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Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 1-

Hey Udaipies. As you all know that your own has initiated a platform for the photographers, and all the monsoon lovers via PiX, where all the click-o-maniacs can submit their Pictures of Monsoon, and Udaipur. Its a great chance for you to showoff your photography skills to the World and specifically Udaipur. For the people, who could not submit their clicks, don’t be disappointed. The competition is still on, and you have got a chance till 18th August, 2011 for submissions Here.

Meanwhile, speaking about the competition, on behalf of the whole management team of PiX, we are glad to see the enormous response of all of you via your submissions. The entries are mind blowing, both in quantity and quality. It was really difficult to choose the better amongst the best.

Here are the entries from the 1st week of submissions, and we are proud to publish them in this post, entitling them as the “Photo of the Day” and “Photo of the Week

And for those who could not win in the first week, no worries, you can click a better picture and submit it to us before the competition gets over.

We would like to give a special thank to Chetan Mendhe and Vikas Ghodke for Extra technical support to PiX. 🙂

If You have any questions regarding the competition you can Call us on: +91-99290-67498(Sanjit Chohan)

Here You Go with the Winning Clicks:

Day 1: Thirsty road finally get water By: Shree


day 1 winner iudaipur


Day 2: Foggy Green Land by: Tushar


day 2


Day 3: Preparation of Monsoon by: Trilok




Day 4: Sajjan Garh By: Ashwin


day 4


Day 5: Rim Zim By: Jyoti




Day 6: Monsoon Kilkari By: Kriti




Day 7: Fateh Sagar: Every drop PRECIOUS By: Siddharth





Finally The Picture of the Week

View of Pichola in Monsoon


Winner of the Week

By: Praveen Balasubramanian

So Winners your prizes will be announced at the end of the Competition. 😀 So tension na lo yaaro!!

Contributed by: Sanjit Chohan

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