[Film Review] Disappoints the “Heroine”

heroine movie review

The long awaited movie of the realistic Director Madhur Bhandarkar screened today worldwide. The story centrifuging completely around the character Maahi Arora, a successful yet over-sensitive actress; Kareena Kapoor virtually fails to lead the movie ahead on her own! The story of an over-emotional actress who constantly falls down in her personal as well as professional life due to her persisting nature doesn’t seem to leave an effective impression on the audience as expected from Bhandarkar movies.

A lot of scenes pertain a resemblance to the movie Fashion, in describing the over-emotional nature of the character, Kareena herself turns ‘over-emotional’ with no deep feeling with her role. Amidst a lot of choking smoke fumes & brand publicities in the slow long story, the portion of her trying for an art film with a National Awardee Director (Ranbeer Shorey) & even going to a prostitution market for research followed by a pseudo lesbian scene, turns the senses on to witness some quality acting ahead but that hope too ends on a sad note.

With the regular cast of Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies, the only change being the main role Kareena Kapoor; itself turns the biggest loophole. Divya Dutta as the PR manager seems to overpower even the centralized role with her bold acting. Arjun Rampal plays his role decently as a famous actor, Randeep Hooda inspired from real life Yuvraj Singh and his connections with Deepika Padukone also accomplishes his part pleasantly; both being in failed relationships with her. The rest crew including Mugdha Godse & Helen, is not allotted much time to speak about.

Music is good, “Saaiyaan” seems a relief from the movie in the later half. The end is tragic, touching and practical as in all previous movies of Madhur.

In all, a 2 star movie with less connectivity & unfulfilled expectations from the star Director Madhur Bhandarkar. Ultimately, Kareena ruins the show.


heroine kareena kapoor