Psychology : The Ever Growing Scopes

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With growing tendency of finding the need for mental & emotional redressal, stress & depression freeing exercises, enhancement of work efficiency and systematic counseling for the multifarious aspects of life; the stream of Psychology has found a rejuvenation in practice & applications!

A recent survey in America rated it as the safest employment in the States with 0% unemployment in Counseling.

Though a subject basically included in Humanities, this science of behavior finds its application & implication almost in every area of work, academia & day-to-day life. It is believed that students of Psychology generally pertain to an evenly matured conscience with well-balanced rationality & intellect. Counting the elements of grace in personal life may go endless, we hereby throw some light on the career prospects in Psychology:

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A Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner (MBBS) with post-graduation in Psychiatry- use of medicines to treat psychological disorders. A Psychiatrist doesn’t generally counsel patients & is assisted by a team of Psychologists for the same. His main work is to prescribe medicines & so this branch is reserved solely for the medical Doctors.

Clinical Psychology:

B.A. or B.Sc. with Psychology as an optional at Undergraduate level is the basic requirement for becoming a Clinical Psychologist. A specific PG is available in it in both the streams. The work of a Clinical Psychologist is the treatment of behavioral abnormalities such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Paranoia, Schizophrenia and various other problems of neurosis & psychosis; by means of therapies, counseling sessions, tests, etc.

A professional can run his independent clinic as well as posts are kept for the same in all quality hospitals.

Counseling- Child Counseling & Industrial Psychology:

The utmost demand of the current century! Surrounded by busy schedules, monotonous work routines, emotional up-downs and social/family upheavals, almost every 5th person needs a counselor today. Seeing the intensity of problems faced by teenagers these days, Child Counseling has gained a mass preference. Schools hire Child Counselors, private companies too in order to keep the workers united, spot the loopholes & improve their efficiency have started hiring Industrial Psychologists.
M.A./M.Sc. in Counseling Psychology or a precise specialization in Child Counseling or Industrial Psychology meets the requirement.

Sports Psychology:

Every national & professional team has a permanent psychologist in the supporting staff to cope up the players with the pressures & stresses. Who hasn’t seen the effects on the Kolkata Knight Riders team in the last IPL after the psychologist Rudy Webster’s appointment! 4 time flop-showers emerged as the clear winners. Specified institutes offer this branch & it’s not everywhere that a person can specialize in sports psychology.


The traditionally preferred field, a PhD in Psychology or clearing NET/SLET; or both after post-graduation are the basic requirements for being a teacher at college level, need not to be told that schools yet don’t offer psychology on a proportionate level!

Other streams:

Developmental Psychology, Statistical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Management Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Parapsychology, Environmental Psychology are the other branches with research being carried on for the evolution of other sub divisions.


Iqbal Sakka: The Man Behind 22 World Records

Just wandering over my bike in the interiors of the city, a plan to meet the 22 world-record holder from our city, Iqbal Sakka made us turn to further interiors. And the meeting really turned out to be a lavishing one, seeing the minute gold works & more importantly the simplicity of the artist even after all sorts of achievements. We here present you a gist of our conversation:

iqbal sakka udaipur


Q. When was it exactly that you started this work, what was your inspiration behind making such records?

A. When I was young, I used to listen about people making different kinds of records. Seeing them, I’d always felt why not any Indian’s name appear in such news. My father used to do gold work. Inspired from these world record holders & to heighten our country’s name, I started making a thin gold chain. During 1985-88, I initiated with a 1 gram chain; got praised in the market; then of 800 mg, subsequently 600 mg & then a 100 milligram chain with dimensions 0.2mm & 0.5mm which got its place in the Guinness Book. Started with that, today, I have 22 world records.

Q. How much time does it take to create these miniatures?

A. You can’t denote a particular time duration for this work. It’s all about your zeal to do it. Many times I got awake in the midnight, opened my shop & started working. Minting so small gold is not easy. Vision is the first problem & many times Gold flies with air & is difficult to find back. So, again new piece has to be taken & work starts afresh.

Q. How did you contact these record book professionals at that time when there were so less modes of connectivity?

A. People from Guinness came on their own after my works were covered & talked about in local newspapers. They too didn’t pass the record on my name instantly but took 4 years to give their certification for it. After that, in 1991, I was featured in the show “World This Week” on Doordarshan; followed by all big national newspapers.

Q. What do you think about taking up such arts as a full time career?

A. I am already doing Gold work, so making small objects out of it is associated to my profession, I don’t view it distinctly. I have also written the longest ghazal of 1001 shers. I just say whatever one does, there shall be 3 things in it: Junoon, Jazba aur Josh.

gold miniature

Q. Did you face any problem in doing these likes of yours?

A. Raising my country’s name was the only wish in my mind, there were problems but those didn’t need to pay much heed to. People used to say: what stupid things you are doing; regarding technical problems I have already told you. And after all this, we just receive papered honors but not any financial reward either from the record book makers or the government.

Q. What are your next plans?

A. I want to take the number of my world records to 36. One each dedicated to every state & Union Territory of India.

Q. Any message to the artists..?

A.  Keep faith in yourself, work with dedication & never be disappointed.

Thanks for your time. It was very nice meeting an artist like you.


Iqbal Sakka


iqbal sakka 2


iqbal sakka 3


Photos by : Yash Sharma


[Film Review] Oh My God: OMG it rocks!!

OMG Movie Review

Came this Friday the adaptation of a famous Gujarati play presented on silver-screen by the hit duo of Paresh Rawal as the witty Kanjibhai & Akshay Kumar as the charming new-age Krishna! 😉

Starts the movie with the image of a shrewd businessman Kanjibhai going to any limits for selling his products (figures of God) by minting up divine magical stories with no personal belief at all in the existence of God when one day, his disturbance in a Janmashthmi festival & its consequently becoming crowdless results in an earthquake which takes away just his shop in the whole city! A request for the insurance is denied by the company stating it as an “Act Of God”!

Disappointed from all sides, he plans to lodge a case against God for his compensation & sends notice to all the big priests, in his words, salesmen of God’s offices! This is where the actual story starts and enters the charming, the peacock-accessory clad, in shades, on a heavy bike- Krishna <3 in a lovely suit. And the story continues as a noble fight against the commercialization of Religion & Worship, attacking directly the donation norms & impractical rituals still in practice in a fantastically comic & satirical way Paresh Rawal is best-known for!

As the case goes on, Kanjibhai’s belief in God too builds up and ultimately he wins the case for him & many others like him; using the records of the Gita, Bible & Quran. Paresh Rawal’s sense of humor never leaves you sit sincere & his worthy criticism of the present day Babas seems a work of great wit & class comedy.

Akshay Kumar charms a lot with his role as Shree Krishna, playing flute in yellow, eating butter, doing stunts on his bike, rotating the peacock feathered metal in his finger & giving worthy directions in his own lovely way to Kanjibhai in the fight. I bet, after watching this movie, one would leave his seat with a philosophically changed conscience over our day-to-day religious rituals with a smiling, laughing face.

4 stars for Kanjibhai & Lord Krishna!


In Conversation With Bhakti Sharma

Bhakti Sharma a name which creates a sparkle in almost every Udaipurite’s eye. The pride and honor we feel in telling people “Oh…Bhakti Sharma! Yeah I know her, we are from the same city” is blissful. In my case, the sentence I often use when someone asks me whether I have heard of Bhakti Sharma is ‘Yeah I know Bhakti Di! We are from the same school, infact she was my senior’. This is what SHE has provided us with, a reason to be happy, a reason to be proud.

Bhakti Sharma: 

Though this name requires no introduction, I would still like  to share Bhakti’s feats of glory :

  •  Crossed the English Channel (covered 36 km in 13 hours and 55 minutes) in 2006.
  • Acquired first position in the Rapperswil to Zurich Marathon event in 2006.
  • The Following year she crossed the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

29th August, 2012 marked another milestone in her life. This was the day when Udaipur’s ‘Mermaid’ was awarded with the prestigious Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2011 presented to her by the President Of India.


In Conversation With Bhakti Sharma :

UB:  Being an internationally recognized swimmer, after so many achievements at hand; what do you plan next?

Bhakti: Next would be to excel professionally as well in the career that I have chosen . And swim in the Antarctica pretty soon.


UB: You had been a regular participant in various tournaments when you were in school but lately we haven’t heard your name in such events? No plans for Asiad or Olympics..?

Bhakti: Ya I used to participate in State and National level competitions. My last National was in when I was in 9th standard. After that I took up long distance swimming which got included in Olympics only in 2008. So I haven’t really got  a chance to prepare for them and also you need to participate in 6 events to qualify for long distance Olympics, which isn’t really feasible for me right now.


UB: What inspired you to take up adventure sports, somewhere being out of league in our society? How you found, analyzed, planned & implemented over the opportunities?

Bhakti: There wasn’t a moment where I got inspired to take up adventure sports. It has been a journey that was started only to try something new and different. As I finished my swims successfully, it kept inspiring me to go for the next one. And of course the encouragement from my family has been a major factor.  For every swim we had to do a lot of research online, there are swims for which I have waited for a year to get everything sorted. But my family never gave up, my mom used to sit online for hours looking for ways and organizations, and my dad was  always busy arranging resources for the swims. I have been merely swimming.


UB: Do you think taking up sports on a serious career basis in Rajasthan still a risk? And wherever not, which sport would you suggest being the safest (except Cricket) when it comes to financial security?

Bhakti:  People who take up sports seriously do for the love and passion for it. It is really not something that promises financial security, especially in Rajasthan. The ultimate destination is being a coach or getting a job easier because of your contribution towards sports.  No sports is safest just for being that sport, the level at which you are involved in the sport makes the difference.


UB : Apart from swimming, what are your interests; what do you like to do in your free time?

Bhakti: I like to read books and watch movies. I am a total movie buff. And yes sleeping, I don’t leav a single opportunity to hit the bed.


UB: Are you studying? If yes, details?

Bhakti: Yes, I am currently doing MBA in communications management specializing in Advertising.


UB: Where do you see yourself, in what profession; after 10-12 years?

Bhakti: I see myself successfully running my own agency and continuing swimming even if just leisure swimming.


UB: How does it feel; being awarded by the President, loads of success at an early age….? J Do you find any changes in your personal life after all this?

Bhakti: It feels just great to be awarded by the honorary President. The happiness is more because my sport and achievements have been recognized . Yes there is a change in my personal life, people have started to look upto me with expectations, my friends look for ne reasons to ask for  a party :p but above everything else, I have grown as a person , not because of the awards but because of my swims. My favorite memories are still form my swims more than the award ceremonies.


UB: A light one, where are your favorite hangouts when you are in Udaipur?

Bhakti:  I make sure to visit old city area in Udaipur everytime I am in the city. The roof top restaurants there are my favourites, German bakery,and yes the pani puri wala at durga nursery, Happinezz and Dabeli wala at Sukhadia. Rani road is my preference when it comes to going for a drive.


UB: If ‘Bhakti Sharma’ was not a swimmer, what would she be ?

Bhakti:  Hahaha!  I have been asking myself this question for a very long time now, and haven’t got an answer yet. I could have been anything if not a swimmer, there are a lot of other thing staht define me, maybe something out of those would have dominated then.


UB: Lastly, a message for the youth of Udaipur.

Bhakti: I see a tremendous change in the youth of Udaipur.  There is surely lot of talent in Udaipur, people just need to realize it and work towards their dreams. Also after being out of the city  now, I feel the pleasure and joy of coming from a small city and I want the youth of Udaipur to feel the same pride.





[Film Review] Disappoints the “Heroine”

heroine movie review

The long awaited movie of the realistic Director Madhur Bhandarkar screened today worldwide. The story centrifuging completely around the character Maahi Arora, a successful yet over-sensitive actress; Kareena Kapoor virtually fails to lead the movie ahead on her own! The story of an over-emotional actress who constantly falls down in her personal as well as professional life due to her persisting nature doesn’t seem to leave an effective impression on the audience as expected from Bhandarkar movies.

A lot of scenes pertain a resemblance to the movie Fashion, in describing the over-emotional nature of the character, Kareena herself turns ‘over-emotional’ with no deep feeling with her role. Amidst a lot of choking smoke fumes & brand publicities in the slow long story, the portion of her trying for an art film with a National Awardee Director (Ranbeer Shorey) & even going to a prostitution market for research followed by a pseudo lesbian scene, turns the senses on to witness some quality acting ahead but that hope too ends on a sad note.

With the regular cast of Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies, the only change being the main role Kareena Kapoor; itself turns the biggest loophole. Divya Dutta as the PR manager seems to overpower even the centralized role with her bold acting. Arjun Rampal plays his role decently as a famous actor, Randeep Hooda inspired from real life Yuvraj Singh and his connections with Deepika Padukone also accomplishes his part pleasantly; both being in failed relationships with her. The rest crew including Mugdha Godse & Helen, is not allotted much time to speak about.

Music is good, “Saaiyaan” seems a relief from the movie in the later half. The end is tragic, touching and practical as in all previous movies of Madhur.

In all, a 2 star movie with less connectivity & unfulfilled expectations from the star Director Madhur Bhandarkar. Ultimately, Kareena ruins the show.


heroine kareena kapoor

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Returns The Charm Of Udaipur


So at last, the dullness & the sad faces of the city got swayed away with the influx of showers in just a period of 4 days. At the time when it had occurred to the gloom of almost everyone that the city’ll be left dry this year, the end of the monsoon brought back the smiles.

The beauty of Udaipur lies in its waters & the greens, imagining it without rains is like imagining Vrindavan without the charms of Krishna. The air turns romantic, the ambience heavenly, the torrents frolic, the green fragility harmonized; and the clouds returning with cascades…

On part of all, a big thanks to God for their endowment. No worth is realized unless ceded to absence. Apt maxim: All’s well that ends well.  Though our affections are enough to make it the one but no doubt, these showers have made it the loveliest place on earth.

If there is heaven, it’s here. <3


fatehsagar overflow


Fatehsagar overflow best photo 2012

fatehsagar 2012

Udaipur and its lakes

Photo Courtesy : Mujtaba R.G.

Udaipur Speaks

Sparkles of the UPA

underachiever time magazine


Almost everyone these days is perturbed with the queer 5 message/day rule. With no great practical utility & waste of a big monetary amount of the citizens in the macro scenario; this has yet turned out to be another Tughlaqi verdict of the UPA government. Let’s have a look at the various incidents this never-to-be-forgot government involved into & glistened its name for ever:

Baba Ramdev’s Protest curb:

The whole country was shocked on the night they saw the peaceful protest of Baba Ramdev & his followers drabbed to vestiges with weapons & violence. With no urgent need of such action; the government itself left a dark blot on its own origin- the democracy!

Commonwealth Games:

The world was the witness to the monetary irregularities in the Delhi Commonwealth Games. Registering rent more than the manufacturing cost of the machines it was paid for, was the slightest example of the huge corrupt show that took place in the National Capital of our country. While there are still people dying of hunger, the accused played in hundreds of Crores!

Price Hike:

A steep rise of Rs. 7.50/Litre in Petrol was enough for people to think of parking down their vehicles permanently. A government headed by a prime Economist could not keep control over the prices of even the basic amenities. Making a house has turned a dormant dream when meeting the kitchen requirements properly has become a challenge for the commons.

New IIT-JEE exam pattern:

With the Minister’s well-acknowledged feverish perspective, in order to ‘teach coaching institutes a lesson’; the exam pattern of the Joint Entrance to the IITs was changed making it even typical for the already competition-ridden students. The decision has been opposed by all the leading IITs still 2013 will witness new JEE sets.

The CAG reports:

The Comptroller & Auditor General of India played its part firmly in disclosing the huge losses of public money at the hands of our government, first 2G, now coal! The estimated loss is in numbers a common man can’t imagine to even write correctly! The money earned with sweat & skill of the nation; filled the pockets of few elephants.

Gandhis still silent:

Despite the standing of the nation with Anna, it was a shock to all when the till now “Leader of India’s Tomorrow” Rahul Gandhi did not come up to clarify anything in return. His involvement in the Sukanya Kumari Gang Rape Case and Soniya Gandhi’s actual reason for not becoming the Prime Minister (It’s constitutionally mandatory for any person to hold the PM portfolio to be born in India) coming into air also added to the malevolent political image.

Absurd statements by the frontline leaders:

No words for the image Digvijay Singh & Kapil Sibal have formed by their continuous public remarks!
It’s no surprise if anyone is happy with the works of the government after all this! Lokpal is still pending, and even Satyagraha wasn’t able to fight the legislative powers. And now, this incongruous decision of limited messaging as a starting step to their always-demanded Control over Social Networking Sites!

Who knows when all this comes to peace..!

Udaipur Speaks

फतह सागर: कहाँ से आये इतने मछ्छर!

आप में से कई लोगों ने पिछले कुछ दिनों से फतह सागर की पाल पर गाड़ी चलाते वक़्त मछ्छरों को खुदसे टकराता हुआ पाया होगा. ये झुण्ड कभी चालक की आँखों तो कभी मुँह में चले जाते हैं जिससे यहाँ दिनभर की थकान मिटाने के लिए आने वाले उदयपुरवासियों को और इस विश्व प्रसिद्ध झील की खूबसूरती निहारने पहुँचे पर्यटकों को काफी परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ रहा है.



जब हमने इसका कारण जानना चाहा तो पाया की झील के पानी में कई जगह गन्दगी का अम्बार लगा हुआ है जिसकी सफाई की सुध लेने वाला कोई नहीं है. यही गंदगी इन मछ्छरों के पनपने और पोषित होने का स्थान बनी हुई है. एक और जहां पुलिस पाल किनारे पार्किंग और झील किनारे गन्दगी को रोकने के लिए पूरा अभियान चला चुकी है और आये दिनवाटर स्पोर्ट्स को विकसित करने के नए-नए तरीके सुझाये जा रहे हैं; उसी दौरान प्रशासन की इतनी लापरवाही ना सिर्फ उदयपुरवासियों को परेशान कर रही है बल्कि बाहर से आने वाले पर्यटकों को भी गलत सन्देश देकर लौटा रही है.
हरे-भरे पहाडों के बीच फव्वारों और उद्यानों से सुसृजित झील के अति सौन्दर्यपूर्ण रूप में किनारों पर ऐसी गन्दगी आगंतुकों को कुछ खटकती नहीं है.
हम संपूर्ण उदयपुर की तरफ से निवेदन करते हैं की ये कार्य चाहे जिस किसी भी विभाग के अंतर्गत हो, वे जनहित में शीघ्र से शीघ्र झील की सफाई की और ध्यान दे. हम नहीं चाहेंगे की राष्ट्रीय मीडिया में हमारे सुन्दर शहर के पर्यटन गढ़ की देश के समक्ष ऐसी बात को लेकर कोई आलोचना हो.

 फोटो एवं विडियो: यश शर्मा


Sania & Saina: in form at the right time!

2012 French Open | UdaipurBlog

The recent French Open victory of the Indian duo of Mahesh Bhupathi & Sania Mirza has well raised the lost expectations of the Indian sports-lovers from (once) the biggest women sportstar of India, to beg a medal for the country in the upcoming London Olympics. The caliber of her partner needing no introductions, her qualification for the 2012 games now remains the only urgent need!

Saina | UdaipurBlog


On the other side, the star shuttler Saina Nehwal too entered the finals of the Thailand Open today. Though qualified for the London Olympics, another 2 victories will give her a big confidence boost; presently World No. 5th, this diligent Hissar girl is the biggest hope of the country in the 2012 Olympics.

With the name of the 5 times World Women’s Boxing champion, M.C. Marycom already in the final list, fingers are still crossed for Sania Mirza’s wild card entry to the games!

A medal each from these 3 proficient women will easily equal the country’s last Olympic performance. We wish them all the very best 🙂


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Udaipur Speaks

Barricade in Shiv Colony: Public Angry!

Shiv Park Colony Udaipur

Today, most of the tuition-going students on the Durga Nursery faced a problem to turn back around from their regular Shiv Colony path.

A barricading has been done on one side of this generally used road to avoid vehicles enter the colony; the reason being the “disturbance” caused to the colony residents due to the ongoing vehicles.

The public was found very angry over this as it was the only alternative road to the mostly crowded Sikh Colony Choraha which sometimes even takes 10-15 minutes to be cleared; the students being the most-affected. This act of the colony members to hinder the way of a public path is not at all a proper conduct.

For it may worsen the traffic conditions of the Sikh Colony Choraha-Durga Nursery Road even more; moreover a complete silence on the one-side of this area may turn it into a place for illegal & immoral acts.

The barricade should be removed soon else the colony members must be facing a bigger opposition in a day or two. The hindrance looks really anger-arising; for a public way is not someone’s father’s property!