Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Back in those days, studying in an ‘only boys’ school had its own charm and for Udaipur, St. Paul’s was THE school to be. Although now a co-ed, St. Paul’s happens to be one of the oldest of schools to be established in Udaipur and has seen generations graduating, studying from the same staff and hence, still remains a popular choice for most of the parents to put their sons into (now daughters too!)

‘Satyam Muktaye’ is what the motto engraved on the wall right above the stage, says and this is what every Paulian carries, in a true sense!

Here’s to reminiscing the best time of our lives :

Cleaning shoes before checking

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

We all remember how scared every student used to be of getting caught before we got in lines to go to our respective classes. Who is ever going to forget the way we used to rub our shoes with our pants in order to clean them so as to not get caught!?? (Raise your hands if you ever got reprimanded because of it!)

PT periods on Saturdays

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Weekends are meant for relaxation but only a Paulian can relate to this one here. Those first two periods of exhausting exercises that drained us so bad and then going back to the class trying to wipe off the sweat under those age-old ceiling fans!!! Saturdays were tough but equally fun.

Joy of having a free period

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

We returned home happy if we ever got a period free and moreover if the substitution teacher agreed to take us to the ground. Whattay wow feeling, wasn’t it?

School functions were boring until…

Well, let’s agree to disagree, we always waited for that thrilling dance performance on the latest item numbers from our seniors or friends. Those surely sent a shiver down our spine and were, without a doubt, the most awaited part of every function. Also, those drooling faces when the refreshments were distributed at the end of each function. So good!

Santa Claus, Children’s day, School Fete…

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

These were some events every Paulian waited the whole year for! That filmy entry of Santa Claus on a bicycle at the Christmas function; teacher’s dancing to item numbers, the joy of putting up stalls and dressing up with the best of clothes for the one day we were actually allowed to. Our happiness knew no bounds then! Apart from this, Annual day function, St. Paul’s foundation day, Republic and Independence day parades were nothing less than a festival for us.

Those dreadful yellow and red cards

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Amidst all this happiness, came some moments where some of us got scared to the core; and that was when the teacher caught us red-handed talking or creating some nuisance in the class. Just the mere mention of Yellow/Red card was enough to make us pee in our pants.

The IT hall

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

This was the hub for any kind of extra-curricular activity that was going to be held in school, be it yoga classes, music events, occasional movie screening or any other competition; this huge room was a store to many memories and also a respite from studies as being here meant relaxation for at least a few hours.

Diary notes for you-know-what…

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

And before the red and yellow cards began to be issued, diary notes was the master tool of the teachers! You arrive late to school, you got one; you did not complete your homework, you got one; you forgot to bring your classwork copy; take one more! And the worst part, you had to get them signed by parents to show to the teacher the other day, and you thought getting a note was the scary part?

Rama ki kachori

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

I’ll be committing a sin if I didn’t mention Rama in this article. No story or conversation is complete without the mention of Rama in it. The first person every Paulian went to after the school got over and a haven for students coming to school without lunch boxes. He is a part of every student’s fond memory of St. Paul’s.

Never mess with us!

Things which every St. Paulian can relate to

Well, everyone knows this, Paulians are not to be messed with and are the best at almost everything that they do. We slay!

More power to you!

Gratitude isn’t enough for those who shaped us into what we are today but that is all we can give to our alma mater! Thank you all the teachers, and every member involved in making us who we are today.

The time spent here has undoubtedly been the best time of our lives. There’s truly no end to our memories from school.

Tell us your favorite memories of St. Paul’s. I’d love to read all of them!

Long Live St. Paul’s.

P.S – I’m a Paulian too! 

By Akshat Khamesra

'The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war'- Norman Schwarzkopf

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Their are so many memories related to “my Paul’s” , this made me remember once more ! Once a paulian always a paulian 🌎

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