The Significance Of Grammar In Effective Communication

If we talk about communication, then we all know that it is an essential human activity. None of us can merely live in solitariness, and if we want to live in a community, we, in any case, have to interact with others. In order to talk to others, we have to communicate. In short, the communication comprises of exchanging of ideas and other details in between one and more people.

When children grow, it becomes essential to teach them the proper way to communicate to express themselves adequately. It also helps in the future because they would need to face the outside world. Hence, we can say that for that grammar is essential too, not only for one but many reasons.

Why Must You Use Proper Grammar?

The reasons for which you must use perfect grammar in your content are as follows:

  • Helps you to develop good commutation skills.
  • Use of proper grammar is very advantageous when you apply for a job.
  • If you pass a message with poor grammar, then it can create misunderstandings.
  • Allows you to create an excellent professional reputation.

When it comes to written communication, then morphology plays an important role, and a small mistake of syntax can lead to a bad outcome. This is why it is highly advised to use a free grammar checker and recheck your work for at least once.

Here are some of the tips which reflect the significance of grammar.

  •    Enhance the Skill of Expression

Communication is the ability which everyone can learn. We must learn the best way to communicate so we can express ourselves in the best way possible. At a young age, we learn this skill from the people we live with as we imitate their actions. The importance of syntax is not essence for one language but every language. In our writing too, Grammar helps us to express ourselves. So, if you want to master strong communication skills, then you must use proper rules of language in your written and oral communication.

  •    Improves Accuracy

One of the benefits that syntax provides us is that it enhances the efficiency of our writing. Grammar develops a habit in the learners’ mind, and when it is mixed with the rhetoric and logic expertise, it acclimatizes the learner to the accuracy of language and eventually to the accuracy in thinking. The syntax enables the people to develop a habit of examining as well as thinking things in a more precise and logical manner. So, it states that if your writing contained perfect punctuation, the more accuracy would be there.

  •    Proper Syntax Saves Time in Business

One of the fundamental techniques for management in the workplace is to communicate effectively. If the message which is circulating in the office has proper use of syntax in it, then everyone will most probably understand it without any misunderstanding. Proper grammar lessens up the confusion when a worker performs any task, be it organizing a report or sending a message to any other management personnel. When a message would be delivered correctly, it ultimately reduces the wastage of time as there will be no need for any translation.

  •    It Is Crucial in The Digital World

Most of the people think that good use of grammar is not essential for the online article writer or bloggers as they informally create content and many times use some terms to develop sarcasm and humor. But the main thing people overlook is that they use a friendly style to enjoy the benefit of liberal freedom.

But if you are a blogger, then you must realize that the people who read your content notice your mistakes and it leaves a negative impression. Although they can understand what you are trying to say in reality, they will not like to read your content or revisit the website if you will mistake stupid errors. Hence, if you check what you are submitting from a grammar checker, it will help you in various ways.

  •    Assists in High Competitiveness

Proper use of syntax enhances campaign ads. When the promotional material is written correctly with no grammatical error, then they surely will get much more attention from people. We all are aware of the fact that if firms generate advertisements without mistakes, it ultimately will result in the popularity of the business.

If you are using a grammar checker and correcting all your errors, you still must proofread your content before sending them to any third person.
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Udaipur Light Festival 2018 – Relive the memories (Photos)

Udaipur Light Festival was a massive hit! No, we don’t say it- THE PICTURES SAY IT!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so cutting short, here is a gallery of pictures for you from Udaipur Light Festival 2018.

Spot yourself, save and repost your pictures on your Instagram tagging us! We would be glad to see your love!


Special Thanks to Team Star Photoworks for the amazing pictures!

Pictures curated by Dimpy Chundawat

See you next year!


Know about the most loved festival of Udaipur- Udaipur Light Festival 2018

Udaipur’s Most Loved Festival made history on 4th November 2018! A whooping footfall of 8000+ people was witnessed on the event day. Yes! You heard me right! 8000+ people; which is undoubtedly the highest number ever seen in any private festival In and Around Udaipur. This whole write-up is dedicated to the tiniest to the largest elements of Udaipur Light Festival 2018, which made the festival ‘Oh-So-LIT’!!!

For all those who were a part of this colossal and magnificent festival can relive the memories, while for the ones who didn’t show up- we are giving you reasons why to attend the festival NEXT YEAR!

The 7th Year of Udaipur Light Festival was not just bigger and better but an epitome of excellent celebrations for the people of Udaipur. A one-of-a-kind and state-of-art concept of UDAIPURBLOG that is new and fresh every year- as they say, “Fine Wine Gets Better with Time”.

So, what made ULF so LIT…LIT AF?

A festival for the people of Udaipur

ULF is indeed the most loved and happening festival and we the people of Udaipur long to attend such an amazing day around Diwali. Starting from the venue I have listed everything that has made ULF 2018 a MEGA HIT.


The spanking venue, little away from the hustle bustle of the main city, nestled amidst nature- Shouryagarh Resort & Spa was one idyllic place for ULF. All green and ample space for creating the magic of ULF 2018.


This year ULF was inspired by Light so you wouldn’t have to guess or be surprised to find a décor with a lot of light and LIT elements. An amazing theme to compliment the concept of Diwali Season, sure to transcend you to another world!


Kutle Khan at ULF 2018
BPRAAK at ULF 2018
DJ DUO Shameless Mani & Shanaya at ULF 2018

A power-packed lineup is all you need to make the crowd ga-ga! Kutle Khan Project was the first artist to perform at ULF 2018 and no doubt the folk artist took our hearts away with his energetic stage presence. Headlining the event was ‘Musical Journey by B PRAAK’ who has sung some amazing songs including the very famous, Mann Bharrya. The artist gave a powerful performance and the people of Udaipur loved him.

Last up, the amazing DJ-Duo Shameless Mani & Shanaya took the stage and dropped some pounding bass. Their performance was dripping in energy and electric vibe! The event flow was amazingly managed by dashing Emcee Vishaal Aloysius Rasquinha.

How many of you did actually lose track of time? I know a lot would say yes!


Never-seen-before, there were 2 stages at ULF 2018. The LBERT acoustic stage which I could call the eye-candy stage became the major attraction during the daytime. With back to back singers, percussionists and lot many multi-genre artists performing live, this stage was on fire.

The Main Stage got the best of the attention of the crowd after the dusk began. The blinding lights coordinated with music were amazing and peeps were TRIPPIN’ over it which made it totally LIT!!!


The never seen before heart throbbing Sound on LAcoustics K2 which touched everyone’s heart and soul.


Seriously, guys, that is something you can call LIT AF! The entry was lit and then my favorite part- the LED screen placement of ‘UDAIPUR’. The stage, the photo booths, the décor at the food court and whatnot; the production was never seen before a no-brainer.

Food Court

8 food stalls at the food court of ULF catering to diverse taste buds were located just as you entered the main arena close to the LBERT acoustic stage. The food stalls also accepted electronic mode of payment easing out hassle, giving you a cashless experience.

Adventure Zone

First time in Udaipur, Body Zorbing was introduced in any festival or an event. Also, there were Water roller and Meltdown which were also new to any event in Udaipur.

LIVE Men’s Grooming

In association with our men’s grooming partner, LBERT Men’s Grooming, ULF 2018 witnessed a whole new concept of LIVE men’s grooming. Guys could actually go there and get themselves groomed at the stall. There were two hair stylists present at the stall who were styling hair and beards of the guys. It was again a one-of-a-kind concept in any event in Udaipur.

Zero tolerance to drugs and any malpractices

“We cannot control everyone present at the venue, but we make sure to check everyone prior to entering in the venue. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any kind of narcotics or malpractices. When someone is caught with drugs or indulged in any kind of ill-practice we immediately expel them out of the festival,” Ronak Chauhan, Team ULF.

The presence of drugs, cigarettes and other forms of narcotics cannot be denied at any festival but we keep our policies straight.

Behind Udaipur’s most loved festival

Behind the scenes is too mainstream, we work on the front! Hard work, dedication, round-the-clock work and days of sweating in the sun has made ULF a masterpiece as it is. A special thanks to all our team members and volunteers, without them it can never have that essence of glory!

We would also like to extend our gratitude towards our main sponsors without whom ULF would not have emerged as one great festival: MIRAJ Group, Rivona Naturals, LBERT Men’s Grooming.

The amazing production team which made it well coordinated and LIT –

Mega Sound – For the Amazing Sound that Udaipur got to experience. 

Ananta Stage Craft – For the LIT Stage Lights.

Apsara Tent House –  For the Ground Production & Decor.

Bharat LED Wall – For the Creative ‘UDAIPUR’ LED. 

Associates and Supporters: 94.3 MY FM, Pearl Suzuki, Astronomia Shoppe, VJ Ravi, Thrill zone, Shouryagarh Resort and Spa, Bling Ping Motion Pictures, Star Photoworks, Sancheti Automobiles, Forum Celebration Mall, Assure IT Infra, Naman Fireworks & Events, The Enchanted Affair, Phonographic Performance Limited, NOVEX, Royal Stache, Robin Hood Army, Pukaar Foundation, Dynamic Security, and BFSA. 

Food Stall Partners: The Rolls Carro, Book A Surprise, Desi Bites by MN, Foodies Cafe, Ice Cream Works, OMG Gaming Zone and Food Court, Sai Sagar, and Sigdi Chai.

Wishing you a delightful year ending and a great start of the new year.

Looking forward to writing about this amazing festival once again in 2019!!


Things to keep in mind before going to Udaipur Light Festival 2018

The most happening festival of Rajasthan – Udaipur Light Festival 2018 is around the corner and the adrenaline rush of every Udaipurite is going to pump up real soon. But at such festivals, a little carelessness of ours makes our experience unpleasant. So before heading towards the world of amazement, check out the list we have prepared about the things you should keep in mind before going to ULF 2018.

Collect your passes and wristbands beforehand

For the entry to ULF 2018, you have to first buy the passes which will let you redeem the wristbands. The wristband is necessary for you to enter the ULF ground. Now, make sure that you collect your passes and wristbands before the event so that you don’t have to stand in long queues also the chances to miss any of the exciting activities inside reduces.

Style like you own it

Styling for an event like ULF 2018 is a very confusing as well as an important task as there are going to be a lot of people you’ll meet in the festival and you won’t want to leave a bad impression on any of the people around you, right? So it is important to select the right outfit for yourself which will not just look good on you but will also give you all the comfort that you need so that when you groove your feet on the music, you don’t have to manage your outfit repeatedly.

Don’t forget to grab a quick bite in between activities

We know the activities inside the event are too happening but make sure you grab a quick bite in between them. There will be a lot of stalls placed on the venue from where you can choose whatever you want to have. Make sure to remain hydrated throughout. You wouldn’t want to faint in the middle of the event.

Make new friends

At festivals like such, hordes of people throng from different cities. Don’t be a sourpuss and make sure that you make a lot of new friends. Be the social butterfly and I bet you won’t only have the best time of your life but you would also learn innumerable things from people with different mindsets.

Don’t miss the adventure activities

Source: Wonderfly games

While everyone is excited about the musical performances, trust me, the adventurous activities before them are as happening as ever. These interactive games and adventurous sports will give you a perfect opportunity to connect to different people while having fun. And who knows who might end up winning a game or two.

What to carry

There are several things that you should carry to the event which will make your event smooth and reduce any hindrance.

Selfie stick – Trust me, you’re going to capture a lot of pictures with a lot of people. A selfie stick will come in handy at such moments and will give you a bunch of stunning pictures.

Face mist – Sweat is very natural with a huge crowd dancing on the beats of amazing artists. A face mist will keep you going and refreshed for the rest of the event.

A water bottle – It is important to stay hydrated and at the same time it is not possible to run from one corner to another to drink water during a concert, so keep a water bottle with you to not get tired and have the most out of ULF 2018.

Some cash to go – keep a little cash with you in case you want to eat something or buy something from the stalls around.

Keep yourself updated

Keep yourself updated about the happenings of the festival you are going to attend. Thus, you can follow the official page of Udaipur light festival on Instagram and Facebook.

Didn’t book your tickets yet? Book it at Allevents or Bookmyshow.

If you have any query regarding Udaipur Light Festival 2018, write to me at


Here’s a Complete Guide for You to Attend Udaipur Light Festival 2018

First time to ULF 2018? Don’t worry, we have got everything covered for you. Below is a complete guide for you to attend Rajasthan’s biggest festival – Udaipur Light Festival 2018.

How to reach ULF 2018?

The festival is taking place in the City of Lakes – Udaipur. If you are a tourist, here are the ways you can reach the city.

By air:

  • The nearest airport is the Udaipur Maharana Pratap Airport (UDR)
  • The distance of the venue from the airport – 27 km
  • The direct flight is available to Udaipur from the following cities – Mumbai, Jaipur, , Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai.

For more information about Maharana Pratap Airport, click here.

By Train:

  • The nearest railway station is the Udaipur City Railway station.
  • The distance of the venue from the Railway station – 8 km.
  • Major trains arriving in Udaipur –

Ananya Express (12315/12316): Runs between Kolkata and Udaipur

Bandra – Udaipur Superfast Express (22901/22902): Runs between Mumbai to Udaipur

Udaipur City Jaipur Intercity Express (12991/12992): Runs between Jaipur and Udaipur

Chetak Express (12982/12981): Runs between Delhi to Udaipur

Udaipur Ahmedabad MG Fast Passenger (52927/52928): Runs between Ahmedabad and Udaipur

Udaipur City – Delhi Sarai Rohilla Rajasthan Humsafar Express (22985/22986): Runs between Delhi and Udaipur

Nizamuddin Express (12415): Runs between Udaipur and Delhi

By road:

  • Volvo and comfort buses are available to Udaipur from all the major cities.

Where to stay in Udaipur?

  • Want to stay in Udaipur in a certain budget? Click here to know about the hostels and dorms in the city.
  • Want to wake up in the morning with a stunning Lake view? Click here to know about the Budget Hotels in Udaipur with a Lake View.
  • Want to experience the royalty of the city of Lakes? Click here to know about the best hotels and resorts in Udaipur.

How to enter Udaipur Light Festival 2018?

Step 1 – Book your tickets from Allevents or Bookmyshow.

Step 2 – You will receive a code on your phone number via text message and an E-mail. Carry your ID proof at the venue.

Step 3 – Reach the venue of ULF 2018 i.e. Shouryagarh Resort and Spa. Show your code and your ID proof on the entry. On showing that you’ll receive a wristband which will let you go further.

Step 4 – Create a bunch of unforgettable memories at Rajasthan’s biggest festival, Udaipur Light Festival 2018.


Venue of ULF 2018

Want to explore Udaipur after enjoying ULF 2018? Click here.  


If you have any more queries regarding the same, write to us in the comment section below or mail me directly at


9 Reasons why you should attend ULF | Udaipur Light Festival 2018

If you love unique festivals, then Udaipur Light Festival needs no introduction. ULF (Udaipur Light Festival), previously known as Udaipur Lantern Festival, is the most loved and celebrated festival of entire Rajasthan. It is a unique concept by UdaipurBlog which incepted 6 years back in the form of Diwali celebration at one place. What started as a small festival, has now turned into a mega light and music festival with time. Udaipur makes an incredible host city and the enthusiasm skyrockets every year.

In case you’re still confused about whether to attend the festival or not, we’ll give you reasons that will make you jump from your seats and book the tickets right away.

A Mind Blasting Line-Up

From authentic traditional singer Kutle Khan to one of the most soulful Punjabi singers, B Praak and Head spinning DJ’s like DJ Shameless Mani & Shanaya, you would be absolutely mesmerized with a number of artists from different genres. And when there are so many exciting artists at a single place, nobody would want to miss it, right? You will find more than you could ask for. After all, we have got everything covered for you.

Meeting People Is Always Fun

This mega festival started with an idea of uniting people to celebrate the grand festival of Diwali and it hasn’t changed even a bit today. ULF gives you an opportunity to call all your long lost friends and spend a spirited evening together. And having said that, you might bump into someone you haven’t met in ages. Too many surprises, we tell you!

Sometimes, you get to meet the artists too

With a plethora of artists coming to perform in the city, who knows you might get a chance to actually meet one of the artists. And after all, a little bit of show off on your Instagram profile won’t hurt, right?

Fun, Food, Music and Memories all at once










There won’t be a single second for you to get bored as there are so many things to dig your hands into. The entire place would be filled with energy all around which guarantees you a quality time. No time to get bored because YOLO!

Electrifying visuals that will spin your mind

A concert doesn’t look like one until there are some head-spinning visuals along with the groovy music. Creativity is paramount and surely ULF stands out from the rest. And trust me, Udaipur Light Festival won’t disappoint you in this matter. The mind bobbling visuals and the gigantic and breathtaking stage will set you on fire. Now, how can you afford to miss it?

Adventurous games and activities

Source: Wonderfly games

If you are not one of those music and dance people, we have got a reason for you too. There will be numerous games and activities which will just keep you going. And I’m sure it will help you socialize a bit too.  So, get your party props on to have the most rocking evening of your life.

For some chic selfies and groupfies 

Who doesn’t like getting clicked? And on the top of that ULF has got some amazing frames and props that will make your pictures stand out on your social networking sites. Let’s say goodbye to those old school pictures, shall we?


ULF 2018’s theme is light and for the same reason whatever you bat your eyes on, it’s going to be absolutely LIT, like literally. Need I say more?

What’s in it for the tourists?

Creating a distinctive Sunday for people is what ULF thrives for. And Udaipur Light Festival is much more than just the music. The massive lineup is enough for people to just go to the festival. Nestled in the heart of Udaipur, the tourists always enjoy something which surprises them. We believe that this festival is an unbelievable excuse for anyone to come to the city of lakes. As the long list of holidays comes hand in hand with Diwali, it’s the perfect period to visit Udaipur and enjoy the city to the fullest after ULF.

If you’re still not convinced enough, have a look at the video below and I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

Enough has been said, it’s time to Rock and Roll!! See you there at Shouryagarh Resort and Spa on 4th November 2018.

Book your tickets: Allevents or BookmyShow

Visit udaipurlightfestival for more info.


Missing the ULF 2017 Already? Relive the Moments With Us!

A cheering crowd, a colossal stage, amazing artists, whimsical music, delectable food, and beverages- all at a single destination!

Udaipur Lantern Festival 2017 will linger in our minds for the years to come. And, why not! It is the only festival in Udaipur that gathers the energetic people of Lakecity every year at a common place by the onset of Diwali.

In association with Livspace Designs, Udaipur witnessed more than 8000 people at Shouryagarh Resort & Spa celebrating the festivities of Diwali.

PC: Star Photoworks

Since five years, Udaipur Lantern Festival has made efforts to bring everyone together at a common place to celebrate the onset of Diwali. Packed with mind-blowing live performances, selfie booths, food stalls and beautiful art installations ULF 2017 brought some of the staggering activities for the people at the fest.

Relive some of the amazing moments of our festival! And share your experience at the ULF 2017 with us.

Unveiling Happiness

The festival commenced at 4:00 pm with several on ground activities like Dances by Rajasthani artists accompanied with Dhol & Nagada which added pinches of the eclectic culture of Rajasthan.

As the crowd started to gather on the ground, the fest also attained its momentum. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and one could see a blend of happiness and amazement on the faces of the crowd gathered to witness a night of enjoyment and entertainment with their loved ones. The photo booths and stalls were overflowing with people taking pictures and having food and drinks and enjoying the fest.

Here comes the moment of the Fest!

At 6:30 pm the first performance of the Udaipur Lantern Festival 2017, Swaraag (Folk-rock Sufi Fusion Band) all the way from Jaipur took charge of the stage and totally mesmerized the gathering with their indo-western fusion music. No wonder, they were simply amazing and people were completely abounded by their enthralling performance. They were well taken by the crowd and received unmatched applause.

‘Mere Rashke Qamar’ made the crowd go Ga-Ga over the music of Swaraag and the energy was electric and could be easily seen by the applause from the spectators.

Post the performance of Swaraag, came the most awaited moment of the night- the live performance of PAPON.

His energy and love for the city resonated with the audience and we could hear the crowd screaming and cheering in utter liveliness for his songs. His soulful voice took over the stage at 8:00 pm and made the crowd swoon over his songs.

Unquestionably, the people of Udaipur loved PAPON and so did we!

An Electrifying DJ Session

Who does not love EDM! The DJ session pumped up the crowd post PAPON’s performance. DJ Kavish made the fest’s conclusion an electrifying one. The crowd was literally jumping with the beats of the music. What a night!!!

Last but not the least, we express gratitude to our partners, contributors, supporters, enthusiastic volunteers, our team and especially to the people of our city who have been supporting us and helping us in making the ULF happen each year successfully.


Associate Partner: Livspace Designs

Sound Partner: Mega Sound

Stage Light Partner: Ananta Stage Craft

Venue Partner: Shouryagarh Resort & Spa

Food Partner: Spicy Sigdi

Production Partner: The Backdrop

Radio Partner: 91.9 FM Radio City

LED Partner: Bharat LED

Set Design Partners: Shubh Beginnings

Merchandise Partners:

Online Partner: WittyFeed

Print Media Partner: Dainik Bhaskar

Digital Marketing Partner: Vivir Media

Self Drive Partner: Zoom Car

Mall Partner: Celebration Mall

Water Partner: Insta Qua

Photography Partner: Prakash Creation

Party Props Partner: Astronomia Shoppe

Helicopter Ride Partner: Mewar Helicopter

Dance Partner: Rajeev Surti Dance Factory 

Stalls Partners: Sai Sagar, Brewberrys, Mom’s Ghar Ka Khana, Book A Surprise, Giani Ice Cream, Social Affairs, Spicy Sigdi, Hello Boho, Navneet Motors.

We will love to acknowledge the support of District Administration, District Police, Rajasthan Tourism for their unparalleled support.   

Cheers to the People of Udaipur and To Udaipur Lantern Festival 2017!!!


Photos by: Prakash Creation



Photos By: Star Photoworks


Article by: Fouzia Mirza & Kajal Khaturia 


Memories Unfolded: Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016

Here ends Diwali and we are indulged in the memories that give us a feel of satisfaction to unite the lovely community of Udaipur. After a hectic schedule and break as well some moments still leave us spellbound when we look into the gleam of #ULF2016. With every passing year, Udaipur Lantern Festival has been a spectacular event amongst the people of LakeCity. And, this year also #ULF2016 has left so many unforgettable memories filled with happiness, joy, and a message to celebrate clean and green Diwali together with your family and friends.

A concept by UdaipurBlog, started with a lot of preparations, it came up as a challenge to make every arrangement and fulfil all the expectations with enthusiasm. But, by seeing the reviews, support, and love of people, we can say, we did extremely well. From Lanterns to display stalls, from delicious food to rocking musical night, it was blended with all the impressive things that you can think of.

From the very beginning, people enjoyed the counters of fun activities – Angry Birds, and Spin the Wheel. For introducing the community to heritage culture of Mewar, a stall of UdaipurBlog and Rajasthan theme were framed to let people know the rich hues of Mewar. To enjoy the fun of capturing beautiful moments, Selfie Booths with props were made available which flaunted Game of Thrones and Floral store. And, for satisfying hunger strikes live food counter of SpicySigdi was available there to serve delicious snacks, along with refreshing drinks by Brewberrys.

With the mesmerizing glimpse of Lanterns in the air, bright shine in the eyes of the people and smile on every face made the arena even more fascinating. And, that’s not all most important part of the production was handled by the main Presenter of the festival Frozen Apple Events. And, to give the direction of a voice to the fest anchoring was lead by RJ Ankit Mathur.


By adding more hype to the occasion, performance was thrown by the India’s leading fusion band NASYA who enthralled the stage and crowd with the rocking touch. Last but not the least; we can’t miss out the DJ night which was entangled with the performance of DJ NEET who added spice to the wonderful evening with the musical beats.

It was not just the evening, but an experience that would be cherished until the next Diwali. We can conclude it as a promise, a lantern for a cause that brought a light in the life of poor and unprivileged women and children of Ashadham Charitable Foundation with the amount of money that got collected from the entire event.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the riders who took event at great heights:

The event was Presented by: UdaipurBlog & Frozen Apple Events

Co-Sponsored by: Spicy Sigdi (24*7 Food Delivery Services)

Supporters: Techno India NJR, Prompt Infracom, Fortis Hospital, Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio, Travl on Cards, Pukar NGO, Prompt Automation, Bharat Sound, Astronomia Shoppe, Apsara Tent, Skull Fashion Studio, Lakecity Fireworks, Showcase Advertising, ZoomCar, ActionUdaipur and District Administration.


Promoters:, Cafe Brewmen, Mr. Sandwich, Apple Delight, Celebration Mall, Shakes Delight, Cafe Brewberry’s, 1O9 Cafe, Cafe Goodfellas, Skull Fashion Studio, and Cafe Meraki.

And, with the immense presence of varying VIP guests this year too it has lead to the grandeur success of the event concluded by the ardent teamwork led by dedicated volunteers. Thank you to all the Udaipurites for joining the celebration of togetherness and expressing the devotion for the entire festival.

We also hope to come up for more awesome events in future, let people participate, and grow the strong bond forever.

Have fun guys!! Explore the captures and spread the fever of #ULF2016.


We are really Happy to have the Photos of the Event covered by : CineSpectrum & Xpoze Studios


Photos by : CineSpectrum

gaj_7854 gaj_7907 gaj_8009 gaj_8045 gaj_8234 gaj_8239 gaj_8315 gaj_8388 img_0269 img_0531 img_0538 img_0546 img_0549 img_0589 img_0601 img_0617 img_1703 img_1713 img_1737 img_1792 img_1812 img_1839 img_2371 img_2372 img_2381 img_9947

Photos By: Xpoze Studio

img_9781 img_9786 img_9827 img_9829 img_9834 img_9836 img_9837 img_9842 img_9849 img_9851 img_9858 img_9868 img_9872 img_9886 img_9903 img_9931 zm0a0273 zm0a8722 zm0a8745 zm0a8755 zm0a9917 zm0a9969

If you have some amazing Photos to Share – Drop us an Email on 🙂


UdaipurBlog invites you for Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016

Invitation ULF 2016


Andddddd…. WE ARE BACK AGAIN!!

With the immense love and popularity the event has gained from past few years, Udaipur Lantern Festival has become a sensation among the people of Udaipur. Because of its unique and trendy take, it is bound to leave those unparalleled traces of memories in one’s mind.

The smiles of hope, excitement, joy that we, the UdaipuBlog team, see on every beloved Udaipurite makes us sincere and committed to organize this fest with even bigger, better and happening picture. And we promise, Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016 will be an awesome journey of fun, festivity and feast for all of you!

The event is Presented by UdaipurBlog & Frozen Apple Events
Co-sponsored by SpicySigdi – 24*7 Food Delivery Service

and supported by our diligent partners:
Self Drive Partner : ZoomCar
Education Partner : Techno India NJR
Mall Partner : Celebration Mall
Health Partner : Fortis JK
Wifi Partner : Prompt Infracom
Surveillance Partner : Prompt Automation
Online Ticket Partner:
Party Merchandise Partner: Astronomia Shoppe
Sound Partner: Bharat Sound
Production Supporter : Apsara Tent
Stage Effects : Lakecity Fireworks
Outdoor Media Partner: Showcase Advertising


Now, coming straight to the point, this year an exclusive variety of fantastic and interesting activities are in basket for all of us! – To begin with, an amazing trail of performances by the famous ‘NASYA‘- India’s Leading Fusion Band would be your gateway to serenity. We bet you would be mesmerised by their beautiful blend of Sufi, Haryanvi, Punjabi Folk and rock influences because they are not just a typical fusion band. They are much more to it. – To add to the euphoria, special Dhol performances by a group of artists will be a must to pump up your adrenaline.

A mandatory inclusion of DJ night is enough to make you go bonkers singing and dancing! – And voila! We do have Selfie booths for all your saved pouts and craziness.
Not only these, but a variety of other fun activities and games will be a part of this grand celebration. Well, well, well, whatever may the beginning or the end, the event’s most prime and intriguing reason shall always remain the same, i.e., Lighting the Lanterns with the aim of promoting cleaner and greener Diwali.

So, whether you are a girl or a boy, a woman or a man, a grandmother or a grandfather, you are cordially invited to this event with hands and hearts wide open, because celebrating together is what binds us and makes us united. And as we always say, every success is because of the love and warmth received by the fans and well wishers of any event.

So, a big shout out to all the Udaipurites for the wonderful support you are and have been constantly giving us. Folks! Happy times are waiting ahead for you. Get all set! You can buy passes from our Offline Ticketing Kiosk Partners:
• Celebration Mall
• Brewmen (Opp. Saheliyo ki Bari)
• Shakes and Delight (Sector-4)
• Cafe Brewberrys (Panchwati)
• Apple Delight (2nd floor, Celebration Mall)
• 109 Cafe (Gangaur Ghat – Old City)
• Cafe Goodfellas (Sector-14)
• Skull Fashion Studio (University Road)
• Cafe Meraki (Haridas Ji Ki Magri)


Or you can simply buy them online from our Online Ticketing Partner, AllEvents.

Here’s the link-  


Save the Date : October 29, 2016

Time : 3 PM to 10 PM

Venue : Occasion Garden, Ambience Hotel, Udaipur


We will be waiting for you. Cheers! 🙂

Udaipur Speaks

How Udaipur Lantern Festival became Super hit without traditional promotion?

Udaipur had witnessed many annual public events held in past and even till now; most of these events are organized by either local government and administrative authorities or the dominating print media.

It seems next to impossible to organize any event in Udaipur without the help of Print Media or some handful of non-profit organizations. But the Udaipur Lantern Festival 2015 has smacked down all these contemplations by pulling more than 3500 people just by promoting the event online.

No Pre Event News in any Newspapers, No Pasting Posters on city walls, No Pamphlets, No FM announcement even no banner advertisement, just a pure online publicity and the result was overwhelming, the crowd enjoyed to fullest, the sponsors were more than happy and what next? People are just waiting for next ULF 2016.

How they did it? Who are people behind ULF? Are they event Management Company? – NO.

The ULF is every year organized by a group of youth mostly students under the banner of a local blog which publishes city centric articles, local social issues, news and fantastic photos on their facebook page. There is nothing more than this to answer Who are Behind ULF?

But on the other side, there are few points which I would like to explain on How ULF 2015 Became Successful (without any traditional promotion)

Before moving further, let me clear that I am not an employee of, nor I’ve been paid to write this piece. What made me interested in writing this is just a dedication and extra ordinary management skills of UB team which left not only me but many people completely impressed. It also successfully raised the eyebrows of traditionalist who underestimated the power of social media.


Idea of “The Sky Lantern”

Udaipur Lantern Festival - Amos Chapple
Photo By : Amos Chapple

Everything new is always attractive and Sky Lanterns did the same, ULF is perhaps the first event which has full fledgedly promoted Sky Lanterns in Udaipur as a best alternative to fire crackers on Diwali this also gave a social message of being environment friendly and less hazardous way to celebrate the festival.

Organizers are Youth

Team UdaipurBlog

Trend setters are always been followed and youth are the biggest trend setters, most active and responsive than any age group. ULF has benefit of a team of youth as organizers who have their own friend circles combining to become a big cluster of Army of Youth – energetic, enthusiastic and fun loving.

Additional value of Music, Dance, Food, Selfie

selfiequeen udaipur

Unlike from previous years when ULF event used to be held at Fatehsagar, a public place with limited resources, this time the venue was a private property, loaded with all facilities and amenities to make everything well organized, safe and entertained. Moreover, apart from just lighting a sky lantern, audience has many options to amuse them through live music and dance, food stalls and even a place specially designed to take selfies.

And the most important part of the entertainment was, inviting some of the biggest youth icons and most popular people of city like Priyansh Paliwal, Sumit Lekhari, Dj Lovenish and RJ Himanshu which added priceless pearls on the crown of ULF-2015.


Choice of Promoters

Promotors of ULF2015

ULF successfully convinced all major online brands and youth groups to be the promoters; in return they got free branding at venue and exclusive access to the coverage. Brands like, InstaUdaipur,, AIESEC, BeautifulJaipur, JaipurCityBlog, Action Udaipur etc who effectively promoted ULF on their platforms and helped in pre event promotions.


Sponsors were youth centric

Sponsors ULF2015

To manage the large crowd is easier than entertaining a large crowd. Such arrangements should be done carefully and efficiently and it requires funding. ULF didn’t fall for funding but chose to approach selective brands that can get value for their money. Some of the sponsors of the event were WittyFeed a website publishing viral content, KPlanners and Believe Happenings are event management companies run by young entrepreneurs, Rnold Gym, UBER Cab and Rosava – Packaged Drinking Water are other brands who backed the event.


Planning and Coordination – Key to Success

By the team of volunteers, promoters, partners and fans of previous year’s ULF. The team promoted the event online 12 days prior with lots of positivity. The promotion encouraged curiosity among those who didn’t heard about Lantern Festival or never attended those which held in previous years.

Everyone is now online so the next challenge was spreading the reach and touching most of the online local crowd. Here UdaipurBlog’s page which has more than 150 thousand LIKES helped, those who are left was covered through news site which has another 150 thousand monthly readers. Beside this individual post of ULF on personal walls touched many more thousands.

The combination of every point mentioned above including the perfect timing and date of the event turned it one of the most liked, most successful, youth centric and completely online powered event with effective use of social media.


Nextyear ULF2015


Click Here to See Photos of Udaipur Lantern Festival 2015