Indian Railways: Now change the boarding station four hours prior to the journey

If a confirmed ticket was booked from IRCTC website but had to be cancelled because there’s no option to change the boarding station, here’s good news!

Udaipur mysore humsafar express
Photo Credit: Shivam Sadhu/ raah_chalta_

Passengers travelling by rail will now be able to change the boarding station up to four hours before the chart is formed. This facility has been implemented since Wednesday. This means that one can change the boarding station that is selected at the time of booking tickets.

Prior to this, the boarding state could be changed only 24 hours before the start of the journey and for that passengers had to submit an application to the railway reservation head. Now it can be done online through the IRCTC website for tickets booked online. The boarding station can also be changed by calling the Railway Inquiry Number -139. However, the condition is that there will be no refund on cancelling the ticket.