Planning to Buy a New Bike? Here Are Some Really Valuable Tips For Selecting The Right Two-Wheeler Insurance Cover

Owning a two-wheeler can be convenient for most Indians, especially those who commute long hours using public transport to reach their workplace. Moreover, a two-wheeler does an excellent job at navigating through the narrow Indian lanes, ensuring you don’t get stuck in the heavy traffic prevalent on the main roads. 

If you’ve decided to purchase a two-wheeler of your choice, you’ll also have to look for excellent two-wheeler insurance to secure it against unforeseen road mishaps.

According to Indian laws, no two-wheeler owner can take their vehicle on roads without getting it covered under bike insurance. If you’re ever caught riding an uninsured bike, you’ll be subjected to heavy fines and penalties. 

If you want to avoid such experiences, make sure you get decent vehicle insurance at the earliest. To help you pick the best insurance for your bike, we’ve listed down some insanely helpful tips that are sure to help. So let’s now head to the tips shared below.    

  • Pick the Ideal Cover Type

The market offers two broad types of bike insurance, viz., third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance is the most basic and standard vehicle insurance that secures the bike owner against financial liabilities arising from damages caused to third-party individuals and properties because of a road accident. It does not cover the policyholder and own bike damages in case of road accidents; hence, the premium is also on the lower side.

On the other hand, comprehensive bike insurance covers own damages and damages caused to any third-party individuals and properties due to a road mishap. As this insurance offers better coverage, its premium is slightly higher than the third-party insurance, but the enhanced coverage justifies the extra cost. Now that you’re aware of the coverage types, pick the one that best suits your requirement.  

  • Find & Compare Similar Types of Policies Online

The best part of buying bike insurance online is getting to choose the best option after reviewing multiple policies in a short span of time – which is slightly impossible to do offline. Once you’ve decided whether to proceed with comprehensive insurance or third-party insurance, start looking for different insurance companies offering a similar policy.

Review each insurance plan against the coverage and premium, so you can get the best yet cost-effective insurance for your two-wheeler. You can consider the insurer’s reputation, claim settlement ratio, and other aspects as key differentiaors.

  • Make Sure the Premium is Affordable

You should always settle with a policy that covers your basic requirements and also comes at a decent premium, something you can pay without any hassle. As the premium amount depends significantly on the type of coverage you want, the add-ons you need, and several other details, it is best to use a reliable, online tool. This tool enables you to project a fair amount of  premium that you have to pay on a regular basis. So it is best to use a bike insurance premium calculator tool to get near accurate premium estimates for your bike insurance.

You just have to provide the required information correctly, and the calculator will give you an estimate within a few seconds. If you want to check the premium after adding or removing a few add-ons, it can easily be done with a few clicks. So always take the help of a premium calculator online to shortlist your bike insurance policies accordingly.

  • Understand Your Bike’s IDV

Your bike’s IDV or Insured Declared Value is the ex-showroom price of your two-wheeler. It is essential to possess a little knowledge about your bike’s IDV, as it directly impacts the insurance premium. The higher your two-wheeler’s IDV, the higher the premium and vice-versa. 

You can also consider IDV to be the policy’s sum insured amount. If your bike ever gets damaged beyond repair or gets stolen, the insurer will be liable to pay a maximum amount up to the policy’s sum insured or your bike’s IDV.

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  • Choose a Reputed Insurer

Buying bike insurance is a long-term investment, so make sure you don’t settle with an average insurer. To ensure you have a smooth, pleasant experience throughout the policy duration, choose an insurance company that enjoys a positive image among people. 

You can take the help of online forums, Facebook groups, Reddit groups, or other online communities to find out whether the insurer you’ve shortlisted is worth proceeding ahead with or not.  

  • Gather Information about the Claim Settlement Process

One of the most attention-worthy yet neglected aspects of buying insurance from an insurance company is its claim settlement process. You wouldn’t want yourself entangled in tedious paperwork and slow claim settlement processes if you ever encounter a road accident. So the best way to ensure you’re choosing the right insurance is by proceeding with an insurer that has a hassle-free and quick claim settlement process in place.

To get a fair picture, you can check the claim settlement ratio of the past few years, along with the insurer’s reviews online regarding their claim settlement process. Go ahead if you find enough positive responses to convince you to proceed with an insurer.

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  • Look what Add-ons are Available with the Policy

If you feel the standard insurance plan doesn’t offer decent coverage, you can buy add-ons to fill the gap. Add-ons or riders are purchased separately to enhance the coverage of the insurance policy. Not all insurance companies will offer the same add-ons, so always check what options are available to you before buying any policy. Though the options might differ, you can find the following add-ons being offered by top insurers:

  • Zero Depreciation cover: This cover passes down the liability of costs related to depreciation and replacement of new spare parts of the policyholder’s bike after an accident to the insurer.  
  • Return to Invoice cover: If the policyholder’s bike gets damaged beyond repair or stolen, the insurance company will pay the last invoice price of the bike to those who have taken this cover.
  • Roadside Assistance: Offers services like towing, taxi service, bike repair, etc., if your two-wheeler gets stranded within 500km from the middle of the city.  
  • Consumables cover: Pass down the expenses related to consumables like oil, nuts, bolts, etc., during claim settlement on the insurer using this cover.  
  • Engine Protection cover: Get this cover if you want to cover expenses related to the engine’s consequential damages post a road accident.

Always remember that each add-on comes at an additional cost, so only add the ones you really need.

  • Check if Any Discount is Available

A benefit while purchasing bike insurance online is getting the option to look for discounts or deals. You can check the insurer’s website to see whether they are offering some special offers or discounts, or deals to prospective policy buyers. Some insurance companies offer certain discounts if you pay using a particular bank debit or credit card, so make sure you check these details before making any final payment.

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  • Read the Inclusions & Exclusions Attentively

One thing you should never do while purchasing bike insurance is assuming the policy offers certain benefits because another insurer does so. If you want to stay away from any unpleasant shocker while filing for your claim, always be clear with the policy’s inclusion and exclusion from day one. 

You should read what the policy includes and excludes by heading to the respective insurer’s website. You can also take the help of their customer support if you cannot understand a few clauses. The clearer you are with the policy terms, the pleasant your experience will be.

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  • Look for an Insurer that Involves Less Paperwork & Hassles

If you hate getting into too much paperwork, look for an insurance company known for its straightforward insurance buying process. You can easily find an insurer that lets you buy bike insurance online using a few clicks. If you have never purchased bike insurance before, ask your peers or members from online communities or forums regarding insurance companies that offer bike insurance involving minimal paperwork and hassle. Their inputs will show you the right direction.

Getting the right bike insurance is as crucial as getting the right bike. So give enough time to research the insurance ideal for your two-wheeler. If you take all the tips shared above into consideration while finalizing an insurance plan, you’ll surely end up with the best option.


Udaipur Based ‘Rajasthani Stuff’ Will Make You Fall For Handmade Traditional Footwear

Whenever there’s a talk about the cultural richness and highly cultivated traditions, the first name that pops in is Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a state of distinctive, colorful and rich ambiance. With that, Rajasthan is famous for its nearly 5000 years old ancient culture as well as for textiles, semi-precious stones, handicrafts, and for its traditional and colorful art. But, have you ever tried the handmade traditional footwear of Rajasthan?

This Udaipur-based Rajasthani Stuff will make you fall for handmade traditional footwear. Engraved with Rajasthan’s warmth & crafts, Rajasthani Stuff provides a wide range of handcrafted footwear.

About Rajasthani Stuff

  • Rajasthani stuff is an initiative of global acquaintanceship to the colorful and warm culture of Rajasthan.
  • It was founded in the year 2017.
  • Their pure aim is to provide the best Rajasthani crafts to the world with their Handcrafted footwear which exhales an ambiance of traditional culture.
  • All the products are made by Rajasthani stuff without any mechanization at any step.
  • With the assurance of quality, Rajasthani Stuff also believes in providing authenticity of handmade products made with traditional techniques and processes.
  • Rajasthani Stuff has its own dedicated team of ingenious handicraft manufacturers and e-commerce experts bringing the traditional culture and the art lovers across the globe.
  • They are also a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler & Retailer of a wide range of Mules, Block Heels, Flats, Juttis, Kolhapuri, Wedges, Ethnic Footwear, Rajasthani Footwear, etc.
  • Rajasthani Stuff also offers this ethnic footwear at reasonable rates and delivers these within the assured time frame.
  • The Udaipur-based company also owns a store in the city of lakes, where they provide endless choices and a huge range of footwear designs. (Store address & contact number mentioned in the end)
  • They also customize according to the customer’s demand like different sizes, color, shapes, designs etc.

With a wide variety of ethnic shoes, Rajasthani Stuff has dwelled its loyal customers across the globe. And with a rapidly increasing social media presence in a very short period of time, the culture acquainting company is believed to touch the limitless sky.

You name the occasion and they’ve got it; a promising range will sweep you off your feet!

Address: Swasti Plaza, 2nd Floor, Near Historia Royal Hotel, 100 Ft. Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Number: +91-7014663787


Mahendra Kumawat’s Majestical Events Bagged The Award Of Best Event Management Company In Udaipur

Managing the hustle-bustle is a task and events are all about that. People are tending more towards event management companies to avoid the chaos and enjoy their special day to the fullest.

It takes a lot of trust for someone to entrust their occasions on complete strangers, but it is the event management companies that have built an industry to ensure that all your events go hassle-free. Well, talking about top event planners in Udaipur, how can one miss Majestical Events, who recently bagged the award for the Best Event Company in Udaipur in Shubh Wedding & Life Style Awards 2021, Season 4.

About Majestical Events

Majestical Events is an Udaipur-based event planning company, started in the year 2013. It is a professional, diverse & tailored wedding & event planner company, that believes in surfacing to the expectations of its clients. With clients at definite priority, Majestical Events believes in providing at-point design, decor, catering, wedding themes, gifts, invitations, entertainment, travel coordination and so much more. 

About The Man Behind Majestical Events

  • The young millennial Mahendra Kumawat commenced his career in the wedding industry as a debutant, all by himself at a very young age of 21 years in the year 2013 as a freelance event planner.
  • He juggled work and studies together for a year and bagged a tie-up with Jag Mandir Palace as an entire wedding service provider which included providing logistics, manpower for the event, decoration set up and the entire management of the event.
  • Apart from this, he also used to provide local support to other event companies coming from other states for the wedding of their clients.
  • Slowly and steadily this young entrepreneur made a remarkable presence in the wedding industry and bagged his first entirely independent event at Hotel Lakend, Udaipur in the year 2016.
  • Alongside events from 2019 onwards, he started supporting young graduates from the hotel industry who want to pursue their careers abroad.
  • Sooner he got recognized outside India and was approached by well know properties from Dubai & Maldives.
  • They made him as a tunnel pathway for helping young talents from India to be placed in well-sited jobs and so far this millennial has helped more than thirty-five people with placements in countries like Dubai, Maldives and Turkey with great pay scale and hospitable environment.
  • Also over the time of 8 years, he has organized weddings and corporate events as well in grand heritage properties of Udaipur, Dungarpur, Jaipur, Gujrat and other such opulent places.
Mahendra Kumawat, Founder & CEO, Majestical Events

About Shubh Wedding & Life Style Awards 2021

  • Shubh Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine held season 4 of Shubh Wedding & Life Style Awards 2021.
  • The award is considered as one of the most prestigious and honorary awards in the wedding industry.
  • The star-studded event was organized at Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur.
  • Celebrity guests for the event were the former Miss India and actress Dia Mirza along with the CEO of the Q EVENT Mr. Rituraj Khanna.
  • Best and designated event management companies and destination wedding hotels from all over India were invited to attend this prestigious award night.
  • And finally, the moment came when the founder and managing director of MAJESTICAL HOSPITALITY SERVICES, Mr. Mahendra Kumawat received an award for THE BEST EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY IN UDAIPUR.

Majestical Events, run by the young talent, Mahendra Kumawat has now set the bar high with their streaks of achievements in the beautiful city of lakes. 


A Place Where Fat Is Burned & Pride Is Earned

There are millions of reasons to start your fitness journey and here is one more. Arth Skin and Fitness proudly presents a luxurious state-of-the-art facility with a 3900 sq. ft. of gym space with 30+equipment from industries leading brands Cybex and Fitline elite and many more amenities like steam baths, in body analysis, thumb and retina recognition entry, etc.

In this time of pandemic where our health and immunity matter the most, Arth brings a unique offer for its clients where 15000 rupees worth of points will be rewarded to the client for a yearly gym membership of 15000 rupees (excl GST). These points will be 100% redeemable for the client and their loved ones for diagnostics (Healthcare) and clinical cosmetology (Skincare) requirements at Arth Group establishment.

Some of the unique and advanced machines that Arth Skin and Fitness is equipped with to help you achieve your body goals are

Pinnacle Cross Trainer:
  • The only cross-trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions, adjustable stride width, variable foot position and unique handle positioning for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety.
  • You can simulate all forms of climb plus have the option to perform short stride intervals in wider positions — ideal for sports conditioning. It promotes a variety of goals and training modalities.
Curve Treadmill:
  • This machine is 300% more effective in burning fat than a flat treadmill.
  • Pushing the belt requires more energy expenditure which in turn elevates your heart rate and improves your VO2 Max limit with the increase in your cardiac.
  • It is a cardio and strength exercise for your legs, whereas running on a treadmill is mostly cardio.
  • It’s a wiser choice to go for StairMaster if you want to burn calories and tone your glutes and legs at the same time.
Cybex Arc Trainer:
  • Arc trainer is biomechanically more efficient than the leading elliptical trainer and is better at activating the large muscles of the lower body.
  • 30 minutes of workout can burn about 400 calories.
Ab coaster:
  • You might have seen athletes perform hanging leg raises. It is one of the most difficult exercises and effective exercises for your core muscles.
  • Ab coaster makes this incredible exercise easier to perform with the same benefits.

There are many other advanced pieces of equipment available at Arth Skin and Fitness Gym which when used together make a deadly combination to defeat those stubborn fat cells and build those healthy muscles.

Crossfit equipment like monkey bars, kettlebells, medicine and slam balls, TRX, Loops of different resistance, etc. Air rower which is a total body workout. Air bike which again is a cardio plus muscle workout.

Arth Skin and Fitness takes several measures to maintain the utmost quality and experience. Arth is ISO certified and also recognized by other quality accreditations. It’s as good as it can get and even more! ASF is located at the heart of the city of lakes. Start your fitness journey today!


This New Work Of Puneet D. Sharma Will Make You Believe That Nature & Economics Go Hand In Hand

How well do we know nature? How well do we understand our environment? How concerned are we about the forthcoming future, where we know consciously or subconsciously, that the resources we constantly use are not enough?

We possess infinite questions for the future, survival & sustainable living and to replace the question marks with full stops, Kailashi Puneet D. Sharma is launching his new book, Essence Of Life: Divide By Zero. Truly, this new work of Puneet D. Sharma will make you believe that nature and economics go hand in hand.

The book launch is on 27th December 2021 in Delhi. The launch is being organized by the National Human Rights Organization in Hotel Leela Ambiance of Delhi where Kailashi Punit D. Sharma will also be receiving the Indian Icon Award by the NHRO itself. 

Essence Of Life: Divide By Zero is a book with a scientific approach towards sustainable development. written by Punit D. Sharma and co-authored by Dr. Kamal Kant Hiran and Dr. Indu Sharma, the book also showcases its work on human and nature’s networking. With time humans have shifted and inclined towards technology and distanced themselves from nature. Also, with time there has been an imbalance of demand and supply of natural resources and it is important to discuss that because an imbalance can build into chaos, without anyone noticing it.

The book focuses on the fundamental rules of nature and how humans need to reestablish that touch with nature. By throwing light on such important issues, we believe that our coming generations will adhere to the balance and rules of nature.

The book is available on Amazon and notionpress. Pre-book your copy now. 



It seems impossible to lose 6 inches of fat in just 4 hours. Arth Skin and Fitness uses the science of beauty to make the impossible possible. For the first time in Udaipur, Arth Skin and Fitness has been able to achieve this massive milestone using FDA and CE-approved non-invasive fat reduction methods.

Toned jawline in just 40 minutes

Fat can be stubborn and can cause humiliation by forming fat pockets in embarrassing places. Fat resistant to both exercise and diets, making it even more difficult to lose weight and get a toned body. These fat pockets can appear anywhere on your body, including your face and tummy, leaving an unattractive appearance. Arth Skin and Fitness offers the most effective non-surgical method of fat removal. Arth delivers the best body shaping and face shaping services in Udaipur by combining cutting-edge technology with the medical knowledge and expertise of leading clinical cosmetologists.

Using the patented technology of the top medical aesthetic laser company-Alma, Arth helps you reshape your body

What is body contouring/ body-shaping

It’s a technique for removing excess fat and skin and reshaping a specific location of your body. It is a fantastic technique to sculpt your figure. The best part about body contouring procedures is that they allow you to target specific areas where weight loss methods like exercising and dieting fail. It’s a non-surgical and non-invasive method of achieving your ideal figure and it’s like customizing your physique to your specifications

How Arth Skin and Fitness’s body-shaping procedure work

Arth Skin and Fitness offers a variety of options for removing stubborn fat pockets without any needles or surgery!

Accent Prime

Alma lasers use a proprietary combination of longitudinal and transverse waves to target fat cells specifically while causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Fat cell membranes are further broken by transverse wave vibrations, resulting in slow breakdown and release of stored fat. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing fat cells from the body. Simply put, the heat generated by this procedure breaks down fat cells, which are then excreted from the body via the lymphatic system. This method in no way harms any surrounding skin or tissue. THE BEST PART OF THIS PROCEDURE IS THAT 2-6 INCHES OF FAT CAN BE REMOVED IN JUST ONE SITTING!

Take a look at what the Doctors have to say about the non-invasive fat reduction services that they have taken at Arth skin and fitness

Laser Lipolysis 

This FDA-approved procedure is popular among clinical aestheticians because of its ability to effectively remove fatty tissues. It’s a non-invasive procedure that tightens your skin and improves your body form. Arth Skin and Fitness offers the most cutting-edge technologies for non-invasive and painless fat removal. It’s a rapid way to lose fat with no downtime. Nationally and internationally recognized cosmetologists at Arth use this approach to give you the body form you desire. 

Choose Arth’s non-invasive Fat reduction methods over traditional methods of Fat removal

  • No downtime: No downtime or recuperation period, so you may go about your business as usual after just a few hours of your session.
  • No scars or abrasions: No scars or abrasions left behind because these methods are non-invasive, minimally invasive, or non-surgical. Meaning, unless you tell someone, they won’t know you had the procedure!
  • No sagging of the skin: It’s common knowledge that skin loosens and becomes unsightly following liposuction. Arth’s treatments tighten your skin at the same time, ensuring that your beauty is not jeopardized. 
  • Skin tightening: Arth skin and fitness uses strategies that are both effective and desire-driven. Its innovative technology ensures that you get the best outcomes possible. The procedure of skin tightening is performed using Accent prime’s radio frequency technology, which ensures the creation of new collagen that ultimately enhances skin thickness and alignment, giving you better-looking skin that is visible and noticeable. 
  • Less painful: All of these techniques are popular among consumers because they are more convenient and much more pleasant than older approaches. All of these procedures provide you with the best possible results without causing you any discomfort.
  • For skin tightening: Arth Skin and Fitness employ Alma laser technology, which uses dielectric heating to provide homogenous heat throughout the targeted region using the strength of radio frequency. This FDA-approved technology from Alma Lasers provides successful and desired outcomes by inducing the FDA-approved technology from Alma Lasers has established clinical achievements and flawless safety records, and ensures effective and desired results.

Why Arth Skin and Fitness is the best aesthetic clinic in Udaipur for body contouring and skin tightening

  •  Arth Skin and Fitness applies ACCENT PRIME’s sophisticated technology to provide the client with desired results. It’s Alma’s top-of-the-line body sculpting, skin tightening, and aesthetic enhancement workstation. It combines the power of radio frequency and ultrasound to provide effective and long-term outcomes.
  • The expertise of the best aestheticians and cosmetologists is used to ensure that this procedure is safe and comfortable.


Arth Skin and Fitness offers outstanding face shaping, body shaping, and skin tightening services. 

When you choose Arth, you are choosing desired results and quality.

For more information, visit:

Address: 3rd Floor, 4C Arth Building, behind Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Phone Number: 8669855945
Email ID:


Believe Happenings from Udaipur bags Platinum Award for Best Wedding Proposal & Planning across India

We can never get over the cute & grand ways of proposals in the movies & they for sure spiral the fascinating desires to at least have one such proposal. All of it seems so dreamy, but what if we say that your dreams can come true?

Based out from Udaipur, Believe Happenings has been fulfilling the dreams of many individuals since past 6 years. Now, after spreading their branches in different segments of event management, Believe Happenings has touched a remarkable realm of achievement. The company recently bagged the title of Best Wedding Proposal by Wedding Sutra. But before jumping on that, let’s know more about the connoisseur of event management, Believe Happenings.

About Believe Happenings

  • Believe Happenings is a date & wedding planning company, corely engaged in making your each moment a special one.
  • The company believes in romanticizing & perfectly planning dates & proposals, so that they are snapped & put forever in your ‘favorite memories’ album.
  • Believe happenings is an Udaipur based company that started 6 years ago with a sole aim of turning dreams & fascinations into reality.
  • The company has since then expanded its branches pan India with collaborators in major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Bombay, Ahmedabad & Baroda.
  • Services by Believe Happenings: Event Collaterals, Guest Managements, Photography & Videography, Decor Management, Venue Selection & Management, Food & Catering
  • The company has served 250+ clients cross the globe.
  • Some of our best seller properties are: Lakend, The Leela, Raj Bagh, Fatehgarh, Fateh Niwas, Lalit Laxmi Vials, Ramada, Amet Haveli, Private farms, Boat rides

Best Wedding Proposal Award by Wedding Sutra

  • Wedding Sutra organizes an annual award function to recognize prominence in the wedding industry with 35+ award categories.
  • An invite was received by Believe Happenings from Wedding Sutra, where being date planners, they had to enroll in the proposal category.
  • They enrolled for the event amongst many other companies across India.
  • Believe Happenings was the only company from Udaipur that was nominated across any category in the award show.
  • The award show had three categories of awards, i.e. silver, gold  & platinum and when the moment came, Believe Happenings bagged the platinum award for the Best Wedding Proposal in planning, designing, execution & overall management across India with platinum being the highest.

Believe Happenings is a dream come true of the founder Yogesh Sachdev and we wish the whole team, a heartiest congratulations. And if you want to make a dreamy proposal or want to plan a date night, now you know where to contact.

Contact number: +91-9116146266



Udaipur’s Kailashi Puneet D. Sharma Launched His First Book & It’s Already In The World Book Fair

Life is like what you seek it to be. But being a mystery itself, life has certain untouched parts.

Amongst a few, an author from Udaipur, Mr. Kailashi Puneet D. Sharma has launched a book ‘Kavyanjali-Jeevan Ek Maun Abhivyakti‘; a book that says a lot on how life has so many unexplored aspects.

ABOUT THE BOOK: ‘Kavyanjali-Jeevan Ek Maun Abhivyakti

  • The book is a compilation of 51 poems.
  • All the poems are filled with deep fillings and force us to think about our lifestyle, how it has become artificial than natural, how we need to think about our relationships and trust on one another.
  • The book also speaks on spirituality and somewhere has a sarcastic tone towards the poems with aspects that are unfurled in life.
  • The Kavyanjali is now available at the 30th World Book Fair in New Delhi from 8 to 16 January 2022.
  • It is printed by the Notion Press and is available on Amazon & Flipkart.


  • The author, Kailashi Puneet D. Sharma is an economist and environmentalist by profession.
  • He is currently a Chief Planning Officer in Udaipur Collectorate.
  • Originates from Rajsamand, Amet and has completed his studies from Dungarpur.
  • With the 10 years of experience in lecturing in government universities for management and engineering studies, he has now launched his first book.
  • Kavyanjali-Jeevan Ek Maun Abhivyakti is the author’s first self written work to throw light on various aspects of life; presented in a simple and natural poetic style.
  • He developed a liking for writing after his visit on Kailash Mansarover Yatra. There being away from all the city chaos, he realised and found out about his unknown aspect of writing in life and now he is going for another one.
  • The author is writing a book on the laws of nature and environmental economics which will be released in forth coming months. In this book he will be discussing the rules of nature and how humanity and its networking has disturbed it. The book will comprise of meeting out such issues like global warming etc.

Life has knots and we drive through it trying to untie them. We just need to observe our journeys more and let the hidden self within, unleash. This book will help you out in knowing the parts of your life, you were in ignorance, this entire time. Get yourself a copy today.


How To Book The Gangaur Boat For The Royal Proposal Like Neha Kakkar’s

Have you seen Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s pictures storming the internet? We are already in awe of the couple and they have again given us netizens super cute couple goals! And this time it’s in UDAIPUR!

The uber-romantic couple arrived in the picturesque city of lakes to celebrate their first wedding  anniversary and it couldn’t have been grand! Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet booked the Royal Gangaur Boat for their special day.

The couple celebrated their romantic evening amidst the beautiful lake Pichola and that too in the Royal Barge: The Gangaur Boat with a dreamy sunset. Yes! the boat that’s used by the Royal family of Udaipur; The boat we saw in Yaadein and James Bond’s Octopussy; The boat that is super ecstatic; The boat we all want to ride on and wondered if we can book and fulfill our unspoken desires to feel that royalty.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and we’re gonna unveil all the drapes on how to book the Gangaur boat for a special occasion like Neha Kakkar’s.

How To Book The Gangaur Boat For A Special Occasion Like Neha Kakkar’s

The 150-year-old Gangaur boat is now managed by The Taj Lake palace and can be booked from there.

Fixed menu.

Cuisine available: Chef’s recommendation, European & Indian.

Dinner time: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Booking Commercial: 75000 INR + taxes (per person)

For bookings, call on +91 294 2428800 


If you too want to have a special evening for your loved ones then consult Believe Happenings on +91 9116146266.


पेसिफिक मेडिकल विश्वविद्यालय के फाउंडर एवं चेयरमैन राहुल अग्रवाल को राज्यपाल कलराज मिश्रा से मिला एजुकेशन एक्सीलेंस अवार्ड

एक सुनहरे भविष्य की ओर कदम बढ़ने के लिए शिक्षा का होना आवश्यक है। इसके लिए अनिवार्य है उत्कृष्ट शिक्षा और उदयपुर में ऐसी शिक्षा प्रदान करने वाले पेसिफिक मेडिकल विश्वविद्यालय के फाउंडर एंड चेयरमैन राहुल अग्रवाल है। जिन्हे उच्च शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में किए गए उल्लेखनीय कार्यों एवं सेवाओं के लिए प्रदेश में राज्यपाल कलराज मिश्रा ने एजुकेशन एक्सीलेंस अवार्ड से सम्मानित किया।

राहुल अग्रवाल की ओर से यह सम्मान पेसिफिक यूनिवर्सिटी प्रेसिडेंट प्रो. के. के. दवे ने प्राप्त किया। इस भव्य समारोह में विभिन्न क्षेत्रों की कई नामी हस्तियां भी सम्मिलित हुई।

पुरस्कारी राहुल अग्रवाल पेसिफिक मेडिकल विश्वविद्यालय उदयपुर में विभिन्न प्रकार के कोर्सेज संचालित कर रहे है जिससे मेडिकल क्षेत्र से जुड़े कई क्षेत्रों में विद्यार्थी महारथ हासिल कर रहे हैं। विश्वविद्यालय में विद्यार्थियों को नई एवं नवीनतम चिकित्सा तकनीकियों से अवगत करा कर शिक्षा दी जाती है, ताकि मरीज को सटीक और सही उपचार मिले।

पेसिफिक मेडिकल कॉलेज एवं हॉस्पिटल में मरीज़ों के लिए सुविधाएं रियायती दरों में उपलब्ध करवाई जाती हैं जिससे हर वर्ग के मरीज़ का सही से उपचार हो और इससे मरीज़ को भी लाभ मिले।

समारोह में राज्यपाल कलराज मिश्रा ने पेसिफिक मेडिकल विश्वविद्यालय और राहुल अग्रवाल के द्वारा किए जा रहे उत्कृष्ट एवं नवीनतम तरीकों से हो रहे काम की सराहना की और एक शिक्षक का महत्व क्या है वो भी बताया। इसके साथ ही राहुल अग्रवाल अपने शिक्षण तरीकों से जो प्रदेश भर में बदलाव लाए है उसे भी प्रेरित किया।

दुनिया के महानतम विश्वविद्यालयों का सच्चा मिशन जीवन की गुणवत्ता में सुधार के माध्यम से बेहतर मानवीय परिस्थितियों को लाना है और पेसिफिक मेडिकल यूनिवर्सिटी इस ओर अग्रसर है।