[FILM REVIEW] English Vinglish : True Beauty in Simplicity

Sridevi, after a long time, made a comeback in bollywood and without a doubt: the return was awesome! The feminine character in the beautiful Sarees, the innocent words & the comic instances; on the canvas of a simple sweet tale mark a delightful impression on the minds of the viewers.

English Vinglish, surrounding the Indian wife Shashi, dedicated to her family, satisfied with her business of making Laddus & her lovely art of cooking; just has one major flaw in her life: Not knowing English! Made fun of by her daughter (seriously, a very irritating brat to sustain even on the seats!) and sometimes even by her husband on her innocent pronunciations, she feels dejected.

A turn comes in her life when she has to leave for New York alone to help her sister with her daughter’s wedding. Facing conversation problems in an English country, her eyes randomly catch an ad for English tuitions. Hesitatingly, she makes a call & reaches the centre slyly where she meets a variety of people who have come to learn from initials just as her, a south Indian software Engineer (remember the senior given shock in 3 idiots), a Pakistani Taxi driver ‘Salman Khan’ 😉 (most interesting, most coquettish), a Chinese hair-dresser (the cutest, Salman’s crush), a Caribbean worker, a nanny & a French cook (who lately falls in love with Shashi). The class is a funny sight, brings in lots of humor, family love, comic instances & ultimately she learns her part. Though a secret affair, her younger niece Radha comes to know about it & lovingly feels the essence of gaiety meeting her friends. The one month training makes her bold & independent yet keeps her the same simple charming Indian wife.

The end touches one’s heart in a lovely way when failing to attend her exam on the marriage day, she makes the compensation by giving a marriage speech in beautiful English sentiments which surprises all, even leave some to remorse!

In a nutshell, a lovely simple tale charmed with purity, sweet demonstration of the common Indian woman. A must watch!

3 ½ stars for the beautiful Shashi

By Kalpit Rajak

Professional researcher from Udaipur, working as writer & interviewer on UdaipurBlog.
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बहुत खूबसूरत फिल्म है. बिना फालतू पचडों के भी फिल्मकार अपनी बात कह सकता है और उसे दर्शक समझ भी सकते है. अगर ये बात समझनी हो तो इस फिल्म को ज़रूर देखना चाहिए.
वैसे कल्पित जी, आपका सूक्ष्म निरीक्षण काफी सराहनीय है.
बधाई स्वीकार करें.

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