IIMU Leap Day LitFest: Cherished from my eyes

Yesterday happened to be a day quite innovative, fresh and path-setting for the city of Udaipur. The event was the first edition of IIMU’s Leap Day LitFest ornamented by the most sold authors of the decade: Rashmi Bansal (Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect The Dots, I Have A Dream, Poor Little Rich Slum), Ashwin Sanghi (The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant, The Krishna Key) & Rajiv G. Menon (Thundergod). Being the first of its kind, it was wonderous what the fest must be like! In front of our eyes, seeing the actual life heroes of a big mass of the readers’ community felt somewhat great. The personalities: very intelligent yet simple, beautiful yet extremely down-to-earth! No doubt, they are the stars of real life. It would take a lot of ink for my pen to write down each and every detail but for the interest and entertainment of the readers, few comic and worth learning points are presented from the separate sessions of Mr. Ashwin Sanghi & Mr. Rajiv G. Menon; and that of Ms. Rashmi Bansal.

L to R Ashwin Sanghi, Rashmi Bansal, Rajiv Menon
L to R Ashwin Sanghi, Rashmi Bansal, Rajiv Menon

Session 1: 

Indian Myth and Fantasy through New Age Fiction

Panel Discussion with Mr. Ashwin Sanghi and Mr. Rajiv G. Menon

Starting with the literary discussions over the reoccurrence of Mythological Fiction in the eyes of Indian readers, Mr. Sanghi explained that there was no commercial book market at all 10 years back. Publishers either wanted prize-winning works or simply Non-fiction. He himself completed his first book in a year but it took 18 odd months to get it published. For an author, as per him, stubbornness is a must, as getting being published is far difficult than writing. Coming over the topic of Mythological fiction, both of them felt that today, there are no grandparents to tell much about our old epic & magic stories. Moreover, the youth is interested more in learning things in a concise form, so by their books, it’s an effort to present the same stories in a Repackaged form.

On the question of the topic of writing being taken from mythology or history, Mr. Sanghi gave an honest comment that sparkled the whole audience with a laughter, “More recent the story, more dangerous it will be.” As per him, such works should be written after a varied and depth research. His relating scientific theories with mythology and relating various religious stories to each other was one of the best parts. Like he said, Shiva & Vishnu are 2 sides of the same coin. Referring the Big Bang, he said that the expansion of the universe is Vishnu & thee contraction that will occur is Shiv. There were a lot more such interesting instances in the conversation and it was being made funny from time to time by the ironical remarks of the authors.

Mr. Menon, exclaimed in a light way that though the topics of their writings are vulnerable to controversies but still they don’t like their creativity to be ceased or disturbed by others.

The session ended up with Mr. Sanghi’s telling about the 2 motives of his writing, the Primary motive being to Entertain & the Secondary motive being to Educate. For the writers, he simply repeated the lines of W. Somerset Maugham:
“There are three rules of writing… and nobody knows them.”

Session 2:


Address by Ms. Rashmi Bansal

Ms. Bansal started off in a very light manner with her simple and charming smile telling about her own story, of how she picked up Arts despite the all-surrounding pressures of taking up Science and how her 40 initial articles to TOI got rejected in a flow. It was the zeal to see her name published what kept her lively and finally she got her 41st article published. She added with a smile that, “Arts students are counted as the most exploited section of the society!” But doing what brings happiness for oneself is always the best option, and that is the base of Entrepreneurship- Choosing a path unique to you!

When she entered into the IIM-A for her MBA, while doing surveys, she felt that this can be done by anyone! This is not Rashmi. And after that she went on her own ways, working in a diversity of fields, even running a magazine for 15 years that unfortunately ended up not being a successful venture. And after that, when she wrote Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, to be published only in 1000 copies for distributing to IIM students, it turned out to be a huge success and in no time, more than 100,000 copies were in the market. And the journey as a writer continued.

She stressed on becoming entrepreneurs as that as per her is what gives actual happiness. And adding to it, she said, “Start Young. Once you have a home loan, it’ll be difficult to become entrepreneurs!”  Lastly, she addressed the students that the IIM degree is a safety net rest no big qualifications are required on this way. Implement your ideas and if there are many similar to you, just find the better way of doing it.

iim udaipur lit fest 2013

The show ended with the closing words by the Director Prof. Janat Shah.
Truly, a lovely fest by the literary club Potpourrie! Warm wishes to the whole team. You really brought something new and much needed to the air of Udaipur. Thanks from the behalf of all literature lovers.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar welcomes 2013

The twisting-turning year came to an end with a lovely New Year party Royal Extravaganza 2013 at Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar. The advent started with a genial welcome in the traditional style, followed by an evening glittered with the sounds of Padhaaro Mhare Des & Runak Jhunak furrowed by the colorful arrays of Ghoomer; and rhymed with the strings of Sitar & Dholak.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

The scattered bonfires amidst the frost, the dim light lanterns of the palace, shivers in the lawn & the terraces were all set to turn-up a quality motion.

While the resplendence of heritage shimmered in the whole palace, a totally different colorful theme was prepared in the Khush Mahal for the DJ night with a wide dance floor. Disco Lights and LEDs with the brilliant mixing of dance classics, raps and pop took ahead the party till 3 a.m. in the morning. The New Year was welcomed with a huge fire show & lighting of sky-lanterns with the hands of the guests. The gala dinner was perfect with its cuisine, so was the bar with its variety.

Though since opening, Rajmahal Bhindar has been a destination dearer to the foreign crowd, the Hotel invites people from Udaipur to visit & spend some time in the palace of Bhindar. A sure quality experience is what you get promised!

Follow the pictures Udaipur & on our personal advice, do visit the palace for Valentines, it’ll definitely be a loving and cherishing experience.

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar 2



Hotel Rajamahal Bhindar



Rajmahal Party in Udaipur



Hotel RB udaipur



DSC_0352 (Large)



Rajmahal Bhindar Main

Photos by: Yash Sharma


Rest in Peace… The most Beautiful Angel – Damini

rip damini



After bravely fighting with death for 12 days, Damini finally lost her battle at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore due to internal injuries and multiple organ failure. On December 16th, brutally raped by six men in the heart of the National Capital and beaten up in a manner so beastly that trying to write it in itself brings tears to the eyes, the paramedical student was still in I.C.U. battling for her life; and it was late night today that her breaths finally stopped.

Us jameen par bhi maut manzoor nahi, jo apni beti ke liye mehfuz na thi…

It wasn’t the first time that a case like this happened to be but the way it occurred has turned out to be a threshold for everyone. Shaking the parliament, the whole nation; initiated by the students, the whole country came up to protest against the particular as well as the persisting sexual violence. It’s shameful for the government of the N.C.T., even after being ruled by a lady Chief Minister since more than a decade to host the highest number of rape cases in the nation. It was the long run process of delayed justice that today we had to see this day.

Some are asking for death sentence for the accused (do they deserve just this!), some opposing the system, some trying to develop their political prestige; but what all for now! She’s slept now….! Ours, has turned into a country that just serves the powerful.

We as common people, peacefully protested at India Gate, got beaten up with sticks & water cannons. The already crying eyes were targeted with tear gas shells; we candle marched against the mishap, our political leaders termed it a “fashion”; and when we demanded the responsible ministers to come out with a pledge, got the connotation of being “Naxalites”!

Khade huye the jo mere lahu ke liye, unhi ka lahu bahaake kyun mujhe aur sataya…

His honorable President is yet to come up with his words! It seems as though we are living in a country not belonging to us. As if the actually responsible representatives don’t have daughters in their houses. One after the other, rapes reported on a daily basis…! At a place, a 5 year innocent becomes the victim, somewhere else a 40 year old married woman turns a prey. It is enough for us, we are educated, gently brought up by our parents! We can slain such people but it is the same system that stops us from doing so.

No big words, no post-reformatory sentences, just lots of prayers and blessings for the innocent girl and her family. You were an angel for us, who despite going opened everyone’s eyes. All of us feel extremely sorry for the pains you had to take. We still just wish if the clock could be turned back.
May your soul rest in utmost peace…

Khone na dena kisi aur phool ko, apni pankhuriyaan kisi darinde ke haath..
Aaj is duniya mein nahi to kya hua, ab bhi pura desh khada hai mere saath..


MLSU: Wait for Examination Forms finally over!

mlsu logo

Already facing criticism for not having been able to timely clear the last year’s RL results and administrative mismanagements in the new exam pattern, another introduction proving the yet prevailing suffering of lack of staff is the introduction of Undergraduate Exam Application Forms at the end of the year.

While in the previous year, the exam forms had started being filled in the 3rd week of September itself, being late by more than 3 months directly point towards the shifting of examination dates. Introducing forms at a time when most of the students are home on vacations is also a decision that isn’t turning soothing for the students. Nobody wishes so but if the dates of examination get shifted, the most affected group will be of those in the 2nd & final year: planning to get into another University or looking for free time to prepare for entrance examinations which are held in the second quarter of the year.

On the part of the students, the expectations still lie that the exams take place in March-April, rest depends on the speed of administration and the diligent pushes of the Student Union representation.

As of Monday 24th December 2012, the exam forms for B.Com 1st, 2nd & 3rd year and that of B.A. 1st year have appeared online, you may get it from the following link & submit the filled application form at your respective colleges:

Link for online examination forms:

Wishing the students all the best and a merry Christmas.


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar : Royal Extravaganza 2013

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Following the grand opening in the previous year, the Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar yet again presents you a relishing splendor and incandescence to welcome the New Year 2013. The best place to live up the beauty of heritage with the shimmers of magnificence and modernity. A quality service is what the Hotel keeps priority for, keeping in mind, soothing rates to your pockets.

The New Year party includes gala dinner, beverages, DJ night and live performances. You can also have a look over the pictures and customer reviews @

Bookings for the New Year Eve have started, if you plan to bring back some lovely memorable moments from the Palace, you are cordially invited for a visit.

Get Flat 10% Off on Passes, if you Have UB Life Card


The rates for the New Year Passes will be as per:
Couple: 2500 INR
Stag: 1500 INR

For bookings & queries:
Contact: +91-9929594881, 9461503339

All the best for a beautiful New Year experience.


[Film Review] Khiladi 786: No Worth Except Music

khiladi 786 review

With an outstanding entry through its music, marking a return of Himesh Reshamiya back as a singer, Khiladi 786 turns out a total waste of time. With Himesh Reshammiya himself taking the maximum acting footage in the movie, a fact not presented at all in the promos! The movie starts feeling an intolerable one just after 15 minutes it starts. With no story line, poor script, even poorer punches; the screen fails to take a proper utilisation of Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar or Bohattar (72) Singh is presented as a superfast & super-powerful (kind of a south Indian star in Punjab!) man who wears the Police uniform & catches trucks carrying illegal goods through the LOC, keeping his commission & sharing the rest to the local Police. Himesh Reshammiya as Mansukh is a marriage planner who has not yet been able to arrange even a single wedding successfully because of his stupidities. Being the exact reason of a marriage cancellation in its final ceremony, his father discards him from his house & business. He by chance meets T.T.T. (Mithun Chakraborty) a Don in Mumbai who wants his sister Indu (Asin) to be married in a good & clean household but having a rash brat nature, no one stands her & runs away from the marriage. Mansukh plans her to get married to 72 Singh considering him a real Police Officer and asks T.T.T. to pretend being an ACP in Maharashtra Police to catalyze the logic-less drama. (Gujarat-Mumbai-Punjab LOC: what a connection!) Meanwhile the family of 72 Singh also pretends being Police Officers in front of T.T.T. with his mother being a Canadian, aunt Chinese & grandma African in expectation of their family’s first Indian daughter-in-law.

Indu has a boyfriend Azad who always remains in jail, coz everytime he turns free, he does certain stupidities at the moment itself & again is turned behind the bars. Indu tries everything to threaten 72 Singh but he, having ‘superb fierce powers’ is not at all affected & their marriage gets finalized. That time 72 comes to know that she loves Azad & promises her to bring him for her saying:

Maalum hai ki 2 din chalega phir bhi bachho ki zid par unhe khilona to laate hi hain!

After that, she falls in love with him & their marriage takes place with lots of interruptions by Bharti as a press reporter, Johnny Lever as an Inspector In Maharashtra Police, the Punjab Police Inspector for whom 72 Singh works & finally Azad who does the age old way of kidnapping the bride. Of course, he gets beaten up & the first successful marriage by Mansukh takes place. The total boring filmy end also includes 72 Singh meeting his lost brother (DUPLICATE) 73 Singh.

Songs stand as the only powerful part with rocking tones & voice of Himesh. Asin seems pretty throughout. Other than these two, nothing worth seeing in the movie!

May turn out a waste of time for quality, even fun-seekers. The movie seems a total mixture of multiple other recent films. A Monday morning watch that too only if you’re going with a dozen of your college mates to hoot!


1 Star for the Music & Asin’s candy presentation.


Universities in Udaipur – The Campuses

Though Udaipur has been basically known for its tourism & cultural wealth but seeing the growing number of colleges in the city & a lot of outsiders getting attracted to study in a peaceful environment, here are a little details about the Universities in Udaipur.


Mohan Lal Sukhadia University:

mlsu udaipur

The biggest university in South Rajasthan with its 4 constituent campus colleges as University College of Social Sciences & Humanities, University College of Science, University College of Commerce & Management Studies and University College of Law along with the Faculty of Management Studies. The broad green campus has a life in itself. Low fees, large infrastructure, high class faculties, regular visits by dignitaries and day to day national & international seminars are the major attractions in this University. Having completed its Golden Jubilee Year, MLSU has been seeing a complete rejuvenation now leaving behind the slow years of the previous decade. The appointment of Assistant Professors in the current session has brought in its own kind of freshness in the campus programmes. Student politics is given a fair importance & it has turned out to be a good platform to start one’s political career as well as grow students’ political consciousness. Apart from the colossal number of affiliations, MLSU is also the current location of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management.

Find More Details about MLSU, Udaipur on :


Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology:

mpuat udaipur

Less colleges but more quality. College of Technology & Engineering, College of Dairy & Food Science Technology, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, College of Fisheries & College of Home Science constitute the University in Udaipur (College of Horticulture & Forestry is located in Jhalawar). CTAE & CDFST have made a good name with their regular placement record with prestigious firms. College of Fisheries & RCA dwell upon excellence in the innovative & limited-market careers. CTAE, situated within the MLSU has one of the most beautiful campuses in the area with well maintained buildings and scattered departments in the greenery.

Find more details about MPUAT, Udaipur on :


Indian Institute of Management:

iim udaipur

An IIM in Udaipur, a compensation for the demands of IIT brings promising returns. Though there are no direct admission benefits to Udaipur students (for obvious reasons!) but this institute will indirectly help a lot in the growth of industrial sector & improvement in the management & management education standards. First batch yet to pass out next year but as all know, be it any IIM; it creates a brand in itself.

Find more details about IIM, Udaipur on :


Pacific University:

pacific university udaipur

The private University that has attracted the most number of students from surrounding areas & Gujarat in the recent years… With already 3 engineering colleges along with the same number of management colleges, the place has become the very first choice for average students opting professional courses. Though the placements provided aren’t too huge but at the time when some colleges are leaving their technical graduates with lost hopes, providing a job from campus without much workload is in itself a good sign. The campus is close to city. But with a large number of colleges rapidly established, expecting a big & maintained college building may disappoint you.

Find More details about Pacific University on :


Geetanjali Medical College:

geetanjali medical college

With the first batch yet to come up with their MBBS degrees, the grand campus of GMCH is visibly clear from most parts of Udaipur. Having faced admission related criticism in its first year, the College is now on a smooth function. Though students still complain of lack of impartment of practical knowledge but seeing it as an establishing college, we can accept it as a fundamental shake down.

Find More details about Geetanjali University/Medical College on :


Sir Padampat Singhania University:

singhania university

University for the rich yet carries a risk. Campus situated on Chittorgarh route with courses offered in engineering & management. With a full mandatory residential programme, the establishment of this University took place 6 years back. Be it placement or faculty issues, the density of controversial rumors has been on a wide ground from this campus.

Find More Details about SPSU, Udaipur on :


 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University:

jrnrvu udaipur

The deemed University was last year on the verge of its recognition cancellation. Offering courses in Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Social Sciences, Commerce, Management, Computers & Technology; the campus of JRNRVU lies outside Pratap Nagar. Relatively old establishment but not taken as a favorite option by most of the students.

Find More details about Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University on :




Apart from these on-campus colleges, there are numerous other colleges too in the city affiliated to the above mentioned Universities or RTU & RUHS. Udaipur as a city presents a hub of academic education; the need of the time is to update the quality to the metro standards leaving behind the notions of theoretical emphasis.


All the Photos are taken from the Respective websites/Facebook Pages of the Given Colleges.


The Automobile Concept & Human Body

human body as engine
Photo By : Christoph Niemann(

Ever had a thought how much nature and scientific inventions are interconnected. In a way, most of the logics and principles of both these; apply to, as well as explain each other. Whether be the basic screw and pulley movements or the gadgets of the most complexity- all relate to the natural life cycle and activities. Although nature is the fundamental of every scientific concept, still when it comes to understanding, it is often easier to go through the reverse path- that is, understanding the nature from machines rather than taking out mechanics from nature.

There are many pre, post and process problems associated with body building like muscle damage, flexibility loss, gain of weight, loss of shape during long duration leaves; which can be understood and taken care of scientifically in a proper manner. It’s a known fact that our human body functions basically on a mechanical basis. Although it requires a variety of applications to understand it, one way to get it; is on the basis of an automobile, take a Bike…

Whenever a bike is bought new, the engine is totally unaccustomed to the environment. To prepare the vehicle for a longer duration, it has to be given the taste of every type of drive; starting from slow and gentle in the initial stage and after the engine gets stabilized, simple and steady accelerations above the former values of speed; thus bringing a higher pace and keeping it up constantly for sometime. And then the time comes for the actual speed test i.e. increasing the speed rapidly and maintaining it; to check the emergency requirements. If the former conducts are done properly; there won’t be any damage in the latter test. Only then the vehicle will become ready for different situations and attain higher mileage. And continuance of this setup will give proper maintenance. Practical examples show that both can neither be achieved at a slow velocity nor at a swift speed every time- variety is what matters! Else sudden situations may lead to mechanical breakdown.

When it comes to human body, the starting days of workout should never be of a heavier schedule. Rather, just like a vehicle, the body should be first made familiar with little frequency exercises on lower weights. For example, single set of 30-40 sit-ups is enough for a person who has never been into much physical activities. And that too, when the body is showing no great resistance to the movement, as soon as a tension with severe pain starts developing on the joints or the muscles, it should be stopped else the tissue may get ruptured and ultimately the organ may lose its flexibility permanently.

So, light schedules must be done in the initial period in order to acclimatize the body in the exertion format. After that, steady increase should be taken in the number of repetitions, say, an increase of 10 repetitions every 3rd day. It is exactly the same as increasing the bike’s speed steadily while also keeping it constant for some time. And now when the body is totally into the exertion format, the peak value should be judged and practiced. After all this, the body (to a good extent) becomes ready for sudden loads. The efficiency (mileage) of the body increase; at the same time, regular continuance keeps up the shape and beauty (maintenance).

Maintenance too depends on certain factors. As in a bike, trying to drive fast without any engine oil will eventually cause damage to the efficiency of the vehicle and the motor parts. Similarly, without proper nutrition, if stressful exertions are carried out; there will be a serious loss to the flexibility of the body and an ultimate damage to the muscles.

Here is the instance, where the importance of Balanced Diet comes into play. Just like the engine oil; after a certain level, it may not increase the performance of the body but it is mandatorily required to keep up the efficiency! Going to the advancement level, as higher quality petrol and engine oils are available with certain boosters to enhance the bike’s performance; similarly specific food supplements like ginseng, glucosamine, amino acid supplements, etc. in addition to the necessary balanced diet may also increase the body efficiency.

When it comes to movement; there are some auto-parts which can never be directed in the positions not intended for them. Take an example, a clutch can be moved only back-and-forth; you can’t move it either up-down or rotate circularly. Even if it is done, there’s no great use due to our general palm and finger hold! So is the case of our organs. Thighs can’t be strengthened in a better way than the to-and-fro movement of legs with weights (speed gets maintained). Even if other exercises are carried out with different direction of motions, there won’t be that great benefit of it. A man comes out from his basics! In general cases, effectiveness should be developed in the regular movements rather than trying new, different and advanced ones.

And finally, as regular service is required for a vehicle to maintain its quality; similarly the human body too requires a rest routinely, from its daily schedule. It can be taken on a weekly basis, most preferentially on Sundays. In addition, just like a vehicle is fully checked, greased and oiled during the service; our body should also be given proper massage and oil treatment for relaxation, also wear-and-tear check should be gone through with further remedies.

When it comes to the human anatomy; there certainly are many explanations, beyond any length, but in an easy way to be understood by a common mass- this one at the base, holds quite well!


[Film Review] Jab Tak Hai Jaan: We’ll remember Yash-Raj

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Music Review

Came the most awaited movie of the last quarter, and to make it more special was the combination of Shahrukh Khan & Yash Chopra under the skies of London & Ladakh! The movie marks an epic return of SRK to his old DDLJ charm, to his everlasting romance icon image! First as a free lavish youth singing in the streets of London, full of charm & full of life; then as a Major in the Indian Army trying to segregate himself from the belief of his love (Katrina Kaif) that he shall survive only if both of them don’t meet further.

The locations are marvelous, nature is beautifully presented as a lovely story curtain; watching London through the eyes of Yash Chopra felt different than ever. The lonely bike drives of Major Samar Anand on the frosty roads of Ladakh, entry of Akira (Anushka Sharma) in a swimsuit diving into a chilly lake, Meera’s (Katrina) romance and innocent confidences with Jesus, and again the charming naughtiness of Akira; leave a lasting impression. Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh & Anupam Kher come in a frame or two, added as pawns in the story. Music is lovely, especially Challa & Heer. Anushka brings Jiya Re to life.

Though presenting the full story here won’t be a good option, still on an outline, a state of the act that if you love someone deeply & can wait for her, you’ll really have her!

Har Ishq ka Ek Waqt hota hai! Wo waqt Hamara nahi tha, Aaj hai…

The situation of Anushka feels little sad but the end after a lot of pulse breaks leaves a touching smile. Disregarding some 10-15 minutes in the 2nd half, the whole movie is capturing & worth multiple watch’s. A super-duper Blockbuster!

Lots of respect for Yash Chopra Ji for having made such a marvel at the age of 80, a creativity that has made their name yet immortal in the shelves of Bollywood.

4 stars for the lovely portrayal of true love.


[FILM REVIEW] English Vinglish : True Beauty in Simplicity

Sridevi, after a long time, made a comeback in bollywood and without a doubt: the return was awesome! The feminine character in the beautiful Sarees, the innocent words & the comic instances; on the canvas of a simple sweet tale mark a delightful impression on the minds of the viewers.

English Vinglish, surrounding the Indian wife Shashi, dedicated to her family, satisfied with her business of making Laddus & her lovely art of cooking; just has one major flaw in her life: Not knowing English! Made fun of by her daughter (seriously, a very irritating brat to sustain even on the seats!) and sometimes even by her husband on her innocent pronunciations, she feels dejected.

A turn comes in her life when she has to leave for New York alone to help her sister with her daughter’s wedding. Facing conversation problems in an English country, her eyes randomly catch an ad for English tuitions. Hesitatingly, she makes a call & reaches the centre slyly where she meets a variety of people who have come to learn from initials just as her, a south Indian software Engineer (remember the senior given shock in 3 idiots), a Pakistani Taxi driver ‘Salman Khan’ 😉 (most interesting, most coquettish), a Chinese hair-dresser (the cutest, Salman’s crush), a Caribbean worker, a nanny & a French cook (who lately falls in love with Shashi). The class is a funny sight, brings in lots of humor, family love, comic instances & ultimately she learns her part. Though a secret affair, her younger niece Radha comes to know about it & lovingly feels the essence of gaiety meeting her friends. The one month training makes her bold & independent yet keeps her the same simple charming Indian wife.

The end touches one’s heart in a lovely way when failing to attend her exam on the marriage day, she makes the compensation by giving a marriage speech in beautiful English sentiments which surprises all, even leave some to remorse!

In a nutshell, a lovely simple tale charmed with purity, sweet demonstration of the common Indian woman. A must watch!

3 ½ stars for the beautiful Shashi