Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Back in those days, studying in an ‘only boys’ school had its own charm and for Udaipur, St. Paul’s was THE school to be. Although now a co-ed, St. Paul’s happens to be one of the oldest of schools to be established in Udaipur and has seen generations graduating, studying from the same staff and hence, still remains a popular choice for most of the parents to put their sons into (now daughters too!)

‘Satyam Muktaye’ is what the motto engraved on the wall right above the stage, says and this is what every Paulian carries, in a true sense!

Here’s to reminiscing the best time of our lives :

Cleaning shoes before checking

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

We all remember how scared every student used to be of getting caught before we got in lines to go to our respective classes. Who is ever going to forget the way we used to rub our shoes with our pants in order to clean them so as to not get caught!?? (Raise your hands if you ever got reprimanded because of it!)

PT periods on Saturdays

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Weekends are meant for relaxation but only a Paulian can relate to this one here. Those first two periods of exhausting exercises that drained us so bad and then going back to the class trying to wipe off the sweat under those age-old ceiling fans!!! Saturdays were tough but equally fun.

Joy of having a free period

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

We returned home happy if we ever got a period free and moreover if the substitution teacher agreed to take us to the ground. Whattay wow feeling, wasn’t it?

School functions were boring until…

Well, let’s agree to disagree, we always waited for that thrilling dance performance on the latest item numbers from our seniors or friends. Those surely sent a shiver down our spine and were, without a doubt, the most awaited part of every function. Also, those drooling faces when the refreshments were distributed at the end of each function. So good!

Santa Claus, Children’s day, School Fete…

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

These were some events every Paulian waited the whole year for! That filmy entry of Santa Claus on a bicycle at the Christmas function; teacher’s dancing to item numbers, the joy of putting up stalls and dressing up with the best of clothes for the one day we were actually allowed to. Our happiness knew no bounds then! Apart from this, Annual day function, St. Paul’s foundation day, Republic and Independence day parades were nothing less than a festival for us.

Those dreadful yellow and red cards

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Amidst all this happiness, came some moments where some of us got scared to the core; and that was when the teacher caught us red-handed talking or creating some nuisance in the class. Just the mere mention of Yellow/Red card was enough to make us pee in our pants.

The IT hall

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

This was the hub for any kind of extra-curricular activity that was going to be held in school, be it yoga classes, music events, occasional movie screening or any other competition; this huge room was a store to many memories and also a respite from studies as being here meant relaxation for at least a few hours.

Diary notes for you-know-what…

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

And before the red and yellow cards began to be issued, diary notes was the master tool of the teachers! You arrive late to school, you got one; you did not complete your homework, you got one; you forgot to bring your classwork copy; take one more! And the worst part, you had to get them signed by parents to show to the teacher the other day, and you thought getting a note was the scary part?

Rama ki kachori

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

I’ll be committing a sin if I didn’t mention Rama in this article. No story or conversation is complete without the mention of Rama in it. The first person every Paulian went to after the school got over and a haven for students coming to school without lunch boxes. He is a part of every student’s fond memory of St. Paul’s.

Never mess with us!

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Well, everyone knows this, Paulians are not to be messed with and are the best at almost everything that they do. We slay!

More power to you!

Gratitude isn’t enough for those who shaped us into what we are today but that is all we can give to our alma mater! Thank you all the teachers, and every member involved in making us who we are today.

The time spent here has undoubtedly been the best time of our lives. There’s truly no end to our memories from school.

Tell us your favorite memories of St. Paul’s. I’d love to read all of them!

Long Live St. Paul’s.

P.S – I’m a Paulian too! 


[Best Pictures] Jagannath Rath Yatra 2014

Every year the grand Rath-Yatra is held on the Ashaad Shukla Dwitya of Vikram Samvat, as per the Hindu calendar. On this day thousands of devotees pull the huge chariot loaded with ornaments and idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra in a long procession.
Though the centre of attraction is Orissa, many other Indian cities also have their own extraordinary programs on this day. Udaipur holds the distinction of holding the 3rd largest Rath Yatra in India. The city has two Rath Yatras on the same day at different locations.

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (11)

idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra in a long procession of 21km from Jagannath Dhaam, Sector 7

The Rath Yatra at Udaipur is a significant event in the entire state that is witnessed by numerous tourists both foreigners and Indians. During the Rath Yatra, The City of Lakes is colored in the most vivid hues of sheer joy & enjoyment and is flocked with devotees who wish to pay their honor to the deities and seek their blessings.

Rath from Jagannath Dham, Sector-7
The Rath Yatra started from Shri Jagannath Dham Sec-7, Hiran Magri and lead towards the Krishi Mandi, Shiv Mandir, Machla Magra, Sec-11, Patel Circle, Khanjipeer, Rang Niwas, Bhattiyani Chohatta to Jagdish Mandir. From there it merged with the Jagdish Chowk Rath Yatra in the same route and then took a separate route from RMV Road to Udiapole, Takeri, Madari, Sec-6 and returned back to the Shri Jagannath Dham of Sec-7.
Largest distance covered : 21kms

Main Attraction
The Rath Yatra that started from the ancient Jagdish Temple, near the City Palace.
The Rath, a gigantic chariot, approximately 15 feet long, 8 feet high and adorned by precious metals like silver. This eventually turned into a procession which passed through a large part of the city. The path followed by this Rath was Jagdish Mandir- Jagdish Chowk, Ghanta Ghar, Bada Bajar, Bhadbhuja Ghati, Teej Ka Chowk, Dhan Mandi, Asthal Mandir, R.M.V. Road, Rang Niwas, Kalaji- Goraji, Bhattiyani Chohatta, and Rath Yatra concluded with the Maha Arti at the Jagdish Temple.

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (12)

DSC07334 DSC07394 DSC07348

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (5)

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (6) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (10)

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (13) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (18) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (15)

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (9) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (7) DSC07497

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (1)

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (22)

10294240_646746255400684_6563001963845876455_n 10457918_646746248734018_5233477957659625374_n

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (19) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (16) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (17)

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (23) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (24)

Photo : Kamal Kumawat
Photo : Kamal Kumawat

Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (25) Jagannath_Rath_Yatra (26)Photos By : Priyansh Paliwal & Yash Sharma

 ॐ जय जगदीश !! जय जगन्नाथ !!








Pictures of Jagannath Rath Yatra 2013

Yesterday Devotees witnessed Lord Jagannath on a Rath Yatra Event. The Rath Yatra event is carried out every year with thousands of devotees waiting to take a glimpse and blessing of Lord Jagannath. Here is a set of Pictures of this huge Holy event. We hope you commemorate these Pictures and Event through your

Photos By Yash Sharma

Jagganath Rath Yatra , Udaipur, 2013

“चांदी रे रथ थे  चढो रे सांवरिया.. मनमोहक कर ल्यो श्रृंगार, सांवरिया री आरती
आरती संजोयिलो, चर्मृत लेई-लो, ले लो प्रभुजी रा नाम… सांवरिया री आरती “

Jagannath Dham Sector 7 Udaipur

“मात-पिता तुम मेरे , शरण गहुँ मैं किसकी…
तुम बिन और ना दूजा, आस करूँ मैं जिसकी.. “
जय जगदीश हरे…

सेक्टर सात से निकलने वाली रथयात्रा, जो मूल रथ यात्रा में शामिल होती है, किसी भी मायने में पुरी रथयात्रा से कम नहीं होती.. प्रभु जगन्नाथ, भ्राता बलराम और बहन सुभद्रा के विग्रह पुरी की याद दिला देते है. शहर में सबसे लंबी दुरी तय करके सेक्टर सात से पुराने शहर तक का सफर तय करके तीनो भाई-बहन  जगदीश जी की रथ यात्रा की शोभा बनते है. यह रथ यात्रा सेक्टर सात से प्रातः 11 बजे प्रारंभ होती है, जो मूल रथ यात्रा के समापन के पूरे तीन-चार घंटे बाद आधी रात को पुनः अपने स्थान पर जाकर विश्राम लेती है

jagannath Dham Sector 7
Photo By : Gajendra Pancholi

Mahant Bheem Singh Chouhan | Kaali kalyani Dhaam Tej Singh Bansi at Jagannath Dham Sector 7 Udaipur Jagganath Rath Yatra UdaipurRajni Dangi in Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur

Gulab Chand Katariya in Jagannath Rath yatra

Janak Arts Udaipur

Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur Photos Jagdish Chowk - Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur

Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur | Samor bagh | Jagannath Dham Sector 7

A Heart-full of Thanks to Administration of Udaipur
A Heart-full of Thanks to Administration of Udaipur

DSC_0184 (Large)

Jai Jagdish hare | Jagannath Rath Yatra

DSC_0271 (Large)


Maharana Mahendra Singh Ji MewarDSC_0206 (Large) Harish Rajani , Sunrise Udaipur Jai Jagannath in UdaipurDancing devotee in jagannath Rath Yatra UdaipurJagannath Rath Yatra udaipur

DSC_0314 (Large)

Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur

Jagannath Rath Yatra Udaipur


When UdaipurBlog Helped


This incident happened about a month ago when some of my relatives met with a road accident near Neemuch. Some of our close relative had expired and to attend the funeral my aunty’s family was going there in a car when this unfortunate incident happened. The car in which they were travelling met with a dangerous accident and all the 4 persons inside the car were injured badly. The worst injury happened to my aunt, Shamim Mansuri. She was hit on the head and chest. Her lungs were damaged and due to severe head injury she was unconscious immediately. All the injured persons were taken to local hospital and the doctors suggested that the condition of my aunt is very critical and she should be taken to Udaipur immediately. The other persons escaped with minor injuries. At about 7 in the evening i was informed about the whole incident. I work in Hyderabad, miles away from Udaipur. the situation was tense and we couldnt do anything but turn towards the almighty for his mercy. The night passed and we were totally unaware of the outside world. I was feeling helpless as i was so far and feeling tense that i could not do anything.

Early morning the doctor told us to arrange blood for our aunt. the blood group was O -ve, a very rare group. Feeling helpless, i reluctantly started searching on the net if i can find some people in the Udaipur city who could come to our rescue. Accidently i hit this blog and dropped a mail to Sanjit requesting him to arrange for O -ve blood. I switched off the net and went back to my room praying to God. Surprisingly i got a call at 11 in the night. It was Lakhan. He assured me that he has got in touch with his other friends Sanjit and Neeraj. These three youngsters, Sanjit, Lakan and Neeraj, passed on our request to the entire city by their UdaipurBlog and by next morning the cell phones started ringing with all the donors. Luckily we could get the required units of blood and soon our aunt was declared out of danger. However she went into coma and she is still in it. It will take another two months for her to recover from the trauma.

O -ve group is a very rare group and whatever blood banks we could reach that day, were all out of stocks for this particular group. We are not from the city too. It was a new place for us. We wonder what would have happened if Lakhan,Neeraj and Sanjit had not helped us. Our blessings and well wishes are always with you guys. Keep up the good work!!.

A Post By Nahid Ahmed Ji 🙂

You can Also Contact Lakhan Khodpia at :

Lakhan’s Facebook Profile: Click Me

Udaipur Speaks

The Gift Of National Service And Humanity

Police Udaipur

I hope you all must be knowing Mr. Dinesh M.N., the former Superintendent of Police of Udaipur, who got a frequent media coverage these times due to the infamous Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. The only identification that he holds at the present!

I am neither his acquaintance nor his blood relation, to have any special attachment to that individual; but it’s for those people who, for our safety; sacrifice their family lives, meet with dangers, sometimes even die, and still face criticism and differences; yes its for our Police! Take this one seriously friends, it holds a sense of a great national duty… And I hope if you understand this one well then the job is definitely half done.

If asked about Dinesh M.N., most of you will identify him as one amongst the main accused of the Sohrabbuddin fake encounter case, as in press all these days but to say, I should rather use the words, remember you… his career was an outstanding one cherished with honesty and a great command, he
was an one man army, whose eyes reflected a virtue of truth at the very first glance… Precisely saying, he was the one who changed the whole system and spoilt discipline of the city of lakes in just a couple of years, all single-handedly… His posting in Udaipur initiated two major operations, Operation Romeo and Operation Bluetooth, both of which helped a lot in reducing eve-teasing and porn films circulation.
The officer did not even cared about him before entering the dangerous field to support his force in facing the vicious tribes during the Rishabhdev Temple dispute between the Adivasis and the Jainis, and eventually got his leg broken in the struggle. The list of his works is endless, with two major criminal encounters covered under him. There was a rapid decrease in criminal activities during his tenure… With almost all kinds of typical clashes and cases being resolved in record time…

Being a man of bravery and honesty, he did a lot to improve the image of the police department. Bribery was brought to a fair lesser magnitude; obese officers were listed and made to parade daily in the police ground, one of the wall of which was erected with his selection(exactly similar to the endpoint of the pass-out parade in the Indian Police Academy, Hyderabad ). He held the major hand in the one and a half crore marriage hall project in the city police lines which was the biggest gift our cops could have ever got from any officer of his rank. Adding to all this, he was the source of influx of a great deal of
morals in them, the man to teach them what honesty was! His name was enough to create terror in the hearts of the criminals. There was never a day in his life when he bent in front of any politician… Be straight, think straight, do straight! was his only motto. Being a part of a rough profession; still somehow he kept all his humanitarian qualities alive (which can be better known by talking to his sub-ordinate).

The condition of the city at the time of his transfer was totally changed. People felt safe in their homes now, no thefts, no murders, no burglaries! Udaipur was turned into a city of total peace and crime-less
freedom. In his own honorable words, the tenure in the city was the most memorable of his career.

And the plight… Just three days after his transfer from Udaipur, the honorary officer was arrested for committing the ‘very serious crime’ of killing that great person in his uniform, who was involved in a number of murders (one being on public road during daytime), with an innumerable cases of theft and
humiliations going over him. Even if it was legally unfair, what seems wrong in killing such a vile person!
God bless these human rights!

First we say, the police is corrupt, and when we get honest officers who possess the strength to change the system, this is their consequence!

It’s more than a year now since he is in jail. And if this is the end of officers like Dinesh M.N. then who is going to protect us? Who will think of being honest after joining this already defamed department? Who is going to improve our state? A big question! There are just two ways out, either sit silently like impotents and simply see all what is happening; or stand up and oppose all this, join the forces and show these people that if they will stop one Dinesh M.N., there are ten more to come… It’s time to transform guys, and no one other than us has to do that!!!

God bless this Democracy!

This Article is Filed Under Contribution to ‘Udaipur Speaks‘ Section By Mr. Kalpit Rajak – Facebook Profile

Featured Reviews

Vinod Fast Food and Chinese Cafe

Vinod Fast Food and Chinese Cafe

If You Have Been to Fatehsagar and Never Visited Vinod Ji’s Cafe than maybe you Missed the Real Fun Of Being to FatehSagar. It is One Of The Most Famous and the Most Preferred Fast Food and Ice Cream Cafe Facing the Beautiful FatehSagar Lake.

The Person Incharge at The Shop Mr. Gajendra Bhaiya is a Very Fun Loving Person (ref. Local Language He Is – ‘Bindass’). He is Well known among Youth and Knows all the Bits and News of the Fatehsagar and Youth Trend. It Would Be Fun for You Chatting With Him.

Their Shops At Mumbaiya Bazar On FatehSagar Lake Includes:

Vinod Faluda Ice Cream Center


Vinod Fast Food & Chinese Cafe

Vinod Cold Coffee

Link of Their Facebook Page – Click Me

Gajendra Fatehsagar
The Person Incharge - Gajendra

thumbs up

Your UdaipurBlog Recommends you This Cafe and Fun Spot Opposite FatehSagar. Do Visit and Have A Great Time Their.

Also we Recommend you Vinod Ji’s Special Paneer Tikka Masala and Chocolate Cold Coffee 🙂 We Hope You Love It. 🙂


How to Create a Blog (Level 1)

udaipurBlog Teaches how to make a blog

Hi Blog Readers and Fans, In this Post i will teach you How to make your own Blog By a Blogging Service of Google.  Blogger(

To Get Started We Need a Google Account(via

1. Visit:

gmail site view
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Gmail Form
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Complete the Form Filling and then Click On ‘Create My Account in the Bottom’.

3. Usually Google Ask for Mobile Verification. So fill the Form Google will SMS a Code on Your Mobile. This Will get Your Account Verified.

Verify Account
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Your Account Would Now Be Ready.!!

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Now Finally The Process of Making Our Blog Starts.

We Are Using Blogspot Service By Google.

1. Go to and Type your Id and Password in the Login Box Above.

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2. Fill in the Next Entries.

Infor Blogger
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3. Choose A Blog Name and Choose a Blog Address.

Name your Blog
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Choose image for your Blog
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5. Your Blog Is Ready Click on ‘Start Blogging’ To Start Your World Of Blogging.


6. Start Writing Your Post For the Blog Inside. When You have Completed typing , Editing and all Click on ‘Publish Post’.

Learnt to Blog
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Learnt to Blog
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8. Click On View Post will Take you to Your Blog Post Online. Now Keep Posting regular Articles, News anything you like.

Learn Finally
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