If You Are Looking For Permanent LASER Hair Removal Then Arth Skin & Fitness Is The Right Choice

For the first time in Udaipur, Arth Skin and Fitness brings 3D, triple wavelength, patented Super Hair Removal (SHR) LASER technology for painless and permanent hair removal by Award Winning Soprano Titanium of ALMA. 


  • Permanent hair removal: We utilize the latest advancement of Alma which deploys 3D technology that emits three wavelengths simultaneously to end the hair growth forever. 
  • Triple Wavelength wins over conventional Single Wavelength Diode: This triple wavelength mechanism penetrates all layers of skin and targets hair follicles at all depths. It also removes normal, coarse, thin and fine hair at one go for smooth and hairless skin. It is a new advanced technology over conventional old Diode LASERS which have only one wavelength and are unable to deliver satisfactory results. 
  • Painless: This breakthrough technology is armored with instant and simultaneous cooling by temperature up to as low as minus 5 degrees which ensures protection and pain-free session. It also ensures that there is no damage to the skin, unlike waxing and plucking that are painful and have adverse side effects.  
  • Safe and secure: This 3D, triple wavelength technology is supreme in its class and is FDA and CE approved. All its results are clinically approved and all the procedures are only performed by doctors, ensuring safety and desired results. 
  • For everyone: Both male and female can utilize this facility and can get hugely benefited. Those people who have never considered hair removal due to painful waxing can avail this painless treatment to get rid of hair forever. 
  • Quick: Loved for its efficiency and easy to operate functions, Soprano titanium is very much favorable, when we talk about time as it is 100% a time saver . Now you don’t have to plan a whole day just for hair removal, the services are quick and finest.  
(Credit: beyondtalk) The most painless way to permanently remove hair is possible with Soprano Titanium, the latest technology of Alma lasers.
  • No downtime: Due to no side effects or recovery time associated with this advanced technology, you do not require to lay back or be on hold for recovery. This procedure is simple, fast and assured with promised results.  
  • For all skin and hair types: Its triple wavelength technology penetrates deep into the skin to ensure satisfactory results for every skin and hair type. From coarse hair to thin ones, from dark skin to light ones, Soprano Titanium is a panacea for permanent and painless hair removal. 
  • Treatment for any part of your body: The advanced technology allows to remove hair from any part of your body like facial hair, smaller areas such as chin and nose and larger areas such as stomach and chest, etc. Women affected with PCOD can befriend this machine and watch their facial hair go away forever and easily. 


The expertise of Udaipur’s top cosmetologists and face aestheticians

Your skin is a gentle business, it needs expert and caring hands. We provide you with the dedication and skill of the best clinical as well as certified cosmetologist in Udaipur. Using the state-of-the-art technology of Alma lasers, our doctors and skin experts render you with supreme and accurate results against various skin imperfections. All the treatments that made you take expensive visits to metro cities can now be availed at Arth skin and Fitness at an affordable and a pocket-friendly cost. All kinds of  scientific solutions for all types of skin imperfections are now available for the first time in Udaipur. For concerns like melasma, hyperpigmentation, stubborn fat, acne or anything, our panel of doctors have hands in knowledge and solution for everything. 

The most advanced machines and clinically proven (FDA and CE approved) technology 

Arth skin and fitness is committed to provide you with supreme services. Our facilities are centered towards your satisfaction and desire-oriented solutions. Bringing Rajasthan its first Centre of Excellence with Alma, the world’s top laser aesthetic company, we have ensured you a safer and more secure procedures. All the machines are USA FDA and CE approved, that implies that the results are extremely effective without any side effects. Don’t risk your skin with chemicals and amateur hands. Take safer and more scientific beauty treatments with Arth. 

Dr. Arvind Singh and our panel of renowned clinical aestheticians use their updated knowledge and expertise to give you the best and promised results. That’s exactly why we are able to provide you with the top painless body hair removal treatment in Udaipur.

Get your painless permanent hair removal procedure today from Udaipur’s top cosmetologists and hair reduction technology. Say goodbye to harmful razors and waxing.  

Choose Arth, Choose Quality. 

Address: 3rd Floor, 4C Arth Building, behind Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Phone Number: 8669855945 (Morning 10 am to Evening 5 pm)
Email id:


Umang Khatri Launches ‘Easy Economics’: A Book for 11th & 12th Students

It’s well accepted that change is the only constant. One needs to amend for survival and to move forward.
Leading onto that an economics teacher and reformist from Udaipur Mr Umang Khatri has recently launched his book Easy Economics, a subject book for class 11th and 12th for term-1 CBSE.

About Umang Khatri

  • Umang Khatri Sir has completed schooling at The Study Senior Secondary School. He graduated from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University and completed his post-graduation from Delhi University.
  • Currently, he is running an institution in Udaipur named Easy Economics.
  • He is a specialist in economics and has taught over 1500 students in the last 5 years.
  • He is also very much fond of economics due to its practical implementation one can bring in life and for the nation.
  • Alongside being a teacher and an educationalist, he is also a psychotherapist by profession and is pursuing PhD in psychology.
  • Due to close interaction with depression in the family, he decided to pursue psychology.
  • He is also working on an extremely sensitive mental health topic, depression and is taking motivational seminars too for the past 3-4 years. The motto is to reduce the cases of depression, especially amongst youngsters.
  • He has successfully conducted 15 seminars in Pune and around 25 in Udaipur.

Purpose Of The Book

  • The book is for all the 11th and 12th class students who are looking for CBSE’s newly changed paper pattern.
  • As per CBSE, now there will be 2 patterns for the exam and one of them is term-1.
  • For term-1, there is no such material available, especially if the students are searching it online. There are very few study materials available for term-1 in the bookstores too.
  • This book is beneficial for all the students of classes 11th and 12th who are looking for the study material of term-1 economics.
  • The book contains multiple-choice questions, assertion-based and reasoning based questions.
  • The book covers all the economics syllabus that are going to come in the term-1 examination.

The Book Launch

The book launch of the book Easy Economics was on 3rd October 2021 and was inaugurated and launched by Mr. Praveen Khandelwal (CAIT Chairman), Mr. Chetan Deora (District Collector of Udaipur) and Mr. Vasudev Devnani (ex Education Minister).

Vision Statement of Umang Khatri

  • His primary aim is to promote education with reforms and in a manner that students should inculcate practical knowledge more instead of just reading and learning for exams and scoring high. According to him, a student after learning should also be able to implement and repay the subject matter.
  • He also emphasizes finding a perfect solution for depression that can be treated without medicines.

The young reformist has made a difference and is moving towards the wisdom change that needs to be inculcated with time. With his skills, abilities and contribution to education in Udaipur, the city’s proud eyes are looking up in hope and a brighter future.


When Mewar’s Gavri Traveled To The National Capital

Rajasthan is a state of culture, heritage and royalty, and primary among the attributes of the state, is the kingdom of Mewar, the place where festivals, tribes, rituals and folk mingle together to form a diverse view of culture and lineage.

An American photographer, Waswo X. Waswo, has done much to promote the regional culture of this land. His latest effort, in collaboration with local photographer and artist Rajesh Soni, has been the book and various exhibitions titled “Gavri Dancers”.

Waswo works in the vintage studio portrait mode, making images with painted backdrops at his studio in the Village of Varda. He then prints black and white photographs that are hand-brushed with colour by his long-time collaborator, Rajesh Soni, a third-generation Udaipur photo hand-colourist.

A recent show has just opened close to New Delhi, presented by Gallery Latitude 28 in the large galleries of Museo Camera, Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram. The exhibition is called “Gauri Dancers: The Opera of Mewar”.

Before diving into the event, let’s reconcile what exactly Gavri is.


  • In the versatile land of Mewar, prevails a tribal dance form known as Gavri, Gavari or Gauri.
  • The folk dance is treated as a festival by the Bheel tribe of Mewar.
  • They perform and celebrate the dance ritual with full joy coupled with spirituality.
  • The festival is significantly celebrated on the next day of Shravani Purnima or Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima.
  • Young boys and men of the tribe dress as females and perform the dance form, village to village, telling stories through their folklores and tales.


  • The art is being presented by Gallery Latitude 28 in the large galleries of Museo Camera, Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram.
  • The exhibition commenced from September 17, 2021 and will close on October 17, 2021.
  • The display of such extensive documentation of a little-know tradition to the Delhi crowd attracted and drew the attention of New Delhi’s art community and high society.
  • Waswo even brought a group of farmers from the village of Boro Walla Madri to make the traditional Gavri elephant within the gallery, symbolically marking it as a ritual performance.
  • The elephant was made up of grass straws, three cots, bangles, and other village materials.
  • The tradition of Gavri is almost unknown known outside Mewar. The seventy-five photographs in this exhibition and book are beginning to change that.
  • Each of the 75 black and white photographs you’ll find in the gallery have been patiently hand-tinted by Rajesh Soni, a well-known artist from Udaipur.


Rajesh Soni is from Udaipur and is a third-generation photo hand-colourist, primarily known for his abilities to hand paint digital photographs. His grandfather was Prabu Lal Verma, a court photographer to the Maharana Bhupal Singh of Mewar.

Waswo X. Waswo was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the U.S.A., and studied photography in both his hometown and Florence, Italy. He has lived and travelled in India for over twenty years and has made his home in Udaipur from the past thirteen. Waswo is known as an artist who collaborates with local artists and miniaturists. Waswo X. Waswo’s series on Gavri began over ten years ago. His style is to capture portraiture with natural light and an eye for detail. Though he shoots his portraits in a studio, he does his best to capture the naturalistic moment.   

In 2019 the duo of Waswo X. Waswo and Rajesh Soni created the first full-sized hardcover book on Gauri Dancers, published by Mapin, India.

When Mewar’s Gavri travelled to the national capital, it was definitely a proud moment. The collaborators from our city are on a mission to promote and elaborate the art and culture of Mewar throughout India and the world. Amidst the times when we are losing touch with our history and culture, this exhibition has reminded us to stick to our roots and be proud citizens of Mewar.


उदयपुर के पेसिफ़िक मेडिकल कॉलेज और हॉस्पिटल को मिली एनएबीएच की मान्यता

उदयपुर स्तिथ पेसिफिक मेडिकल कॉलेज और हॉस्पिटल को नेशनल एक्रीडिटेशन बोर्ड फॉर हॉस्पिटल्स एंड हेल्थकेयर प्रोवाइडर्स (एनएबीएच) से मान्यता मिल गई है। इस दौरान पीएमसीएच के चेयरमैन राहुल अग्रवाल, एग्जीक्यूटिव डायरेक्टर अमन अग्रवाल, सीईओ शरद कोठरी, ग्रुप डायरेक्टर मेडिकल सर्विसेज डॉ. दिनेश शर्मा एवं मेडिकल अधीक्षक डॉ. आर के सिंह आदि उपस्थ्तित थे।

पीएमसीएच के चेयरमैन राहुल अग्रवाल ने बताया की एनएबीएच ने यह मान्यता मरीज़ों के प्रति गुणवत्तापूर्ण देखभाल, नैतिक व्यवहार, निरंतरता और प्रतिबद्धता के चलते दी है। उन्होंने यह भी बताया की शहर में किफ़ायती दरों पर विश्वस्तरीय चिकित्सा सुविधा उपलब्ध कराने वाले अस्पतालों में शुमार पेसिफिक मेडिकल कॉलेज और हॉस्पिटल को कोरोना काल में मिली यह मान्यता प्रेरणा स्त्रोत है। इससे अस्पताल के कोरोना योद्धाओं का मनोबल बढ़ेगा और नई सकारात्मक ऊर्जा का प्रसार भी होगा।

एनएबीएच रोगियों की सुरक्षा व स्वास्थ्य देखभाल की गुणवत्ता सम्बन्धी मान्यता और सम्बन्ध कार्यक्रम संचालित करता है। इसी के मानक, मूल्यांकन और प्रमाणन एक निर्धारित अवधि के अंदर राष्ट्रीय एवं अंतरराष्ट्रीय मानदंडों के अनुरूप मूल्यांकन प्रक्रिया पर आधारित होते है।

पीएमसीएच एक ऐसा स्वस्थ्य केंद्र है जहाँ एक ही परिसर में अधिकतम चिकित्सा विभाग और सुविधाएँ जैसे कार्डियोलॉजी, न्यूरोलॉजी, गैस्ट्रोएंटरोलॉजी, यूरोलॉजी, नेफ्रोलॉजी, डायलिसिस, बर्न एवं प्लास्टिक सर्जरी, मेडिसन विभाग, जनरल सर्जरी विभाग, हड्डी रोग, स्त्री रोग, बाल एवं शिशु रोग आदि उपलब्ध हैं।

अपातला प्रबंधन का कहना है कि “हमें इस बात पर गर्व है कि एनएबीएच ने अस्पताल में अपना विश्वास प्रदर्शित किया है। हम पेशेवर वातावरण में सर्वोत्तम सेवाएं प्रदान करने का प्रयास जारी रखेंगे।”

Featured Lifestyle

5 Aviator Sunglasses That Can Fulfill Your Bollywood Dream

You might be wondering what that one common thing between a hero and a villain is? Well, we’ll answer that for you! It’s their uber-cool aviator sunglasses. That’s correct, be it that classic Rajnikanth movie where he twists his sunglasses with so much swag or the iconic aviator sunglasses from the hit Bollywood movie Dabangg starring the crowd-favorite actor Salman Khan, this particular part of a hero/villain’s costume is its USP.

Now all you Bollywood fanatics, your dream of buying those same stylish aviator sunglasses has come true. With the ever-changing fashion trends, aviator sunglasses never go out of style. So, today there are thousands of variants of these stylish sunglasses that you can choose from.  

Image Source: Shutterstock

However, with so many choices available in the market, it’s understandable to feel stuck or confused.  Thus, to help you out, we have sorted the list for you, and all you’ve got to do is choose the one your heart desires the most! 

Black Aviator Sunglasses For Your Desi Soul

If you’re obsessed with all things black, and Bollywood is always on your mind, opt for these black ray ban sunglasses to transport yourself to a film set instantly. The subtle green tinge of the lenses gives off a perky vibe, and for anyone who wishes to channel in that hero energy, these aviator sunglasses are your go-to for sure!

Guns & Glasses From The Crime Master

Anyone who adores Bollywood is familiar with the legendary character Crime Master Gogo. His attire’s two major components were his gun and his sunglasses. Well, these round aviator sunglasses made with gunmetal will totally remind you of this cult classic comedy movie and this villain character whenever you’re in the mood for some mischief. In addition, the sleek look and rimmed frame will provide you with an extra edge over others to make you stand apart.

A Not-So Hidden Golden Treasure

Don’t worry, this gold treasure is not hidden under a big W, and you definitely don’t need to travel anywhere to get your hands on it. These golden frames are glamorous, and you’ll feel like the paparazzi is after you when you wear these aviator sunglasses. Giving you all the reasons to show off these purple-tinted beauties, plan your next outing and pair these with any outfit-be it casual, formal, or ethnic. So, for feeling like you’ve just attended the biggest Bollywood bash, pick these ones on your next buy!

B for Bollywood, B for Bronze

The bronze shade is such a royal and classy colour, and the shine that it gives out resembles the stardom of our favourite Bollywood actors. The lightweight frame and refined golden hues with a bent nose strip speak oodles of the ultra-modern design that is truly one-of-a-kind. To feel your dream come a little closer, opt for this classic rim in a unique colour for all the KJO vibes.

Retro: An Ode To Ray Ban & Bollywood

Retro is perhaps the most wildly popular theme and style in Bollywood, referring to a particular era. This design of aviator sunglasses holds significance as it is cherished and owned by every bollywood biggies. The chic gold tone exudes sophistication and simplicity at its core so go for these wide cover sunglasses to capture the essence of everything Bollywood!

Your Way Forward

This guide is for everyone who resonates with those cheesy dialogues and are hopeless romantics searching for the best kind of love. Well, one thing is settled, the best kind of love is the love for aviator sunglasses, which is sorted with these stellar sunglasses at your disposal.

What’s left now? That’s right, The End! Just like the end of a movie, the end decision is also the most crucial one. You should wisely choose your retailer who is trusted and reliable, like Titan Eyeplus. With 600+ stores and the best quality eyewear, they’ve covered your Bollywood dream like a pro. In addition, their easy exchange and 7-day return policy will make your online purchase of aviator sunglasses worth every penny. So go get shopping, folks!


Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants In Udaipur

Our generation is a bunch of Haba babas, scrolling our lives through social media. Well, social media is a vast term, so to mention here, that we’re Instagram freaks won’t be an overstatement. 

Udaipur, a city that sweeps you off your feet with its mystical and magical, alluring beauty is a no less than a piece of art. Steeped in culture and heritage, this city not only offers great heritage sites, lakes, cafes and restaurants, but also Instagrammable cafes & restaurants. YES! You read it right.

Today, we are all about posting stories, videos, reels and posts on Instagram. I am not here to scold you down on it. I say, let’s get more Instagram-y and surf the Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants in Udaipur.


  • Royal Repast is a multi-cuisine specialty restaurant located in a 95-year-old colonial bungalow in central Udaipur.
  • Residing in the heart of the city, the restaurant has a beautifully decorated private dining room with a vintage ambiance and a vibrant open courtyard.
  • As there are private dining rooms, the guests can relish the personalized private dining services.
  • The restaurant has been visited by various state heads, food critics, celebrity chefs, Hollywood fraternity and renowned cookbook authors.
  • Continuing the legacy of the heritage bungalow, the restaurant believes in keeping the heritage alive on the plates, and therefore their must-try dishes are keema samosa, laal maas and paneer lababdar

Address: Bedla house, Chetak Marg, Opp. SBI bank, Udaipur

Contact Number: 98292 20362, 95495 51335


  • Banjara is a restaurant, serving one of the best and delicious delicacies in Udaipur. 
  • The musical restaurant also is famous for its live music in different genres like Rock, Bollywood, Classical, Folk, Sufi, etc. with aesthetic interiors and aromatic ambiance inculcating different architectural styles. 
  • With meeting the aspirations of all the generations, Banjara also ensures to keep a casual culture and creates a liberating and tension-free environment.
  • Some of Banjara’s famous and exquisite dishes are:- Main Course- Paneer Pakiza; Chinese- Gold Coin with Honey chilly Sauce; Pizza- Fresh Farm and Capri; Fries- RJ27; Mocktail – Cold Todi.

Address: Near Archi Arihant Apartment, On JK Paras Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur

Contact Number: 93211 07641


  • Millets of Mewar with a motto of ‘जसो अन्न वासो मन ‘, believes in serving healthy food on the plates.
  • Reflecting the traditional culture of India, the cuisines are made with the utmost authenticity of the culture and heritage we possess.
  • To support other local small business owners and farmers, the restaurant uses locally sourced and produced, organically grown ingredients, wherever and whenever possible.
  • The restaurant serves local millets, Rajasthani dishes, vegan, gluten-free, raw food, less oil and organic dishes.
  • With an incline towards healthy food, Millets of Mewar also promotes traditional Indian food like kebabs, paneer butter masala, sizzlers, etc.
  • The signature dishes are:
  • Millet veg Tikki
  • Special millet base pizza
  • Quinoa veg & cheese tarts
  • Millet pancake
  • Millet bhel chat
  • Authentic gluten-free pad thai noodles
  • vegan smoothies
  • And specialized dietary food

Address: 25, Near Biological Park , Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) , Udaipur

Contact Number: 87693 48440, 99284 43548


  • Hello Boho Cafe is a place to savor and relish the best of food and serene in the city of lakes.
  • The cafe is located at the beautiful lakeside, Gangaur Ghat.
  • The ambiance is something one can completely be in awe of. The boho looks make the cafe very much distinct and is comforting in a very palatable way.
  • The rooftop helps the visitors capture the scenic Udaipur with a cold beer and mouth-watering and must-try delicacies like their smoothies, pizzas, shakes, etc.

Address: A/5 Hello Boho Cafe, Behind Zostel, Purohit Ji Ka Kuhra, Imli Ghat, Chandpole, Udaipur

Contact Number: 95300 95311, 80035 88837


  • Dheergarh Rooftop Restaurant is the highest rooftop restaurant in Udaipur, the city of lakes.
  • The restaurant offers a majestic view of the monsoon palace i.e. Sajjangarh, with the mystical serene waters of the Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar.
  • At Dheergarh, one can relish the experience of candlelight dinners, traditional and multiple cuisine options.

Address: D – 26, Trident Road, Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Udaipur

Contact Number: 77370 37669


  • Nestled on the shores of Fateh Sagar lake, Bougainvillea Terrace by the lake is a rooftop restaurant that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape to showcase the beauty of the city at its best.
  • The restaurant believes in showcasing the concept of co-existing with nature. The interiors cascading with the bougainvilleas perfectly fit with the ambiance of the restaurant.
  • The bar and the restaurant have sumptuous offerings on the menu, designed by expert chefs, that have something to suit everybody’s taste.

Address: Hotel Lakend, Fatehsagar Lakeshore, Alkapuri, Udaipur.

Contact Number: 70731 99906


  • Grasswood cafe is one of the best solutions for all your gastronomical needs.
  • The cafe is located in the beautiful old city of Udaipur and provides an extensive, mesmerizing view of Lake Pichola and the striking Aravallis to the visitors.
  • Experience the enthralling candlelight evening with soothing music, here. This place never fails to romanticize the sereneness of the city of lakes.
  • The cafe is famous for its coffee. Other than that, if you’re a foodie and like to experiment with cuisine, then this place is for you.
  • Lal maas and lachha paratha are the must-try dishes at the cafe.

Address: 63 Grasswoodcafe, Above Nirvana Haveli, Next to Leela Palace Main Gate, Chandpole, Udaipur.

Contact Number:  95300 95311, 80035 88837

Your mouth must be watering by now and your mobile phone might be going crazy to click in these beautiful restaurants and cafes. So, now no waiting! It’s time to visit these instagrammable cafes and restaurants in Udaipur and tingle your taste buds with the rejuvenating cuisines.

If you want a restaurant or cafe to get featured in this list, then send the details on


Young Mountaineer From Udaipur Chooses Humanity Over Dreams

Wrong and right are two different sides of the same coin. But lesser do we know that there’s something above than just two sides and a mere coin i.e. humanity; The most noble act one can do is to showcase it.

There have been heroes in the past we’ve been proud of. It’s time to bring that feeling back. A young mountaineer from Udaipur, Kartik Khandelwal has shown the courage to drop his dreams in the midst of a hike and hence saved a life.

About Kartik Khandelwal

  • Kartik is a 21 year old youngster from Udaipur, studying BSc from BN college.
  • He is a an active cadet in NCC 6 RAJ AIR WING SQN.
  • He is a passionate mountaineer, a skyrunner, a rock climber and much more than explained.
  • Kartik also runs his own trekking group known as Ekjagah.
  • Apart from this he has nearly completed 20,000 climbs.

Now, in his recent hike ,the young mountaineer Kartik faced a situation where he had to choose between his hard earned dreams and saving a co-trekker’s life.

Unforgettable Mt. Yuman Journey

  • It was Mt. Yuman (Himachal) where he and other five of his co-trekkers with their coach started to head up to achieve the 20,000 ft summit.
  • The 7 memebers of IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) used to trek in the night to face less of the danger and glacier melting threats.
  • The climb began on 17th July 2021 and their base camp was Bharatpur, Lahaul.
  • The trekkers crossed the snowed mountain as well as forest terrain and ice cold river streams to set up their first camp at 17,000ft.
  • It was dark in the night and thee trekkers started to move at 2:25 am for their final move towards the summit.
  • Nothing was visible due to the snow and haze. Still they moved ahead.
  • The team was just 800m away from the dinal summit and suddenly a team mate started to feel Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS); a sickness that every avid mountaineer dreads of.
  • This time, Kartik Khandelwal has achieved a 20,000 ft climb to Mt. Yunam, or rather gave up touching the summit by a distance of 800m to fulfill another imperative task.
  • The co-trekker was Kartik’s trek buddy (During trekking two mountaineers are paired and called buddy). With his health detoriating, Kartik had to take a call of choosing between his goals, that he aspired the most and had come to achieve it with grave difficulties or to save someone’s life.
  • Normally, if a person in a group is down during trekking then the whole crew stops dismisses the further journey on stop. But in this case as the crew was very close to their final height and seeing his friends situation deteriorating, Kartik took a call to let his team move forward and carry his friend by himself back to the base.
  • He carried his buddy with both of their heavy rucksacks. And finally was able save him.

It’s truly said that life is an adventure and full of surprises. You never know what may come and when. You might plan things but things may not go accordingly. Today, Kartik Khandelwal has set an example that humanity is above everything. To safe a life he was ready to drop a dream for which he was prepping for so long and was so close to achieving it.

Not everyone has the courage to do that and we are proud of his acts and accomplishments.


Animal Rescue in Udaipur: Udaipur Rescue Team

There is a saying that every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day. It is definitely well said! Doing a good deed especially for someone is a the most noble thing mankind can offer.
A gesture or initiative to help and rescue a being is an honest hand of righteousness. Following to which Udaipur Rescue Team is putting their foot forward in this direction and engaging in animal rescue in Udaipur.

About Udaipur Rescue Team

  • A bunch of youngsters from Udaipur have started a rescue group called Udaipur Rescue.
  • They help in rescuing wildlife and street animals along with human accidental cases.
  • The team is properly trained and experienced as they have handled rescue cases in the past.
  • All the personnel rescuing have been trained under proper rescue trainers.
  • The rescue team is well prepared with the required and proper knowledge of handling the animals, so that after rescuing the animals, they can be safely sent back to its original habitat.
  • A proper comprehensive study is done about the strengths and weaknesses of the animal which is to be rescued and where can be an accurate releasing point for it.
  • For human accidental cases the team makes sure that the person reaches in real quick time and gets a proper medical care, whenever required
  • There is a 24/7 helpline number i.e. +91-8769222872

Reason to start the group

  • The first and foremost reason to start the group to help the needy, whether it is animal or human.
  • There are people who need help and require rescue operations but are not capable of affording the minimum fee. So, in that case no money is charged by the team.
  • The actual focus and primary motto is to help both animals and humans in the best way possible.

For further information and queries on animal and human rescue contact on:

The helpline number i.e. +91-8769222872


You can also visit on their social media pages for inquiries:



They have extended a helping hand towards us to make our surroundings a better world. Let us all make this possible with our combined efforts and contribute towards humanity.


जानिए उदयपुर के लेखक श्याम सुन्दर भट्ट के बारे में

कई विद्वानों और बुद्धिमान व्यक्तियों ने एक ‘शब्द’ को अपने तरीके से परिभाषित किया है। पर आखिर में शब्द क्या है, महज भावनाएं ही तो है। बस किसी को उन भावनाओं को पिरोना आ गया और कोई अब भी सीख रहा है। और इसी शब्दों को एक सुन्दर से लेख में पिरो के लिखने की कला को ही तो लेखन या लिखना कहते है। 

लिखना, एक ऐसी कला है जो आपके अंदर की भावनाओं को सुन्दर और सुचारु रूप से व्यक्त करती है। इसी कला का प्रदर्शन झीलों की नगरी उदयपुर में भरपूर मात्रा में देखा और पढ़ा गया है। यहाँ के एक लेखक है श्याम सुन्दर भट्ट जिन्होंने कई प्रसिद्धः किताबें लिखी है और अपने शहर का नाम रौशन किया है। आइये जानते कुछ उनकी जीवन शैली और उनकी किताबों के बारे में।

निजी जीवन

  • श्याम सुन्दर भट्ट जी भूगोल शिक्षक है।
  • उनका जन्म रेलमगरा के पास एक गांव में हुआ।
  • स्कूल, कॉलेज और करीब ग्यारह साल तक की नौकरी उदयपुर और उदयपुर के आस पास के प्रांतो में की।
  • ग्यारह साढ़े ग्यारह साल की नौकरी के बाद 3साल फिजी में रह कर काम किया।
  • ये बात साल 1979-80 की है जब उन्होंने भारत वापिस आ के बांसवाड़ा के एक स्कूल में काम किया। वह ही उन्हें मेवाड़ पर लिखी गई एक प्रसिद्ध किताब मिली। उसे पढ़ कर इन्हे लगा की मेवाड़ में रह के भी वे कितना कम जानते है अपनी ही भूमि के बारे में।
  • किताबे पढ़ने और लिखने में कम रूचि होने के कारण उन्होंने दुसरो को मेवाड़ पे नयी किताबे लिखने के लिए आग्रह किआ पर वहाँ से भी उन्हें हतोत्साहित हो के लौटना पड़ा।
  • लेकिन मेवाड़ की धरती पर जहा जहा प्रताप ने पैर रखे वो उनके दिमाग में घूम रही थी।
  • राजस्थान के विभिन्न माध्यमिक तथा उच्च माध्यमिक के शिक्षक एवं प्रधानाचार्य व प्रधानाध्यापक भी रहे है।
  • उसके कुछ वर्ष पश्च्यात ही उदयपुर में उन्हें शिक्षा विभाग का उप निदेशक बना दिया गया। इतना ही नहीं उन्हें गुलाब बाग़ में स्थित सरस्वती भवन लाइब्रेरी का प्रभारी भी बनाया गया।
  • यही के एक साहित्यकार की मदद से खुद से लिखना शुरू किया। मेवाड़ पर और 30-40 किताबे पढ़ी और उनका पहला उपन्यास 52 साल की उम्र छपा।
  • राजस्थान शासन द्वारा सम्मानित तथा राजस्थान साहित्य अकादमी द्वारा पुरुस्कृत भी है।


  • अब तक श्याम सुन्दर भट्ट जी के द्वारा लिखी गई 23 किताबे और उपन्यास छप चुके है।
  • कई अलग-अलग शैलियों में पुस्तके लिखी हैं लेकिन अधिकांश प्रकाशित पुस्तकें इतिहास शैली की हैं। उनके द्वारा लिखी हुई पुस्तकें बड़े बड़े पुब्लिकेशन्स से छपी हुई है।
  • इन्होने के सांस्कृतिक भूगोल कोष भी लिखा है जिसमे वेदिक साहित्य जैसे महाभारत या रामयण अथवा नदियों सागरों और कई पुराणों के नाम भी अर्जित है।

पुस्तकों के नाम

  • दर्प
  • महाराणा संग्रामसिंह
  • कालजयी श्री परशुराम
  • चेतक घोड़े का सवार
  • अपराजेय
  • मेवाड़ का सूर्यपुत्र
  • धरती का सूरज
  • राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति
  • बंद मुट्ठियों के सपने
  • सिंधुपति महाराज श्री चचदेव
  • शक्तिपुत्र
  • महर्षि श्री हारीत एवं श्री बप्पारावल
  • सिंधुपुत्र महाराज श्री दाहर
  • सांस्कृतिक भूगोल कोष

पिछले तीस सालों में लिखने पढ़ने से दूर भागने वाले एक भूगोल के शिक्षक ने मेवाड़ के पन्नों में नए सुनहरे पंख लगाए है। आज 82 साल की उम्र में भी वे किताबें लिख रहे है और अपनी शहर की भूमि से पूरी दुनिया को अवगत करा रहे है। आपका योगदान सर्वतः सराहनीय है।


International Chess Day special: Did you know about this chess club in Udaipur?

They say chess is a game of intellect and intelligence. Rightfully said!

Chess is a game of imagination and strategy. Absolutely!

It’s a game that provides an order, wit and growth in one’s life. In fact, there have been studies which support the claim that chess improves an individual’s organizational and analytical skills. The game of chess also helps in making new wonderful habits of planning and making careful and decisive moves in life and most importantly it teaches patients.  It teaches that if we have taken the step forward, it’s irreversible but, for future we can obviously improvise and do better than the last move.

Our lakecity is not at all in lack of champions and their stories and continuing to this tradition Chess in lakecity club has contributed in making the list of achievements a longer one.

About Chess in lakecity

  • Chess in lakecity is a group of chess enthusiast players of Udaipur.
  • Chess in lakecity was established in the year 2008 by Mr. Rajeev Bhardwaj, President, Chess in lakecity and the core team of the club.
  • It is an established organization that has helped in expansion and growth of chess in Udaipur from past 15 -16 years.
  • From then onwards it has been a coaching as well as a tournament and organizing platform for chess.
  • Chess in lakecity has organized many grand level international FIDE rated chess tournaments.

Latest achievements of Chess in lakecity:

  • In September 2019, Chess in lakecity organized 1st Lakecity Grand Master International Chess Tournament. Players from 11 different countries participated. There were total 204 international FIDE rated players among all participants and 223 players from 11 Federations i.e. BAN, CHI, EGY, IND, MDV, NEP, RUS, SGP, SRI, SVK, USA.
  • In these past few years the club has managed to organize more than 150 tournaments like local and state open, including 16-17 FIDE rated international tournament.
  • Due to such steps and efforts of the club, there are 150+ FIDE rated players in our city today and the club has helped in providing the deserving platforms for all these extraordinary players.

The vision of this club is to expand the knowledge of chess in our very own city and somewhere down the line they have accomplished a part of their vision. The foresightedness for the chess talents in our city by this club has proven to be a great endeavor in spreading the word about the game in the city of lakes.

Today on the occasion of International Chess Day we wish all the chess lovers out there, tons of luck and wisdom.

For further inquiries contact Chess in lakecity @ +91-9413045606

Address: Mahaveer Chessman Public School, Lakhara Chowk, Udaipur-313001 (Raj.)