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This incident happened about a month ago when some of my relatives met with a road accident near Neemuch. Some of our close relative had expired and to attend the funeral my aunty’s family was going there in a car when this unfortunate incident happened. The car in which they were travelling met with a dangerous accident and all the 4 persons inside the car were injured badly. The worst injury happened to my aunt, Shamim Mansuri. She was hit on the head and chest. Her lungs were damaged and due to severe head injury she was unconscious immediately. All the injured persons were taken to local hospital and the doctors suggested that the condition of my aunt is very critical and she should be taken to Udaipur immediately. The other persons escaped with minor injuries. At about 7 in the evening i was informed about the whole incident. I work in Hyderabad, miles away from Udaipur. the situation was tense and we couldnt do anything but turn towards the almighty for his mercy. The night passed and we were totally unaware of the outside world. I was feeling helpless as i was so far and feeling tense that i could not do anything.

Early morning the doctor told us to arrange blood for our aunt. the blood group was O -ve, a very rare group. Feeling helpless, i reluctantly started searching on the net if i can find some people in the Udaipur city who could come to our rescue. Accidently i hit this blog and dropped a mail to Sanjit requesting him to arrange for O -ve blood. I switched off the net and went back to my room praying to God. Surprisingly i got a call at 11 in the night. It was Lakhan. He assured me that he has got in touch with his other friends Sanjit and Neeraj. These three youngsters, Sanjit, Lakan and Neeraj, passed on our request to the entire city by their UdaipurBlog and by next morning the cell phones started ringing with all the donors. Luckily we could get the required units of blood and soon our aunt was declared out of danger. However she went into coma and she is still in it. It will take another two months for her to recover from the trauma.

O -ve group is a very rare group and whatever blood banks we could reach that day, were all out of stocks for this particular group. We are not from the city too. It was a new place for us. We wonder what would have happened if Lakhan,Neeraj and Sanjit had not helped us. Our blessings and well wishes are always with you guys. Keep up the good work!!.

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