Mewar and Marwar- Differences you must know!

“Mhaaro Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan” is truly blessed with vivacious cultures, royal heritages, holy traditions, communities living in harmony and enchanting nature. It is also, literally and in every sense, the “Land of Kings.” This time we are here to tell you the difference between two major regions of Rajasthan that are the Mewar Province and the Marwar Province. Mewar and Marwar are pretty much similar on the basic level, but when scrutinized, they have some contrasting features. Let’s find out more about the

‘two regions with a sole soul.’

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“Territories of the “Land of Kings”

Mewar, the south-central region of the state of Rajasthan includes:

➤ Bhilwara,

➤ Rajsamand,

➤ Chittorgarh,


➤Tehsil Pirawa of Jhalawar District,

➤Neemuch and Mandsaur districts of Madhya Pradesh

➤and some parts of Gujarat.


Marwar region includes:

➤ Barmer

➤ Sirohi



➤ Jodhpur


➤and parts of Sikar.


“What’s in a name they say, but then everything has a name”

The word “Mewar” is loosely extracted from the word ‘Medapata’ which is the ancient name of the region. ‘Meda’ refers to the Meda Tribe who used to reside in the region (now called Badnor) and ‘pata’ refers to the administrative unit.

The word “Marwar” comes from the word ‘Maru,’  a Sanskrit word, which means desert and from a Rajasthani slang‘wad’ which means a particular area. Marwar is basically known as ‘The Region of Desert’.  

“The richest histories in the country”

History of both Mewar and Marwar is quite rich and somewhat similar as both were founded by Rajputs. On one hand, where Mewar has a history of wars, defeats, successions, and establishments, Marwar’s history is complex with no direct successions and Mughals and Rajputs ruling now and then.

After the establishment of both Mewar and Marwar, the timeline of monarchy witnessed a number of kings and Britishers as well.

Here we have a timeline of reigns of the famous monarchs of Mewar:


Known for

Reign-   period

Bappa Rawal founder of Mewar 734-753
Maharana Kumbha ➤his reign is considered as the “golden period of Mewar”

➤Was the only Hindu king of his time in India

Maharana Udai Singh ➤Murdered his own father, Rana Kumbha and turned out to be an abominated king.

➤Was struck by lightning just before his daughter’s marriage and died on the spot.

Maharana Udai Singh II ➤Founder of Udaipur, the city of lakes 1537-1572
Maharana Pratap ➤Only ruler to not give up in front of Mughals.

➤Fought the famous “Battle of Haldighati” against Akbar, the then Mughal ruler

Maharana Jagat Singh ➤57th ruler of Mewar

➤The famous Jagmandir Palace and Jagdish temple in Udaipur was built during his reign.

Maharana Swaroop Singh ➤Britishers started settling in India during his reign and he supported Britishers in every way possible. 1842-1861
Maharana Sajjan Singh ➤He did everything in his power for Udaipur and its environment

➤Udaipur became the second city in the country to have a municipality, after Bombay, under his rule

➤He built a beautiful monsoon palace in Udaipur, that is Sajjangarh Fort, to complement the beauty of Udaipur in the backdrop.

Maharana Bhupal Singh ➤Founded many colleges and schools, especially for girls and also worked towards the betterment of lakes and environment of Udaipur 1930-1955
Maharana Bhagwat Singh ➤Last ruler of Mewar

➤Sold off most of his properties like Fateh Prakash, Jagmandir and other architectures on the banks of Lake Pichola so that all of them are well maintained

➤Even though the financial situation of the Royalties was depleting, he worked towards the betterment of Mewar.



Marwar was established by the Gurjara Pratihara, a Rajput clan. They first settled their kingdom in the 6th century in Marwar with the capital at Mandore which is 9 km from Jodhpur.

Here we have the timeline mentioning famous rulers of Marwar:


Known For

Reign Period

Rao Sheoji ➤first ruler to rule over Marwar from Rathore dynasty 1226-1273
Rao Ranmal ➤Was helped by Sisodias of Mewar to rule over Marwar

➤Was assassinated on the orders of Rana Kumbha of Mewar.

Rao Jodha ➤Founder of Jodhpur 1438-1489
Maharaja Jaswant Singh ➤Fought the Battle of Dharmatpur against Aurangzeb 1638-1678
Maharaja Ajit Singh ➤Became ruler of Marwar after 25 years of war against Aurangzeb. 1679-1724
Maharaja Bakhat Singh ➤Fought the Battle of Gangwana against Mughals and Kachhawa 1751-1752
Maharaja Sir Hanwant Singh ➤Last ruler of Marwar before independence 9 June 1947-15 August 1947


During the famine of 1899-1900, Marwar suffered terribly and seeing the terrible fate Marwar underwent, Maharaja of Jodhpur decided to join the dominion of Pakistan but  Lord Mountbatten warned him that majority of his subjects were Hindus and joining Pakistani dominion may create problems for him and the kingdom. In 1950, Rajputana ultimately became the state of Rajasthan.

Maharana Pratap

Proud communities of Mewar and Marwar

Rajputs are a well-known warrior clan of Rajasthan. Their trenchant identity is usually described as “proud Rajput tribes of Rajputana”. Their lineage is traced from the Fire family, the Sun Family and the Moon Family.

The Sun Family includes:

➤ Sisodias of Chittaur and Udaipur

➤Rathores of Jodhpur and Bikaner and

➤Kachawas of Amber and Jaipur.

While the Moon Family includes the Bhattis of Jaisalmer.

The trading communities include Khandelwal, Agrawal, Maheshwari, Jains, and Gahoi of Marwar. Birlas, Bajajs, Goenkas Singhanias are some top business groups in India, who are famous Marwaris from Rajasthan.

The artisan’s communities like Sonar, Lohars, Bhils etc. are majorly found in Mewar.

“Reflection of valor- Mewari, and Marwari”

Mewari should not be confused with Marwari as both the languages are different. People who have been into both the regions can easily identify the boldness of Mewari and the Sweetness of Marwadi.

Mewari is inspired by Devanagari script while maximum words of Marwari are adopted from Sanskrit language and is traditionally associated with Mahajani language.

Mewari- 5 million speakers coming from Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, and Rajsamand districts of the state of Rajasthan.

Marwari-  20 million speakers (most-spoken)


“Aah, the food”

Dal Bati Churma is the signature dish that opts for both the kitchens of Mewar and Marwar. Although,  very few people know that Mewar ’s cuisine includes both vegetarian and non-veg food.

Whereas, Marwari cuisine generally follows vegetarian food. Some authentic dishes like

➤Laal Maas and Khad Khargosh

are non-vegetarian delights and are relished by the people of Mewar.

Whereas, the people of Marwar enjoys vegetarian delights such as:

➤Bajre ki roti

➤Pyaaz Kachori

➤Bharwa Besan Mirch

➤Panchmel Daal

and many more fabulous recipes.

Apart from this, the richness in Mewari authentic Thali can be seen with the use of dried spices (Masalas) and dry fruits like cashews and almonds. Whereas the palette of Marwari food is a little dry reflecting the regional conditions.

Marwari Thali focuses more on ingredients like gram flour (Besan) and vegetables like Ker Sangri, Gavarfali, and more.

But, in both the culinary concepts, the common things are cooking techniques, Spicy flavor and the use of ghee.

 Food Festival in Udaipur

“The Great and Glorious Festivals” 

Besides the culture and region, festivals can also let anyone recognize the distinctive feature of both the heritage. Whether it’s Diwali, Holi or Bhaidooj, all the festivals are significant in  Rajasthan. Mewar festival, primarily known as ‘Gangaur,’ is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm amongst women of the region.

And, considering the parts of Marwar, the festival which is widely celebrated by women of the region is “Teej.” which is celebrated in the monsoon season and determined by the cycle of the moon.

Despite these differences, a thing worth remembering is that both the regions and their cultures are blended so well that people always say, and forever say, that not Mewar or Marwar but Rajasthan is Enchanting!





From Localities to Tourists, this Udaipur travel guide is your savior this monsoon

Monsoons around Udaipur, if defined in words can be described as actual freedom from scorching hot summers. Light rain showers are boosting for us, and a pleasant welcome to the upcoming joy and pleasure. Late, but Monsoons have arrived in our beautiful Lakecity, and we Udaipurites are all set to welcome them with a warm heart. The scorching summer is finally coming to its drastic end.

PC: Siddharth Nagar

Udaipur looks best in the monsoon season and masses, including national and international tourists arrive in the city of lakes to enjoy the beauty of Udaipur which increases fourfold right now.

Here’s a quick and complete Udaipur Travel Guide on how to enjoy Monsoons:

Places to Visit:

  • Monsoon Palace: Sajjangarh Fort or so-called Monsoon Palace become the hotspots for all the tourist visiting Udaipur during the rainy season. The picturesque view of the city from the top is enthralling.
Pc: Siddharth Nagar


  • Fatehsagar Lake and Ambrai Ghat: As soon as the drops from the first rain touch the city, these two places get flooded. With water too, but more with people!

PC: Siddharth Nagar
  • Bahubali Hill: If you wish to witness Sunrise and a Sunset in utmost peace, Bahubali Hill is the way to go for you. The place is situated in the Aravali Ranges surrounding our lake city.
PC: Siddharth Nagar


  • Rayta: Majorly known for the sharp curves, surrounded by the natural valleys and greenery, Rayta gives a magnificent and unseen view of the city. A drive to this place gives a blissful view of Udaipur.

  • Keleshwar Ji: Situated just a few kilometers away from Pipliya Ji, Keleshwar Waterfall becomes a paradise for all the nature lovers. A bike ride to this place is equally refreshing and rejuvenating as a hot mug of coffee is for a caffeine addict.


The above-listed locations are just a few, we have listed below a few more places that are a must-visit during Monsoons:

  1. Nandeshwar Ji
  2. Madaar Dam
  3. Chandni Village
  4. Jhameshwar Ji
  5. Kundeshwar Mahadev Ji
  6. Kavita Village


Food to eat:

  • ·Pakode (पकोड़े): Whenever we talk about rains in this city, the first thing that’ll ever cross an Udaipurites mind is ‘Pakode’. We won’t be wrong if we call ‘Pakode’, the staple food for the monsoon season.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat


  • Vegetable Maggi: Hot and freshly cooked Maggi fully loaded with veggies is the perfect food for all the foodies who wanna enjoy great taste instantly.
PC: Fooodsnifffer



  • Chai: For all the chai-holics, tea has always been an inseparable part of the daily routine life. Chai becomes of utmost importance while it’s raining out there during.
PC: Spoon n Snap


  • Bread-Bada: Hot Bread-Bada or Bread-Pakoda are seriously a must-try while you are enjoying the monsoons in Udaipur.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Corncob (भुट्टा): Bhutta’ is the most enjoyed food when it comes to haveing some light snacks in the rainy season when you are at Fatehnagar. Various stalls and vendors can be spotted near the famous tourist destinations selling sweet corn and corn cobs. These are specially prepared on coal which gives the corncobs a natural taste and aroma.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Sandwich:  We all are mad about cheesy sandwiches filled with our favorite creamy veggies, topped up with lots of cheese and that too in monsoons, wouldn’t it be the best thing ever?
    PC: Spoon n Snap



A guide for safety while you are enjoying Monsoons out there:

  • Take out your raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof shoes and always keep plastic bags handy to avoid your belongings from getting wet.
  • A shower after you get wet in the rains is a must.
  • Avoid wearing wet clothes without proper cleaning.
  • Before cooking green veggies, firstly wash them thoroughly.
  • Carry and drink boiled and purified water, juices and soups prepared at home only.

We hope this guide will help you to stay fit, healthy and enjoy the refreshing monsoons while you are in the Lakecity.

UdaipurBlog wishes everyone a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and UNFORGETTABLE MONSOON.




Places to Visit

From Foodies to the social media fanatics, This Bistro has won everyone’s heart!

There is a reason why travelers from far-far land go crazy over the roadside food vendors, dhabas within the city premises, uptown restaurants, and eccentric Cafes & Bistros of this graceful Lake city. Catching up with the city’s pace, the food served in the city has also evolved embracing the recent food trends, while on the other hand preserving the old ones. Cafes and restaurants of the city serve cuisines from the distinct corners of the country.

Its food only which makes Udaipurites exclaim ‘Udaipur to Jaan hai apni!’.

Once you’ve had a taste of the life and food of this city, we bet you wouldn’t wish to leave!

So talking about the great places which serve delectable food, this newly opened Bistro in Udaipur is something one doesn’t want to miss out on!

“The Patio”

 As the name suggests ‘The Patio’ is a comfortable & soothing Bistro which is set on lines of a retro European country house theme. The vicinity is age-old trees and greenery on every side you roll your eyes on. For any Tourist it’s a perfect crashing place to chill out once you are done with your expedition to the Majestic City Palace and on your way to the famous boat ride at Pichola Lake or ropeway at Karni Mata.

The Patio, Udaipur

 Things that set ‘The Patio’ distinct from the others:

  •  Team at The Patio likes to stick to the basics. While keeping it simple, they thrive to make simple things taste better maintaining the taste and consistency. From Shakes to Mocktails, Dimsums to Pasta n Pizzas, every dish will strike right chords with your palates and you’ll come back wanting for more.

Sitting at The Patio, Udaipur

  • The architects Divya & Shantanu Sharma have designed the café’s interior in a simple yet attractive style. The color theme & the artistic windows remind you of ancient Greek architecture. The Green & subtle elevation of the Bistro resembles an old roadside European eatery. Furniture & majority of the seating is designed from the old antic reclaimed wood. From Swings on the terrace to wooden Benches in the backyard and Sofas to Comfy Chairs inside the covered area, each seating arrangement promises a unique feasting experience every time one visits. The music genre is majorly soft country blending perfectly with the aura of the place. There is ample parking space right across the property along with extended government parking right behind the property.


The Patio, Udaipur

Sitting arrangements at The Patio, Udaipur

  • The price range at The Patio makes sure that it doesn’t dive deep into the customer’s pocket. A cappuccino priced at Rs100 & shakes as thick as the ice cream is priced in the range of Rs150. A 325 ml thick shake served here is a complete meal in itself. The most expensive dish being Mezze Platter at Rs300 which also justifies the price, once you experience the spread. The motive is to make people try, explore and enjoy every dish on the menu.
Credits: Agourmandsdiary
Credits: Globeonmyplate


Credits: _aayush1006
Credits: Globeonmyplate
Credits: Globeonmyplate
  • For the calorie-conscious and health-freak citizens, Cold Press Juices & Health menu to be started soon. Even in the current servings, dim sums are made without using flour as a base. Thin crispy corn tortilla can be an option for the base of Pizzas. Fresh Fruit & Yogurt based Smoothies can be your alternative to the regular shakes. A Healthy Breakfast menu will also be started soon.

A place like The Patio should be bookmarked for your next outing for sure!!



What is The Artist House in Udaipur? What happens at “The Artist House”

While exploring a new city, it is very much significant to know some authentic places which capture the vibe, taste and the soul of the city very well. Set amidst the scenic water lakes and charming landscapes, Udaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its attractive culture and heritage and is one of the major touring sites for buddies, families and couples alike.

With cafes and restaurants opening around every nook and corner of the city, anyone is bound to get confused while choosing the best hangout place for themselves. So we have one such perfect place for you – ‘The Artist House’.

What’s the big deal about The Artist House anyway?

The Artist House of Udaipur is set in a striking 80-year-old theatre building which was formerly ‘Picture Palace’. As the name goes, It’s a place for people who love meeting new people, exploring different gourmet and living life. The Artist House is a one spot destination for creative minds who don’t like their imagination to be bounded by any kind of walls. 

The idea behind creating such an innovative face was to carry forward the legacy that was left by the former entertainer which was located at the same place ‘Picture Palace’. The Artist House is a great mash-up of the culture and heritage carried by the city. The design inspiration was ‘Informal Opera’ which creates a cultural platform for all the young and budding artists of the city.

The place is designed with the maximum use of the natural resources which brings fresh air and light to the crowd. The atmosphere created by such resources is more than enough to boost one’s energy to work, to party, or just have a good day by the pool.

The Artist House is the only place in Udaipur which serves ‘Blue Tokai’ coffee. Coffee beans produced by ‘Blue Tokai’ are grown by the Indian farmers thus the place is supporting the Indian economy in a way. The coffee beans are roasted twice a week and shipped out immediately after the roast to ensure the freshness of the beans intact. So, all the caffeine addicts out there in the town, your new hangout place is waiting for you.

Udaipur, also famous as the Lakecity is starting to grow as an entrepreneurial hub that promotes small and medium scale businesses. Recently, the trend of coworking has grabbed Udaipur which has helped various innovative startups with unique biz ideas to grow.

If someone wishes to excel in the entrepreneurial skills and work with the professionals from the industry who can mentor them to become one of the leading businessmen of the country, then book a space for yourself at The Artist House. The coworking space unites, collaborate and helps to innovate a product or service which is different from the lot and out of the box. And believe us, it is something worthful which comes at nominal expenditure.

The membership packages at The Artist House starts from Rs.5000 per month. The membership includes access to 3 conference rooms where freelancer and professionals can discuss their ideas. The membership covers your expenses to work and you don’t need to spare even a single penny extra rental space. One can also redeem a considerable amount from the membership charges paid.

Stay tuned for many more upcoming memberships packages.

Sundays at The Artist House are all about feasting and celebrating life with your beloved ones. Nothing is as refreshing as a family brunch at The Artist House. Food and beverages served at the place make the Sunday soulful and happening.

Whether you are struggling to kick out your mid-week crisis or just looking forward to having a chilled beverage with that long lost friend or catching up with any old acquaintance of yours, Sundowners served at ‘The Artist House’ is the way to go.

Hanging out with the girl squad is always a crazy time because it’s super fun, uplifting, real and more than relaxing. Be yourself (no need to act like someone you are not) and make some happy and unforgettable memories. In the spirit of celebrating womanhood with your’Gal-Squad’, The Artist House is the perfect crashing out place in Udaipur.

So what is it, a club, a hotel?

The Artist House brings you the perfect and the most balanced blend of both the worlds. There are guest bedrooms that anyone can reserve. The place has 15 bedrooms, separate club space, themed café, restaurant, co-working space, a roof terrace, pizzeria, and one large tropical pool. Yes, anything one could ask for, they’ve got it covered at a single venue.


The Artist House is a short walk from the old city of Udaipur and offers a thematic menu drawing the tastes from seasonal and global trends of cocktails and delectable food. The in-house experts at the place experiments with flavors untouched by the city.

What happens at The Artist House?

The place serves as a prolific platform for all the emerging artists of Udaipur. Various standup comedians, singers, bands, poets, DJ’s and vocalists have tried their luck and were welcomed whole-heartedly by the Udaipurites. It promises an immense success to all the budding artists of Udaipur and the nearby cities.

The place has witnessed some of the most happening DJ nights and club parties of all time.

The trendsetting and majorly grown lounge & bar is possibly the best hangout spot to unwind yourselves with grooving DJs line up and curated a playlist.

The place serves an epitome of delectable food and many rejuvenating drinks. The place is highly recommended and a must-visit for everyone visiting Udaipur.

Have you been to ‘The Artist House’, If yes, Share your experience from ‘The Artist House’ Udaipur in the comment section below?


Witness the most epic Cricket Rivalries on the Biggest Screens in Udaipur | Ind vs Pak

Cricket, the most entertaining thing that keeps the heartbeat of this 1.3 Billion strong nation alive, is followed as a religion in India. It is not just a sport for the 1.3 billion Indians of the country, it’s an emotion. The gentleman’s game is the most popular sport in this country and witnesses an unmatched fan following, be it, for the teams or any cricketer in particular. Some of them are not just players, they have biopics made after them as well.

It is the same time of the year again where the cricket fans all across the country just cannot take their eyes off from phones and TV screens.

Yes! ‘ICC Cricket World Cup’ is here.

After the super-exciting finish of IPL season, we all were eagerly waiting for the world cup. Who wouldn’t like to sit and watch our favorite players smash some big sixes and crush the rival team while sitting on a couch? Be it workspaces, classrooms, or any other institution, nobody can ever dream to miss even a single moment of the craziness that spreads during the world cup.

The cherry on the cake for the Indians is, tomorrow, i.e on 16th June 2019, we will be witnessing the most epic and the biggest rivalry in the Cricket history of all time. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s…


With emotions flowing hot in the veins, watching this epic rivalry only gets better when you have a whole gang of people cheering for your favorite team, binging on delectable food and refreshing drinks! Isn’t it?

So here, we have compiled a list of places where you can catch this super-emotional extravaganza live on the big screen with your ‘Cricket-Bhakt’ gang.

  • The Artist House: The Artist House Udaipur is set in a striking 80-year-old theatre building. The house offers thematic menu drawing from seasonal and global trends of cocktails and scrumptious food. The in-house mixologists experiment with flavors quintessential to the city which makes the place perfect to come and cheer their favorite team this ICC Cricket World Cup.

Location: Near Ashoka Cinema, Thakre Baba Colony, Surajpole, Nada Khada, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 073573 68111/ 073573 68222


  • Twist Family Lounge & Bar: A place where people meet to celebrate some unforgettable moments especially the ones from the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup in a twisted manner. Situated in the heart of the city and quoted truly as Udaipur’s one of the most exquisite hangout spot.

Special Offer: Buy beer bucket consisting premium brands like Bira, Kingfisher Ultra, Heineken, Corona and get another bucket of beer at flat 30% off.

Location: Connaught Place, Near Shobhagpura Circle, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact:  083062 31050


Twist Family Lounge and Bar
  • Enigma Restaurant and Lounge: Enigma Restaurant and Lounge have literally got everything a cricket fanatic is looking for. From fine dining to super delicious food to a big screen, Enigma has it all.

Special Offer: Bring your father and get flat 15% discount on all bills on the live screening on Father’s day.

Location: 10 / 11 Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Malla Talai, Udaipur

Contact: 097844 49554

Enigma Restaurant and Lounge
  • Sun N Moon Restaurant and Cafe: Be it their wacky style of serving food or the simple presentation, that’s quite lit, you are in for an unforgettable treat if you want to watch live matches on a giant screen. Avail discounts and great deals during the 2019 World Cup.

Special Offer: 15% off on food bills up to Rs.1500

20% off on food bills up to Rs.2000

Location: Sun N Moon, Above hotel Udai Niwas, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 090010 06762

Sun N Moon Restaurant and Cafe
  • AIR Bar & Kitchen: A sprawling rooftop offering a majestic view of the mighty Monsoon Palace is equipped with a fully stocked bar, a 100 ft long live kitchen, a covered discotheque, a specialty community cooking pad and an entertainment zone with live screening, pool table, speed hockey, foosball. Fancy cocktails and classic drinks with a chic food menu from the streets across the world is a perfect companion to cheer for your favorite team this Cricket World Cup.

Special Offer: Cheer for India with your friends & family at AIR, Udaipur’s only rooftop pub & lounge in a five-star resort. Enjoy Beer Bucket with 5 pints @799 or Nonstop Premium drinks at a special rate of @1099 per person, Selected Snacks @199 and get a flat 20% discount on World Cup Special food menu.

Location: JüSTA Sajjangarh resort & spa, Near Sajjangarh Biological park entrance, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 099995 38959

AIR Bar & Kitchen
  • Bluemoon Kinaraz: Enjoy the biggest cricket rivalries of this world cup with the best view of the magnanimous City Palace from lakeside with delicious food, amazing dinner arrangements.

Location: 6, Panch Dewari Marg, Outside Chandpole, Hanuman Ghat, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 094607 26436

Bluemoon Kinaraz
  • Rootage Restaurant And Bar Lounge: With exclusive Interiors and very attractive menu, the Restaurant is located in the heart of the City. With different types of dining spaces which offer cluster spaces, isolated units of different typologies and Dance floor at the center which make Rootage Udaipur’s Biggest Restro Lounge a major attraction for local people and tourist to watch a super-exciting cricket match on big-screen.

Special Offer: Buy 2 get one drink and a dessert free till 7 pm.

Location: Ground Floor, Ashoka Cinema Premises, Surajpole, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact 072300 19831

Rootage Restaurant And Bar Lounge
  • Blu Feather Hotel & Spa: Inspired by the elegant and magnificent peacock, Blu feather is designed to host visitors at Udaipur with the utmost care, comfort, and convenience. Love is the key ingredient for all recipes and care is the only formula to manage guests which makes the place the best for any cricket match.

Special Offer: 1 + 1 on Whiskey for 16th June,19

Location: 4, Pratap Nagar Rd, Bhuwana Sukher By Pass, Udaipur 313001

Contact: 091166 99791

Blu Feather Hotel & Spa
  • La favela by Aqua Lounge: A restaurant where you can be yourself without pretending anything. Just unculture yourself to break the rules. Get tipsy to the beats of fun, chill and cheer your favorite team over delectable food and refreshing drinks.

Location: Plot No.1, Cross Way Building, 3rd floor, Near Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 096496 86364

La Favela
  • Level 5 Rooftop Bistro: One of the best places to go if you want to watch live sports screening. Enjoy delicious food with rejuvenating drinks and more with your favorite game screened live for you.

Location: 57/2, New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: 082335 00000

Level 5
  • The Balcony: “THE BALCONY” was made with a vision of Giving City of Udaipur a Gourmet Experience with a Casual Environment & hangout Place. The place is open for all age group. A Causal Diner is designed to enchant the audience. The rustic-looking, fashionable eatery, with Teal Colors makes the place most suitable to enjoy a super-exciting cricket match.

Location: Shop No.1, 1st Floor Hazareshwar Colony, Opp Hanuman temple, Court Chouraha, Udaipur, 313001

Contact: 091166 29569

The Balcony

Let’s support the ‘Men In Blue’ to bring the Cup back home.


These are some of the major places screening ICC Cricket World Cup matches along with a really amazing variety of food and refreshing drinks.

Share with us, your favorite Cricket World Cup memories in the comments section below.


Here’s where you can get the best samosa-kachoris in Udaipur

They say, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and as foodies, we make sure we do not miss out on any. Breakfast in India comprises of a variety of dishes ranging from the sugar-infused, sweet and mellow halwa to the spicy, masala-laden, and flavorful kachoris, whose name alone is enough to make your mouth watery, isn’t it?

Out of the various distinctive varieties of breakfast across different corners of the country, samosa and kachori have made their way into every nook and cranny of Rajasthan and almost every plate at the breakfast table is unimaginable without them. Even the slightest thought of the aroma of a crispy kachori dipped in yogurt and imli (tamarind) chutney served with a glass of chai (tea) is so soothing!

There are certainly a lot of places where we have all been to and still a lot more that remain unexplored, maybe? Let’s see how many places have you visited, out of these! Have a look at some of the most popular vendors of the city:

1. JMB Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur
Mawa Kachori

One of the best places to have the ever-so-famous ‘pyaaz ki kachori’ in town. Other specialties include Khandvi, Mirchibada, Mawa Kachori, Fafda, etc. and not to forget, the pleasurable sweets and namkeen items.

Location – Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Dal ki Kachori, ₹20/- onwards for other items.

2. Rajwada

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Specialties include Jalebi, Poha, Toofaani Samosa made with dry fruits, corn, potato. We bet you won’t be able to finish one alone!

Location – Ayad Bridge, Opp. Anand Plaza, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹25/- for Toofaani Samosa.

3. Trivedi Upahaar Grah

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Famous for Jalebi, Urad ke Laddu, and other breakfast items as well.

Location – Surajpole Main Chouraha, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹15/- for Pyaaz Kachori.

4. Shri Lala Kachori

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Popular for Heeng (asafoetida) Kachori and Khaman Dhokla and probably the only shop serving Pyaaz ki Kachori at Ten Rupees.

Location – Jheeni Ret Chowk, Opp. Keematram Pesumal Shop

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa, Kachori, and Pyaaz Ki Kachori.

5. Jodhpur Misthan Bhandar

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for Mirchibada, Pyaaz Ki Kachori, etc.

Location – Town Hall Road, Opp. Town Hall, Udaipur

Price – ₹15/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹20/- onwards for other items.

6. Bhawani Chaat Corner

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Popular for serving Heeng Pudina (asafoetida and mint) Water with Samosa and Kachori, free of cost.

Location – Bapu Bazaar, Opp. Rani Sahiba, Udaipur

Price –  ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

7. Paliwal Restaurant

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

One of the oldest and most loved shops for kachori in town.

Location – Jagdish Mandir Road, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

8. Deepshri Nashta

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for its small-sized kachori and samosa, and probably the cheapest yet.

Location – UIT Puliya, Opp. Cafe Coffee Day, Daitya Magri, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Samosa and Kachori.

9. Indore Namkeen and Sweets

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

One of the most popular shops in town, specialties include Kachori, Samosa, Jalebi, Khandvi, etc.

Location – Panchwati, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹240/- per kilo for Khandvi and ₹320/- per kilo for Jalebi made in Desi Ghee.

10. Joshi Restaurant and Bhojanalaya

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Situated in the heart of the city, this is one of the busiest shops of Udaipur serving Kachori and Samosas.

Location – Chetak Circle, Opp. MB Government Hospital, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for all items.

11. Jain Nashta 

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Although this shop is known for its mouth-watering poha, but it also serves some of the most delicious kachori, samosa. Have you tried these over here yet?

Location – Shastri Circle, Near V-Mart, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

12. Shastri Sweets and Cold House

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This is again one of the oldest shops in the city. Apart from the tasty sweets, their specialties include Breadbada, Kachori, Samosa, Lassi (sugar-free available too!), etc.

Location – Shastri Circle Main Chouraha, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori, ₹15/- for Breadbada and Mirchibada, ₹30/- onwards for Lassi.

13. Daya Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Known for Aloobada, Kachori, Samosa, and Jain Poha!

Location – University Road, Near Eden International School, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa, Kachori and Jain Poha, ₹15/- for other items.

14. Mateshwari Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This place although doesn’t serve samosa and kachori yet, but it is very popular for aloobada and breadbada. It is a must-visit place!

Location – Outside Fateh School, Surajpole, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Aloobada, ₹10/- for Breadbada.

15. Harish Bhai Samose Wale

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This guy stands at Surajpole with a small cart every evening from 4 pm, making samosas that sell like hot cakes within minutes.

Location – Surajpole, Opp. Amrit Namkeen, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for two Samosa.

16. Shyam Nashta Center

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Location – Ashwani Bazaar, Near Mosque, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Kachori.

17. Rama Kachori

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

This ‘kachori-wala’ from St. Paul’s needs no introduction and is widely popular among the students of the school as well as whole Bhopalpura. You must definitely try this place out!

Location – Outside St. Paul’s School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur

Price – ₹5/- for all items.

18. Yaadgaar Restaurant

Here's where you can get the best samosa, kachoris in Udaipur

Location – Sindhi Bazaar, Udaipur

Price – ₹10/- for Samosa and Kachori.

How many of these places have you ticked off from your list yet?

Tell us about your favorite places in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Happy Eating!


Homemade Food Centres in Udaipur

No matter how much we love those cheese pizzas, burgers but at the end of the day, only rotis and hot vegetables made at home can actually satisfy our hunger. Not only is it healthy, it is delicious too. But when we are away from our home, maybe hostel, tourists or when there is no one to cook homemade food for us, then it becomes quite difficult to stay healthy and avoid oily junk food every day.

And so, we bring to you the list of places in Udaipur that can provide you hot homemade food in Udaipur which is not just some boring overrated food but will provide you healthy and nutritious food which is too delicious to be eaten every day.

Sharmila’s kitchen

Homemade food centres in Udaipur

Sharmila Chaudhary, a Bengali lady, is the owner of Sharmila’s kitchen. She has a keen interest to prepare different types of cuisines and satisfy people’s hunger with her delicious home cooked food. She prepares both veg and non-veg food. If you want, you can go visit the place and see your food getting prepared live and if you even do not have a company to enjoy your food with, then worry not, you can get the company of Sharmila and her family. If you are a tourist who wants to discover the hidden flavors of the city getting cooked inside four walls, then this is the ideal place for you.

Address: behind Vijaya Bank 1 ka 22, Sector 13, Hiran Magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Contact: +91-9352505511

Rathore’s restaurant

Homemade food centres in Udaipur
Source: trip Advisor

If you are looking for an inexpensive and delicious home cooked food, do not have any second thoughts about coming to the place. Rathore’s restaurant offers you delicious food being prepared in no time. The food is prepared as per your requirement and no every food item is prepared at the time, nothing is prepared beforehand. It doesn’t have any fancy décor or other plush services but good, hygienic and delicious food, you say? Then you’re most welcome here.

Address: 81, Palace Road | Near Hotel Shakti Palace, Bhattiyanni Chohatta, Udaipur 313001

Contact: +91 92145 01612

Neelam’s restaurant

Homemade food centres in Udaipur

Hot homemade chapatti, various kinds of vegetables and steaming rice consists of a perfect thaali. Once you enter Neelam’s restaurant, keep in mind that you cannot return from the place without satisfying both your tongue and stomach. Only veg food is available here but everything is so delicious that you cannot return with a hungry stomach. A thaali costs you only 150 bucks where several items can be refilled. It is a perfect value for money deal if you want some homemade delicious foods.

Address: 18 Gangaur Ghat | 18 Gangaur Ghat, above Indusind bank atm, Behind Jagdish Temple

Contact: +91 94625 10340


Homemade food centres in Udaipur

Khanavana serves you delicious home cooked food service in Udaipur which is known for its quality and healthy dishes. It has different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all of which contains traditional flavors. Ms. Vandana Bajpai is fond of cooking Indian cuisine as well as authentic cuisine and exotic dishes. She has over 10 years of experience in this field and so she cooks undoubtedly exceptional food for all the people. It is a takeaway restaurant so you need to order prior to your requirements. You can also order online or on call according to your comfort.

Address: 83 panchwati, Udaipur

Contact: 9828058280

Mom’s Ghar ka Khana – Sangeeta’s Venture

Homemade food centres in Udaipur

Mom’s Ghar ka Khana is a platform where different homemakers show their different culinary talents and provide you meal with handpicked high-quality ingredients which adds taste as well as the quality of the food. It buys the basic ingredients only from non-commercial sellers that assures the quality of the ingredients. It doesn’t repeat any vegetable preparation throughout the month so that it doesn’t become boring and they have this vast diversity in salads. It provides different cuisines such as Bengali, Gujarati, Rajasthani and season’s special meal too.

Address: 3, Darshan Pura, Ishar Nyas Bharat Ghar Gali, opp Commerce College

Contact: 8290886808

Now, that you have the list of places that will have you eat some find homemade food, you do not have to worry about getting ill of eating outside every day. Go to these places and enjoy delicious homemade food even when you are not at home.

Also, if you have some more suggestions for places that provide delicious homemade food, then mention them in the comment section below.


Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Almost every street of Udaipur is filled with the aroma of Chaat, Jalebi, samosa, Bhelpuri, gol gappe, kulfi, dahi bade, kachori, and the mere name of such delicious street foods are enough for us to get our mouth drooling. And after all who doesn’t like street food? No matter how much we eat different cuisines at different luxurious restaurants, the one cuisine that will remain on the top of our favorites is always going to be street food. No matter how much we try to avoid street food but the pleasing aroma and their unbeatable taste attract us towards our favorite stall and in no time we find ourselves standing in front of our favorite street food stall.

Street food vendors are present in every nook and cranny of the city and people often prefer eating at markets in their vicinity but here we are, with some of the must-go street food markets of the city. You aren’t a foodie if you haven’t eaten at all of these places, at least once! Check these out:

Sukhadia circle

Best Street food markets in Udaipur

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Source: Udaipur insights

Whenever any Udaipurite hears of street food or for that matter just food, the first place that pops up in the mind is Sukhadia Circle. It is the most popular street food market across the city. Almost every other person would have his favorite stall or shop in the market for street foods. From Chinese, Italian to Indian, one can find every kind of food variety here.

Sukhadia circle got its name from Sukhadia garden which happens to be in the circle itself. Tourists can enjoy the place as it has various food stalls along with a garden and a fountain right in front of the stalls.

Gulab Bagh

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

And don’t even get us started here! Gulab Bagh is probably one of the most popular street food markets in town which is funny because it is quite small as compared to the above two. Now you might ask, what makes it so special? But should you even ask? This market is famous for some of the most amazing parathas, especially aloo paratha and gobhi paratha. Hundreds of Udaipurites flock here every morning to eat these delicious aloo parathas topped with a dollop of butter, and some yogurt and pickle to go with.

Location: Gulab Bagh Main Road, Opp. Vintage Car Museum, Udaipur

Dudh Talai

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another street food setup just a walking distance away from the Gulab Bagh market is on the way to the mesmerizing Doodh Talai serving tasty daal poori, daal baati, omelette, pav bhaji, soda, etc. You can see hundreds of people eating traditional Rajasthani food with much craze here.

Location: Doodh Talai Road, Opp. Samor Bagh, Udaipur

Chetak Circle

Known majorly for the savory egg bhurji, omelette, egg rice, momos, Chinese food, etc. This street food market has many shops serving an assortment of dishes made with eggs. Have you tasted the egg bhurji here? It is to die for!

Location: Chetak Circle, Near HDFC Bank, Udaipur

RMV Road

Best Street Food Markets in Udaipur

Another popular street food market, just minutes away from Gulab Bagh. It is mostly popular for pani puri and Chinese food.

Location: RMV Road, Udaipur


Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Townhall is located in the center of the city. It has some really famous stalls such as pandit pav bhaji stall. You can have food such as pav bhaji, chaat centers, and barf gola and falooda in this market. Opposite to the food stalls is the Bapu Bazaar market where there are various shops and showrooms of different brands. It is a good place for shopping because one can find both shopping and food at the same place. Thus, townhall is an ideal street food destination for both locals and tourists.

100 feet road at University road

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

This is the one market which is developing itself in street food markets very rapidly. Day to day the number of street food stalls and trucks are increasing. And not just the quantity but the quality is very delicious as well. In this market, you can find street food like chole kulche, chicken momos, chaat, etc. Since the road is quite large and less crowded, unlike the other street food markets you can take four wheeler vehicles to go there.

Bansi pan road

Best Street Food Markets in UdaipurThis food market is situated at the roadside. To reach here, you have to go to the famous panvala in the city which is Bansi pan. After that you have to keep moving forward towards the Sukhadiya Circle, just opposite to first cry shop, you’ll find a number of street food stalls on the road. Almost all the street food is available in this market. From chaat, Chinese to dosa and pizza all varieties can be enjoyed here. There is one famous stall for Chinese street food which is RK food stall. It serves spicy Chinese and whenever you’ll see this stall it will always be surrounded by a number of people enjoying the amazing and delicious street Chinese. This market usually fills up by late evenings around 6’O clock.

Bombay market – Fatehsagar

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Fatehsagar is the heart of the city. And along with the eternal beauty of this lake and its surroundings, there is a very famous street food market right on the opposite of Fatehsagar pal which is called Bombay Market. It is a large chain of food stalls and food shops where almost every kind of street food are available. Chaat, pizza, Chinese, and beverages are very much consumed in this market. Apart from all the food items that are available there, the most liked food item is its cold coffee. People from all around the city visit Bombay market to have its cold coffee. Other specialties at Bombay market is bread bada and momos. One thing to note about Bombay market is that it remains closed on Wednesday.

One more reason why people like to visit Bombay market is that with the delicious food, you can enjoy the amazing view of the lake and if you visit this place at the time of sunset, the place looks very mesmerizing.

Sector 3 at 100 feet road Hiranmagri

Best Street food markets in Udaipur
Picture by: Pratik Mali

For all the people residing near Hiranmagri, this market is very convenient for you. This food market is located outside Swagat Vatika. There are a number of stalls meant for all kinds of food items such as kulfi, falooda, chaat, Chinese, barf gola, etc. You can either enjoy the food then and there watch the streets filled with a hustle bustle or you can get it packed and have it at your peace in your house. Not just the taste is delicious but the prices of everything is quite reasonable too. This street food market is filled with stalls by evening as the sun begins to set.

So now that you have a fine list of all the street food markets in Udaipur, what are you waiting for? Prepare your appetite and go visit all these markets and satisfy your street food cravings.

Tell us how many street food markets have you eaten at yet?

Comment below with your favorite dish from these street food markets. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Eating!

Article by: Akshat Khamesra and Juhee Mehta


Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!

Momos are the new aloo chaat in the city. Everywhere you see people are going crazy over momos and why wouldn’t they be? It is one such awesome dish after all. For the people who are new to this dish, let me tell you momos is a Chinese dish where maida dough is rolled and filled with various fillings such as noodles, cabbage, chicken etc. It is further packed in a form of swag and either steamed or fried as per your requirement.

So, let us see where all in Udaipur you can find the best mouth-watering Momos.


Devil momos at Meals on wheels

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Picture by: Juhee Mehta
Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Devil momos

Apart from the usual steamed and fried momos, Meals on wheels serve a special variety of momos which is known as Devil momos. Devil momos are basically fried momos which are further prepared in Chinese gravy and topped with cabbage salad. As the name suggests, these momos are a real devil to your tongue as they are quite spicy but I’m sure they will definitely satiate your cravings for momos. The cost of devil momos is only Rs. 60 and if you want to enhance the taste of these momos, ask them to add a bit veg mayonnaise which is free of cost and the taste of them will remain on your tongue, I bet.


Chicken Momos at Jojo’s

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Sometimes, all we want is some street chicken momos because we’re too tired of veg stuffings in our momos inside and meanwhile we do not even want to spend a fortune on it. Thus, we bring to you a place where you can enjoy your street chicken momos and they are very cheap as compared to those expensive luxurious Chinese restaurants. Jojo’s Chinese corner is situated at Chetak Circle and it serves three varieties of Chicken momos which is Steam, fried and dry and you can enjoy all of them within Rs. 80.


Momos point at Fatehsagar

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!

Momos point is located at the Bombay market of Fatehsagar. You can find a small stall at the first shop of Bombay market. You can get veg momos with the filling of cooked cabbage and paneer momos with paneer inside it. The momos are served with spicy red chutney and creamy mayonnaise. You can just grab a plate of steamed or fried momos and sit on the pal of Fatehsagar Lake and enjoy these amazing dumplings.


RK Chinese fast food

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

It is a small street shop situated opposite to Ashoka bakery at townhall. Steamy hot momos served with spicy chutney and creamy mayo will just make your day. You can get either steamed or fried momos within just Rs. 50. However, there is not much place to sit or have a comfortable ambiance but the dumpling will definitely satisfy your cravings for momos. Apart from momos, you can also find other Chinese food items which are spicy and mind-blowing. You will always find a large crowd gathering at the shop waiting for their spice treat to arrive. This Chinese joint usually opens in the evening by around 5’O clock.


China town

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Source: Zomato

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!

If you are looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant to satisfy your cravings for momos, then this is the place for you. China town is a restaurant situated at Ashok Nagar opposite Lake City mall. You will find a decent ambiance and friendly surroundings. The taste is quite decent too. You will get fried noodles and spicy schezwan chutney as starters, which is complimentary. The quantity of every dish is great so it will need you a large appetite to finish everything on the plate.


Marky momos

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!
Source: lhefblogspot

Marky momos have a different Chinese feel about itself. It has great surroundings and the aroma of Chinese food getting prepared will tickle your taste buds. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here. It has a large variety of momos some of which are Veg afghani momos, five-star mutton momos, veg and chicken schezwan momos, veg and chicken chilly momos and a lot many of them. You can pair up your momos with other items that are available on the menu such as pasta, burger, sandwich, Kathi rolls, beverages, etc.


Schezwan express

Craving for Momos? Here are the best places in Udaipur!

Schezwan express manages to provide you Chinese food items with proper Chinese authenticity. You can find both veg and non-veg food here. It has a comfortable sitting area, although not much fancy. The prices are quite nominal as well. As starters, you will be served with a plate of fried noodles, schezwan chutney and fried Manchurian balls which is complimentary. If you like them you can order it again but it would be chargeable then. Services and the aura of the restaurant are very appropriate and that makes it a must visit restaurant of all.


Now that you have the list of places where you can get bubbly delicious Momos in Udaipur, go and visit all of these places to know what suits your taste buds best. If you have some more places in mind where we can get delicious momos, let us know in the comment section below.


The Belgian Waffle Co now in Udaipur!

When was the last time you were searching for some good, crispy waffles in town but couldn’t find any place particularly satisfying? Well, let’s just say, something big is coming to the city and it is finally going to put an end to your waffle cravings.

The Belgian Waffle Co is finally here to tickle your taste buds - Here are the details
Source – LBB

You heard it right! The Belgian Waffle Co has, at last, set foot in Udaipur. It is going to open its outlet at The Celebration Mall, shortly within the next few days and no wonder, we are filled with awe. The Belgian Waffle Co is a renowned franchise serving mouth-watering waffles with dozens of varieties and is spread all over the country with 100+ stores. The Udaipur store is going to be BWC’s fourth store in Rajasthan after Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Kota.

The Belgian Waffle Co is finally here to tickle your taste buds - Here are the details
BWC Udaipur Outlet

We are so excited already and just cannot wait to try some of their lip-smacking golden, nutty waffles.

We wish BWC all the best in their future endeavors and we hope this is going to be worth the wait!