Fun Tanga Ride to Start at Fatehsagar and Rani Road

A huge bucket of nostalgia is going to shower you as Udaipur will soon have a fun tanga ride at Fatehsagar and Rani Road. Municipal Corporation of Udaipur held a meeting where they discussed running overall 7 Tangas on the beginning note. It was further decided that 3 tangas will run from Devali to Rani Road, 2 tangas will run from Mahakal temple to Devali and the rest 2 will run from Swaroop Sagar to Moti Magri.

Source: Cleartrip

This will prove to be a good action as per the environment conservation after the cycle sharing the news. With the Tanga ride, many people will be able to recall the fun old days in the city. Furthermore, the people who used to earn their livelihood from Tanga riding will again have the opportunity to start it once again.

It has been decided that the tanga operators will have to pay Rs. 2000/- as license fees per annum. It’s not good news for just locals but also the tourists. They will also be able to adore the stunning view of Lake Fatehsagar while also enjoying the tanga ride.

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