Best Holi Parties in Udaipur in 2024

As winter fades away and summer starts to peek in, the buzz for Holi in Udaipur is hard to miss! It is euphoric that we are locals of the city of lakes. Holi in Udaipur is celebrated in the best possible manner.

With the city’s rich heritage and scenic beauty, celebrating the festival of colors here is a treat like no other. From the vibrant markets to tranquil shores, every corner of the city is alive with anticipation.

With so many vibrant events lined up, choosing where to celebrate can be a challenge. But worry not! Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for an unforgettable Holi experience in the city of lakes! We are sure you are excited. But have you thought where would you celebrate this year?

Do not worry, we have got your back. And if this is your first time in Udaipur, we have some great suggestions to make your first visit memorable as well.

List of Holi Parties in Udaipur


Udaipur is gearing up for its highly anticipated Holi party, “Rang-e-Udaipur,” which is scheduled to take place on March 24th, 2024 at the Royal Retreat Udaipur. Hosted by Event Dastaan, this extravaganza promises an unforgettable experience with performances by renowned hip-hop artist – Paradox, and other talented artists such as Rohan Mukati, RIB, and Tales of Tomorrow. Against the majestic backdrop of the “Royal Retreat”, this Holi party guarantees a vibrant celebration filled with music, dance, and colourful revelry.

Address: Hawala, Badi Hawala Rd, Udaipur, Bari

For bookings and queries: 9119769307, 8955056643


Join the ultimate Holi celebration at the “Field Club Udaipur” on March 24th, 2024. Hosted by The White Dessert event will be held at the Field Club Udaipur and promises an electrifying atmosphere with an impressive lineup of DJs, including Shivam, Deepali, Ann, Ashmyraah, and D. Prepare to dance non-stop to amazing music, splash around in the rain and foam dance zones, and bask in the festive spirit amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Field Club. Also if you want to have a Pre-Holi Celebration it is happening on 23rd March 2024 at Big Shot Club Udaipur.

Address: Sahelion ki bari, Fatehpura Rd, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 8928190264, 9660550441


Join the iconic “Ghat Holi” celebration at Gangaur Ghat in Udaipur, a tradition that has been cherished for the past 15 years. With DJ music, vibrant colours, and the serene backdrop of the ghat, this celebration epitomizes the essence of Holi in Udaipur. Come, be a part of this timeless tradition and revel in the joyous spirit of the festival.

Address: Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur


Embark on a journey of music, dance, and colours at “Holiwood – Season 3” hosted by The Catalogue on 25th March 2024. Located at “Bamboo Saa Resort and Spa, near Sajjangarh”, this event features performances by I am Felix and other talented DJs, along with rain dance, Holi activities, and more. Immerse yourself in the festive spirit and create memories to last a lifetime.

Address: 1499/1500, Rani Rd, near Sajjangarh Bio Park, Harsh Nagar, Eklavya Colony, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 7528045834, 8058693780, 7355900009


Get ready for a Bollywood-inspired Holi extravaganza at “Southland’s Holi” celebration at “Southland Hotel” on 25th March 2024. With Punjabi dhol beats, delectable food stalls, refreshing drinks, and a plethora of games and activities, this event promises a day filled with laughter, joy, and camaraderie. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable Holi celebration like no other.

Address: Pulla, Bhuwana, Udaipur

For bookings and queries: 6377180110

Summing Up

In India, festivals are all about unity and love. And Udaipur is a versatile place. It is host to tourists from all over the world which makes the festival of colours even more zealous. It is the perfect time to boast about the rich heritage in the form of distinctive occasions.

Holi is indubitably one of the most favourite festivities of people. We look forward to celebrating with our families and friends. So, there is no chance that we will not enjoy Holi in 2024.

This year it is going to be brighter and louder than ever! The enthusiasm of locals and the eagerness of the tourists is what will add to the excitement.

So, which party will you go to this Holi to create another year of colourful memories?

Curated by- Chavi Jain


Top New Year Parties in Udaipur 2024

Did you miss the rush of adrenaline that comes with crazy, amazing, and most awaited parties? Did you think the unthinkable, that is to plan about celebrating with people during this pandemic?

When the temperature chills down to freeze the night, these New Year parties in Udaipur make the atmosphere hot and happening. If you have, then this New Year, you can act on those thoughts. Glam up yourselves, take out that sparkling personality with the outfit you couldn’t find an occasion for and get ready to party.

We have put down this list of places for your reference, as to where you want to celebrate your New Year’s.

New Year Party in Udaipur on 2023-2024

So, let’s check out some of the Best New Year Parties in Udaipur to Welcome 2024!

Kudrat Camping Festival @ Kudrat, Badi Road

Kudrat Camping Festival offers exhilarating vibes of the New Year like never before! Kudrat is a beautiful, serene villa filled with nature and natural vibes. As the clock strikes midnight, you can immerse in their wild festivities, surrounded by the breathtaking wilderness of Kudrat. With a lineup of multiple performances, electrifying LIVE artists, pulsating DJ sessions, and a spectacular display of crazy fireworks, the night promises to be an unforgettable celebration. Experience the thrill of camping under the starlit sky with cozy camp stays and enjoy the warmth of a campfire. Gaze at the mesmerizing stars during star-gazing sessions, and treat your taste buds to scrumptious food that adds a delicious touch to the celebration.

Entry Details- 

  • Single Stag Entry: Rs.2999/- (Unlimited Food)
  • Couple Entry: Rs.4499/- (Unlimited Food)
  • Couple Entry (with Tent Stay): Rs.5499/- (Camp Stay + Unlimited Food)

Location-  Near Narayan Seva, Badi Road, Udaipur (10 mins Drive from Lake Fatehsagar)

Call For Best Offers on Bookings: +91-9521101511 , +91-9462211193

Book Tickets Online –


Alsigarh Festival @ Alsigarh

The picturesque town of Alsigarh is gearing up for a grand celebration as it prepares to host the much-anticipated Alsigarh Festival on December 31st. Alsigarh is yet another beautiful location situated amidst nature. The town, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community spirit, is set to transform into a hub of festivities as residents and visitors alike come together to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one. Happening at Kalashetra, Alsigarh Festival imbibes a unique zeal within everyone who is present at the venue. So, if you are someone looking for a New Year event under the starlit sky, Alsigarh Festival is the best for you for New Year 2023. 

Entry Details-

  • Stag: Rs.2950/-
  • Couple: Rs.5500/-
  • Couple Camp Stay: Rs.7000/-

Location- Kalashetra Studio, Alsigarh

Tickets Link: Click here to book.

For bookings and queries: +91-96494 44664

Twist’s NYE 2024 @ Twist Bar and Lounge 

Experience an unrivaled New Year’s Eve celebration as they gear up for a spectacular event that promises to elevate the festive spirit to unprecedented heights. The anticipation is palpable as attendees prepare for an extravagant feast of flavors and beats, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. The atmosphere is charged with joyous vibes, creating the perfect backdrop for revelry in the company of good friends. This is an opportunity to make memories that will linger long into the coming year. The best thing about Twist’s New Year is that you get two options with same feels. Yes, you can enjoy Twist’s New Year event at two locations, Twist Lounge and Bar and Ashoka Green. Amazing, right? 

Entry Details

  • Male Stag: Rs.2500/-
  • Female Stag: Rs.1500/-
  • Couple: Rs.3500/-

Location–  Twist Bar and Lounge, Connaught Place, Udaipur

For ticketsClick here

For more queries: 8306231050

The Arrival of NYE 2024 @ Dheergarh Palace 

Get ready to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new in style at Dheergarh Palace’s spectacular New Year’s Eve party! If you are someone looking for a New Year Eve in the city lights, Dheergarh Palace could be your go-to destination. Adding a tint of tradition to the NYE2024, Dheergarh Palace in Udaipur, hosts you with amazing food and a traditional performance. As the clock ticks down to midnight, immerse yourself in a night of dazzling lights, infectious laughter, and unforgettable moments. Surrounded by friends and the promise of exciting adventures ahead, step into the New Year with a burst of joy.

Entry Details–

  • Stag Entry: Rs.2500/-
  • Couple: Rs.4000/-
  • Group Entry: 6500/- to 10000/-

Location– D-26 Haridas Ji ki Magri, Trident Rd, Udaipur

For more queries: 8048102339, 7737037669

Grand New Year Celebration @ BB’s Club 

Beyond Bar and Club in Udaipur is regarded as one of the best clubs to enjoy both weekdays and weekends. And, New Year is no different! BB’s Club emerges as the ultimate destination for a sensational New Year’s Eve celebration. Nestled in the heart of the city, the club pulsates with an electric energy that promises an unforgettable night. The stage is set for an extraordinary musical journey with the soul-stirring performances of renowned artists Navjot and the Waqt ka Khel band. Their captivating melodies and energetic beats create an immersive experience, seamlessly blending diverse musical genres. BB’s Club is not just a venue; it’s a haven for those seeking a unique and vibrant atmosphere to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. So, you can always be ready for an eclectic evening at BB’s Club, New Year or not!

Entry Details–

  • Stag Entry: Rs.3999/-
  • Couple: Rs.6999/-

Location – 28A, Haridas Ji Ki Magri, Shavri Colony, Udaipur

For more queries: 8441999111

Welcome of 2024 @ Mementos by ITC Hotels Ekaaya Udaipur

As we bid adieu to the year gone by and eagerly await the dawn of a promising 2024, Mementos by ITC Hotels Ekaaya Udaipur is thrilled to invite you to an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration. If you are looking forward to a New Year amidst the Aravali ranges at a luxurious location, this is your place to be. Countdown with Aravalis, a great start to 2024 is on them. Situated a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can also enjoy a drive with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Location: Raya, Nr, Eklingji, Rajasthan 313324

Contact – 9773318052, 9773318082, 9929922942

Mathara’s NYE 2024 @ Mathara – The Heights

Get ready to ring in the New Year with unparalleled excitement at Mathara NYE 2024! Join us for a sensational celebration featuring the perfect trifecta of entertainment – a dynamic DJ, electrifying live music, and an array of delectable delights with unlimited food. Being the highest rooftop restaurant in Udaipur, it offers and amazing view of the city. As the clock counts down, immerse yourself in the infectious beats, dance the night away, and savor a feast that tantalizes your taste buds. Mathara NYE 2024 promises an unforgettable night of joy and jubilation, creating memories that will last well into the new year. Don’t miss out on the ultimate New Year’s Eve experience – come together with friends and loved ones as we welcome 2024 in style!

Entry Details–

  • Stag Entry: Rs.3500/-
  • Couple: Rs.5500/-

Location– 8 th Floor, Lake City Mall, Durga Nursery Rd, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur

For more queries: 9929230924 / 7689039960/ 9829966924


Desro New Year Camping Fest @ Madar Lake

Embrace the magic of the New Year under a celestial canopy and surrounded by awe-inspiring mountain vistas at DESRO ADVENTURES’ exclusive New Year Camping fest! Along with camps and music, you also get to witness the cosy bonfire.  Join us for a unique celebration, where nature meets revelry, promising an unforgettable start to the year ahead. Nestled amidst the tranquility of the mountains, our campsite offers an immersive experience, featuring crackling bonfires, starlit skies, and a sense of camaraderie like never before. Bid farewell to the old and usher in the new in an extraordinary setting, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Let DESRO ADVENTURES be your gateway to an unparalleled New Year celebration!

Entry details:

  • Stag: Rs.2500/-
  • Couple: Rs.4000/-

Location: Madar Lake

To book tickets: Click Here

Contact: +91 8233912909

Underground 2024 @ Southland’s Hotel

Celebrate the dawn of a new year in style at Southland’s Hotel, where we present Udaipur’s Biggest Open Air New Year Party! Immerse yourself in a brilliant fiesta atmosphere featuring mesmerizing LED shows, energetic dance performances, non-stop music, and an atmosphere of total madness. The event promises unforgettable moments with highlights like unlimited servings of delectable veg and non-veg food, three complimentary liquor drinks to kick off the festivities, and a breathtaking fireworks display at midnight. Join their for the NY countdown celebration and indulge in an evening filled with joy, laughter, and a vibrant celebration of new beginnings. 

Entry Details

  • Stag Entry: Rs.2999/-
  • Couple: Rs.5499/-

Location: 14, Southland’s Hotel, Fatehpura, Nathdwara Road, Udaipur

To book tickets: Click here.

Contact – 9636763104, 8302098416




May 3, 2023 marks 30 whole years since the United Nations General Assembly signified it as “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY.” The shape of media has changed a lot since its establishment.  A day celebrated to honor the work of journalists and the importance of the press around us.

This year’s theme as per UNESCO – “Shaping a future of rights: freedom of expression as the engine of other human right.”


Whenever journalism has been in danger, it has always been a matter of concern. As without the press, our lives, as we know today, wouldn’t have been the same. Therefore, when after the frequent attacks during The African Civil Wars at the end of 20th century, on a lot of journalists, a similar concern was raised over there.

Therefore, in 1991, a gathering of a group of journalists in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, was held on encouraging “Independent and Pluralist press”. Leading to the creation of the “Windhoek Declaration” document laying a foundation for access of information as well as voicing of opinions for people everywhere.  A number of 63 people from 38 countries attended this.

Later in the year 1993, The UNESCO approved this idea and the UN General Assembly proclaimed May 3, as the “World Press Freedom Day.”

This day according to UNESCO is “A benchmark for ensuring press freedom around the world.”



The press, as we know today, is an important form of communication around the world. It’s as important as being considered as the 4th pillar of Democracy. This day is especially celebrated for the existence of press, especially print. As it is said, “The press works for the governed, and not the governors,” this is what connects us from those governing us. Press helps expose the crimes and tell us about the happenings around the world. The world as we know it today, is came to be known as a “Global Village.” Everything connected and known about.

This day is celebrated to increase the need to protect and understand the rights of the journalists, understanding the need for press, and promotion of free media. To serve this as the basic human right. This freedom of Press is really important in this modern day where everything can be bought off by the people of class. We live in a generation which speaks its mind.

So, on this day, each year, it is reminded to respect the journalists that work under extreme conditions to bring out news and all the different branches of press that provides us the whereabouts of the world and keep us connected. It tries to gain your attention to always help fight for the rights of the Press.


According to the UNESCO, from May 1-4, 40 events around The World Freedom Day will be held in the city of New York by the community including, universities, civil society organizations, media freedom networks etc.


Media has spiked off in India with increasing awareness around every day. While our journalists have reached on to some spectacular heights and we have achieved a lot since media originated in our country, this year we see a major strip down from the World Press Freedom Index. With India slipping to rank 161 out of 180 this year. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) an international NGO, self-proclaimed to protect freedom of media, decides the global ranking of press freedom every year.

While we started with a strong quote, ending this year of “World Press Freedom Day”, with another strong quote by MK Gandhi- “Freedom of Press is a precious privilege that no country can forego.”

Respect the press, respect the freedom.



India, the land of festivals and culture, embraces a lot of celebrations across different cultures as one. Baisakhi or Vaisakhi, is the foremost festival of celebrations for the Sikh community.

Celebrated every year, either on the 13th or 14th of April, Baisakhi marks a lot of accomplishments and new beginnings for the Sikhs as well as other communities as well. Baisakhi symbolizes the Sikh New Year. This is the sign of the start of the harvest season. This day also celebrates the establishment of the ‘KHALSA PANTH’ a community of Sikhs who adhered to the Principles of Sikhism.

So, this year let us read 5 facts about Baisakhi we didn’t know!


The second month of the Nanakshahi Calendar (Sikh calendar) called ‘BAISAKH’ meaning the harvest for New Year for the Sikh community is where the word ‘Baisakhi’ comes from.


Khalsa refers to ‘being pure’. The tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh started this tradition of Khalsa to protect and honor innocent followers from religious oppression. It formulated new institutions and replaced the old ‘Guru’ system.’ The Khalsa Sikhs are given the titles of ‘Kaur’ meaning Princess and ‘Singh’ meaning Lion for females and males.

This started when the ninth Guru of the Sikhs and Guru Gobind Singh’s father were killed for not adopting Islam under the reign of Aurangzeb. Later his sons were also executed for doing the same. On April 1966, the Sikhs were asked to gather at Shri Anandpur Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh. And on the edge of a tent-pitched hill, he asked to step- forward someone, who was willing to sacrifice their head. He asked this five times, and every time, came out with a sword full of blood and the heads. They were called the ‘Panj Pyaare’ – Bhai Sahib Singh, Bhai Dharam Singh, Bhai Himmat Singh, Bhai Mohkam Singh, and Bhai Daya Singh.

Guru Gobind Singh prepared ‘Amrit’ consisting of water and sugar in an iron bowl with the recitation of Gurbani to be directed to the ‘Panj Pyaare’ while quoting from the Adi Granth. This marked him as the sixth Khalsa. And he became Guru Gobind Singh from Guru Gobind Rai.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji established the 5Ks of Khalsa which included-
KESH- uncut hair
KANGHA- a wooden comb
KARA- iron/steel bracelet to be worn on the wrist.
KIRPAN- a sword
KACHERA- short breeches.


In 1875 Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand on the same day as Baisakhi which made this day embracing for the Hindu Community as well.


Baisakhi is celebrated in the most fun and colorful way mostly in the Northern State of Punjab.
This celebration is initiated by dipping in lakes and ponds early in the morning, wearing new clothes, and joining the marches that go around the town singing religious songs, called the Nagar Kirtans. This is led by 5 Sikhs carrying their flags, ‘Nishan Sahib’ and the holy book ‘Guru Granth Sahib’.

The Sikhs also follow a tradition known as ‘Awat Pauni’ where the people gather around the wheat grown in winter for harvesting. They perform the traditional dance forms- ‘Bhangra’ and ‘Gidda’. The whole town is lit up with rangolis everywhere depicting their joy and pride towards the culture.

While, Baisakhi is a very important day for the embarkment of a journey for the Sikhs, as we read earlier about how India is the land of many cultures, April 14th is not only special for the Sikhs but a number of other communities as well.

The Hindu Goddess Jwalamukhi is also worshipped in Himachal Pradesh, and Sun God- Surya in Bihar with celebrations outside India as well.

Various New Years such as – Bohag Bihu (Assamese New Year), Poil Boshak (Bengali New Year), and Puthandu (Tamil New Year). It is also believed that thousands of years of Goddess Ganga descended on Earth, and for that reason, this day is extra special as well!


Everything You Need to Know About Sheetala Saptami

Sheetala Saptami is one of the most well-known Hindu festivals. Hindus observe Sheetala Saptami on (saptami) the seventh day of the month of Chaitra during Krishna Paksha which occurs seven days after Holi. This day is celebrated in honour of Goddess Shakti’s feminine power and incarnation, Goddess Sheetala who is believed to be the goddess of smallpox and other infectious diseases. People offer prayers and seek her blessings to avoid contracting diseases like chicken pox and smallpox to safeguard themselves and their families. Different cultures commemorate Sheetala Saptami (also known as Sheetala Satam in some regions and cultures) or Sheetala Ashtami (also known as Basoda in some regions and cultures), depending on whether it occurs seven days after Holi (Saptami) or eight days after Holi (Ashtami). We majorly celebrate Sheetala Saptami in Udaipur.

Significance and History of Sheetala Saptami:

Maa Sheetala, according to myth, is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati, who appeared during the Gods’ sacramental fire rite (Havan). One of the Goddess’s four hands is said to carry a dustpan, and the other is said to hold a broom, some dawning neem leaves, and a water pitcher. She travels in a mule. Although the first two depict cleanliness, the pitcher stresses the importance of clean water for all life on Earth, and neem is known for its therapeutic benefits. During the Havan, a bead of Lord Shiva’s sweat fell to the ground, and a demon known as Jwarasura (literally: Fever-demon) rose from the soil. Jwarasura is revered as the fever-deity who harmed humanity by dispersing illnesses throughout the globe. To beseech the Goddess to protect our families and ourselves from heat-related illnesses, we perform the Sheetala Saptami puja. It is widely believed that Goddess Sheetala aids in the prevention of infectious illnesses like measles, chickenpox, and smallpox.

Rituals of Sheetala Saptami:

– Devotees worship Sheetala Mata on this particular day and give prayers to her.

– Before the sun rises, people get up early and take a cold bath.

– After that, they go to the shrine of Goddess Sheetla to perform various rituals and puja and offer prayers to the deity in order to lead a happy, healthy, and peaceful life.

– The day of Sheetala Saptami is a day when devotees abstain from cooking and only consume food that has already been made the day before. On this specific day, eating hot, freshly baked food is strictly forbidden.

What Is Sheetala Saptami’s Importance?

Sheetala Saptami is an important festival in Hinduism, and holds great significance for devotees. Here are some of the reasons why this festival is considered important:

1. Worship of Goddess Sheetala: The Skanda Purana gives a detailed explanation of the significance of the Sheetala Saptami. According to the texts and Hindu mythology, Goddess Sheetala is an incarnation of Maa Parvati and Goddess Durga. The goddess Sheetala stands for nature’s ability to restore. The deity is worshipped and prayed to for protection against diseases like chicken pox and smallpox by devotees and their offspring on this auspicious day. Sheetala, when used literally, refers to cold or coolness.

2. Purification of the body and surroundings: The event also stresses the value of hygiene and cleanliness. To get rid of any bad karma and stop the spread of illness, people clean their homes and surroundings.

3. Observance of fast: Many devotees observe a fast on Sheetala Saptami to show their devotion and seek the blessings of the goddess. The fast is believed to cleanse the body and purify the mind.

4. Rituals and traditions: The “Kiriya” ritual and the offering of seven different kinds of grains and vegetables to the goddess are two rituals and customs connected to the celebration. These customs are thought to bring prosperity and shield people from illnesses.

5. Social significance: Sheetala Saptami is also an occasion for people to come together and celebrate as a community. People can show their gratitude for their blessings and deepen their bonds with friends and family during the festival.

6. Offering to Brahmins: In some regions, devotees offer food and donations to Brahmins as a part of the Sheetala Saptami celebrations.

A day of no cooking

The devotees refrain from eating any recently cooked food or hot or warm food throughout the day and don’t ignite any stoves in the kitchen.

According to the shastras (ancient principles), simple, non-spicy, cold food stored securely from the day before is advised to be consumed on this day as a digestive system relaxant. chilly is Sheetal. The Sheetala Mata vrat includes “sheetal” (cold, calming) food to soothe the stomach and provide it with simple-to-digest food.

A day before the celebration, people cooks oliya which is considered to be the most important food item and is also offered to goddess sheetala while performing the puja.

Due to the fact that Sheetala Saptami falls at the start of summer, which in many ways signifies the beginning of summer season and the change from spring to summer in a country like India, foods that are high in heat and seasonings only exacerbate bodily conditions and make digestion more challenging. People concur that basic food can be eaten for at least one day as a result and they usually eat food items like oliya, aaloo ki sabzi, panchkuta (ker sangari), puri, bhindi, and amchur.

Sheetala Saptami significance still remains strong today, as people have noticed that the belief also stays true to science.


Dr Arvinder Singh: Establishing New Era in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology

He is a Distinguished Medi Entrepreneur, Renowned Business Leader, World Record Holder, National Award Winner, and IIM Gold Medalist

Dr Arvinder Singh from Udaipur, Rajasthan has recently become the chairman of the International Board of Cosmetic Dermatologists (IBCD), London United Kingdom recently and in this way, he will be bringing international standards of Clinical Cosmetology and Aesthetics training in India and Asian Countries.

Receiving an Award from the CM of Rajasthan

Highlights of Dr Arvinder Singh

  • CMD and CEO of Arth Group ( Arth Diagnostics, Arth Skin and Fitness and Arth Marudhar Skin and Cosmetics)
  • Founder and Chairman of International Board of Cosmetic Dermatologist (IBCD), London, UK
  • Founder and Chairman of Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology and LASER (IAMCL)
  • World Record Holder and Gold Medalist postgraduate medical doctor as International Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist, Aesthetic Physician and Clinical Pathologist.
  • Board Member and Head of International Faculty of ‘International Education Board’ for Aesthetics and Cosmetology, London, United Kingdom
Receiving award from the Governor of Maharashtra
  • The efforts have been recognized in terms of various awards for Cosmetic Dermatology and Face Aesthetics at National and State Level by Chief Minister, Health Minister and Governor of State of Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
  • Certified as International Grand Master of Training in field of Aesthetics and Cosmetology from UK.
  • Holding record of only doctor achieving Gold Medal in MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Also trained and certified from Oxford, United Kingdom in education management.
  • Published 11 research papers in National and International journals and two books (“Doctor and Law” & “Ten Tools to Creative Genius”)
  • Have specialized in facial aesthetics with special interests in procedures like Botox, Fillers, vampire facial and Nonsurgical Face Thread Lift.
  • Trained in field of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics from Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, American Association of Aesthetic Medicine, Sweden Academy of Aesthetics, American Council of Aesthetics, German University and Indian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.
Dr Arvinder Singh with actress Bhagyashree
  • Specialized in Medical law and done LLB. Also trained as Commercial Mediator, Arbitrator and International Negotiator by Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM). Registered and Qualified from Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CiArb), London, United Kingdom
  • Gold Medalist in Pistol shooting (para) at Rajasthan state.
  • Having vast experience of working as entrepreneur and in corporate culture in senior position as vice president and national head.
  • Public Speaker and delivered thousands of motivational speeches and medical seminars across India and abroad. Have taken role as International Brand Ambassador in multinational companies Woxmen and Horiba
  • Received national awards as Business Leader, Young Entrepreneur, Researcher and Academician.
Dr Arvinder Singh with Health Minister of Rajasthan

Dr Arvinder Singh will be soon providing the education in field of Cosmetic Dermatology, Clinical Cosmetology and Medical Aesthetics. Not only clinical aspects but he will be providing step by step guidelines that how to run and grow your business of clinical aesthetics and cosmetology and how doctors can run their clinics for enhanced profitability.



3D LASER Painless Super Hair Removal (SHR) at Quality Certified Arth Skin and Fitness, Udaipur

Only Arth Skin has Award Winning Alma’s Soprano Titanium for best LASER Hair Removal

Why Choose Full Body Laser Hair Removal at Arth Skin and Fitness?

  • Hair Removal with ALMA’s SOPRANO TITANIUM & SHR patent method.
  • Udaipur’s only Triple wavelength 3D painless, full body hair reduction. Triple wavelength removes all type of unwanted hair at various depths.
  • India’s first and largest centre of excellence in collaboration with ALMA, the top medical aesthetic company in the world.
  • Qualified Trained Female Team available to handle procedures of female clients.
  • Rajasthan’s only centre having FDA & CE certified for all Machines.
  • Awarded Quality certificate and Quality systems accredited.
  • Proudly present a Panel of Six Qualified Doctors including Dermatologists and Cosmetologists.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Traditional hair removal is time consuming and, in many cases, frustrating. Traditional methods of hair removal like waxing, shaving and tweezing are effective for removing hair, but only temporarily. LASER hair removal is effective, efficient and provides a long-term solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. LASER hair removal can be performed on any part of the body that has unwanted hair. Summing up the benefits of laser hair removal, we can conclude that it

  • is a permanent solution to unwanted hair
  • rejuvenates you skin
  • lightens pigmented areas
  • eliminates ingrown hair
  • offers results from the very first session
  • provides more youthful appearance

Here are some salient benefits of LASER hair removal

1. LASER Hair Removal is Quick

Laser hair removal treatments are much quicker than you may expect.

2. LASER Hair Removal is Economical and Saves Money

When you get laser hair removal treatments done, you eliminate the need for endless amounts of razors, shaving cream, waxing appointments, etc. Laser hair removal is financially smarter, takes less time and will give you an overall longer lasting result.

3. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

It is the best solution to make sure you don’t suffer from a pesky ingrown hair and risk having to have it removed. It is also a great option for people who have sensitive skin and have skin irritation after shaving or waxing.

4. Time Saving

With laser hair removal, you no longer have to spend time shaving or going to appointments to get the hair waxed. You also don’t have to worry about making mistakes and missing spots anymore. You will have clean-shaven skin.

5. Always Look Silky and Smooth

Unlike with waxing, where you have to keep hair in between sessions for proper removal, LASER Hair Removal keeps you silky and smooth.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  • What are the risks?

You can have laser hair removal treatment done over your lunch break, because there is no recovery time. The lasers do not remove skin, so there are very low risks.

  • Is It painful?

Laser hair removal with Soprano Titanium at Arth is painless.

  • How does the LASER remove the hair?

The lasers emit a light at a specific wavelength that will be absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle without damaging the skin around it. The light is converted into heat energy, which then removes the hair follicle so that it will not produce more hair.

  • How many treatments are needed?

Typically, it will take six to eight treatments to achieve a full clear area, but there are certain people who only need four treatments.

  • How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Before having laser hair removal done, you should check with your doctor to ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. You should limit waxing, plucking and tweezing and electrolysis for six weeks before the treatment. The laser targets the roots of the hair, which are temporarily removed when you have them waxed or plucked.

  • Recovery

For the day or two after the treatment, your skin will look and feel sunburned. Moisturizers and cool compresses can help. Over the next month, the treated hair will fall out. Make sure to wear sunscreen for the following month to prevent temporary colour changes in the skin.


How ‘Rolling Hills’ redefined new-year party scenes in Udaipur? The founder answers!

All of us just embarked on the new journey of the year 2023 with resolutions, hopes, and to-do lists for this year. While all of us have our ways of welcoming a new year, a party comprising dance and music scenes is one of the best ways to begin a year on a celebratory note. Speaking of New Year’s Eve parties, ‘Rolling Hills’ is one event most of the ‘party-holics’ in town must have heard of.

Like its last four seasons, the ‘Rolling Hills’ concluded on a grand note, setting higher benchmarks for the next edition. We had a conversation with Dushyant Periwal, the man behind the idea of ‘Rolling Hills’, for a complete insight into the journey of ‘Rolling Hills’ as a pioneer of large-scale new year parties in Udaipur.

Dushyant Periwal
Dushyant Periwal: Founder & Chairman – WDNE, Curator of Rolling Hills

How did the idea of Rolling Hills begin?

We have been organizing large-scale New Year’s parties for almost a decade now. However, in 2018, we decided to gear up by commencing a dedicated, game-changing edition of the New Year’s Eve celebration to upscale the entertainment quotient and magnitude of the event. With this thought at the core, the idea of ‘Rolling Hills’ was born in 2018, which dwelled in the city’s largest music festival. The first edition of this ‘Rolling Hills’ music festival was held successfully in 2018, and since then, it has been a ‘never-look-behind’ experience for us.

How has the journey of Rolling Hills been to date?

The entire journey of Rolling Hills, since the first edition in 2018 and the most recent one in 2022, has only been an upscaling journey, with every edition becoming bigger and better with every passing year. The most recent one was the fifth edition of Rolling Hills, and it was the biggest one to date, amassing a jam-packed house at Royal Retreat resort.

rolling hills new year party

How has Rolling Hills been instrumental in changing the party scenes in Udaipur?

Not long ago, Udaipur was known as a quaint little town, with little or negligible party scenes even on grand occasions like New Year’s Eve. With the venture of Rolling Hills, WDNE has been instrumental in uplifting the benchmarks of party culture, with every edition only becoming grander than the erstwhile edition. Apart from welcoming the residents of Udaipur, Rolling Hills also caught the attention of other cities of Rajasthan and nearby states, which has only added to the scale of the event.

What was this year’s edition of Rolling Hills all about?

The last edition in 2021 was graced by the presence of renowned DJ Aqeel. However, the 2022 edition just became a scaled-up event with ten artists putting up a two-day show at the Royal Retreat Resort. The lineup included DJ Lemon, DJ Nash, DJ Cyrus, DJ Tasnneem, DJ Hashtag, DJ Candice, BhuvIn, Mihir, DJ Veeshal and DJ Shilen Sharma.

We thank all these artists, along with the public gathered, for making this two-day fest a memorable experience while looking forward to the 2023 edition.

Health & Fashion

Everything you must know about Authentic Leather Bags of Udaipur

The old city of Udaipur is known for its brilliant fabrics, stunning architecture, mesmerising lakes, and beautifully handcrafted authentic leather bags. Ranging from backpacks, duffle bags, and handbags, you can also find office bags and sling bags; Udaipur has it all.

The artisans at Udaipur have a unique and traditional way of making them. They’re generally made from camel leather, goat leather, and/or buffalo skin. The camel leather products are polished to give a vintage look to the product. Whereas goat leather is an extremely versatile material, its natural softness and strength make it ideal leather for bags.

So, all the leather fans, this is where you need to be! The city of lakes is a delight for shopping enthusiasts. The local markets here have an alluring atmosphere, and the hospitality of the shopkeepers; is as charming as their products.

Style Statement

Leather is an amazing product and has various utilities. One can invest in leather merchandise and cherish it for a long period of time.
The leather bags are a stylish way to begin your day; at work where you can carry an office bag, at your college with a stylish leather backpack, to a movie with your friends where you can carry a sling bag, and a handbag would be very useful and stylish for dinner outings.

Want to travel in style? A duffle bag is a perfect option for you to carry along all your things. By buying a leather bag from Udaipur, you are not just elevating your wardrobe but also supporting local markets and artisans.

Affordable Prices

Prices are very reasonable to make you go on a buying spree. Leather bags are a perfect blend of ultra-modern and vintage designs. They look super astonishing and are loved worldwide.
One of the best places to purchase a leather bag here is the vibrant and buzzing Jagdish Chowk. You can also find shops in the Bhattiyani Chohatta market located in the heart of the old city.

Shops in the area sell high-quality leather goods, with prices ranging between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000, depending on the type of bag as well as its size. An estimated price range for different bags is provided below-

  • Duffle bag- Rs.1600-Rs.4000
  • Backpack- Rs.700- Rs.1100
  • Handbag- Rs.300- Rs.900
  • Office bag- Rs.750- Rs.1500

Extended Varieties of leather goods

When we talk about the handicrafts of Udaipur, leather articles are a must-buy. The markets for leather products in the city are not restricted only to bags but they also offer a wide range of other leather products viz., cell phone covers, diaries or journals made with handmade paper and so much more.
From shoes to diaries, jackets to bags, covers to belts, leather is used and adored in all aspects. So whether you’re a leather connoisseur or simply want to buy a leather bag, the streets of Udaipur are the best place to get one.

Let us know if the article was helpful. You can also share your experience of buying leather products from Udaipur with us at

Compiled by: Yukteshwari Rathore


Understanding Stress in Life and at Work: Myths, Facts and Means of Walking out of it.


Stress in the context of organizational psychology has been defined “as a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, demand, or resource related to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.” (Luthans, 2007). An expansion of the last definition brings us to some important questions. What is stress? Is organizational stress different from daily life stress? Can we weave a life for ourselves where we are so-called stress-free? How to know that one is unable to cope with stress? In what ways does stress dampen sexual behaviour and experiences? This article makes an attempt to answer some of these questions.

What exactly is Stress?

Understanding Stress

To put simply, stress is a condition or unpleasant feeling experienced when a person perceives that the ‘demands’ faced by an individual exceed the personal and social resources that one has to deal with it. During stress, one may feel strained by “physical, mental, or emotional tension” (American institute of stress, 2021). Some amount of stress is known to enable us in moving towards our desirable goal, be it personal or professional. It sort of sets us in a momentum for change and adaptation which is healthy for everyone.

However, stress has a setup point, pretty much like the boiling point of water. Beyond that set point, it leads to clinically significant physiological and psychological outcomes. This set-point varies from person to person. The stress hormones pumping through our body usually encourage us to either fight or flight or freeze to cope with the overload. It depletes one’s healthy emotional reserves and definitely impacts sexual behaviour as well. High-stress hormones floating in our body don’t leave much room for closeness with our partners, and slowly but surely, the sexual interest, intimacy, desires and involvement starts to wither away. Another rare manifestation of acute stress in some people may be uncontrollable hypersexuality as a compensatory mechanism to seek relieves stress, coupled with low sexual satisfaction, distress and guilt. Hypersexuality shows up as ‘recurring and uncontrollable sexual fantasies’ and leads to difficulty in establishing and maintaining a relationship with a stable romantic partner because of their preoccupation with sex. It may sometimes also lead to promiscuity and infidelity in relationships. Not only sexual but other social, interpersonal and psychological behaviours may also alter due to stress. So when one is stressed out, it may be hard for a person to deal with anything other than self or the source of stress.

Stressors impacting sexual functioning may be of two kinds:

a) Major life events i.e., death of a loved one, separation, loss of job /bankruptcy etc.

b) Minor daily life events which are in the form of an ‘accumulation of small stressors’ that are constantly or frequently present, such as deadlines that never seem to be met, constant arguments with a partner, financial risks etc.

Researchers opine that it is these ‘daily hassles’, and not ‘major life events, that were more linked to sexual difficulties (Kanner,1981). The negative interaction between chronic stress and sexual functioning may extend to reproductive functioning, fecundability and fertility in both men and women. These factors taken together as a whole may lower the quality of life and sexual and relational satisfaction.

It is a common myth that “stress should be eradicated from our lives, all together”.  It’s not so. Stress appears to be a normal aspect and to an extent a healthy and evitable part of one’s life. It can lead to healthy self-growth as well. Learning ways to cope with it i.e., to “modify its magnitude and multi-system effects or become resilient to it” would be more a realistic ideology.

The sources of stress can be numerous. In the organizational context, work stress may be attributed to factors such as Intrinsic job requirements (work pattern, timing, duration, pressure, shift, new challenges), structure (physical space, climate, temperature, discomfort, consistency, transfers),  job roles (transitions, conflicts, poor differentiation of roles, ambiguity, unpredictability), growth (lack of opportunities, security, promotions, incentives, recognition, perks), interpersonal relations (with authority, peers, juniors, in teams, communication styles, responsibility allocation/taking, coordination, political, threat, domination) and intrapersonal factors (personality, temperament, belief systems, cognitive style, stereotypes, socio-cultural, developmental etc) (Luthans, 2007). In the latter context, organizational stress may take the form of daily stressors, interacting in complex fashions within a person.

How one responds to stress is an interesting variable. Just like sources of Stress, a person’s response to stress too can be acute or chronic. Acute Stress-induced ‘fight or flight or freeze reactions help to defend and built immediate protective strategies against problems. Our body takes about 90 minutes for the metabolism to return to normal. This is only when the acute response is over. The mind may still keep responding to ‘what happened to me, how and why for much longer periods of time.

Sometimes stress becomes ongoing and evolves into chronic stress. Longstanding uncontrolled stress has the opposite effect. It causes significant wear and tears to several systems such as respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrinal, Musculoskeletal, neurological, dermatological, immunological, sexual and reproductive etc.  Some of the bio-behavioural outcomes of stress may be persistent or progressive complaints of headaches, fatigability, insomnia, lethargies, worsening of psychosomatic illnesses, irritability, anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness, frustration, emptiness, avoidance, lack of enthusiasm, self-negligence,   unworthiness, hopelessness, helplessness, vulnerability, worrying, crying spells, death wishes, recourse into addictive behaviours, digital addictions,  interpersonal dissatisfactions, emotional outbursts, sexual dysfunctions and frequent relational disputes.

Stress response at a psychological level keeps evolving as we grow, with both new learning and experiences. It can be easily unlearnt and re-learnt. This means that, once we get aware of our maladaptive behaviours, we can unlearn them and turn towards more adaptive as well as healthy means of coping. A healthy stress response aids in building psychological resilience and physical recovery. It helps the biological capacity to cope with a cascade of acute and chronic stress effects.

How to Cope With Stress?

How to cope with stress

Some of the easy ways of coping with stress could be:

  • Firstly, working on personal loopholes, avoidance, minimization, excessive blaming, fantasies and denial of real issues.
  • Secondly, set some time aside each day for an unbiased self-reflective practice. The idea for the same becomes identifying one’s agendas, sources, intensity and outcomes of stress and checking effective or ineffective means of dealing with it. One may take help from trustworthy peers, friends, mentors, parents, and spouses, to do the same.
  • Third could be building healthy boundaries from stress and preventing oneself from overbooking.
  • Another strategy is balancing circadian rhythm disturbances by adopting healthy eating, adequate hygiene, grooming, dressing, nutrition, hydration, a combination of physical exercises, and relaxing and healthy sleep regimens.

Additionally, de-cluttering the mind may help. It involves re-organizing ones living environment to have a clean, fresh, arranged, aerated physical space, journalizing one’s experiences, ditching technology and reducing screen time and substituting it with other joyous activities. At times going minimalistic on self/others’ demands and doing “nothing at all” for a while also can be really helpful. Reconnecting with nature via soothing activities can also have an excellent mood-regulating effect.

Needless to say, if stress-induced symptoms are continuous for two to three weeks and are significant to cause distress or disturbances in one’s interpersonal, intimate life or socio-occupational activities, then this is a red-light situation. It warrants a general medical check-up and psychological evaluation.

In the words of the popular American author and psychotherapist Richard Carlson, “Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness”. It is probably less stigmatizing and illusionary to disclose oneself as “stressed or worked up” and resort to cures for the same. Any situation/event can be the starting point of a new journey and opportunity. Seizing it can open the path to transformative growth for any individual.


1. American institute of stress (2022) Stress research retrieved from

2.Luthans F, Youssef CM. Emerging positive organizational behaviour. Journal of management. 2007 Jun;33(3):321-49.

  1. Kanner AD, Coyne JC, Schaefer C, Lazarus RS. Comparison of two modes of stress measurement: Daily hassles and uplifts versus major life events. J Behav Med. 1981;4:1–39.

Author Profile: Dr Ansha Patel (Bach, Masters, MPhil, PhD Clinical & Reproductive Psychology, Postdoc fellow) is a consultant clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher, scientific advisor and columnist. She is affiliated with the Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychology at RNT medical college, Shantiraj and Paras hospitals, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. She is pursuing her fellowship at MAHE, FAIMER, Manipal, Karnataka. She specializes in Behavior Medicine, Adult and Women’s Mental Health. She is trained in evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapies and mindfulness-based interventions. She is also a scientific advisor to Vyana sparcolife digital fertility solutions and a peer-reviewer for indexed scientific journals published by Springler Nature, Elsevier, Wolter Kluwer, Taylor Francis and Sage groups. She is a freelancing columnist for Reproductive health club magazine & TARSHI. Profile:,,