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I hope you all must be knowing Mr. Dinesh M.N., the former Superintendent of Police of Udaipur, who got a frequent media coverage these times due to the infamous Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. The only identification that he holds at the present!

I am neither his acquaintance nor his blood relation, to have any special attachment to that individual; but it’s for those people who, for our safety; sacrifice their family lives, meet with dangers, sometimes even die, and still face criticism and differences; yes its for our Police! Take this one seriously friends, it holds a sense of a great national duty… And I hope if you understand this one well then the job is definitely half done.

If asked about Dinesh M.N., most of you will identify him as one amongst the main accused of the Sohrabbuddin fake encounter case, as in press all these days but to say, I should rather use the words, remember you… his career was an outstanding one cherished with honesty and a great command, he
was an one man army, whose eyes reflected a virtue of truth at the very first glance… Precisely saying, he was the one who changed the whole system and spoilt discipline of the city of lakes in just a couple of years, all single-handedly… His posting in Udaipur initiated two major operations, Operation Romeo and Operation Bluetooth, both of which helped a lot in reducing eve-teasing and porn films circulation.
The officer did not even cared about him before entering the dangerous field to support his force in facing the vicious tribes during the Rishabhdev Temple dispute between the Adivasis and the Jainis, and eventually got his leg broken in the struggle. The list of his works is endless, with two major criminal encounters covered under him. There was a rapid decrease in criminal activities during his tenure… With almost all kinds of typical clashes and cases being resolved in record time…

Being a man of bravery and honesty, he did a lot to improve the image of the police department. Bribery was brought to a fair lesser magnitude; obese officers were listed and made to parade daily in the police ground, one of the wall of which was erected with his selection(exactly similar to the endpoint of the pass-out parade in the Indian Police Academy, Hyderabad ). He held the major hand in the one and a half crore marriage hall project in the city police lines which was the biggest gift our cops could have ever got from any officer of his rank. Adding to all this, he was the source of influx of a great deal of
morals in them, the man to teach them what honesty was! His name was enough to create terror in the hearts of the criminals. There was never a day in his life when he bent in front of any politician… Be straight, think straight, do straight! was his only motto. Being a part of a rough profession; still somehow he kept all his humanitarian qualities alive (which can be better known by talking to his sub-ordinate).

The condition of the city at the time of his transfer was totally changed. People felt safe in their homes now, no thefts, no murders, no burglaries! Udaipur was turned into a city of total peace and crime-less
freedom. In his own honorable words, the tenure in the city was the most memorable of his career.

And the plight… Just three days after his transfer from Udaipur, the honorary officer was arrested for committing the ‘very serious crime’ of killing that great person in his uniform, who was involved in a number of murders (one being on public road during daytime), with an innumerable cases of theft and
humiliations going over him. Even if it was legally unfair, what seems wrong in killing such a vile person!
God bless these human rights!

First we say, the police is corrupt, and when we get honest officers who possess the strength to change the system, this is their consequence!

It’s more than a year now since he is in jail. And if this is the end of officers like Dinesh M.N. then who is going to protect us? Who will think of being honest after joining this already defamed department? Who is going to improve our state? A big question! There are just two ways out, either sit silently like impotents and simply see all what is happening; or stand up and oppose all this, join the forces and show these people that if they will stop one Dinesh M.N., there are ten more to come… It’s time to transform guys, and no one other than us has to do that!!!

God bless this Democracy!

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