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  • Entire Udaipur PIN Codes & District Zip Codes

    Udaipur District PIN Codes and Zip Codes Udaipur PIN Codes Location PINCode / ZIPCode • Ashok Nagar 313001 • Ayed 313001 • Badgaon 313011 • Bajaj Nagar 313021 • Bambora 313706 • Barapal 313805 • Barar 313341 • Bari T B Sanatorium 313025 • Bawalwara 313806 • Bedla 313016 • Bhalerana 313030 • Bhim 305921 […]

  • Udaipur Villagers Save Dying Fish! | News

    Udaipur Villagers Save Dying Fish! | News

    18 June 2018 marked a special day in the history of humanity. 50 km away from Udaipur lies a small town called Menar which is famous for bird watching. Recently, the place has observed high degrees of temperatures which are drying out the small ponds and lakes in the village of Menar. Due to the […]

  • Udaipur: Bird Lover’s Paradise!

    Udaipur: Bird Lover’s Paradise!

    Who doesn’t love birds with their multi-hued feathers and different forms of the body flying high in the azure sky, perched on branches of trees, swimming effortlessly on the still water of the lakes or driving into the water in search of their prey? The sight of these beautiful avians, one of God’s most attractive […]