Udaipur Villagers Save Dying Fish! | News

18 June 2018 marked a special day in the history of humanity. 50 km away from Udaipur lies a small town called Menar which is famous for bird watching. Recently, the place has observed high degrees of temperatures which are drying out the small ponds and lakes in the village of Menar.

Due to the same, the fish in the area are dying under the scorching sun.

Dying Fish
Source: Times of India

“This drying out of ponds shall directly affect the birds here”, says a local. “As the birds feed on fish present in the ponds, and if all the fish die because of drying ponds the birds will also suffer”, he added.

The locals here call themselves “Pakshi Mitra” or Friends of Birds.

The villagers pooled in money to get water tankers to fill up the drying ponds. Watching the efforts of the villagers a lot of people from the nearby area came up to help the dying fish. Up till now, 20 water tankers have been used to fill the ponds.

Also, the forest department has taken measures identifying the fragility of the situation. They shifted some of the struggling fish to a nearby pond named Brahma Sagar, which has a greater level of water. As per the forest department, almost 3 quintals (in weight) of Carp Fish has been relocated.

People Helping to Relocate Fish
Source: Times of India

The College of Fisheries at Maharana Pratap University for Agriculture and Technology helped the forest department in shifting the fish.

The nature lovers of Udaipur have done a very commendable job!


News Source: Times of India