Udaipur Tourism comes to a standstill! City Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari closed till March 31

The tourist city of Rajasthan which has been waiting for the upcoming vacation season, Udaipur has entered the complete lockdown state closing all the major tourist spots in the city including City Palace and Saheliyon Ki Bari.

The directive has come from the city administration as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has decided to shut all the 244 sites across the state including the popular Chittorgarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort until 31st March 2020.

The tourism sector of Udaipur including the hospitality sector has been majorly hit by the decision. However, the city has been struggling hard to keep up the business since the outbreak of the virus.

The Shrinathji Temple of Nathdwara will also be closed immediately after the regular traditional prayers. The temple will only allow 50 people at a time to visit during the traditional prayers.

The existing situation has also hit the event industry which is a part of the tourism sector. Most of the events in the city have either postponed indefinitely or cancelled due to the prevailing situation.

The state tourism department has cancelled celebrations of all festivals till March 31 including Rajasthan Foundation Day and Mewar Festival in the city. Since the administration has urged people to avoid large gathering, all these and other events have been cancelled.


Forum Celebration Mall celebrated Women’s Day Weekend

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world on 8th March every year. The day is dedicated to women and celebrates womanhood internationally. As per the recent trend, it has become the day when the women take out some time exclusively for themselves to break from the monotony and indulge in self-pampering activities.

Udaipur is certainly one of those cities which witnessed some exciting events organized on the occasion of women’s day. There were many events occurring all over the city which were dedicated to this day.

Forum Celebration Mall in Udaipur, dedicated an entire weekend to celebrate Women’s Day. Groovy live music, refreshing makeover sessions and amazing workshops on beauty and glamour, women in the lake city were spoilt for choice as Forum Celebration Mall went off its way to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

Out and out shopaholics who were craving for some “me time”, got to relax at a high-end luxurious spa, with a store full of women’s day special offers.

Women’s Day Weekend at Forum Celebration Mall

Forum Celebration Mall celebrated womanhood by organising amazing events and activities for the woman of the city. The celebration started on Saturday, 7th March 2020 with a mesmerizing live music performance by Blue Hush.

Udaipur Live Music

On 8th March, Forum Celebration Mall invited a renowned makeup artist Bhavini Dhadda to deliver an insightful workshop on glamorous makeup tips and tricks.

Forum Celebration Mall

Besides, there was also an offer going on on both days – March 7th and 8th. On shopping for Rs. 1500/- or above, all the women got a free makeover from Champion Salon.

Women got offered a range of discounts during the Women’s Day celebration in Udaipur. One of the biggest malls in Udaipur, Forum Celebration Mall keeps on organising various events and activities for all the age groups from time to time.

Visit Forum Celebration Mall Udaipur to shop, eat and have fun!


Cultural Festival Season begins in Lake City

The last month of the year is promising some amazing cultural fun to the people of lake city. The most awaited events of the city – Shilpgram Mahotsav and Flower Show will begin from 21st December and 25th December respectively. Along with this, the hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu will witness the fervour of Sharad Mahotsav from 29th to 31st December 2019.

Mewar recently hosted the amazing Kumbhalgarh Festival where artists and craftsmen from around the country exhibited their best of talent. The fever of this fiesta has not yet even subsided and people have already started looking forward to the upcoming Shilpgram Mahotsav and the most enquired, Flower Show of Udaipur.

Shilpgram Mahotsav – The Art and Craft Fair

Shilpgram Mahotsav is a cultural art and craft fair organized by West Zone Cultural Centre at the craft village of Udaipur, Shilpgram. The 10-day long event is an amalgamation of different cultures from across the country. The event is organised at the end of every year and is witnessed by thousands of people from all over the country.

Shilpgram Utsav

Flower Show

Flower Show is a unique flower exhibition held at Fateh Sagar Pal. The entire Pal is decorated with beautiful and unique varieties of flowers spreading a soothing fragrance all around the place.

Flower Show Udaipur

Along with these, there are many carnivals and events which will be happening around the city on Christmas and New Year.

The line-up of these amazing cultural extravaganza is making Udaipur, the most favoured choice for winter tourism. All these festivals promise an exclusive experience to the tourists and also to the people of the city, making Udaipur the best destination to travel in December.


5 Reasons Why You Should Attend ULF2019

What happens when you combine thousands of families, friends, foodies with live music, dance and fun to celebrate the festival of light, Diwali?

Welcome to Udaipur Light Festival – an EXPERIENCE where the Udaipurites gather to meet, eat and celebrate Diwali and light up life.

An initiative by UdaipurBlog that started in 2012, ULF has been the city’s biggest event for uniting friends and families and celebrating festivities. The fun begins around twilight when you can experience live entertainment, music, dance, and performances by renowned celebrities.

The festival has given some of the biggest celebrity performances to the city by amazing artists like Kutle Khan, B Praak, Papon and more.

This year, the 8th edition of Rajasthan’s biggest Diwali celebration, ULF2019 will rock the city of lakes on 24th October 2019.

After witnessing super successful performances of some renowned celebrities, this year, Udaipur will now see Nazar Na Lag Jaye ( movie: Stree) fame Ash King and Udd Gaye fame Ritviz, perform live at Shouryagarh Resort.


The bright lights that consume the stage and shine out across the sea of screaming fans is only a small portion of the exuberant feeling you get when you attend ULF. 

We believe that everyone should experience the excitement. 


We give you 5 reasons…


There is no better place to have a pre-Diwali bash with your buddies than being at ULF. It is the perfect place to go with a group of friends and enjoy the fresh air while you have great music blasting through you.



Udaipur offers some amazing local and popular cuisines to satiate your hunger for good food. ULF2019 is the place where you will find the most delicious food stalls of local and popular delicacies.

ULF2019 Fun


The bass will kick into the pit of your stomach and take over any feelings you have. You will feel the thumping of the drum in your chest and the strings of the guitar through your veins. As you look around you, you will see hands in the air and smiling faces. That’s when you will know why you are at ULF2019!

ULF2019 Music


The memories you will make at Udaipur Light Festival will be the ones you will never forget. Laugh it up with your friends, make a new friend and cherish being a ULF2019.

ULF2019 Memories

If the above reasons are not enough, here’s another one to ponder on!


There’s no better way to describe ULF then being there and witnessing with your own eyes. You will have a rush of adrenaline when you experience the magical voice of Ash King with the electrical performance of Ritviz and feel the vibes through the air.


This Diwali celebration of the city creates a transformative experience for families and friends, enabling them to celebrate with Udaipur.

Passes to ULF 2109, which has welcomed people from across the country and abroad, can be purchased online from BookMyShow, AllEvents or from UdaipurBlog office in Mangalam Square.


Mewari Runners Club to Organize ‘Run with National Flag’ on Republic Day

The event will take place at Fatehsagar Lake, Udaipur. It is a great opportunity for all the running enthusiasts out there on such occasion which is a proud day for every Indian. In this way, all the runners of the city can show their pride for nation.

The participants will assemble at 6:30 am and the run will start at 7:00 am. The running route would be minimum of 8.2 km where the participant can run as many loops as he wants.

Runners would run this distance while carrying the Indian flag in their hand to celebrate the republic day. The participants are requested to bring their own flags.

You can confirm your participation by January 23, 2019.

To register, visit –

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The Second Edition of Udaipur Tea Festival is Here!

All the tea fanatics, here’s one festival just for you. The first edition of Udaipur Tea Festival was conducted in Feb 2018. It is a unique concept by Kalla Kriti Events. The event witnessed huge success last year with all the tea lovers of the town and so it is back again with the second edition.

The three-day fest will begin on 14th December 2018 between 10 am to 10 pm. The good news is that the entry to the fest is absolutely free for all so that you can experience the specialty tea and encourage and grow a passion for tea altogether.

What’s in it?

As the name clearly suggests, there will be tea. Lots of it! In fact, 25 varieties of tea which will include Rose tea, lemon tea, Irani tea, saunf tea, tulsi tea, herbal tea, masala tea, chocolate tea, jaggery tea, etc. In addition to that, there will also be free medicated tea in the morning for everyone.

Apart from that, there will be interesting and fun-filled performances by different bands and artists. Interactive activities will take place too such as open mic, commerce treasure hunt, horse ride, camel ride, boat rides, and many old school games.

The event is not only about tea, but it’s about health, happiness, and enjoyment.

Where – Dudh Talai opposite Badi Pal Gate

For more details, contact – 9672652385, 9828487321

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Udaipur Speaks

How Udaipur Lantern Festival became Super hit without traditional promotion?

Udaipur had witnessed many annual public events held in past and even till now; most of these events are organized by either local government and administrative authorities or the dominating print media.

It seems next to impossible to organize any event in Udaipur without the help of Print Media or some handful of non-profit organizations. But the Udaipur Lantern Festival 2015 has smacked down all these contemplations by pulling more than 3500 people just by promoting the event online.

No Pre Event News in any Newspapers, No Pasting Posters on city walls, No Pamphlets, No FM announcement even no banner advertisement, just a pure online publicity and the result was overwhelming, the crowd enjoyed to fullest, the sponsors were more than happy and what next? People are just waiting for next ULF 2016.

How they did it? Who are people behind ULF? Are they event Management Company? – NO.

The ULF is every year organized by a group of youth mostly students under the banner of a local blog which publishes city centric articles, local social issues, news and fantastic photos on their facebook page. There is nothing more than this to answer Who are Behind ULF?

But on the other side, there are few points which I would like to explain on How ULF 2015 Became Successful (without any traditional promotion)

Before moving further, let me clear that I am not an employee of, nor I’ve been paid to write this piece. What made me interested in writing this is just a dedication and extra ordinary management skills of UB team which left not only me but many people completely impressed. It also successfully raised the eyebrows of traditionalist who underestimated the power of social media.


Idea of “The Sky Lantern”

Udaipur Lantern Festival - Amos Chapple
Photo By : Amos Chapple

Everything new is always attractive and Sky Lanterns did the same, ULF is perhaps the first event which has full fledgedly promoted Sky Lanterns in Udaipur as a best alternative to fire crackers on Diwali this also gave a social message of being environment friendly and less hazardous way to celebrate the festival.

Organizers are Youth

Team UdaipurBlog

Trend setters are always been followed and youth are the biggest trend setters, most active and responsive than any age group. ULF has benefit of a team of youth as organizers who have their own friend circles combining to become a big cluster of Army of Youth – energetic, enthusiastic and fun loving.

Additional value of Music, Dance, Food, Selfie

selfiequeen udaipur

Unlike from previous years when ULF event used to be held at Fatehsagar, a public place with limited resources, this time the venue was a private property, loaded with all facilities and amenities to make everything well organized, safe and entertained. Moreover, apart from just lighting a sky lantern, audience has many options to amuse them through live music and dance, food stalls and even a place specially designed to take selfies.

And the most important part of the entertainment was, inviting some of the biggest youth icons and most popular people of city like Priyansh Paliwal, Sumit Lekhari, Dj Lovenish and RJ Himanshu which added priceless pearls on the crown of ULF-2015.


Choice of Promoters

Promotors of ULF2015

ULF successfully convinced all major online brands and youth groups to be the promoters; in return they got free branding at venue and exclusive access to the coverage. Brands like, InstaUdaipur,, AIESEC, BeautifulJaipur, JaipurCityBlog, Action Udaipur etc who effectively promoted ULF on their platforms and helped in pre event promotions.


Sponsors were youth centric

Sponsors ULF2015

To manage the large crowd is easier than entertaining a large crowd. Such arrangements should be done carefully and efficiently and it requires funding. ULF didn’t fall for funding but chose to approach selective brands that can get value for their money. Some of the sponsors of the event were WittyFeed a website publishing viral content, KPlanners and Believe Happenings are event management companies run by young entrepreneurs, Rnold Gym, UBER Cab and Rosava – Packaged Drinking Water are other brands who backed the event.


Planning and Coordination – Key to Success

By the team of volunteers, promoters, partners and fans of previous year’s ULF. The team promoted the event online 12 days prior with lots of positivity. The promotion encouraged curiosity among those who didn’t heard about Lantern Festival or never attended those which held in previous years.

Everyone is now online so the next challenge was spreading the reach and touching most of the online local crowd. Here UdaipurBlog’s page which has more than 150 thousand LIKES helped, those who are left was covered through news site which has another 150 thousand monthly readers. Beside this individual post of ULF on personal walls touched many more thousands.

The combination of every point mentioned above including the perfect timing and date of the event turned it one of the most liked, most successful, youth centric and completely online powered event with effective use of social media.


Nextyear ULF2015


Click Here to See Photos of Udaipur Lantern Festival 2015


SPARSH – A Touch of Love


A gray old woman sits all alone
Unloved, uncherished and unknown.
Sitting beside her broken door.
Dreaming of days past long ago,
When children played about her knee
Filling the air with childish glee,
Tended by her with loving care.
Knowing the blessing of a Mother’s prayer.
But now they have gone, each to his life
A girl to her husband, a boy to his wife,
Forgetful are they of her who sits here
Silently wiping a tricking tear,
For striving for things in a life so brief
Blind their poor eyes to a dear Mother’s grief.
But does she upbraid them in word or in mind.
Nor does their neglect to her seem unkind.
She’ll forgive and forget all unkindness they’ve shown
This poor old mother who sits alone.

-Ruby Latimer Edwards

Vishwamukha Events & GiONEE Smartphones present

SPARSH – A Touch of Love

co-sponsored by Sunrise Group of Institutes

The present day Indian society is changing rapidly due to urbanization, the steep aspirations of the youth and the increased numbers of women workforce. All these factors have led to a decline in the number of joint families and an increase in the concept of nuclear families. The direct impact of this is that the care and support towards the elderly in India is getting marginalized.

About SPARSH :

Sparsh – is a cultural show with a message of ‘Loving, Caring and Supporting the Old’’. The event aims at delivering a message of love, care and support that the elderly people require and which is their right to get for the undying and selfless love they have given to us. The show shall constitute of dance performances, drama, special attraction talk show and short films. 

So join this campaign of love and care through a medium of a show which will bring color to their colorless life.


Vidya Bhavan Auditorium, Dewali (Fathepura)

Date :

8th June, 2013

Time :

6:30 p.m.


This Friendship Day – ‘Karo Dosti Nature ke Sath’

logo for karo nature ke sath

Hey Udaipies. What are your plans for the friendship day? Have you ever thought to spend the friendship day with our friends in disguise, our friends of nature, the trees and the plants? If no, then here’s a chance to celebrate the day, with a rocking evening, our favourite hang out spot, Live Rock band performances, loads of fun, and also, the mission to conserve nature. Our Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. And Dainik Bhaskar  present “Karo Dosti Nature ke Sath”, this friendship day on 7th Aug at Fatehsagar Paal, Dewali Chhor – 6 p.m. Onwards.

In this rocking event being organized by the Frozen Apple Events and Entertainment, there will be live rock band show by Octive Band, and 1000 plants will be distributed to the responsive people who are willing to take an initiative to plant them and care for them. The event will be hosted by Anchor Piyush.

We Support This Event .. Will You ??


Udaipur Music Carnival – 2011

UMC Music Carnival 2011

Vs1 Studio & Purple Turtle are back with UMC(Udaipur Music Carnival) – 2011 : The one and only kind of unique 2 day music carnival in our City of Lakes.

Special Highlights in this Music Carnival will be:

  • Live DJ’s Playing Rocking Music
  • Special Surprise visuals by VJ
  • Pool Party and Rain Dance
  • Live Artists Performing
  • Fun Games
  • Tattoos and Hukkas
  • Veg and Non Veg Snacks
  • And a Lot More…


The Dj’s who will be rocking the Floor will be:

  • Dj AADIL
  • DJ K R


Venue: Lotus Lake View Resort , Rampura Chohraya

Date: 30th july , 31st july 2011

Timing: 2pm Onwards

Entry Charges (1 Day) :

  • Female: Rs. 500
  • Male: Rs. 700
  • Couple: Rs. 1000

Entry Charges (Both day 1 and day 2):

  • Female: Rs. 800
  • Male: Rs. 1100
  • Couple: Rs. 1600


  • 5 Girls: Rs. 1800


To Get Your Tickets:


Varun:: +91-9828877711

Ravi:: +91-9694888038