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From Foodies to the social media fanatics, This Bistro has won everyone’s heart!

There is a reason why travelers from far-far land go crazy over the roadside food vendors, dhabas within the city premises, uptown restaurants, and eccentric Cafes & Bistros of this graceful Lake city. Catching up with the city’s pace, the food served in the city has also evolved embracing the recent food trends, while on the other hand preserving the old ones. Cafes and restaurants of the city serve cuisines from the distinct corners of the country.

Its food only which makes Udaipurites exclaim ‘Udaipur to Jaan hai apni!’.

Once you’ve had a taste of the life and food of this city, we bet you wouldn’t wish to leave!

So talking about the great places which serve delectable food, this newly opened Bistro in Udaipur is something one doesn’t want to miss out on!

“The Patio”

 As the name suggests ‘The Patio’ is a comfortable & soothing Bistro which is set on lines of a retro European country house theme. The vicinity is age-old trees and greenery on every side you roll your eyes on. For any Tourist it’s a perfect crashing place to chill out once you are done with your expedition to the Majestic City Palace and on your way to the famous boat ride at Pichola Lake or ropeway at Karni Mata.

The Patio, Udaipur

 Things that set ‘The Patio’ distinct from the others:

  •  Team at The Patio likes to stick to the basics. While keeping it simple, they thrive to make simple things taste better maintaining the taste and consistency. From Shakes to Mocktails, Dimsums to Pasta n Pizzas, every dish will strike right chords with your palates and you’ll come back wanting for more.

Sitting at The Patio, Udaipur

  • The architects Divya & Shantanu Sharma have designed the café’s interior in a simple yet attractive style. The color theme & the artistic windows remind you of ancient Greek architecture. The Green & subtle elevation of the Bistro resembles an old roadside European eatery. Furniture & majority of the seating is designed from the old antic reclaimed wood. From Swings on the terrace to wooden Benches in the backyard and Sofas to Comfy Chairs inside the covered area, each seating arrangement promises a unique feasting experience every time one visits. The music genre is majorly soft country blending perfectly with the aura of the place. There is ample parking space right across the property along with extended government parking right behind the property.


The Patio, Udaipur

Sitting arrangements at The Patio, Udaipur

  • The price range at The Patio makes sure that it doesn’t dive deep into the customer’s pocket. A cappuccino priced at Rs100 & shakes as thick as the ice cream is priced in the range of Rs150. A 325 ml thick shake served here is a complete meal in itself. The most expensive dish being Mezze Platter at Rs300 which also justifies the price, once you experience the spread. The motive is to make people try, explore and enjoy every dish on the menu.
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Credits: Globeonmyplate
Credits: Globeonmyplate
  • For the calorie-conscious and health-freak citizens, Cold Press Juices & Health menu to be started soon. Even in the current servings, dim sums are made without using flour as a base. Thin crispy corn tortilla can be an option for the base of Pizzas. Fresh Fruit & Yogurt based Smoothies can be your alternative to the regular shakes. A Healthy Breakfast menu will also be started soon.

A place like The Patio should be bookmarked for your next outing for sure!!



Scheduled performances at the Udaipur World Music Festival 2018

Udaipur is all set to witness the third season of the Udaipur World Music Festival to be held from February 9 to 11 with stages set at 3 different locations. The festival is conceptualized and produced by Seher and they have really upped the ante this year with artists like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (India), Txarango (Spain), Nojazz (France), and others coming from over 10 nationalities such as Spain, Greece, USA, etc. Thrilled? There’s more! The entry to UWMF 2018 will be free and the performances are segregated into morning, afternoon and evening sessions.

The event line-up looks sensational covering international as well as music from local communities as well. The previous season saw a footfall of nearly 50,000 people and this time it is expected to be greater and grander. Some artists will be giving their maiden performances in India through this platform. UWMF 2018 tends to bring people of all ages under one roof to celebrate the blend of cultures with their exhilarating pe

All you need to know about this three-day music extravaganza :

February 9 (Evening concerts) – 7 pm onwards, Gandhi Ground Performances by – Oi Dipnoi (Italy) Flavia Coelho (Brazil) Shankar Ehsaan Loy (India)

February 10 (Morning concerts) – 8 am onwards, Amber at Amet Haveli, Ambrai Ghat Performances by – Subhadra Desai (India) Petrakis Lopez Chemirani Trio (France, Spain, and Greece)

February 10 (Afternoon concerts) – 3 pm onwards, Fateh Sagar Paal Performances by – Shubh Saran (USA/India) Maati Baani (India)

February 10 (Evening concerts) – 7 pm onwards, Gandhi Ground Performances by – Asia 7 (Thailand) Bipul Chettri and The Travelling Band (India) Astitva (India) Nojazz (France)

February 11 (Morning concerts) – 8 am onwards, Amber at Amet Haveli, Ambrai Ghat Performances by – Dhruv Bedi (India) Aruna Sairam and Dominique Vellard (India)

February 11 (Afternoon concerts) – 3 pm onwards, Fateh Sagar Paal Performances by – Amine and Hamza (Switzerland) Ankur Tewari (India)

February 11 (Evening concerts) – 7 pm onwards, Gandhi Ground Performance by – The Ransom Collective (Philippines) Buttering Trio (Israel) Anand Bhaskar Collective (India) Txarango (Spain)

Get ready to be a part of Udaipur’s biggest music festival where musicians from all over the world gather for 3 days of non-stop fun and frolic. Various artists will be performing at the above three locations. Immerse yourselves in the soothing music during the morning, enlivening tunes in the afternoon by the lake and jazzy upbeat songs in the evening!

Are you coming? We hope to see you there!


Sharad Rang – Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Udaipur recently hosted a one of its kind food and music fest, organized by the West Zone Cultural Centre (WZCC) almost a week ago from October 25th to 29th at Shilpgram, which inevitably was one of the biggest food festivals to have been conducted in the city, funnily enough, agreeing to the fact that not many food festivals have been arranged in the city within the past few years. Nevertheless, as they say, its never too late, and so with the setting up of Sharad Rang – Food and Music Festival, we received an opportunity to witness exhilarating performances by different artists from all over the country delivering breathtaking dance and musical performances while hogging on some mouth-watering traditional delicacies of various states of India.

For those who missed a chance to munch on some of the very many delicious food items presented at the fest, here’s a quick overview of the different stalls and the mélange of food served  :

  1. Awadh ki Mithai

    Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

          The stall, as the name suggests had decorated containers of mithai (sweets) but didn’t quite boast of Awadhi sweets in particular. Although whatever that we tasted was very fresh and good, it didn’t totally feel like we were trying something new. They had Rabdi, Kulfi, Gulab Jamun and Kesariya Doodh (Saffron Milk) and were very affectionate, because obviously, ‘Muskuraiye, ap Lucknow mein hai!’

      2. Lucknowi Chaat

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

This was yet another stall owned by the same smiling face who served us Kulfi and Gula Jamuns. This stall had Basket Chaat, Baingan Chaat (Brinjal Chaat), Palak Chaat (Spinach Chaat), Moong Daal aur Mewa ka Dahi Bada. We tasted the Palak and the Basket Chaat and the first bite alone left us ordering a second one! Crispy and tangy just what a chaat should taste like.

      3. Kashmiri Food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Well, Kashmiris weren’t far behind in the race too. Coming all the way down to Rajasthan, they obviously had something appetizing in their menu too. While we sipped on Kahwa (a Kashmiri drink made of green tea, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and almonds), the owner of the stall told us about the delicacies he had prepared. Specialities included Rista, Gushtaba, Chicken Dhaniya Korma and Rogan Josh! Beginning of a Daawat surely, no?

      4. Maharashtrian food – Neelam food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Maharashtrians came with their set of preparations as well. Serving Zunka Bakar (a tempting preparation of  Jowar and Gramflour, the staple food of rural Maharashtra), Chaat Cone, Sabudana Vada, Puran Poli (sweet flat bread made with gram flour and jaggery stuffing) and Matka Roti, it was no doubt one of the major attractions of the festival, having already hooked the nation to the world famous Vada Pav! Are you addicted too!?

      5. Gujarati Food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Gujaratis never lag behind, you just name anything, and Gujaratis are sure to put you in awe. Nothing less can be said for Gujarati food and the love that they sprinkle over it. How could anybody not like the food served with so much of love and warmth? Gujarat brought a dozen of dishes on the plate to devour. Ranging from Thepla, Methi Gota, Ragda Patis, Undhiyu, Khandvi to Dabeli, Fafda, Jalebi, they had almost all of Gujarat kept on the table. Even we got confused what to eat and what not to!

      6. Bihari food

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

This was apparently the most talked about stall of all. Food from Gujarat, Maharashtra and the South is much talked about these days, but we know very little of what Bihar has to offer. We were quite impressed seeing the crowd rushing to savor food from Bihar and eating with such fervor their specialties like Litti Chokha (Litti – lentil stuffed balls made of wheat, Chokha – dip made of eggplant, mashed potatoes, and tomato), Mawa ki Anarsa, Shahi Hing Kachori, Ghugni, Sattu Kachori, Mawa ka Chandrakala, Lal Mohan. Litti in the Litti Chokha had striking similarities with Baati, the only different thing being the gram flour stuffing.

      7. South and Punjabi food – Radha Rasoi

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

South Indian and Punjabi food is not new to Rajasthan. It has become a part of almost every restaurant menu and wedding and other celebrations. We had hoped for some better and new dishes apart from the Masala Dosa, Aloo Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, Spider Roll (similar to spring roll) but it failed to amaze us. The food was cold and double fried (referring to the Spider Roll here). There was one similar stall also serving Punjabi food in the form of Chole Bhature, Amritsari Kulcha, Sarso ka Saag, Makai ki Roti, which was otherwise fresh and tasty but didn’t quite hit the mark.

      8. Lucknowi food – Wahid Biriyani

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

Lucknow has seen the footfall of various Nawabs in history and unlike any other stall we had high hopes for finding nice non-vegetarian food from Lucknow and just when we started feeling the absence of one, this came to the rescue! This was a huge setup and served vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian delicacies but with a drawback; they cooked both veg and non-veg in the same pan using the same oil which made it really worrisome for some vegetarians to choose to eat there. Apart from this, Mr. Aabid Ali Qureshi was a jolly person and insisted us on tasting each and everything. We tasted the Zaafrani Phirni which was mindblowing and some other specialties being Galauti Kebab, Chicken Masala, Mutton and Chicken Biriyani, Warki Paratha, Reshmi Tikka and Roasted Chicken. It was truly a treat for non-vegetarians.

      9. Padam Thaal and Aapno Rajasthan

Sharad Rang - Food and Music Festival, reviving traditional delicacies

How can Rajashtanis be left behind when there’s food been talked about on the counter!? People ate Daal Baati Churma, Besan Gatte ki Sabzi, Papad Methi, Ker Sangri, Sev Tamatar, Mawa Kachori, Jodhpuri Mirchibada, Ajmer Kadi Kachori, Bikaneri Jalebi, and Bajre ki Roti with equal craze and excitement and enjoyed beyond limits. Afterall, a happy stomach is a happy soul!


What are your views? Should we have more festivals like these in our city?


We would love to receive a feedback from you and make improvements for our upcoming articles. Please comment your suggestions and thoughts below. Don’t forget to share. Happy Eating!


P.S – The information mentioned above has been numbered just for the sake of reading and doesn’t pertain to any ranking of any sort.



जाणो, आपणे राजस्थान रा संगीत ने!

Update Yourself with the Music of Rajasthan

Dancing to the beats of international artists, we enjoy a lot. And why not! The beats are electric and so energetic that it compels us to dance and we get carried away. I am sure everyone reading this would agree with my opinion. But sometimes, we need a more subtle music which is away from the hustle and takes us back to our roots, takes us back to the very foundation- that ties us to our birthplace. In the same way, a lot of people prefer listening to folk music, whether they belong to any place; they crave for raw voices, ‘desi’ instruments, and vernacular dances and music.

Everyone has a different taste in music, but when it comes to folk music- we enjoy it hands down.

The music of Langa and Manganiyar of Rajasthan

Know the music of Rajasthan: Langa and Manganiyar  
Mangniyar Musicians

Who are Langa and Manganiyar?

Langa and Manganiyar are folk musicians who follow a rich oral tradition which they have inherited from their forefathers. These balladeers from Rajasthan sing of everyday chores and emotions. They become highly relatable and probably that is the reason why they are able to mesmerize their listeners.

Manganiyars have expertise over percussion instruments like Dholak and Khadtal, whereas Langas are known for Sarangi, Murali, Surnai, etc. Their musical compositions are masterpieces and are quite complex. The word Manganiyar means those who ask for charity. On different occasions, they would go to patron’s house and sing songs and in turn, would be awarded.

Know the music of Rajasthan: Langa and Manganiyar  
Langa community musicians

If you go through the roots of these musical groups then we come to know that these Langas and Manganiars were groups of professional musicians, whose music was supported by wealthy landlords and aristocrats. This tradition and hierarchy are maintained till now.  Both the groups sing in the same language but their styles differ. This difference of style came into existence as per the tastes of their patrons. Both the communities belong to the Islamic origins but many of their songs are in praise of Hindu deities. Similarly, they are known to celebrate Hindu festivals such as Diwali and Holi. The Manganiar performers evoke the Hindu God Krishna and seek his blessings before the commencement of their music recital.

Know the music of Rajasthan: Langa and Manganiyar  
Khartal- a music instrument majorly used by both the communities of musicians

It is also believed that the Manganiars were musicians of the Rajput courts. They used to accompany their chiefs to war and providing them with entertainment before and after the battles. In addition to this, these singers and musicians also performed at the event of the chiefs’ death and would perform at the ruler’s vigil day and night until the mourning was over.

Coming to the second music community of Rajasthan, the Langas which literally means a song giver is a group of poets, singers, and musicians from the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The Langas are versatile players of the Sindhi Sarangi and the Algoza (double flute), which accompany their magical voices. They used to perform at events like births, and weddings, exclusively for their patrons, who were cattle breeders, farmers, and landowners.

Know the music of Rajasthan: Langa and Manganiyar  
Langa community musicians

Today, these musical groups perform in various realms and acquire major acclamations not just in the country but also internationally. Rajasthan hosts one of the most energetic and redolent music cultures of the world. The land of sand dunes and camels imparts the fragrance of vernacular music and folklores that touches the hearts of many. These musicians have such an impact on the listeners that they are bound to listen to them again and again.

Know the music of Rajasthan: Langa and Manganiyar  
Mangniyars performing in Shilpgram Udaipur

In Udaipur, you can find these musicians in Shilpgram during the annual Shilpgram Festival quite commonly.

It’s said that music transcends time and space, and indeed it holds true in the case of these folk musicians.

Such is the music of Rajasthan!

If you have ever listened to any Langa or Manganiyar, do let us know your experience in the comment section below.


श्री श्री रवि शंकर के आगमन पूर्व शहर में सत्संग

आर्ट ऑफ लिविंग के प्रणेता श्रीश्री रविशंकर  शुक्रवार को उदयपुर आएंगे। गुरु के आगमन पर बड़ी संख्या में शिष्य और अनुयायी अगवानी करेंगे। उनके सान्निध्य में 10 मार्च को शाम 06:30 बजे से B.N. College Ground में महासत्संग होगा।  महासत्संग में 80 हजार से ज्यादा लोग शामिल होंगे। आर्ट ऑफ लिविंग बैंगलुरु से आई प्रशिक्षिका ममता ने बताया कि सत्संग के साथ श्री श्री रविशंकर जिज्ञासुओं के प्रश्नों के उत्तर भी देंगे।
श्री श्री रवि शंकर कहते हैं कि सांस शरीर और मन के बीच एक कड़ी की तरह है जो दोनों को जोड़ती है। इसे मन को शांत करने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है। वे इस बात पर भी जोर देते हैं कि ध्यान के अलावा दूसरे लोगों की सेवा भी इंसान का करनी चाहिए। वे विज्ञान और आध्यात्म को एक-दूसरे का विरोधी नहीं, बल्कि पूरक मानते हैं। वे एक ऐसी दुनिया बनाने का प्रयत्न कर रहे हैं जिसमें रहने वाले लोग ज्ञान से परिपूर्ण हो ताकि वे तनाव और हिंसा से दूर रह सकें।


 श्रीश्री के आगमन के पूर्व शहर में सत्व की जागृति के लिए नियमित रूप से अलग-अलग स्थानों पर सत्संग संध्याओं का आयोजन किया जा रहा है ।

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