Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Almost every street of Udaipur is filled with the aroma of Chaat, Jalebi, samosa, Bhelpuri, gol gappe, kulfi, dahi bade, kachori, and the mere name of such delicious street foods are enough for us to get our mouth drooling. And after all who doesn’t like street food? No matter how much we eat different cuisines at different luxurious restaurants, the one cuisine that will remain on the top of our favorites is always going to be street food. No matter how much we try to avoid street food but the pleasing aroma and their unbeatable taste attract us towards our favorite stall and in no time we find ourselves standing in front of our favorite street food stall.

Street food vendors are present in every nook and cranny of the city and people often prefer eating at markets in their vicinity but here we are, with some of the must-go street food markets of the city. You aren’t a foodie if you haven’t eaten at all of these places, at least once! Check these out:

Sukhadia circle

Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
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Whenever any Udaipurite hears of street food or for that matter just food, the first place that pops up in the mind is Sukhadia Circle. It is the most popular street food market across the city. Almost every other person would have his favorite stall or shop in the market for street foods. From Chinese, Italian to Indian, one can find every kind of food variety here.

Sukhadia circle got its name from Sukhadia garden which happens to be in the circle itself. Tourists can enjoy the place as it has various food stalls along with a garden and a fountain right in front of the stalls.

Gulab Bagh

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

And don’t even get us started here! Gulab Bagh is probably one of the most popular street food markets in town which is funny because it is quite small as compared to the above two. Now you might ask, what makes it so special? But should you even ask? This market is famous for some of the most amazing parathas, especially aloo paratha and gobhi paratha. Hundreds of Udaipurites flock here every morning to eat these delicious aloo parathas topped with a dollop of butter, and some yogurt and pickle to go with.

Location: Gulab Bagh Main Road, Opp. Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur

Dudh Talai

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another street food setup just a walking distance away from the Gulab Bagh market is on the way to the mesmerizing Doodh Talai serving tasty daal poori, daal baati, omelette, pav bhaji, soda, etc. You can see hundreds of people eating traditional Rajasthani food with much craze here.

Location: Doodh Talai Road, Opp. Samor Bagh, Udaipur

Chetak Circle

Known majorly for the savory egg bhurji, omelette, egg rice, momos, Chinese food, etc. This street food market has many shops serving an assortment of dishes made with eggs. Have you tasted the egg bhurji here? It is to die for!

Location: Chetak Circle, Near HDFC Bank, Udaipur

RMV Road

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another popular street food market, just minutes away from Gulab Bagh. It is mostly popular for pani puri and Chinese food.

Location: RMV Road, Udaipur


Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Townhall is located in the center of the city. It has some really famous stalls such as pandit pav bhaji stall. You can have food such as pav bhaji, chaat centers, and barf gola and falooda in this market. Opposite to the food stalls is the Bapu Bazaar market where there are various shops and showrooms of different brands. It is a good place for shopping because one can find both shopping and food at the same place. Thus, townhall is an ideal street food destination for both locals and tourists.

100 feet road at University road

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

This is the one market which is developing itself in street food markets very rapidly. Day to day the number of street food stalls and trucks are increasing. And not just the quantity but the quality is very delicious as well. In this market, you can find street food like chole kulche, chicken momos, chaat, etc. Since the road is quite large and less crowded, unlike the other street food markets you can take four wheeler vehicles to go there.

Bansi pan road

Best Street Food Markets in UdaipurThis food market is situated at the roadside. To reach here, you have to go to the famous panvala in the city which is Bansi pan. After that you have to keep moving forward towards the Sukhadiya Circle, just opposite to first cry shop, you’ll find a number of street food stalls on the road. Almost all the street food is available in this market. From chaat, Chinese to dosa and pizza all varieties can be enjoyed here. There is one famous stall for Chinese street food which is RK food stall. It serves spicy Chinese and whenever you’ll see this stall it will always be surrounded by a number of people enjoying the amazing and delicious street Chinese. This market usually fills up by late evenings around 6’O clock.

Bombay market – Fatehsagar

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Fatehsagar is the heart of the city. And along with the eternal beauty of this lake and its surroundings, there is a very famous street food market right on the opposite of Fatehsagar pal which is called Bombay Market. It is a large chain of food stalls and food shops where almost every kind of street food are available. Chaat, pizza, Chinese, and beverages are very much consumed in this market. Apart from all the food items that are available there, the most liked food item is its cold coffee. People from all around the city visit Bombay market to have its cold coffee. Other specialties at Bombay market is bread bada and momos. One thing to note about Bombay market is that it remains closed on Wednesday.

One more reason why people like to visit Bombay market is that with the delicious food, you can enjoy the amazing view of the lake and if you visit this place at the time of sunset, the place looks very mesmerizing.

Sector 3 at 100 feet road Hiranmagri

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Pratik Mali

For all the people residing near Hiranmagri, this market is very convenient for you. This food market is located outside Swagat Vatika. There are a number of stalls meant for all kinds of food items such as kulfi, falooda, chaat, Chinese, barf gola, etc. You can either enjoy the food then and there watch the streets filled with a hustle bustle or you can get it packed and have it at your peace in your house. Not just the taste is delicious but the prices of everything is quite reasonable too. This street food market is filled with stalls by evening as the sun begins to set.

So now that you have a fine list of all the street food markets in Udaipur, what are you waiting for? Prepare your appetite and go visit all these markets and satisfy your street food cravings.

Tell us how many street food markets have you eaten at yet?

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Happy Eating!

Article by: Akshat Khamesra and Juhee Mehta