From Localities to Tourists, this Udaipur travel guide is your savior this monsoon

Monsoons around Udaipur, if defined in words can be described as actual freedom from scorching hot summers. Light rain showers are boosting for us, and a pleasant welcome to the upcoming joy and pleasure. Late, but Monsoons have arrived in our beautiful Lakecity, and we Udaipurites are all set to welcome them with a warm heart. The scorching summer is finally coming to its drastic end.

PC: Siddharth Nagar

Udaipur looks best in the monsoon season and masses, including national and international tourists arrive in the city of lakes to enjoy the beauty of Udaipur which increases fourfold right now.

Here’s a quick and complete Udaipur Travel Guide on how to enjoy Monsoons:

Places to Visit:

  • Monsoon Palace: Sajjangarh Fort or so-called Monsoon Palace become the hotspots for all the tourist visiting Udaipur during the rainy season. The picturesque view of the city from the top is enthralling.
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  • Fatehsagar Lake and Ambrai Ghat: As soon as the drops from the first rain touch the city, these two places get flooded. With water too, but more with people!

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  • Bahubali Hill: If you wish to witness Sunrise and a Sunset in utmost peace, Bahubali Hill is the way to go for you. The place is situated in the Aravali Ranges surrounding our lake city.
PC: Siddharth Nagar


  • Rayta: Majorly known for the sharp curves, surrounded by the natural valleys and greenery, Rayta gives a magnificent and unseen view of the city. A drive to this place gives a blissful view of Udaipur.

  • Keleshwar Ji: Situated just a few kilometers away from Pipliya Ji, Keleshwar Waterfall becomes a paradise for all the nature lovers. A bike ride to this place is equally refreshing and rejuvenating as a hot mug of coffee is for a caffeine addict.


The above-listed locations are just a few, we have listed below a few more places that are a must-visit during Monsoons:

  1. Nandeshwar Ji
  2. Madaar Dam
  3. Chandni Village
  4. Jhameshwar Ji
  5. Kundeshwar Mahadev Ji
  6. Kavita Village


Food to eat:

  • ·Pakode (पकोड़े): Whenever we talk about rains in this city, the first thing that’ll ever cross an Udaipurites mind is ‘Pakode’. We won’t be wrong if we call ‘Pakode’, the staple food for the monsoon season.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat


  • Vegetable Maggi: Hot and freshly cooked Maggi fully loaded with veggies is the perfect food for all the foodies who wanna enjoy great taste instantly.
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  • Chai: For all the chai-holics, tea has always been an inseparable part of the daily routine life. Chai becomes of utmost importance while it’s raining out there during.
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  • Bread-Bada: Hot Bread-Bada or Bread-Pakoda are seriously a must-try while you are enjoying the monsoons in Udaipur.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Corncob (भुट्टा): Bhutta’ is the most enjoyed food when it comes to haveing some light snacks in the rainy season when you are at Fatehnagar. Various stalls and vendors can be spotted near the famous tourist destinations selling sweet corn and corn cobs. These are specially prepared on coal which gives the corncobs a natural taste and aroma.
PC: Dimpy Chundawat
  • Sandwich:  We all are mad about cheesy sandwiches filled with our favorite creamy veggies, topped up with lots of cheese and that too in monsoons, wouldn’t it be the best thing ever?
    PC: Spoon n Snap



A guide for safety while you are enjoying Monsoons out there:

  • Take out your raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof shoes and always keep plastic bags handy to avoid your belongings from getting wet.
  • A shower after you get wet in the rains is a must.
  • Avoid wearing wet clothes without proper cleaning.
  • Before cooking green veggies, firstly wash them thoroughly.
  • Carry and drink boiled and purified water, juices and soups prepared at home only.

We hope this guide will help you to stay fit, healthy and enjoy the refreshing monsoons while you are in the Lakecity.

UdaipurBlog wishes everyone a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and UNFORGETTABLE MONSOON.





What is The Artist House in Udaipur? What happens at “The Artist House”

While exploring a new city, it is very much significant to know some authentic places which capture the vibe, taste and the soul of the city very well. Set amidst the scenic water lakes and charming landscapes, Udaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its attractive culture and heritage and is one of the major touring sites for buddies, families and couples alike.

With cafes and restaurants opening around every nook and corner of the city, anyone is bound to get confused while choosing the best hangout place for themselves. So we have one such perfect place for you – ‘The Artist House’.

What’s the big deal about The Artist House anyway?

The Artist House of Udaipur is set in a striking 80-year-old theatre building which was formerly ‘Picture Palace’. As the name goes, It’s a place for people who love meeting new people, exploring different gourmet and living life. The Artist House is a one spot destination for creative minds who don’t like their imagination to be bounded by any kind of walls. 

The idea behind creating such an innovative face was to carry forward the legacy that was left by the former entertainer which was located at the same place ‘Picture Palace’. The Artist House is a great mash-up of the culture and heritage carried by the city. The design inspiration was ‘Informal Opera’ which creates a cultural platform for all the young and budding artists of the city.

The place is designed with the maximum use of the natural resources which brings fresh air and light to the crowd. The atmosphere created by such resources is more than enough to boost one’s energy to work, to party, or just have a good day by the pool.

The Artist House is the only place in Udaipur which serves ‘Blue Tokai’ coffee. Coffee beans produced by ‘Blue Tokai’ are grown by the Indian farmers thus the place is supporting the Indian economy in a way. The coffee beans are roasted twice a week and shipped out immediately after the roast to ensure the freshness of the beans intact. So, all the caffeine addicts out there in the town, your new hangout place is waiting for you.

Udaipur, also famous as the Lakecity is starting to grow as an entrepreneurial hub that promotes small and medium scale businesses. Recently, the trend of coworking has grabbed Udaipur which has helped various innovative startups with unique biz ideas to grow.

If someone wishes to excel in the entrepreneurial skills and work with the professionals from the industry who can mentor them to become one of the leading businessmen of the country, then book a space for yourself at The Artist House. The coworking space unites, collaborate and helps to innovate a product or service which is different from the lot and out of the box. And believe us, it is something worthful which comes at nominal expenditure.

The membership packages at The Artist House starts from Rs.5000 per month. The membership includes access to 3 conference rooms where freelancer and professionals can discuss their ideas. The membership covers your expenses to work and you don’t need to spare even a single penny extra rental space. One can also redeem a considerable amount from the membership charges paid.

Stay tuned for many more upcoming memberships packages.

Sundays at The Artist House are all about feasting and celebrating life with your beloved ones. Nothing is as refreshing as a family brunch at The Artist House. Food and beverages served at the place make the Sunday soulful and happening.

Whether you are struggling to kick out your mid-week crisis or just looking forward to having a chilled beverage with that long lost friend or catching up with any old acquaintance of yours, Sundowners served at ‘The Artist House’ is the way to go.

Hanging out with the girl squad is always a crazy time because it’s super fun, uplifting, real and more than relaxing. Be yourself (no need to act like someone you are not) and make some happy and unforgettable memories. In the spirit of celebrating womanhood with your’Gal-Squad’, The Artist House is the perfect crashing out place in Udaipur.

So what is it, a club, a hotel?

The Artist House brings you the perfect and the most balanced blend of both the worlds. There are guest bedrooms that anyone can reserve. The place has 15 bedrooms, separate club space, themed café, restaurant, co-working space, a roof terrace, pizzeria, and one large tropical pool. Yes, anything one could ask for, they’ve got it covered at a single venue.


The Artist House is a short walk from the old city of Udaipur and offers a thematic menu drawing the tastes from seasonal and global trends of cocktails and delectable food. The in-house experts at the place experiments with flavors untouched by the city.

What happens at The Artist House?

The place serves as a prolific platform for all the emerging artists of Udaipur. Various standup comedians, singers, bands, poets, DJ’s and vocalists have tried their luck and were welcomed whole-heartedly by the Udaipurites. It promises an immense success to all the budding artists of Udaipur and the nearby cities.

The place has witnessed some of the most happening DJ nights and club parties of all time.

The trendsetting and majorly grown lounge & bar is possibly the best hangout spot to unwind yourselves with grooving DJs line up and curated a playlist.

The place serves an epitome of delectable food and many rejuvenating drinks. The place is highly recommended and a must-visit for everyone visiting Udaipur.

Have you been to ‘The Artist House’, If yes, Share your experience from ‘The Artist House’ Udaipur in the comment section below?


Techno India NJR’s Principal visits UK for Education Leadership Development Programme

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Porwal, Principal, Techno India NJR is participating in one week Study Tour from 1st April to 6th April 2019 in the UK under the aegis of UKIERI-AICTE Education Leadership Development Programme.  UKIERI (United Kingdom India Education Research Initiative) is an initiative of the British Council to enhance educational links between India and the UK.  AICTE is nodal agency in India to promote and regulate Higher Educational Institutes in India.

This study tour is the culmination of 4 workshops organized in India to provide leadership training to more than 100 participants from various higher educational institutes.  In this study tour, 10 selected participants will be provided with first-hand international exposure to improve ongoing work in their institutes and establish a Center of Excellence for jaeducational leadership.  The study tour will also involve visits to industries like Jaguar Land Rover in Wolverhampton, Kuka Robotics in Halesowen, Warwick Manufacturing Group, RDG Group in Coventry and educational institute like University College London, University of Warwick, Dudley College, Dudley College’s Construction Training Center in London.

About the Study Tour:

British Council is the secretariat of the United Kingdom India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI). The UKIERI has started in April 2006 with the aim of enhancing educational links between India and the UK. It has been recognized as a key multi-stakeholder programme that has strengthened the educational relations between the two countries and been successful in covering all segments of the education sector. The initiative contributes to achieving internationalization of HEIs in the UK and India to promote institutional and individual excellence in educational practices, research, and employability.

The UKIERI-AICTE Technical Education Leadership Development Programme is an activity under the UKIERI Phase Three project of the British Council. It aims at providing leadership training to 600 academic leaders from technical HEIs (spread across 3 workshops of 4 days each in one year) from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) recognized institutes. Dudley College is the delivering agency for the programme. The programme also entails three study tours to the UK per year to select participants. This document presents itinerary and joining instructions for the participants of the first study tour scheduled from 1st April 2019 to 6th April 2019.


Udaipur’s Maharana Pratap Airport ranked as one of the best Airports

Our very own lakecity’s Maharana Pratap Airport has made all the Udaipurites proud again. It was ranked as the 2nd best airport under the Annual CSI Award across India. The Customer Satisfaction Index survey, which is done twice in a year, 1st between Jan to June and the 2nd one between July to December announced the results recently.

Raipur Airport was again ranked at the top of the index. Trichi Airport came in third place.

The award will be given to the Director of the Maharana Pratap Airport at the 24th Annual Day celebrations of the Airport Authority of India.

There are 33 Parameters under which the airports are ranked, some of them are:

  • Cleanliness
  • Baggage delivery speed
  • Security
  • Internet access
  • Troller facility
  • Check-in facility
  • Washrooms
  • The behavior of the staff
  • Restaurants
  • WiFi
  • Executive lounge
  • Business lounge

In its constant efforts to guarantee best customer services and helpful atmosphere and environment at the Airports, the Airport Authority of India ensures that the best services are allocated by the service providers. This is why the survey on customer satisfaction is conducted by a third party, which is hired by the AAI.

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Why Badala Classes is the best Commerce Institute in Udaipur?

  • Creating an All-time Record by capturing 25 ALL INDIA RANKS in CA & CS in the year 2018

Udaipur’s popular Badala Classes is one of the best institutes for Commerce Education in the whole city and this has been proved from time to time. Badala Classes has created more than a thousand professionals in its past and still continues to do so.

This year also Badala Classes produced a tremendous result by giving 25 ALL INDIA RANKS in CA & CS Examination in one year which is far too ahead than any of the benchmark previously set. Team Badala strongly believes in conceptual clarity & overall development of students as classes are second home nowadays for the students. Apart from academics, Badala classes also focus on extracurricular activities with the academics which helps to create a more responsible and mature human being and this serves as one of the main reason why almost more than 5000 students from commerce stream enjoy the joy of being a BADALIAN every year.

ACADEMIC SUPERIORITY (Tremendous Results):

The results have always shown that the level of the teaching methodology at Badala Classes is great and impactful. The results for the 2018 Commerce courses clearly reflect the hard work of the Team Badala.

CAPTURING 25 AIR’s in the academic year 2018:

Toppers from 12th

 The Key Pillars:

The foundation stone of the classes was laid by Mr.Himmat Badala and Mr.Chatar Badala and the legacy is now being carried forward by the 3 directors, renowned CA Rahul Badala, CMA Sourabh Badala, and CA CS Nishant Badala. The directors with their ever enthusiastic team work day and night with their whole strength to reap the students to showcase their best-hidden talents. This effortlessness acts as a great example of good teaching qualities and strong leadership for every other institute in Udaipur.

Courses Offered:

The various courses offered by Badala Classes are CA, CS, CMA, CFA, MBA, XII, XI, B.Com, BBA, M.Com, NIOS, and RSOS. These courses include detailed study material and regular test series. The idea of bringing these courses at a single platform is that students can save their precious time which is wasted by traveling for different courses from one place to another.

Things that make Badala Classes to stand out from the other institutes:

  • SELF GENERATED STUDY MATERIAL: Specially prepared study material for every student is one of the best facilities provided by the classes. The material is designed in such a way that every student is comfortable enough to learn about topics in their own ways.
  • REGULAR TEST SERIES: Regular tests are conducted for continuous evaluation and assessment of students which helps the faculty and parents as well to keep a regular check on its students.
  • SEPARATE BATCHES FOR ENGLISH & HINDI MEDIUM: Separate batches are conducted for Hindi and English medium students so that the language doesn’t act as a barrier for the students. One of the main features that have helped classes to stand out for years.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING COUNTERS: Separate counters for problem-solving are setup which helps the students to clear their doubts on the spot and help them learn new concepts easily.


  • Excellence in Education Award By Former HRD Minister Smriti Zubin Irani
  • Felicitation by Dr. Kumar Vishwas
  • Excellence in Education Award 2018 by Dainik Bhaskar
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 by 91.9 FM & DNA
  • Young Achievers Award 2018 by 92.7 Big FM

Feel Free to Contact Us at:

1.) Office: Vinayak Complex-B, I-Floor, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur

2.) Study Center 1: Khalsa Public School Premises, Sikh Colony, Udaipur

3.) Study Center 2: Badala Aadhar Classes, Sec. 11-13, Main Road, Udaipur

4.) Study Center 3: Badala Smart Education, Mahaveer Nagar, Sec. 4, Udaipur

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5 Off-beat ways to celebrate your Holi in Udaipur

The most popular and colorful festival of India is just around the corner and everybody is getting ready for their own kind of celebrations this Holi. Kids are getting ready with their pichkaris and color bombs while adults are busy making tasty treats like Gujiya, Dahi Vada, Chivda etc. Some are planning to visit their relatives for celebrations and many are inviting others for a get-together. Basically, everyone is pretty excited for enjoying Holi this year.

For those who are still wondering about how and where to celebrate Holi this year, we have listed down 5 best ways to enjoy Holi – the most colorful festival of India

  • Jagdish Chowk: Jagdish Chowk is very famous because of Jagdish Mandir, a 368 years old temple situated in the center of Udaipur. It has witnessed so many celebrations since then. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali, Jagannath Rath Yatra, Eid or any other festival, each one of them has a unique relationship with this historic chowk. It has its own kind of ‘Firangi’ celebrations. Visitors from all around the globe celebrate Holi in their own colors, so why not help them build some never-fading memories of Udaipur.
  • Celebrate it with Less-Fortunate: How about sharing your happiness with the underprivileged and less-fortunate this Holi?

Yes, you can also make this Holi special for many underprivileged and less-fortunate by sharing the joy and happiness you are blessed with. Get them some sweets, snacks, and colors because not everyone wishes for materialistic needs, all they want is just a family to celebrate their festivals with.

  • Holi Festivals:
  • Labhgarh Holi Festival: Get ready to celebrate your Holi in exclusive #LabhgarhStyle.

Take out your dancing shoes and get ready to show your best dance moves. Labhgarh Holi festival is featuring the famous Sunburn Fame ‘JULIA BLISS’, ‘DJ LOVENISH’, and Udaipur’s local ‘ARTH BAND’.

Live Music, Live Dhol, Color Bombs, Rain Dance, Unlimited Food, Organic colors and what not is waiting for you at Labhgarh so this event is something you don’t wanna miss out.

Buy your passes from:

For any query contact: +91-9116126634, +91-9352856777

labhgarh holi festival udaipur

  • Holi Ka Jashn, Jalsa K Sang’: The Jalsa brings you a highly electrifying Holi festival of Udaipur ever. Create some of the most amazing and colorful memories in rain showers and pool parties.

Enjoy your Holi in natural colors and delicious food only at ‘The Jalsa’ Holi festival.

Venue: The Jalsa, Near Fatehsagar, Shilpgram Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

For bookings, call us at +91 9828522427, +91 7821889999

Or buy your passes online at:

  • Spend quality time with your loved ones: Playing with colors is a ritual which is being followed since ages but in this icebreaker era, you can change your way of celebrations. Use this festival as a way to spend a nice and cozy time with your loved ones. Take them out to some exotic place, enjoy appetizing food because just being with them would solve many unheard problems they might have.

    Source: Investor clinic
  • A clean Holi: Holi with a social message, sure the idea sounds a little difficult to execute but as the world-famous proverb says,‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’

Opt for a green Holi this year. Plant a sapling around your neighborhood and take care of it. It bears you more fruits than any of your loved one ever could.

  • Celebrate Plastic-free Holi this year. Avoid use of color bombs made of plastic which gives pleasure for a day, but has a disastrous impact on nature in the long run.
  • Avoid unwanted wastage of water because

‘You never know the worth of each drop of water,

Until you have to ask for it ’

So, with the tips mentioned above, we hope that you enjoy your festival to the fullest and also contribute your part towards the society.

Happy Holi!!

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Best CBSE School of Rajasthan is now in Udaipur

Going to school is tough for the students but choosing the right school for their kid is not less than a nightmare for the parents.

With flyers flying everywhere, banners on the roadsides, irrelevant suggestions from your knowns, you are bound to be doubtful while selecting the right school for your kid this academic year.

Solid Foundation for Creating Stronger Future Leaders:

The foundation of Neerja Modi School Udaipur is laid in 2019 at Udaipur. The school is managed by Udaipur’s well renowned Sojatia Group of Institution.

Great visionary Prof. Ranjeet S. Sojatia, the founder of the Sojatia Classes is also a significant part of NMS. He visions to nurture the young minds for all-around comprehensive development & their personality. Being the founder of such esteemed classes, his vast knowledge in the field of education sector will prove to be a boon.

Dr. Mahendra Sojatia, the Chairman of Sojatia Classes believes,

“Education is the basis of all progress. Our experience has taught us that the entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge but to inculcate humanitarian values like integrity, compassion, wisdom humility, courage. With this passion of changing society, we are here to announce our new feather NEERJA MODI SCHOOL under the aegis of SOJATIA GROUP.”

Why Neerja Modi:

  • The faculty at NMS is highly qualified and totally Result oriented. The experienced staff at NMS is the backbone of the school.
  • Language lab, VR Lab & Phonetic Training, is a brand new concept which is being introduced by NMS in Udaipur.
  • Comfortable AC bus facility is available to fetch the students from far corners of the city. Buses are fully equipped with GPS Tracking Systems regarding the safety of the children
  • Labs are equipped with latest technologies to match the high standards of the education.
  • Library at NMS is well stocked to inculcate good reading habits amongst kids.
  • Picturesque Lush Green campus is formed to create a healthy environment for learning.
  • Day boarding facility & Comfortable hostels within the premises makes students feel at home.

International Appeal:

International exposure is provided to students with various International Student exchange programs and collaboration with renowned Foreign Schools.

Creating Sporting Habits:

The school offers various Sporting Facilities to its students. The school includes a 400-meter athletic track and different courts for every different sport. All sports activities are governed by qualified coaches of National and International reputation. The school children regularly participate in national and international events and are winning laurels for the school as well as the country.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Many co-curricular festivals are organized to provide a platform to its students. Multiple workshops are held in the school to bring out the hidden talents of the students regardless of the field.

Fantasy Carnival’19-

A fantasy carnival was organized in the new premises of the NMS in Chitrakoot Nagar, Udaipur. Students from age group 2 to 12 were the active participants of the event. Various workshops were organized like puppet making, wall hanging and much more. Chairman Dr. Mahendra Sojatia told that these kind of workshops are very helpful in creating productive environment for the young minds.

Contact NMS at:



Contact No: +91-8218986791


With all the above-mentioned information, you now know why NMS is the best choice for your child’s education this academic year.


7th Heaven: The new home to all your sweet cravings opens up in Town

Have your milk in breakfast, Veggies in lunch and Chapattis in dinner, but what about sweets, ever wondered?

There’s no such right time to satiate the longing for sweet food, instead the moment we have it, everything feels right.

So we have great news for all the foodies out there in the town. India’s Ultimate Cake & Dessert Chain, 7th Heaven opens up their first outlet in our beloved Udaipur. 7th Heaven offers one of the largest variety of Cakes & Deserts to choose from. It’s not just a home to cakes & desserts but also a perfect place to enjoy savories & beverages.

Owner’s vision:

The bakery’s USP is to reduce the serving time and also create a sense of freshness in products. It gives customers the satisfaction of experiencing the live kitchen concept that is they can see their cakes being made live in 7 minutes.

The bakery’s USP itself is one of its own kind in Udaipur. 7th Heaven believes in serving fresh products. It means a customer’s order is freshly prepared in front of his eyes within 7 minutes. Isn’t it interesting?

Sweet Attractions, one could kill for:

Breaking the stereotypes, what a bakery is all about, 7th Heaven doesn’t only serve bakery items but also various other delicacies at very competitive prices.

  • Mug cakes: 7th heaven is the only bakery that produces this variety of cakes. It is the tempting specialty of 7th Heaven has always been the store’s best sellers.
  • French Macarons: This bakery has removed the myth that macaroons can be made with egg only. 7th heaven prepares delicious eggless macaroons.
  • Flavored popcorns are something you can’t resist for long.
  • Multi-flavored Choco-chips are a must try treat for all the sweet-lovers
  • 7th Heaven is a bakery cum café within the city reaches and turns out to be one of the coolest places to hang out.
  • Baked chips & Granola bars are also served for the people who are calorie conscious but want the good taste or those who crave for some nutritional content in the products. The store doesn’t only believe in selling calories so all the gym-freaks in the town, 7th Heaven can be your new home.


So all the foodies out there, what are you waiting for. It’s high time to get out from your comfort zones and enjoy the ever tempting food this city has been gifted with now.

Address: Shop No.1, Aptech Building, Near Mangalam Fun Square, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur

Contact 7th Heaven at: +91-9119311100

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