Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora

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Disclaimer Time: All these questions below were asked by people on different online social platforms such as Quora, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and in person as well. I have selected and filtered out the most interesting and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur, along with the answers that other people have provided them. The content is taken from the above sources originally, Hence, language and grammar shouldn’t be the point of concern. 

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Question Udaipur is a lack city so is there only lacks? If yes where do persons live?

Answer ha bhai we have only lakes all around. Human beings live on tapu and we have to swim through the water to go to school, college, work, etc.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
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Q Bal Vivah sach mein rajasthan mein hota h kya? What is the general age when you get married?

A In reality it happened back in stone age but now, yes, Bal vivah exists but only in serials such as ‘Baalika Vadhu’. Other than that nobody marries before legal age. And even after that one can get married by the age of 28-30 easily.

Q Udaipur, Rajasthan bhi desert h kya? Agar haan to paani kaha milega?

A It would be a bit dfficult to find water in the city.

you can find packaged water in every other shop and we have thousands of shops in the city. If you are not satisfied with just that you can visit several lakes which our city has. So yeah happy journey.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
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Q Hy, can I travel Udaipur without knowing Mewari?

A Not only can you travel to Udaipur without knowing Mewari but you can travel to Udaipur without knowing Hindi as well. We Udaipur citizen know Mewari, Hindi and English too. So unlike people thinks, we know other languages as well. In fact, only a few people in Udaipur speaks Mewari on a daily basis.

Q Do you eat Dal Baati every day?

A Dal baati is the regional food of Rajasthan but like every other city of India we eat other food too. In Udaipur you can find other national and international cuisines too such as Punjabi, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, etc. So no WE DO NOT EAT DAL BATI EVERYDAY.

Q Why is Udaipur called Kashmir of rajasthan? Does it have snowfall?

A Why do people even ask such questions? Udaipur is called Kashmir because it is similar to Kashmir in terms of beauty and landscapes not because it is a cold place or it has snowfall.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora

Q What should one not do in Rajasthan?

A Don’t disrespect warriors of Rajasthan by any manner. specially Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan. People respect them a lot.

  • Don’t think Rajsthani people have only Dal- Bati to eat. We have lot of recipies and all of them are delicious.
  • Water scarcity is now not a big issue. It’s not like we even drink water in calculative way. We also waste lot of water on Holi.
  • All of us are not Marwadi and Rajputs. Marwar is just one of the region in Rajsthan and Rajputs are one of the communities.
  • We are not that Orthodox as we are shown in movies etc. Men and women are treated as equal now.
  • Don’t think it’s entire desert. It’s just a part that to close to border. Elsewhere you will see modern rajasthan for example in jaipur , udaipur, jodhpur etc.
  • Don’t ever say literally don’t ever say Kanjoos to a marwadi guy. We get offended. We also spend lavishly on luxaries. If you want to see just attend a wedding of Marwadi family.
  • Don’t ever try to mess with Gurjars. This is not offend anyone out here. But they are kind of Don in Rajsthan. a positive way.
  • Don’t judge men if you see him wearing jewellery. Specially earrings. This is tradition.
  • This one is my personal experience and I got offended on this. Never say that rajasthan and Rajasthani people didn’t play role in our freedom and all the kings surrendered to British for salutation‘ SIR’ in their name. They had no choice or they protected their persons ‘praja’ by doing that. Infact Rajasthan was very prone to warriors from outside like Afganistan and Pakistan. Our kings fought with them and don’t let them inside our territory till their last breath.
  • We all don’t live in bungalows. ‘Kothi’ or ‘mahal’. We have usual houses.
  • Don’t underestimate Bhangarh fort. It’s scary and will surely haunt you. Don’t try to be over smart at haunted places like Bhangarh and Kukdhara village in jodhpur. (Haunted Village)
  • Last but not least don’t underestimate Rajasthan Royals in IPL. After all we have won the title without any big name from cricket world. Rajsthan Royals is for talented youngsters not for big names.

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Q How social is Udaipur on social media?

A Facebook -I am tired of receiving friend requests from old classmates, acquaintances from coaching classes, neighbors, close relatives, distant relatives, relatives of relatives. Pheww! Mom, Dad please don’t ask me again to create your Facebook profile.

Instagram – I signed up on Instagram just to see that my feed had nothing but repetitive snaps of cold coffee at Fateh Sagar, sunsets at Ambrai Ghat, people leaning over the letters of I.L.O.V.E.U.D.A.I.P.U.R in Pratap Park. Till date, I never logged in again.

Whatsapp – I once happened to scroll through my Dad’s Whatsapp contact list. My thumb started paining but the end of the list never came. Every doctor, every retailer, all the milkmen and newspaper guys we ever had, everyone was there.

They are everywhere my friend. You name the website, they would sign up on it within a minute with a selfie taken at Fateh Sagar set as their profile picture.

On Quora?

A few intellectuals signed up, followed their facebook friends and vanished. Another category includes travel bloggers or tour guides who plan other people’s itinerary here and thereby redirect them to their websites.

Seems like I am all alone here.

Weird and unusual questions people ask about Udaipur on Quora
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Did you go WTF after reading these questions people ask about Udaipur from different parts of the country? Well, it was well intended and it comes as no wonder that people still have many misconceptions about the beautiful city of lakes even after it has such a huge coverage on media every now and then. Meanwhile, all we can do is go on these online platforms and resolve the myths people have in mind about Udaipur.

Did anyone ask you such weird questions about Udaipur too? Share the incident with us in the comment section.


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