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human body as engine
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Ever had a thought how much nature and scientific inventions are interconnected. In a way, most of the logics and principles of both these; apply to, as well as explain each other. Whether be the basic screw and pulley movements or the gadgets of the most complexity- all relate to the natural life cycle and activities. Although nature is the fundamental of every scientific concept, still when it comes to understanding, it is often easier to go through the reverse path- that is, understanding the nature from machines rather than taking out mechanics from nature.

There are many pre, post and process problems associated with body building like muscle damage, flexibility loss, gain of weight, loss of shape during long duration leaves; which can be understood and taken care of scientifically in a proper manner. It’s a known fact that our human body functions basically on a mechanical basis. Although it requires a variety of applications to understand it, one way to get it; is on the basis of an automobile, take a Bike…

Whenever a bike is bought new, the engine is totally unaccustomed to the environment. To prepare the vehicle for a longer duration, it has to be given the taste of every type of drive; starting from slow and gentle in the initial stage and after the engine gets stabilized, simple and steady accelerations above the former values of speed; thus bringing a higher pace and keeping it up constantly for sometime. And then the time comes for the actual speed test i.e. increasing the speed rapidly and maintaining it; to check the emergency requirements. If the former conducts are done properly; there won’t be any damage in the latter test. Only then the vehicle will become ready for different situations and attain higher mileage. And continuance of this setup will give proper maintenance. Practical examples show that both can neither be achieved at a slow velocity nor at a swift speed every time- variety is what matters! Else sudden situations may lead to mechanical breakdown.

When it comes to human body, the starting days of workout should never be of a heavier schedule. Rather, just like a vehicle, the body should be first made familiar with little frequency exercises on lower weights. For example, single set of 30-40 sit-ups is enough for a person who has never been into much physical activities. And that too, when the body is showing no great resistance to the movement, as soon as a tension with severe pain starts developing on the joints or the muscles, it should be stopped else the tissue may get ruptured and ultimately the organ may lose its flexibility permanently.

So, light schedules must be done in the initial period in order to acclimatize the body in the exertion format. After that, steady increase should be taken in the number of repetitions, say, an increase of 10 repetitions every 3rd day. It is exactly the same as increasing the bike’s speed steadily while also keeping it constant for some time. And now when the body is totally into the exertion format, the peak value should be judged and practiced. After all this, the body (to a good extent) becomes ready for sudden loads. The efficiency (mileage) of the body increase; at the same time, regular continuance keeps up the shape and beauty (maintenance).

Maintenance too depends on certain factors. As in a bike, trying to drive fast without any engine oil will eventually cause damage to the efficiency of the vehicle and the motor parts. Similarly, without proper nutrition, if stressful exertions are carried out; there will be a serious loss to the flexibility of the body and an ultimate damage to the muscles.

Here is the instance, where the importance of Balanced Diet comes into play. Just like the engine oil; after a certain level, it may not increase the performance of the body but it is mandatorily required to keep up the efficiency! Going to the advancement level, as higher quality petrol and engine oils are available with certain boosters to enhance the bike’s performance; similarly specific food supplements like ginseng, glucosamine, amino acid supplements, etc. in addition to the necessary balanced diet may also increase the body efficiency.

When it comes to movement; there are some auto-parts which can never be directed in the positions not intended for them. Take an example, a clutch can be moved only back-and-forth; you can’t move it either up-down or rotate circularly. Even if it is done, there’s no great use due to our general palm and finger hold! So is the case of our organs. Thighs can’t be strengthened in a better way than the to-and-fro movement of legs with weights (speed gets maintained). Even if other exercises are carried out with different direction of motions, there won’t be that great benefit of it. A man comes out from his basics! In general cases, effectiveness should be developed in the regular movements rather than trying new, different and advanced ones.

And finally, as regular service is required for a vehicle to maintain its quality; similarly the human body too requires a rest routinely, from its daily schedule. It can be taken on a weekly basis, most preferentially on Sundays. In addition, just like a vehicle is fully checked, greased and oiled during the service; our body should also be given proper massage and oil treatment for relaxation, also wear-and-tear check should be gone through with further remedies.

When it comes to the human anatomy; there certainly are many explanations, beyond any length, but in an easy way to be understood by a common mass- this one at the base, holds quite well!

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