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If you want to change the world, begin that change from yourself.

Waste management has become the need of the hour and it’s crucial that we act upon it! We tend to throw around a lot of trash, which is basically called littering. In India, littering is an offense and is often fined. But apart from being fined or stopped by someone, we must be aware of how drastically and exponentially it is affecting our lives and nature. Being living in one of the most beautiful cities in India, we must take steps not to generate any more of litter. Udaipur is a beautiful city but often we find heaps of litter around fine-looking areas of the town. Our lakes face a lot of troubles due to the same reason.

Petite waste becomes huge if not recycled or reused. For instance, take our kitchen waste; if every day 20 houses in a colony dump 2 dustbins of kitchen waste at a place every day, think of how much litter would be accumulated at the end of a year. Accounting that, let’s see what Daily Dump teacher us.

Daily Dump, Udaipur

Mr. Anant Nigam, the Udaipur store owner of Daily Dump, gives us a new way to make a greener and healthier environment at home by just dumping our kitchen waste. All you have to do is grab earthen pots from them and change the way of your kitchen waste dumping errand.

These earthen pots are made to be kept at home as they do not give out any foul smell while they perform their task of creating compost from your kitchen discards. These do not require any electricity or any other source of power. Once you start putting discarded materials from your kitchen in these pots, you don’t even need to stir or keep a compulsive check- just keep filling and leave.

The initial compost making would take 40 to 45 days but once the process takes it rotation, you can get organic compost every 15 days. So now, for all those who love gardening, such kind of compost is close to gold!

And yes for all those of you who are wondering what’s fertilizers are for? These compost making pots are totally organic, they do not involve the use of any kind of inorganic material and are way eco-friendly than the conventional fertilizers.

We need to understand that a one-time investment can keep us away from big losses in the future.

A customer with a 3 tier compost pots

Q: How much I need to pay to get these?

Each pot set comes for INR 2,800/- and includes a mud pot, lid, remix powder, Neem Khull, and Microbes.

Q: Where can I get these pots?

No.5/6, Patanjali Vihar, New Bhopalpura, Behind CPS School, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Q: Whom to contact?

Anant Nigam (+91- 9829769043)

For more information, click: Sujaan Inc – Daily Dump


Another serious issue is of throwing waste that can be upcycled. The meaning of upcycling is transforming, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality. In other words, you creatively mould a discarded thing to make it useful for you again.

An organization in Udaipur is upcycling products for 2 years now and pledge to make Udaipur better and waste-free.

Eco Hut, Udaipur

Run by Guddi Prajapat, Ritesh Shekhawat, and Vishal Singh, Eco Hut is a nonprofit social business which aims to make Udaipur a zero-waste city. Started in the year 2014, the organization conducts workshops with children and youth on how to upcycle waste and make something creative out of it. They sell Eco-friendly products, provide services, tours, workshops about upcycling.

Guddi Prajapat has more than 6 years of experience in designing handmade products and natural herbs, while Ritesh Shekhawat is a management graduate; she has an expertise in handmade jewelry design, Vishal Singh is a self-design learner who helps in bringing new ideas to the venture.

Source: thalagiri Left to Right: Ritesh, Guddi, Vishal

Their products include herbal items, handmade jewelry, upcycled creative products, décor items and so much more. They also put their stalls in various fairs and festival across the city.

For more information, click: Eco Hut – Facebook Page

Q: Where can I meet them?

1, Dhaibhay Ji Ki Haveli, Mahavat Marg, Ganesh Ghati, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Q: Time of availability?

Eco hut opens at 11 am and closes 6 pm

Q: Whom to contact?

Call them on +91-90018 09638

Recycling and upcycling is a crucial need of today. Our city is beautiful and let’s keep this beauty intact. As initiated by Eco Hut, let us make our City of Lakes a zero-waste city.

If you know any other organization or any individual who is doing their part for nature in Udaipur, do mention them in the comments below. We would love to know them!

Udaipur Speaks

Green Leaf Ratings: A concept for Zero Waste Udaipur

Greenleaf Ratings_Eco friendly Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most sought out tourist destinations in India. With a rich history, culture and ecology, thousands of people come to visit this beautiful lake city every year. To develop Zero Waste Udaipur, Shikshantar in association with the Lonely Planet Guide Book, has been motivating hotels and tourists to make their practices more ecologically and culturally friendly. The Greenleaf Rating is one way Shikshantar has devised to help hotels take stock of their ecological footprint and be mindful to protect Udaipur’s traditional culture.

zero waste concept
This conversation around eco-friendly tourism in Udaipur began in 2007 between Shikshantar and tourists in the city. Tourists were asked what they thought of the environmental practices in Udaipur and expressed what green alternatives they would like to see from hotels. Their feedback, as well as research conducted by Shikshantar on the best practices from around the world, contributed to the making of a survey for hotels to measure their eco and culturally friendly efforts.
Association with the Lonely Planet began in 2008 when the Lonely Planet expressed interest in the Greenleaf rating and offered to publish a link to Shikshantar’s work on eco hotels in Udaipur. Shikshantar rated the hotels mentioned in the Lonely Planet based on a range of criteria from segregation of waste, to solar energy, to rainwater harvesting, to organic food, to promotion of local art and culture. The link to these findings were published in the 2009 edition of the Lonely Planet.
A team at Shikshantar has just updated its ratings of 35 hotels in Udaipur. They found that there have been improvements in the ecological practices of many hotels, especially in terms of solar water heating, energy saving practices, rainwater harvesting and organic food. Among budget hotels, Lal Ghat Guest House, Hotel Lake Star, and Nukkad Guest House scored the highest. Among mid-range hotels Udai Kothi, Pahuna Haveli, and Hotel Ram Pratap scored the highest. Among high end hotels, Udaivilas, Fatehgarh and Lake Palace Hotel scored the highest.
According to Vishal Singh Dhaybai, coordinator of the survey for Shikshantar, “We would love to see the momentum continuing and would like to support hotels in creating 1) a culture of segregation and re-use of “waste”, 2) water and energy conservation and 3) use of bio-degradable cleaning products, 4) filtered water re-fill stations to minimize use of plastic bottles. Tourists are also becoming more conscious of the need to minimize their ecological footprint and we hope this also encourages hotels to go green”. All the ratings have been posted on the Shikshantar website

For more details on the Green Leaf Ratings and Zero Waste Udaipur, contact Vishal Singh Dhaybai at Shikshantar (tel. 0294-245-1303; email

By UdaipurBlog Guest author Rehana Tejpar.