This 150 Year Old Sweet Shop in Udaipur Must Be in Your Checklist!

Are you a sweet tooth? Let us take you to a very famous sweet shop in Udaipur-

Lala Mishthan Bhandar

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Lala Mishthan Bhandar was started by ‘Lala Narayan Ji’ somewhere 150 years ago. Apparently, the shop has been named after him. Located near the Ghanta Ghar police station, this shop is ever crowded by people who come here to relish the authentic taste of seasonal desserts and sweets and undoubtedly the sweets are mouthwatering.

We had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Hemendra Sahu who told us about the shop. He said that Lala Ji was his grandfather. He lived for an astonishing 103 years. It is getting operated from several years ago and quite evidently it has seen the golden era of kings and queens in Udaipur. Today, this sweet shop is witnessing its fourth generation.

Must try things to try at Lala Misthan Bhandar

Gulab Jamun

Preparation of Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun at this place is one of the best things you’ll taste in the city. These soft, flavorsome and light on the palette Gulab Jamun will instantly melt in your mouth leaving heavenly sweetness behind. Best time to have Gulab Jamun is morning and evening when they are freshly prepared. With every Gulab Jamun in your mouth, you can enjoy the sight of their preparation.

Salty snacks!

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There are various snacks that can be found at the Lala Mishthan Bhandar. From Matri, Mathiya, Kachori, Gaathiya, to various kinds of Namkeen, the sweet shop won’t let you leave you empty-handed.

Seasonal Barfis and sweets

Seasonal Mango Barfi

They serve seasonal Barfis such as in winters Moong dal halwa, Gulab Jamun, Gaajar Halwa is in much demand, in rainy season sweets like ‘Rabdi ke maalpue’ are prepared specially to let the foodie rejoice the season, shrikhand and lassi are prepared for summers. These seasonal Barfis and sweets are great to satiate your sweet cravings. They claim that the special ‘aam ki barfi’ is something which is only available here in the entire town. Trust me! They are a delight!

Rot, Panjeeri and other types of ‘Prasad’ (offerings to God)

Jaggery Rot

Rot (रोट) is a thick chapati made up of rough wheat flour. It is fried in ‘Ghee’ and topped up with Jaggery (Gur) and hot ‘Ghee’.

This Rot is prepared every Tuesday as an offering to Lord Hanuman. People from all around the city come and buy it to offer at Lord Hanuman’s temple situated at different places in the town. It is later shared among the devotees in the form of ‘Prasad’. One cannot find this special ‘Rot’ at any other shop except ‘Lala Mishthan Bhandar’.

Not only this, they make prasad for various occasions too, like ‘Panjeeri’ is made as an offering to the Lord.

If you still haven’t visited this amazing place, it’s just the right time!

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The Belgian Waffle Co now in Udaipur!

When was the last time you were searching for some good, crispy waffles in town but couldn’t find any place particularly satisfying? Well, let’s just say, something big is coming to the city and it is finally going to put an end to your waffle cravings.

The Belgian Waffle Co is finally here to tickle your taste buds - Here are the details
Source – LBB

You heard it right! The Belgian Waffle Co has, at last, set foot in Udaipur. It is going to open its outlet at The Celebration Mall, shortly within the next few days and no wonder, we are filled with awe. The Belgian Waffle Co is a renowned franchise serving mouth-watering waffles with dozens of varieties and is spread all over the country with 100+ stores. The Udaipur store is going to be BWC’s fourth store in Rajasthan after Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota.

The Belgian Waffle Co is finally here to tickle your taste buds - Here are the details
BWC Udaipur Outlet

We are so excited already and just cannot wait to try some of their lip-smacking golden, nutty waffles.

We wish BWC all the best in their future endeavors and we hope this is going to be worth the wait!

Places to Visit

Sunset Point in Udaipur

The sunset point is the paramount place to see the most beautiful face of Udaipur. This garden is famous for its excellent view to the dusk and the weakly musical fountain show. This show is held every Monday after the twilight. Its located at the southeastern part of Pichola lake by the side of Dudh Talai and ahead of M.L. Verma park. Before the garden there is a ropeway which lands us to Karnimata temple giving an tremendous outlook of the city. This is one of the most frequently visited gardens of Udaipur. It’s a pleasure to our eyes when we perceive the diffused light from the sky during the early evening when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth’s atmosphere. We ublogers advice every visitor to go there and enjoy the intense red and orange hues of the sky at sunset with the fountain dancing on music.

dudh talai