The Street Art in Udaipur

Rajasthan is distinguished for its famous style of paintings which include murals and miniature paintings. The wall murals found in Udaipur are truly marvelous- from graffiti to traditional- everything can be found on the street walls of the city. Palaces, Havelis, streets, buildings, all are covered with these amazing arts. Multitudes of murals greet you, and many of them vary from being painted recently, to those which are quite old found within the beautiful interiors of the palaces, temples, etc.

These exquisite murals found adorning the walls of the city are a thing to watch.  Well, these are specifically found in the ‘Old-City’ of Udaipur. Some are modern arts made by the travelers who come to Udaipur while some of them are made by the city dwellers. Many of them are also made under the ‘Beautification’ process of the city.

Know about the Street Art in Udaipur:

The Traditional Rajputana Art: The Decorative Wall Paintings

Ever thought why these elephants, men, and women are made on our streets? Just to look beautiful? No, there is also some significance behind the traditional art form.

There are a plethora of Rajputana paintings in which a common theme is found throughout. Rajputana artwork is a great manipulation of space. The insertion of fuller spaces is meant to emphasize the lack of boundaries and inseparability of characters and landscapes. In this way, the individuality of physical characters is almost rejected, allowing both the portrayed backgrounds and human figurines to be equally vivid.street art in udaipur

In ancient times Mewar rulers wanted paintings and wall murals to portray their determination, establishing their heritage. Hence, paintings were often indicative of a king’s legacy or their changes made to better the society.

As a mark of beautification, whether during festivals or marriage ceremonies or simply otherwise, these paintings are done on the outside walls of houses and buildings. They display colorful and elaborate portraits of men, women, elephants, horses, riders and deities.street art in udaipur

Both recent and historical paintings can be seen on the walls of the city. Walking down narrow streets of Udaipur’s old city is alike wandering in an art gallery. Whitewashed house walls make canvases for local and foreign artists, who draw cows and elephants, or princely men and women with beautiful clothes or something totally different like some graffiti or abstract art. Most often, the traditional paintings adorn the entrances of houses. They are believed to create a harmonious ambiance, to seek spiritual guidance and cut off evil. Many are decorated with tiny mirrors or mosaic.street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


Embellishing the Walls of Udaipur: The Modern Street Art

While there are plenty of traditional arts on the streets of Udaipur, the old city is also decorated by modern arts like graffiti by foreign travelers who come here from various parts of the world and leave a mark on the City. Some of them are quotations written on the walls of restaurants while some are typical abstract art that is very alluring to watch.

street art in udaipur
The Painted Peacock Project

One of the wall mural, somewhere near the Chandpol Bridge is the most famous in the city. It was made by 4-5 women artist from New Zealand. The women came here under a special task The Painted Peacock Project, a trip that aimed at sharing knowledge with local children in need and teaching them the art of stenciling, painting and jewelry making.

A lot of people do not know this fact that the painting was initially made by a stencil and then faired out. Interesting!!!

For people who are missing out on what Graffiti is, these are writings or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted on a wall or other surface, often within public view.

Another quite famous wall painting is at Ambrai Ghat, made by Action Udaipur under the beautification process, making the worn out walls of Udaipur beautiful and worth staring! No doubt the mural at Ambrai is remarkable; the use of bright colors on a pale peach wall embosses the painting. The grandness of the Action Udaipur wall mural is mesmeric and entices a lot of people to click.

street art in udaipur
Action Udaipur Wall Art at Ambrai Ghat

A huge art at the Zostel is one that can mesmerize any onlooker. These murals are timeless marks on the walls that represent diverse culture and inhabitance on the globe. These have also become a spot for unmatched photos and selfies for the localities and tourists.street art in udaipur

The streets of Udaipur are ornamented with unparalleled art that is admired by many residents and tourists as well. Indeed all such arts and elements of beauty attract a lot of tourism to our city.

street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur


street art in udaipur

I have listed down some of them, which I loved the most. Try to guess the locations of these by seeing the pictures, if you can. Also, tell me if I have missed any significant wall art anywhere in the city by mentioning the location in the comments below.


Photos By: Siddharth Nagar

Travel Udaipur Speaks

10 Reasons You will fall in love with Udaipur!

Mother nature has been very kind to Udaipur when it comes to natural beauty. The City of Lakes offers something to everyone, the kind of beautification that can make you fall in love with, irrelevant of your personal tastes. It would be difficult for someone to visit Udaipur and not find a part of it stunning. Let’s see why –

1. Aravallis:

Aravalli hill range
Photo via:

The city of lakes lies in the lap of nature cushioned by an eroded stub of range of ancient folded mountains boasting some stunning views which conquer hearts. Blessed with beauty, Aravallis are gifted with appealing and serene sights that sooth minds away from the city commotion. Nestled in the aravalli hill ranges, one cannot help but get lost in its landscapes. This range offers a tranquil scenic beauty with unlimited composure.


2. Lakes:

fatehsagar udaipur

Known for its forte, the Lakecity offers unadulterated beauty to eyes of the viewers giving them a new vista with every glimpse. Fatehsagar lake, Pichhola, Swaroop Sagar, Udaisagar, Dudh Talai and lakes alike run in competition with each other in showcasing their ecstatic beauty. You find yourself in a complete dilemma regarding comparison of these lakes in the daytime when beauty emerges in its vibrant colours with the time they are decorated with stars in the starry night.


3. Palaces on Lakes:

Taj Lake Palace
Taj Lake Palace – Photos From

Crowned with palaces on mountains, the historic capital of the former kingdom of  Mewar procures forts and temples like Sajjangarh, Neemach Mata, Karni Mata that deliver a complete and a scenic view of the whole city. This relaxing sight cannot be described as anything but beautiful regardless of in what context and respect.

Being the home for palaces like Jag Mandir, Lake palace etc. these can make you stop and stare in sheer awe for hours. It is when looking at it in the dark hours at underneath glassy lakes when it truly appears to be beautiful and somewhat magical.


4. Strong historical base:

Palace, Udaipur
City Palace Photo, Udaipur

Peeping into the history we learn about brave kings of Mewar specially the legendary kings Maharana Udai Singh, Maharana Pratap, Amar Singh who set examples of bravery and chivalry. Udaipur city is pompous about its royalty which it acquired from its Rajput rulers which is the reason why it is a storehouse of fascinating monuments and ancient temples.


5. Handicrafts:

handicrafts in udaipur
Photo via:

Since ages, Rajasthani handicrafts have fascinated the world with its creativity and craftsmanship. These reflect rich tradition and culture of Udaipur and tell stories of its heritage. Etched with beautiful designs these handicrafts hold their own identity leaving you completely mesmerized.


6. Hotels:

hotel mahendra prakash udaipur

Udaipur stands first in India when it comes to beautiful and best budget hotels. The reason behind being the most famous tourist destination is besides making your stay comfortable these hotels offer a bravo combination of luxury and natural beauty which separates it from other tourist spots across india. Possessing a royal historic background is also one of the reasons you will wish you had planned a longer stay.


7. Monsoon:

Monsoon in Udaipur

Nothing can stop you to fall in love with rejuvenating combination of monsoon and city of lakes. The colours of the city seem all the more vibrant and intense at this time. People seem to have a renewed sense of purpose, and a genuine appreciation for the rains. Everything comes alive. It brings with it a lot of energy and emotion, and any form of celebration of its arrival seems acceptable and is worthy of changing moods.


8. Fests and Fetes:

Festivals in Udaipur

Freeing udaipurites from the routine monotonous work, season-oriented fests like Haryali amawas, Gangaur Mela give them a dose of mental and physical relaxation. To the visitors and residents every fest and fete like the Shilp Gram Mela conveys a beautiful message pertaining to the customs, traditional values, culture, mythology and even historical events with a touch of great patriotic flavor. They are rich, harmonious, varied and colourful. This celebration of life brings peace and joy to masses.


9. Peaceful city:

peaceful udaipur
Photo via:

Away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, Udaipur isolates itself in an untroubled zone which makes it peaceful. Besides lesser crimes and less traffic, the town is on its own way to development which is adding to the beauty of the city day by day.


10. People of Udaipur:

people of udaipur
Photo via:

Last but not the least, The city of lakes possesses a quality population which is willing to reach out and help when you are in need. Udaipurites are adaptive to changes, willing to accept new ideas and are ahead of many cities in fashion. The town witnesses rapid growth in number of malls, multiplexes, educational institutes etc. which demonstrates active participation of the people of Udaipur.


Article by: Divyani Nagar


Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar : Royal Extravaganza 2013

Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar

Following the grand opening in the previous year, the Hotel Rajmahal Bhindar yet again presents you a relishing splendor and incandescence to welcome the New Year 2013. The best place to live up the beauty of heritage with the shimmers of magnificence and modernity. A quality service is what the Hotel keeps priority for, keeping in mind, soothing rates to your pockets.

The New Year party includes gala dinner, beverages, DJ night and live performances. You can also have a look over the pictures and customer reviews @

Bookings for the New Year Eve have started, if you plan to bring back some lovely memorable moments from the Palace, you are cordially invited for a visit.

Get Flat 10% Off on Passes, if you Have UB Life Card


The rates for the New Year Passes will be as per:
Couple: 2500 INR
Stag: 1500 INR

For bookings & queries:
Contact: +91-9929594881, 9461503339

All the best for a beautiful New Year experience.


Let’s Admit it… Udaipur!!!!

Lets Admit It Udaipur

Hi Guys,

Every now and then we hang around our City Udaipur and there are a few points we all will Admit. Check out these 15 Findings I made, Comment below if you admit many of those. 🙂

  1. We all have slowed down our two wheelers some meters away from Chetak circle just to check the four sides for the traffic police.


  1. We never find our vehicle in one shot in celebration mall’s basement. We have to do ‘search & rescue operation’ to find it.


  1. The first time when we were going to Cornett (Silence restaurant), we thought it would never come or it doesn’t exist.


  1. Atleast once we all got lost in easy day market in trying to find the exit.


  1. We all wish that the vada paav stall at lok kala mandal could remain open for the whole day.


  1. Whatever be the season is we always feel a bit chill at the “FS’s Paal’s starting gate to white palace hotel” road.


  1. We all have tried hard to listen to the radio which gets played in the modern road lights installed ( in a large quantity) at FS.


  1. Most of us prefer to refuel our vehicles from the 2nd petrol pump in front the Church as compared to the first one over there.


  1. We all avoid eye contacts with traffic police when we wait for the signal lights to turn green and inside we pray that signal countdown should get fast somehow.


  1. The bansi area of FS, we all wish it should never end when riding from one end to another.


  1. If we go to celeb mall after a long time definitely there would be one new stall, shop or an outlet, which was not there in our last visit.


  1. We always try to overtake the people walking ahead of us at the FS’s  Paal, as if a marathon is going on.


  1. Sometime it gets awkward to wait outside those three ATMs (Sbbj, sbi and Karnataka bank) which are there just before chetak circle near hathipole police station, when they are engaged by others.


  1. Whatever be the time is, there would always be an (or a group of) employee of ‘Big Bazaar’ enjoying his Poha at sukhadiya circle’s Poha wala.


  1. And finally let’s admit it…Our UDAIPUR is Awesome.

If you Liked the Article, Do Like, Share and Comment on this Post . 🙂

Article By : Hasan Ali Gumani


About Hasan Ali Gumani:

I was Born and brought up in Udaipur itself. Started from Rose Nursery, then St.Paul’s Senior secondary school finally done my graduation in from M.B college (still waiting for my final year result). Future plan is to get an MBA degree. For that i got selected for IBS Hyderabad. Hence leaving Udaipur in June.

Places to Visit

The Bhindar Rajmahal – an Essence of Imperial Life within the Nature’s Curtain

Hotel Bhindar

We feel immensely pleasured to introduce to you The Bhindar Rajmahal– the 434 years old Palace belonging to the ancestry of Maharana Shakti Singh; now renovated into a beautiful splendid hotel. The biggest attraction of the hotel is, being in its inaugural time; it’s somewhat more affordable to the commons as compared to the other heritage hotels of the city.

The hotel provides a perfect blend of chivalric culture and natural ecstasy in the country soil. Apart from the currently available 14 deluxe rooms and 6 suites, the palace also has an outhouse situated in a large lush green farm, bordered by a private seasonal lake. The mountains are just on their toes and the air is of utmost peace and beauty. You can always find 5 beautiful horses available for the liveliest experience of horse-riding amidst the terrain.

While specially “keeping in mind the people of Udaipur”, a Restaurant named “Baghichi” has also been developed in the complex; one can always have it in mind if he wishes to spend some time with close ones in the outer periphery, away from the pollution and noise. Having a smooth forty five minute drive is always a fair deal when you are getting a quality time in a place; I should use the word palace”! totally alien to the city.

Sight-seeing is facilitated by open jeeps, an established symbol of the Rajput culture by now! Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary (a habitat to the rare Flying Squirrels) is just 35 kms ahead; other surrounding places include Akola, Jaisamand Lake, Jagat temples, Haldi ghati, Chittorgarh, Ekling JI & Nathdwara Shrinathji temple.

While the proper service of the customers is personally taken care of by the Director herself; activities like trekking, jeep safari, horse-riding, yoga, tent camping, cooking classes of the local delicacies and musical nights for the traditional taste are also organized.

With a young management always ready to design a playful beauty of an exquisite contrast, you can also have DJ Parties arranged in the open spaces on a single call.

And the speciality; a wish for many- the Destination Wedding! Is the sole expertise of the place. One always dreams of having a marriage in the most royal forms, a one time affair in the whole lifetime; won’t it be best if done with such an imperial magnificence!

The Bhindar Rajmahal is just 59 kms from Udaipur; moving straight on the Chittor Highway & turning to the right from Keer Ki Chowki. Escorts can also be availed for the same.

If you wish to spend a day of luxury, or to enchant the beauty of nature; have a lovely time with your spouse or a memorable happening with family & friends- The Bhindar Rajmahal is the perfect place to be. 🙂

NOTE:- A New Year Party will be organized next month in the hotel; Passes for which can be booked from the following contact numbers:- +91-9461503339; +91-9783539255.
We promise you a royal treatment with a cherishing service. 

Photos and Videos

[Exclusive Pictures + Videos] Shakira cast her spell in Udaipur’s atmosphere

Shakira in Udaipur

Gaining popularity as the favorite venue of many famous personalities for royal marriages, functions, congregations and shootings, yesterday City of Lakes witnessed one of the biggest ever Birthday Blast when the Real Estate Tycoon Kushal Pal Singh aka K.P. Singh (Chairperson, DLF) stepped in the 80th year of his life. Claimed as one of the expensive birthday parties ever thrown, a billion of money was spent to make the evening a memorable one. Impressed by the beauty and tradition of the city, daughter of Mr. Singh, chose Jag Mandir for the venue of his party over Las Vegas.

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Maharana Pratap Airport gleamed as the celebrities and royal guests landed there one after other to join the Birthday Party. Businessman Prakash Hinduja was the first to step in Udaipur at 1:15 PM, followed by renowned singer Adnan Sami, who was looking great in his slim and smart ‘Avtaar’. Actor Kabir Bedi arrived at 2 PM. Host for the party, Mr. K.P. Singh, arrived with his family at 3:15 PM. Sunil Bharti Mittal (CEO, Airtel) arrived at 4:15 PM.

Shakira in Udaipur

Standing amidst the peaceful water of Pichola, Jag Mandir was glowing under a dim blue light that got hold of every eye, leaving everyone mesmerized with its elegancy. Guests and celebrities were comforted with the luxurious preparations that were made under the head of Piya Singh, daughter of Mr. Singh.  The Guest list listed many popular faces including Adnan Sami, Sunil Mittal, Kabir Bedi, Pawan Kumar Munjal, and of course the most awaited of all Latin Pop Star Shakira. A 15 feet high stage was set up which was flooded with decorative lights and flowers. Colourful floating Fountains were placed in Pichola that took the breath of guests and also of Udaipurites who were standing at the ‘Paal’. A huge balloon was revolving above Pichola Lake from which beautiful angels landed up rendering everyone hypnotized. Crackers worth 2 Crores were brought but Collector Mr. Gera and the administration didn’t give permission for late night fireworks.

Programme started with the performance of Adnan Sami at 8 in the evening as per the schedule and received a huge roar of appreciation from the guests. After his performance, a film casting the various phases of Mr. Singh’s life was shown. Tears welled up in eyes of everyone, especially Mr. Singh. His son and daughter shared the golden moments of their father’s life and called him up on stage. Overwhelmed with emotions and many memories of his long journey from serving in army to this stage in the business world, he cut his 80th Birthday Cake.

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Being the Brand Ambassador of UNICEF, Waka Waka girl Shakira also visited SIERT where she met the rural girls and motivated them to get educated and achieve high positions in the society. When she reached at the place, small girls dressed in traditional ‘Lehangas’ welcomed her according to Rajasthani Culture. Despite of being such a famous celebrity, she easily got mixed up with the school girls. She even danced with them and answered each and every question very politely. Girls also sang many folk songs for Shakira and Shakira also encouraged them by clapping and dancing with them.

Pictures: (Credits: UNICEF Press Release)

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur UNICEF

UNICEF Visit Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur

Shakira in Udaipur
Media Interviewing Girl from SIRT

After making a promise to visit Udaipur again, she said goodbye to all of them and proceeded for JagMandir where she practiced with her drummer for the evening performance. Shakira mounted on stage at 10:20 PM and thrilled everyone with her sizzling performances. Her voice filled the air and her grace made the breeze to dance with her. She made every feet dance as she performed on her hit and famous songs. Following the rules, the party ended up at about 11:15 PM.

Everyone present for the party was dumbstruck with the charm of LakeCity, its beautiful lakes, warmth present in hearts. Mr. K.P. Singh also said that Udapiur is one of the best city in the world and it feels great to be here. So now it becomes our moral duty that we give the best of impression about us and our city to every tourist and visitors. Let us put this city ahead of all others. 🙂

Here are some more pictures from Jagmandir : Credits : ( Rupesh Mehta )

Shakira performing in Jagmandir

Shakira performing in Jagmandir

Shakira performing in Jagmandir

Shakira Performing in Udaipur

Shakira Performing in Udaipur's Jagmandir

Shakira performing on KP Singh's Birthday Party


Shakira performing on KP Singh's Birthday Party

Shakira performing on KP Singh's Birthday Party

Shakira on Stage

The Superb Pictures of Jagmandir from Outside & Pichola Lake are captured by Yash Sharma 🙂

Article Edited by : Palak Jain

: Few More Photos From HRH Group of Hotels Facebook Page of Jagmandir and Party :

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

HRH hotels Pictures

The Only Videos of Shakira in Jagmandir Exclusively By Your

Places to Visit

A day like a Tourist [Part 2] : Destination Ranakpur

Our exciting trip was not completed yet. After exploring the sheer majesty of Kumbhalgarh, we reached our second destination for the day, Ranakpur, in the heart of Aravali valleys, passing by the lush green valleys and streams. The World renowned state of the Jain art temples, it is one of the most important pilgrim among the five pilgrims of the Jainism. It is located between Jodhpur and Udaipur, in a valley on the western side of the Aravali Range. It is easily accessed by road from Udaipur.

The place features a widely acclaimed main temple, dedicated to Adinatha (Lord Rishabha), the first Tirthankar (enlightened human), built in graceful white marble, designed as ‘chaumukha’ or a four faced temple and also for a much older Sun Temple which lies opposite the former.

There were three distinctive domes in the main temple. The most dazzling highlight were the 1444 intricately carved marble pillars, which support the halls and domes of the temple, which gave a spectacular effect. A centuries old growing tree in the huge marble structure was witnessing the sanctity of the place. In the assembly hall, there were two big bells weighing 108 kg, whose sound echoes in the entire complex. The artistically carved nymphs playing the flute in various dance postures at a height of 45 feet were an engrossing sight.

As per the history, it was a businessman Dhanna Shah, inspired by a dream of a celestial vehicle, who commissioned it under the organization and got great financial support during the reign of the gifted and liberal ruler of Mewar, Rana Khumbha, in the 15th century.

The best time to visit Ranakpur is between September and March. Temperature during summers varies from 22 to 42 and 10 to 20 in winters.

Ranakpur is the perfect place for experiencing the charm and vibrancy of Jainism in Rajasthan. It offers a peaceful spiritual experience to tourists.

After the eventful journey, we all were fully exhausted, but the heart capturing views drove away the journey fatigue. So if you are looking for some unique experience of lifetime, I promise a lot of fun, excitement and adrenaline rush to you, after exploring this north-west corner of Udaipur.

Events Photos and Videos

Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 1-

Hey Udaipies. As you all know that your own has initiated a platform for the photographers, and all the monsoon lovers via PiX, where all the click-o-maniacs can submit their Pictures of Monsoon, and Udaipur. Its a great chance for you to showoff your photography skills to the World and specifically Udaipur. For the people, who could not submit their clicks, don’t be disappointed. The competition is still on, and you have got a chance till 18th August, 2011 for submissions Here.

Meanwhile, speaking about the competition, on behalf of the whole management team of PiX, we are glad to see the enormous response of all of you via your submissions. The entries are mind blowing, both in quantity and quality. It was really difficult to choose the better amongst the best.

Here are the entries from the 1st week of submissions, and we are proud to publish them in this post, entitling them as the “Photo of the Day” and “Photo of the Week

And for those who could not win in the first week, no worries, you can click a better picture and submit it to us before the competition gets over.

We would like to give a special thank to Chetan Mendhe and Vikas Ghodke for Extra technical support to PiX. 🙂

If You have any questions regarding the competition you can Call us on: +91-99290-67498(Sanjit Chohan)

Here You Go with the Winning Clicks:

Day 1: Thirsty road finally get water By: Shree


day 1 winner iudaipur


Day 2: Foggy Green Land by: Tushar


day 2


Day 3: Preparation of Monsoon by: Trilok




Day 4: Sajjan Garh By: Ashwin


day 4


Day 5: Rim Zim By: Jyoti




Day 6: Monsoon Kilkari By: Kriti




Day 7: Fateh Sagar: Every drop PRECIOUS By: Siddharth





Finally The Picture of the Week

View of Pichola in Monsoon


Winner of the Week

By: Praveen Balasubramanian

So Winners your prizes will be announced at the end of the Competition. 😀 So tension na lo yaaro!!

Contributed by: Sanjit Chohan

Photos Videos

Lake Fatehsagar Overflows 2010

The Much Awaited Movement of This Year or Maybe called as the wait of Past 4 Years Just took Place Today 🙂

Yeaahhh…!!! FatehSagar Lake(FS) Overflowed today with a Good Rain in Udaipur and Nearby Catchment Areas From Past Few Weeks..

It was A Cloudy Day this Morning and Was Expected day for an Overflow of FatehSagar and Around 1.00 pm Today The Gates of FatehSagar were opened 1 Inch.

UdaipurBlog Team Congrats All Udaipur Lovers and UdaipurBlog Readers.. May This Rainfall Last For More Time and Overflow Continues 🙂 😀

Here Are Some Pictures UdaipurBlog Recieved By Its Readers Enjoy 🙂

Fatehsagar udaipur Overflows

Fategsagar Today Overflows udaipur

Fatesagar Overflows 2010

FatehSagar Overflows

Dainik Bhaskar

Thanks to Archit Kataria, Monika Jain and For the Clicks 🙂

Also Check : Facebook Album of Hitesh Chordia

Here are 2 Videos Clicked By Me Today :

We will Keep Uploading the Photos of Your Loved Lake Now and Then 🙂 😀 Enjoy .. Udaipur Rocks

Also You can Email US your Videos or Photos on

Featured Udaipur Speaks

The Aftermath of May Heat

This Summer heat in may has Crossed The records of last 50 years temperature of City Of Lakes. It rose upto 48*c in the starting of may month itself. Aint that too catastrophic because Udaipur a city being in the south of Rajasthan was amongst the one of the most coolest city due to its green environment and lakes.

But this was undone in 2010 when the temperature of the city crossed 45*c in the month of May itself which broke all the previous records heat. This Has lead to cause of loo(wind), more people suffering from fever etc.

But the ‘Unstrange’ Thing i myself noticed was this heat caused a lot of harm to vegetation which included plants, trees, vegetables etc.

Here are a few pictures that I snapped in My garden which shows the Ill effects of the alarming Heat even though these are well watered.