatar

    Usp of rajasthan tourism ad is connected to roots heritage at same time new changes in new world.This is clearly reflected into tune words are rajasthani but tune is new tecno moduleize.great tune

  11. Rashmi Singh Avatar
    Rashmi Singh

    Absolutely an awssm song…but waiting for the full version….:-*

  12. vishal rathour Avatar
    vishal rathour

    nice song…

  13. Sunil Upadhyay Avatar
    Sunil Upadhyay

    Really amazing way to promote tourism… Amazing song…. Can’t stop listening to this song…

  14. krupesh patel Avatar
    krupesh patel

    Nice song

  15. viral upadhyay Avatar
    viral upadhyay

    Good ringtone.

  16. Gourav singh patel Gurjar Avatar
    Gourav singh patel Gurjar

    nice jingle… remember Greatness of Rajasthan.. whenever I listen this jingle on TV I also whisper with it.. my frnds asks me what mean of it…

  17. Anant Avatar

    Its very good song. Please tell me the direct download link of full song. The jingles are very short. Please please.

  18. Anil Gupta Avatar
    Anil Gupta

    i am crazy for this song…thank you for sharing with us

  19. Dhaval Avatar

    Really amazing song
    I’m crazy for listening this song

  20. bheru Avatar

    I love this song

  21. pawan Avatar

    afrer listening the melidious song…..im feeling proud to be RAJASTHANI…

  22. mithilesh jha Avatar
    mithilesh jha

    superb composition

  23. shagungorana Avatar

    Awesome song of Rajasthan…..

  24. Naresh Avatar


  25. dhananjay koshley Avatar
    dhananjay koshley

    This song is AWESOME

  26. Subham sahu Avatar
    Subham sahu

    I like this song.because when I listen it,I felt a feeling of happiness.

  27. sandy Avatar

    wow wonderful song…………

  28. Tarun Avatar

    No word to express

  29. Chetan kumar Avatar
    Chetan kumar

    Super tone i loved it…

  30. Me Avatar

    ? “N O S T A L G I C”

  31. vasva gaurav Avatar
    vasva gaurav

    i like the song.

  32. Ashish Rath Avatar
    Ashish Rath

    So attractive n mixed Punch Of music Awesome n Hatsoff to Rajasthan tourism

  33. Lekhraj Avatar

    I love my INDIA , I love Rajasthan , or song to bahut MST h

  34. Bhagwan das bairwa Avatar
    Bhagwan das bairwa

    I love this song

  35. Kalpesh Avatar

    Not only this ad song..but rajsthan is also great. Infact best ….

  36. Ranjeet chouhan Avatar
    Ranjeet chouhan

    The saan of #Rajasthan…….so beautiful song

  37. ravi vaishnav Avatar
    ravi vaishnav

    I love Rajasthan , or song to bahut MST hai

  38. nilesh Avatar

    Ek dam mast song

  39. jitendra Avatar

    Ya ofcorse it’s very very good lyrics

  40. Amol Mokate Avatar
    Amol Mokate

    ek number Songs yar

  41. विनोद कुमार मीना मलारना चौड़ Avatar
    विनोद कुमार मीना मलारना चौड़

    म्हारो प्यारो राजस्थान

  42. विनोद कुमार मीना मलारना चौड़ Avatar
    विनोद कुमार मीना मलारना चौड़

    I love rajasthani song

  43. Manoj Wadhwani Avatar
    Manoj Wadhwani

    Amazing 😉 song, love the new ad

  44. Mithil Avatar

    i am gujrati but this song is awesome.

  45. Chetan joshi Avatar
    Chetan joshi

    Amazing jingle. It’s my mobile ringtone from more than 1 year

  46. William definate Avatar
    William definate

    this is amazing song

  47. surya dhanda Avatar
    surya dhanda

    Rajasthan amazing….but in jaipur at chowkiii dhaani….fabulous

  48. Krunal Gajera Avatar
    Krunal Gajera

    wow amazing song. udaipur i miss u

  49. Satish Shingne Avatar
    Satish Shingne

    Haha what a great composition

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