Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50

Sun can act as a real devil in summers. Times when you’re returning from your school, college or work and sweat envelopes your entire body, all you need is something cool to relax your body and soul.

Here are the things that you can try this summer and they won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

Buttermilk (Chaach)

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
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All the health conscious people out there, this is the great option that you can try to relieve your body this summer. A glass of cool mint buttermilk that will give you the energy to drag yourself for the rest of the day. And if you crave for sweet you can go for lassi as well.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Bandwal restaurant at Nehru Bazar road


Nimbu soda

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Apart from bringing peace to the body, Nimbu soda is the great alternative to maintain your digestion. It comes in different flavors such as orange, cola, sweet, salty, etc.

Price: Rs 15/-

Place: Shree Krishna cold center at Bapu Bazaar road opposite to Bharat optical


Papita shake

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Mango Shake

A glass of cool, thick papita shake topped with tutty fruity is all you need this season. Apart from being delicious, this drink is healthy too. You can also get other flavors like mango, pineapple, etc.

Price: Rs 30/-

Place: Maharana juice and Ice cream at Court Chauraha



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Kashmeeri Jaljeera

This sour and tangy drink will play with your mouth like anything. From children to adults everyone like jaljeera. This Kashmiri jaljeera is topped with boondi and is one perfect option to relish your throat this summer.

Price: Rs 5/-

Place: Kashmeeri jaljeera at Shastri Circle


Badaam shake

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: the food kiosk

Cold milk mixed with ice-cream and lots of almonds will soothe your tongue and at the end of this shake, you will be left craving for one more.

Price: Rs 40/-

Place: Bank Tiraha at Bapu Bazaar



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar

I don’t think there’s anything to tell about kulfi. Kulfi has been our favorite since childhood. You can choose between two types of kulfis– mawa kulfi and rabdi kulfi.

Price: Starting at Rs 10/-

Place: Jheeni ret chowk


Barf gola

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: the better India

Heaven is the word which you’ll experience when your lips which touch the icy cold gola filled with sweet and tangy flavors. You can top it with rabdi and tutti frutty by adding just ten rupees.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Townhall stalls


Ganne ka ras

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: Taste of city

This drink is a necessity in summers. Cold sugarcane juice mixed with mint and salt will just quench your thirst like never before.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Jay ras bhandar at Bohra Ganesh Chowraha



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Juhee Mehta
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Rabdi Falooda

One layer of lacche topped with a layer of rabdi and a thick slice of Kulfi, if it doesn’t tempt your stomach, I don’t know what will. This Falooda will definitely fulfill your sweet cravings.


Price: Rs 40/-

Place: Karmchandji faloode vala near Fusion store at Shaktinagar

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm


Cold coffee

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: trip advisor

Last but definitely not the least. This is a boon for all the coffee addicts in the city. Coffee crushed with milk, ice cream, and chocolate chips is just irresistible. You can top it up with chocolate ice cream by adding just rupees ten.

Price: Rs 50/-

Place: Sai Sagar at Fatehsagar


With these above, summers will not trouble you anymore. Happy summers!


Best Places to have summer drinks in Udaipur

‘Summer is coming’, rather it has already arrived. Although Udaipur city is known for its pleasant weather, the summers can be really brutal. Now, we are really left with the scorching heat and increasing temperatures which result in sweaty and exhausting days. So, with the sun beating mercilessly on us, we crave for cool and refreshing drinks and that is where Udaipur restaurants and cafes have come to our rescue. Let’s take a look at some places that serve the best summer drinks in Udaipur.

The best places to beat the heat are-

1. Jheel ginger café bar-

Jheel Ginger cafe

A prominent café of Udaipur, Jheel ginger café is located on the banks of Lake Pichola and it is considered as the best place to chill, eat and drink. The café provides a variety of soft drinks and mocktails to go with and the food here is just finger licking’ good.

Address: 52-56 gangaur ghat, Jheel Guest House, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 400 for two (approx.)

UB Tip:

Use UB Life card to avail Flat 10% up to Rs 500/-

Flat 15% above Rs. 500/-

2. Dialogue café-

source: my udaipur city.

The café has nothing but good vibes to offer. Complimented with awesome ambience, great food, delicious shakes and mocktails, the place is a must visit in summers.

Address: Shobhagpura 100 ft. road, near Shubh Kesar Garden, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 350 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB life card to avail Flat 10% above Rs. 300/- and flat 15% above Rs. 500.

3. Keventers-

Keventers, Celebration Mall.

With its branches located all over India, Keventers came to Udaipur somewhere in 2017, and since then it has been the talk of the town. It provides a great variety of shakes which is quite impressive and makes it stand out of the league.

Address: Food court, celebration mall, bhuwana, Udaipur.

Sukhadia circle, Big Bazaar, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

4. Royal Brewmen-

source: my Udaipur City. Royal Brewmwn

When the summer is really killing us, Royal Brewmen’s shakes, Ice tea, and mojitos come as a whish of fresh air. Friendly atmosphere, the great ambience makes this place worth every penny.

Address: No.4 Hitawala complex, Saheli marg, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 400 for two. (approx.)

5. Brewberrys café bar-

Brewberrys cafe.

The beautiful café, since its establishment has garnered eyeballs of both the young generation as well as families. What makes it attractive is its decent ambience and calm atmosphere. Everyone should make a visit at least once.

Address: 56, New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB card to avail flat 10% above Rs. 300-550/-

Flat 20% off above Rs. 550/-

6. So Foody, Vinod’s cafe-

So Foody, vinod cafe

A small yet beautiful kiosk situated outside the RK Mall is the best place to beat the heat as it serves delicious cold coffee and thick shakes complimented with mouth-watering snacks.

Address: Outside R kay Mall, Panchawati road, Udaipur.

Price: Rs 250 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB card to avail Flat 10% off.

7. Shakes and Bites-

Shakes and Bites Cafe

As the name itself suggests, the place is well known for its thick shakes. Summers are the best time to visit this place and to treat yourself to delicious shakes and fast food.

Address: Ground floor, Hithawala complex, Saheli marg, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

And a special mention!

8. Happinezz-

When it comes to escaping the blazing heat how can we forget the oldest and yet very popular in the list i.e. Happinezz ice cream parlor. The famous Sundays and Ice creams are a must-have.

Address: New Fatehpura, Opposite Allahabad Bank, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 250 for two (approx.)


The most important tip for this summer is to stay hydrated. So, drink lots and lots of water.

There you have it- a list of places that provide the best summer drinks in the city. Do you know of any others? We would love to hear them.


Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

We crave for something new and interesting in our lives daily. The same goes when it comes to eating anything. Indeed ice-creams are something that everyone craves for. If you are one of them, who are looking for a new spot in Udaipur to have drool-worthy Ice-cream then you must pay a visit to ‘Giani Ice Cream’.Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

Let’s have a sneak peek into the world of Giani Ice-cream

Began in the year 1956 at Fatehpuri Delhi, Giani Ice Cream deals in a wide variety of delectable ice cream, faluda kulfi, Italian gelato, sorbet, shakes, cakes and so much more. It is 100% vegetarian; the delicious range of ice cream is savored by kids, youngsters, and adults equally.Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

Vaibhav Chhajed the person behind Udaipur’s Giani Ice Cream did his graduation from Delhi. During his grad years, he always went to Giani’s and had his favorite ice cream. His vision of bringing Gianis to Udaipur comes as an addition to his love for ice cream.

As I ran into an interesting conversation with him, he narrated ‘Giani ki Kahani’ in his words, “The venture started in 1956 at Giani-di-Hatti, situated amidst the bazaars of Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk, and still is known as one of the major landmarks of old Delhi. It was here that Giani Gurcharan Singh, a traditional sweetmeat maker from the then Layallpur (Faisalabad), Pakistan, set up a shop upon migrating to Delhi. He started serving his famous rabri-faluda and mango shakes, with love and best quality ingredients. This struck an instant chord with the discerning residents of the city and in no time at all, Giani (“the learned” in Punjabi), was a well-known name.”

Pretty interesting, isn’t it!!!

Today Giani has over 150 outlets in entire India.Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

Giani Ice Cream at Udaipur is located at Swaroop Sagar, under cafe Mansi. Giani ice cream has been awarded Ice Cream Parlour of the Year for 3 consecutive years. They have also served as sponsors of Bollywood famous films.

They have over 70 flavors of ice cream and we tasted two of their specials; Punjab special (for Rs. 160) and Chocolate killer (for Rs. 160).

Their luscious product includes:

  • Premium ice creams
  • Fresh fruit natural ice creams
  • Low-fat gelato (exclusive whiskey and whey protein gelato)
  • Various types of Faluda
  • Stick kulfis
  • Ice cream cakes of various types.
  • Shakes
  • Ice cream sodas
  • Cassata
  • Fruit cream
  • Diet zero sugar chocolate ice cream

Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

Facebook page: Giani Ice Cream Udaipur


Giani Ice Cream: Your next favorite spot is here!

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