How to Create a Blog (Level 1)

udaipurBlog Teaches how to make a blog

Hi Blog Readers and Fans, In this Post i will teach you How to make your own Blog By a Blogging Service of Google.  Blogger(

To Get Started We Need a Google Account(via

1. Visit:

gmail site view
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Click on ‘Create an Account’

2. Fill up All the Details.

Gmail Form
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Complete the Form Filling and then Click On ‘Create My Account in the Bottom’.

3. Usually Google Ask for Mobile Verification. So fill the Form Google will SMS a Code on Your Mobile. This Will get Your Account Verified.

Verify Account
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Your Account Would Now Be Ready.!!

— For All those who Already Have a Google Account can Skip These Steps —

Now Finally The Process of Making Our Blog Starts.

We Are Using Blogspot Service By Google.

1. Go to and Type your Id and Password in the Login Box Above.

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2. Fill in the Next Entries.

Infor Blogger
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3. Choose A Blog Name and Choose a Blog Address.

Name your Blog
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4. Choose a Template For your Blog.

Choose image for your Blog
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5. Your Blog Is Ready Click on ‘Start Blogging’ To Start Your World Of Blogging.


6. Start Writing Your Post For the Blog Inside. When You have Completed typing , Editing and all Click on ‘Publish Post’.

Learnt to Blog
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7. Your Post will be Published. Click on View Post to See your Post.

Learnt to Blog
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8. Click On View Post will Take you to Your Blog Post Online. Now Keep Posting regular Articles, News anything you like.

Learn Finally
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Welcome to the World Of Blogging!! Share Your Links Here!!

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