शहर के पहले मानव निर्मित मियावाकी जंगल की शुरुआत

उदयपुर: इस रविवार 6 साल से पर्यावरण के लिए कार्यरत पुकार फ़ाउंडेशन ने अपना 250वां रविवार हरित 250 के रूप में समर्पित किया। जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी उदयपुर व बंदूकवाला परिवार के सहयोग से संस्थान ने जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी मुख्यालय के परिसर में करीबन 100 वर्ग मीटर क्षेत्र में जापानी विधि “मियावाकी” द्वारा शहर का पहला मानव निर्मित मियावाकी जंगल का निर्माण करने के लिए 351 पौधों का पौधरोपण किया गया जिसमें शहर के सभी वर्ग, क्षेत्र, व्यवसाय के 150 से अधिक लोगों ने स्वेच्छापूर्वक और पूरे उत्साह के साथ पौधरोपण कर श्रमदान किया। विशेषकर नमो विचार मंच के प्रदेशाध्यक्ष प्रवीण रतलीया, ग्वालियर से रोहित उपाध्याय, जर्मनी से फ्रैंक, आयुर्वेदिक विशेषज्ञ शोभालाल औदिच्य, मोइनी फ़ाउंडेशन, नाट्यान्श संस्थान, मर्सी लीग, उदयपुर ब्लॉग, ठालागिरी, दिया संस्थान, ब्लीस फ़ाउंडेशन, रॉबिन हूड आर्मी, आबु टाइम्स, नितांदु इवैंट की भागदारी रही।

मियावाकी विधि क्या है? – संस्थापक भुवनेश ओझा ने बताया कि यह नाम जापानी पर्यावरणविद् अकीरा मियावाकी के नाम पर रखा गया है जिन्होने इस विधि को ईजाद किया है जिससे प्राकृतिक रूप से 100 सालों में बनने वाले जंगल को 10 साल में ही बनाया जा सकता है। यह जंगल 30 गुना ज्यादा घने होते हैं जिससे कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड व हानिकारक सूक्ष्म कणों को यह सोखते है जो प्रदूषण कम करने का असरदार हल है। इस विधि के तहत विश्वभर में कहीं भी जंगल लगाना संभव है।

अरावली के पैतृक पौधों का रोपण – संस्था के सदस्य आशीष बृजवासी ने बताया कि पौधरोपण के दौरान इस बात का विशेष ध्यान रखा गया कि केवल अरावली पर्वतमाला के विलुप्त होते पैतृक पौधे जैसे रोंझ, कोटमबड़ी, पिलखन, गूँदी व गुग्गल साथ ही राज्य का राजकीय वृक्ष खेजड़ी व इन्हीं के साथ अन्य 37 प्रजातियों के 351 पौधों को लगाये गए।

दो साल तक करेंगे रखरखाव – मुख्य जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी शिवजी गौड़ ने बताया कि प्रकृति के प्रति अपनी जिम्मेदारी को समझते हुए संस्थान द्वारा यह एक अभिनव पहल है। पौधों का नियमित रूप रखरखाव जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी कार्यालय एवं पुकार संस्थान द्वारा कम से कम दो वर्ष तक किया जाएगा ताकि आने वाले समय में यह वृक्ष बनकर जैव विविधता में सुधार लाएँगे।



5 Off-beat ways to celebrate your Holi in Udaipur

The most popular and colorful festival of India is just around the corner and everybody is getting ready for their own kind of celebrations this Holi. Kids are getting ready with their pichkaris and color bombs while adults are busy making tasty treats like Gujiya, Dahi Vada, Chivda etc. Some are planning to visit their relatives for celebrations and many are inviting others for a get-together. Basically, everyone is pretty excited for enjoying Holi this year.

For those who are still wondering about how and where to celebrate Holi this year, we have listed down 5 best ways to enjoy Holi – the most colorful festival of India

  • Jagdish Chowk: Jagdish Chowk is very famous because of Jagdish Mandir, a 368 years old temple situated in the center of Udaipur. It has witnessed so many celebrations since then. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali, Jagannath Rath Yatra, Eid or any other festival, each one of them has a unique relationship with this historic chowk. It has its own kind of ‘Firangi’ celebrations. Visitors from all around the globe celebrate Holi in their own colors, so why not help them build some never-fading memories of Udaipur.
  • Celebrate it with Less-Fortunate: How about sharing your happiness with the underprivileged and less-fortunate this Holi?

Yes, you can also make this Holi special for many underprivileged and less-fortunate by sharing the joy and happiness you are blessed with. Get them some sweets, snacks, and colors because not everyone wishes for materialistic needs, all they want is just a family to celebrate their festivals with.

  • Holi Festivals:
  • Labhgarh Holi Festival: Get ready to celebrate your Holi in exclusive #LabhgarhStyle.

Take out your dancing shoes and get ready to show your best dance moves. Labhgarh Holi festival is featuring the famous Sunburn Fame ‘JULIA BLISS’, ‘DJ LOVENISH’, and Udaipur’s local ‘ARTH BAND’.

Live Music, Live Dhol, Color Bombs, Rain Dance, Unlimited Food, Organic colors and what not is waiting for you at Labhgarh so this event is something you don’t wanna miss out.

Buy your passes from:

For any query contact: +91-9116126634, +91-9352856777

labhgarh holi festival udaipur

  • Holi Ka Jashn, Jalsa K Sang’: The Jalsa brings you a highly electrifying Holi festival of Udaipur ever. Create some of the most amazing and colorful memories in rain showers and pool parties.

Enjoy your Holi in natural colors and delicious food only at ‘The Jalsa’ Holi festival.

Venue: The Jalsa, Near Fatehsagar, Shilpgram Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

For bookings, call us at +91 9828522427, +91 7821889999

Or buy your passes online at:

  • Spend quality time with your loved ones: Playing with colors is a ritual which is being followed since ages but in this icebreaker era, you can change your way of celebrations. Use this festival as a way to spend a nice and cozy time with your loved ones. Take them out to some exotic place, enjoy appetizing food because just being with them would solve many unheard problems they might have.

    Source: Investor clinic
  • A clean Holi: Holi with a social message, sure the idea sounds a little difficult to execute but as the world-famous proverb says,‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’

Opt for a green Holi this year. Plant a sapling around your neighborhood and take care of it. It bears you more fruits than any of your loved one ever could.

  • Celebrate Plastic-free Holi this year. Avoid use of color bombs made of plastic which gives pleasure for a day, but has a disastrous impact on nature in the long run.
  • Avoid unwanted wastage of water because

‘You never know the worth of each drop of water,

Until you have to ask for it ’

So, with the tips mentioned above, we hope that you enjoy your festival to the fullest and also contribute your part towards the society.

Happy Holi!!

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26 June is International Day against drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking- Know how its related to our city!

Today is International Day against drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the whole of the nation is talking about it. Let us have a close look at its adverse effects on our people.

The celebration of International Day against drug abuse has a special significance in Udaipur.  Opium is grown in parts of Mewar and neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh. It is reported that its products are easily available in Lake city and are bought at an extremely high price. By foreign tourists, especially in the areas close to Lake Pichola. Those engaged in this business fall victims to addiction and in turn when they do not have adequate money to buy drugs, they are involved in undesirable activities.

With its determination to strengthen action and co-operation to achieve the goal of a world society free of drug abuse, the UNO General Assembly decided to observe June 26 as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by a resolution of 7 December 1989. The resolution recommended further action with regard to the report and conclusions of the 1987 International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The end of the first century of drug control coincided with the closing of the General Assembly Special Session on Drugs. These anniversaries stimulated reflecting on the effectiveness and limitations of the drug policy. The review resulted in the reaffirmation that illicit drugs continue to pose a health danger to humanity. That is why drugs are and should remain controlled. With this sanction in mind, member states confirmed unequivocal support for the UN Conventions that have established the world drug control system.

Mewar and Opium

Former Professor and Dean, MLSU Dr. P.S. Ranawat says that Mewar was an important grower and exporter of opium, mainly to China. It was consumed mainly for its medicinal effects. Maharana Fateh Singh banned its uncontrolled cultivation and consumption in Mewar through his order of 1913 so as to curb the reappearance of the addiction of opium amongst the public. It is still grown under Union Govt. supervision and collected and distributed by the Narcotics Commissioner for medicinal use.


According to Dr. Ashish Ameta, drinking may cause cancer of the mouth, throat, and food pipe and mental disorders. It may adversely affect heartbeat, blood pressure and muscles of the heart. Ulcers in the stomach may result in death, these are some other ill effects of consumption of wine. Lungs and the respiratory system are likely to suffer as a result of drinking and smoking. The indirect effect on kidney may cause excessive urination. Other ill effects of drinking include insomnia, increase in weight and weakening of muscles. In males, the sperm count goes down whereas in females there is a danger of breast cancer.

So, in the opinion of Ameta, one has to keep away from drinking to be free from all these problems. He adds that as per the report of Alcohol and Drug Information Centre, out of 1,38,000 deaths due to road accidents, 40% are caused by drivers who are drunk. Drinking might make a man violent that might result in serious crimes.

According to eminent psychiatrist Dr. D.M. Mathur, the family of the addict can play an important role in preventing and curing addiction. The common symptoms to be observed include a sudden change in behavior such as frequent changes in mood, irritation etc. Keeping away from one’s family and friends, carelessness about one’s appearance, losing interest in activities such as hobbies, games and other things, change in sleeping habits- waking at night and sleeping during the day, redness in eyes, and frequent bouts of cold and cough. Mathur feels that early detection of the malady, prevention, and proactive measures can save a lot of suffering of the addicted person as well as his family.

Dr. P.C. Jain who has been running a free Nasha Nivaran Kendra for over two decades feels that addiction can be easily cured if the person is determined to give up his habit and takes regular treatment. He should tell his family, friends, and neighbors that he has decided to get rid of the habit. He should give up the company of those who are addicts and encourage others to do so. It is advisable not to keep drinks or drug at home. Physical exercise, yoga, mental rest and meditation help a lot. Keeping a diary and noting in it whenever one deviates from one’s promise not to take drugs helps a lot. Rewarding oneself for not taking drugs for quite some time is also useful. It is better to keep oneself busy so that there is no time to think about the addiction. To keep reminding oneself about the fate of the family in case one passes away due to the addiction is yet another effective measure to keep away from this deadly habit.

The concerted efforts of the govt. and several other agencies in Lake City to root out various forms of addiction, it seems, would go a long way in creating a healthy atmosphere.

People Social

The Story of: Saral Blood Bank

Started in 2008, Saral Blood Bank has put itself on the map of health services quite boldly. Operated by Smt. Sarla Singhvi Charitable Society, Saral Blood Bank is a state of the art facility with high end infrastructure and services to collect, store, process and supply blood.

The blood bank attained its license in February 2008 after meritorious efforts made by Mr. Shyam Singhvi, its founder. Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession, Mr. Singhvi has been efficiently managing the blood bank since 2008.

mr shyam singhvi, saral blood bank

Wondering why a Chartered Accountant would go through all the troubles to set up a blood bank?

That’s the exact question which we were thinking before interviewing him.

The story behind the foundation of the Blood Bank goes before 2005. As Mr. Singhvi remembers, it was in the year 2003 when his wife Smt. Sarla Singhvi was diagnosed with cancer. Before leaving the world, Mrs. Sarla Singhvi asked her husband to setup a blood bank so that the people of their city did not have to face troubles. After her passing it was jotted down in Mr. Singhvi’s memory with an iron pen to make her last wishes come true.

His journey began on 25th August, 2005 and seemed as if it was decided in heaven that he won’t stop till he completes the journey of establishing a blood bank. A candidate of his stature had to personally travel more than 40 times to Jaipur and more than 10 times to Delhi in order to just get the license for the blood bank. Where corruption guards the way, Mr. Singhvi chose to take another way round.

In Februrary 2008 his efforts finally paid off. The then health minister, Mr. Digambar Singh Choudhary gave him the NOC. The cherry on the top was that Mr. Singhvi’s efforts got the blood bank both component and whole blood license too. Till then there was no license for components in Southern Rajasthan and General Hospital had only whole blood license.

saral blood bank

The Blood Bank works under Smt. Sarla Devi Charitable Society. Located at: 30, Near Math, Bhupalpura, Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan, India.

The blood bank was inaugurated by Dr. Digamber Singh, the then health minister, along with Dr. VN Shrikhande on 23rd April 2008.

As Mr. Singhvi says, ‘Since then the blood bank is running continuously and has never been shut down for even an hour’. The blood bank has been designed by REMI. The building has a sterile environment and is centrally air conditioned with latest equipments for testing, storing and collecting blood.

Another amazing fact that Mr. Singhvi recalls is that when the ‘Saral’ was founded, with every blood bag, they asked people for replacement when they were capable of doing so. At the beginning almost 33% blood was collected from volunteering donors and rest was collected by requesting to people. After almost 6 years of its foundation the scenario has changed. As the smile on Mr. Singhvi’s face widens and his eyes glow with happiness he is proud to say that now 70% of blood is collected by volunteering donors.

As noble as the idea behind its foundation, Saral Blood Bank shares a noble mission too. The blood bank charges as per the rates fixed by the Government of India. The patients of severe diseases such as thalassemia are give blood free of cost. People who are below poverty line are also given blood free of cost once their BPL certification is verified. Two doctors are always posted (on duty) at the Blood Bank.

The bank now uses automated testing machines by ELISA Technologies. It has also started using gel technology for grouping and cross matching. The bank has a capacity of storing 600 to 800 units of blood at a time and blood is stored in a ‘triple bag’. A triple bag is a blood bag which is used to store components of the blood. Once blood is collected from a person, it is centrifuged and the components: Packed Red Cells, Plasma and Platelets are stored separately. In this way one unit of blood can save three different lives.

Saral Blood Bank has now become a component of ‘Saral Society’, which is dedicatedly providing Mobile Hospitals, Educational & Health Services for the poor and needy in rural areas, Purified Water Services at Government Hospital in Udaipur, 24*7 Ambulance Services and the like.

Once started as a dream, the Saral Blood Bank is now proudly serving the society and can be credited for saving hundreds of lives each day. Recall last time you saved one. Dreams indeed sound crazy, impossible and meaningless, until someone takes the bold step to make them come true. None of us could understand the impression a 450ml blood bag leaves on a person’s life, whether it be a donor or a receiver.

We have all developed the habit of laughing things out. All we need to do is laugh out at people who don’t donate because they find it useless. Except when one is not suitable for donation, each of us should donate blood at least once in life.

My job may have finished at writing this article, but yours has just begun. The contact details of the Blood Bank are given below. Make sure to do your bit. It can save a life.

Address: 30, Near Math, Bhupalpura, Udaipur – 313001, Rajasthan

Phone: 0294-2416285, 09166614802


Photo Credits : Kashish Chandrayan

“You can now suggest us to cover the Story of any Organization that you like or would love to know about, just email us on and we will try our Best to get you the insights.”

Photos Udaipur Speaks

Crime Matters not the Culprit

We and the people around us are very much influenced by celebrities and many of us follow them blindly and their every act whether done personally or professionally becomes a public issue. Apart from being worshipped and followed they are also accused recently for harming the ethical values and breaking the laws, an example of which can be quoted recently when allegations were put on Nation’s Youth Icon Ranbeer Kapoor for smoking publically.

But my matter of writing today is not why Ranbeer smoked publicly rather, the point is should this would be hyped in the same way if an ordinary common man would have smoked in public? Well, I think none of us would have even bothered to even give a second look to the unknown person who was doing it just as if we don’t know him so WHO CARES!!!

Social evils prevailing in our society are very much a concern for all the good citizen. If some influential person commits them, so should I assume that the common man is free to commit all the crimes without coming into notice. Practically speaking and closely analyzing our surrounding environment the case remains the same when it comes to other social evils too. If the judicial system treats every Indian equal, then why aren’t the issues shown below objectionable, even when we witness them quite often, and simply ignore them, as they aren’t our superstars.

  • Apart from smoking Udaipur really needs to focus on other crimes too like child labour. (Photo 1 and 2)
  • Local women washing clothes at Gangaur Ghat which is prohibited. (Photo 3)
  • Beer bottles used by local people drinking publicly without fear at Gangaur Ghat. (Photo 4)
  • The exact place where the superstar was found smoking. Seems it left an iconic influence on Udaipies. (Photo 5)
  • Leisure smoking by couple at Gangaur Ghat, This folk musician sits in this same place daily morning to evening but sad People never noticed this, only saw RANBIR KAPOOR.!!!!! (Photo 6)
  • Time 12.22 noon date 2/6/2012 men smoking at Jagdish Chowk, outside a temple where burning incense sticks is clearly visible. (Photo  7)
Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6


Photo 7


Wake up Udaipies. Realise before you repent!


About the Contributor: Niharika R. Sanadhya , aged 21, completed her graduation from Pacific College, and holds a diploma in MAAC Mumbai for Animation and Digital film making as well as First Class in photography from Sir J.J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai She holds a good work experience with Channel [V] and is a concerned resident of the city


Edited By: Monisha Talreja


Personality Workshop for Parents at CPS

On 31st january , Rotary Club Meera organized a special event for CPS school parents under its project “Personality Wave: enhance your inner and Outer self”. An interactive workshop was arranged for the parents at CPS school to prepare them for the day ahead. The theme of the event was “keep yourself healthy and energetic throughout the day“.

Health and nutrition was addressed by Dr. Garima Chaturvedi. Yoga instructor Meera Upadhayay taught the audience some easy to do yogasans at home and at office. Dr. AshutoshPandya informed the audience about common skin problems and also advised them how to keep skin healthy throughout the day.
At the start of the program ,welcome speech was delivered by President Dr. Veena Sandhya. Compeering was done by CPS associate Mrs. Ruchi. There was an interactive session held after the end, and Dr. Veena Sandhya suggested for opening of a health club which jumpstarted with immediate registration of 40 members. Vote of thanks was given by Secretary Mrs Devika Singhvi. CPS school Principal also addressed the audience. The whole event was planned by Joint Secretary Dr. Garima Chaturvedi.


Pictures and Press Release: Dr. Veena Sandhya

More News

Blood Group Cards: Initiative by Rotary Club Meera

Rotary Club Udaipur Meera is significantly making a difference in the society by its works for women. The Sangini initiative is a very remarkable step in this cause. In the chain of its social works, the Rotary Club Meera has started its project of preparing blood group cards for school girls. In the series, there was a camp organised at Mahila Mandal School, with the help of Anil clinic on 17th January 2011.

Rotary Club campRotary Club camp

The project was inaugurated by the school principal Mrs Madhu Sareen. President Dr. Veena Sanadhya welcomed every one present at the event, and distributed 250 blood group cards to the students.

“This project is organized & sponsored by project officer Poonam Ladia. There was a significant contribution by the Rotary Meera members who volunteered this project, namely Pushpa Kothari, Kalpna Nalvaya and Shakuntla Porwal. The next camp shall be organised very soon, at R.M.V.School.”

-Dr. Veena Sanadhya

We wish all the very best to the noble efforts by the Rotary Club. 🙂