5 Off-beat ways to celebrate your Holi in Udaipur

The most popular and colorful festival of India is just around the corner and everybody is getting ready for their own kind of celebrations this Holi. Kids are getting ready with their pichkaris and color bombs while adults are busy making tasty treats like Gujiya, Dahi Vada, Chivda etc. Some are planning to visit their relatives for celebrations and many are inviting others for a get-together. Basically, everyone is pretty excited for enjoying Holi this year.

For those who are still wondering about how and where to celebrate Holi this year, we have listed down 5 best ways to enjoy Holi – the most colorful festival of India

  • Jagdish Chowk: Jagdish Chowk is very famous because of Jagdish Mandir, a 368 years old temple situated in the center of Udaipur. It has witnessed so many celebrations since then. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali, Jagannath Rath Yatra, Eid or any other festival, each one of them has a unique relationship with this historic chowk. It has its own kind of ‘Firangi’ celebrations. Visitors from all around the globe celebrate Holi in their own colors, so why not help them build some never-fading memories of Udaipur.
  • Celebrate it with Less-Fortunate: How about sharing your happiness with the underprivileged and less-fortunate this Holi?

Yes, you can also make this Holi special for many underprivileged and less-fortunate by sharing the joy and happiness you are blessed with. Get them some sweets, snacks, and colors because not everyone wishes for materialistic needs, all they want is just a family to celebrate their festivals with.

  • Holi Festivals:
  • Labhgarh Holi Festival: Get ready to celebrate your Holi in exclusive #LabhgarhStyle.

Take out your dancing shoes and get ready to show your best dance moves. Labhgarh Holi festival is featuring the famous Sunburn Fame ‘JULIA BLISS’, ‘DJ LOVENISH’, and Udaipur’s local ‘ARTH BAND’.

Live Music, Live Dhol, Color Bombs, Rain Dance, Unlimited Food, Organic colors and what not is waiting for you at Labhgarh so this event is something you don’t wanna miss out.

Buy your passes from:

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labhgarh holi festival udaipur

  • Holi Ka Jashn, Jalsa K Sang’: The Jalsa brings you a highly electrifying Holi festival of Udaipur ever. Create some of the most amazing and colorful memories in rain showers and pool parties.

Enjoy your Holi in natural colors and delicious food only at ‘The Jalsa’ Holi festival.

Venue: The Jalsa, Near Fatehsagar, Shilpgram Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

For bookings, call us at +91 9828522427, +91 7821889999

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  • Spend quality time with your loved ones: Playing with colors is a ritual which is being followed since ages but in this icebreaker era, you can change your way of celebrations. Use this festival as a way to spend a nice and cozy time with your loved ones. Take them out to some exotic place, enjoy appetizing food because just being with them would solve many unheard problems they might have.

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  • A clean Holi: Holi with a social message, sure the idea sounds a little difficult to execute but as the world-famous proverb says,‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’

Opt for a green Holi this year. Plant a sapling around your neighborhood and take care of it. It bears you more fruits than any of your loved one ever could.

  • Celebrate Plastic-free Holi this year. Avoid use of color bombs made of plastic which gives pleasure for a day, but has a disastrous impact on nature in the long run.
  • Avoid unwanted wastage of water because

‘You never know the worth of each drop of water,

Until you have to ask for it ’

So, with the tips mentioned above, we hope that you enjoy your festival to the fullest and also contribute your part towards the society.

Happy Holi!!

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Udaipur Speaks

पिपलिया जी – वह गाँव जहाँ कभी फूल खिला करते थे, अब चारो-ओर काँच के टुकड़े मिला करते हैं।

एक इंसान अपनी ज़रूरतें/इच्छाएं पूरी करने के लिए जब दायरा बढ़ाता है, तब-तब इस धरती पर कांड होता है. कभी बहुत ही साफ़-सुथरा जन्नत सा एहसास दिलाने वाला ‘पिपलिया जी’ गाँव आज वहाँ तरह-तरह की ब्रांडेड पीकर फैंकी गयी बोतलों के काँच से अटा पड़ा है. हालत ये है कि वहाँ बैठो तो मुमकिन है वहाँ फैला काँच उसके वहाँ होने का सबूत ज़रूर देगा. चुभकर.

peepliya ji, udaipur
Photo By: Kunal Nagori

यह सबकुछ शुरू होता है शहर से ही. खुद ही के बनाए शहरी जंगल से ऊब जाने की स्थिति में लोग आसपास की जगहों में मदर नेचर/ प्रकृति की गोद, जो भी कहना चाहो, ढूढ़ने निकल पड़ते है. इसमें कोई बुराई नहीं है. लेकिन हम इंसानों की फ़ितरत है कि जिसे सबसे ज़्यादा चाहते है उसे ही सबसे ज़्यादा जाने-अनजाने में नुकसान पहुँचा देते है.

Peepliya ji
Photo By: Kunal Nagori

किसी भी नए पर्यटन स्थल/टूरिस्ट पॉइंट के उभरने से स्थानीय लोगों को फ़ायदा पहुँचता है, बेशक. लेकिन उससे होने वाले नुकसान भी उन्हें ही उठाने पड़ते हैं. क्योंकि हम तो ‘मनोरंजन कर’, ‘फील कर’, ‘सेल्फी लेकर’, ‘खा-पी कर’ निकल लेते हैं, पर इन सब की निशानी छोड़ जाते हैं.

Peepliya ji
Photo By: Kunal Nagori

मानाकि ये उमंगो भरी उम्र है पर इसका मतलब ये तो क़तई नहीं निकलता की इस उम्र को बेफिक्री और नाशुक्री के साथ जिया जाए. हमें इतना ख़याल तो रखना ही चाहिए कि कम से कम वहाँ रहने वाले लोगों को हमारी वजह से कोई परेशानी न उठानी पड़े.

Peepliya ji
Photo By: kunal Nagori

ऐसा नहीं है कि उन्हें हमारी मौजूदगी से कोई परेशानी है. वो बाक़ायदा खुश है की उन्हें अब कमाने के लिए शहर/मंडी नहीं आना पड़ता. यहीं बैठे-बैठे दिहाड़ी का जुगाड़ हो जाता है.

peepliya ji
Photo By: Krishna Mundra

वो मासूम है, हमारी तरह चालाक नहीं है (आप मानो या न मानो लेकिन सच है), वो सन् 2025-50 की नहीं सोचते. ये गाँव वाले आज में जीते हैं. और हम इन्हें भविष्य के धुंधले, बादलों के समान सपने दिखा रहे हैं. हम इन गाँवों को शहर बना रहे हैं और गाँव-वालों को शहरी.

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Green Leaf Ratings: A concept for Zero Waste Udaipur

Greenleaf Ratings_Eco friendly Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most sought out tourist destinations in India. With a rich history, culture and ecology, thousands of people come to visit this beautiful lake city every year. To develop Zero Waste Udaipur, Shikshantar in association with the Lonely Planet Guide Book, has been motivating hotels and tourists to make their practices more ecologically and culturally friendly. The Greenleaf Rating is one way Shikshantar has devised to help hotels take stock of their ecological footprint and be mindful to protect Udaipur’s traditional culture.

zero waste concept
This conversation around eco-friendly tourism in Udaipur began in 2007 between Shikshantar and tourists in the city. Tourists were asked what they thought of the environmental practices in Udaipur and expressed what green alternatives they would like to see from hotels. Their feedback, as well as research conducted by Shikshantar on the best practices from around the world, contributed to the making of a survey for hotels to measure their eco and culturally friendly efforts.
Association with the Lonely Planet began in 2008 when the Lonely Planet expressed interest in the Greenleaf rating and offered to publish a link to Shikshantar’s work on eco hotels in Udaipur. Shikshantar rated the hotels mentioned in the Lonely Planet based on a range of criteria from segregation of waste, to solar energy, to rainwater harvesting, to organic food, to promotion of local art and culture. The link to these findings were published in the 2009 edition of the Lonely Planet.
A team at Shikshantar has just updated its ratings of 35 hotels in Udaipur. They found that there have been improvements in the ecological practices of many hotels, especially in terms of solar water heating, energy saving practices, rainwater harvesting and organic food. Among budget hotels, Lal Ghat Guest House, Hotel Lake Star, and Nukkad Guest House scored the highest. Among mid-range hotels Udai Kothi, Pahuna Haveli, and Hotel Ram Pratap scored the highest. Among high end hotels, Udaivilas, Fatehgarh and Lake Palace Hotel scored the highest.
According to Vishal Singh Dhaybai, coordinator of the survey for Shikshantar, “We would love to see the momentum continuing and would like to support hotels in creating 1) a culture of segregation and re-use of “waste”, 2) water and energy conservation and 3) use of bio-degradable cleaning products, 4) filtered water re-fill stations to minimize use of plastic bottles. Tourists are also becoming more conscious of the need to minimize their ecological footprint and we hope this also encourages hotels to go green”. All the ratings have been posted on the Shikshantar website

For more details on the Green Leaf Ratings and Zero Waste Udaipur, contact Vishal Singh Dhaybai at Shikshantar (tel. 0294-245-1303; email

By UdaipurBlog Guest author Rehana Tejpar.