7 Tips To Play a Social Media Strategy for Your Wedding

Social media platforms offer everyone an opportunity to talk to the world about an event, product or service. After getting engaged, people tend to think of how to make people aware of the wedding plans and the like.

There’s so much to do through social media to get people to notice your event, but there are tips that make it easy to succeed in your social media strategy. The good bit is, it doesn’t cost a fortune to work out the tips. 

The following are social media strategy tips for your next wedding. 


  • Create an Instagram Business Account


The reason why I am insisting on a business account is that it has lots of useful options that ordinary accounts don’t have. An Instagram business account has the following options:

  • Contact buttons

With a business account, your profile will displace CTA features like Call, Email and Directions buttons directly above your feed. This makes it easy for visitors to contact you with a click of a button. You definitely grab the attention of many visitors with a click.

  • Link Your Pages

If you didn’t know, the owner of Instagram owns Facebook as well. Additionally, it is easier to link your Instagram business account to Facebook. Then it will be easy to share your feed in both places, respond to messages and reply to comments from inside Facebook.

  • Analytics

Analytics is apparently the best feature with a business account. This is because your account can track your engagement on your posts and display the statistics. This is the most useful information for generating new content, creating your Ad’s and engaging with your audience.

  • Swipe Up

It has been rumored that soon all Instagram business counts will receive the swipe up feature sooner or later. Currently, swipe up is only given to those with 10 thousand followers or more. 


  • Create A Hashtag


Hashtags work. They make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in your event as it goes beyond just your followers. Hashtags can help you engage with friends by joining the conversation about your wedding. 

A hashtag in twitter helps you to reach beyond your follower list. While hashtagging about your wedding, use short word hashtags like #marywedspeter. Also, be careful to fill your content with too many hashtags, this may portray you as desperate and certainly dilutes your message. 

Even though hashtags are useful and drive engagement, they don’t always work on every single social media platform. They are not meant to be used on Facebook or LinkedIn. 


  • Design Ad’s To Promote The Event


Ads require little to no investment regarding money. However, if done correctly, it can help you reach a larger audience who you may not have connected with yet.

With Facebook Ads, for example, you can target a specific audience which is likely to get interested in your event.  

Always design a professional-looking Ad to give the best first impression. You can use a customizable template to help your event stand out. 


  • Post Images On Event Preparations


If you have a blog, the better. But that doesn’t mean social media can’t be of help.

There are plenty of plugins that prompt visitors to use or share the image. This will often lead to a reader sharing the image and spreading the word.

Ensure you post a beautiful and relevant image that your readers will be proud to pin, so use bright colors and sleek graphics to people to love and share. 


  • Relevant Quotes From Guest 


Guests and friends will definitely grace your wedding. A wedding without one or two guests speakers may be dull and so you need to feature one guest quote about your event. Although it’s not reasonably okay to disclose who your guests are, much of your audience may not even know who this person is or what they’re about.

By posting their quotes, you’re telling your audience what to expect on your big day and that they will learn a relevant lesson. Make the quotes and images shareable, most importantly.  


  • Post Continual


Of course, your audience needs an update of anything towards the wedding. They expect an update on the dates, theme, and venue details. 

Grab the photos of your wedding spot and talk about it continually. Choose a romantic getaway from the Caribbean and get your audience want to visit here early in advance. Who can resist the charm of Royal Barbados, a perfect spot for a total romance and relaxation, under the Caribbean sun!


  • Host a live video session on Facebook or Snapchat


Live videos are currently gaining immense popularity. Live videos will make your viewers ask questions which you can answer immediately concerning your event. You could also host a Snapchat story Q&A session to encourage participants to ask you questions about your big day. 

While doing a live video, use a beautiful image to catch followers’ attention and make you definitely stand out to your Facebook fans definitely. Encourage them to interact with you on other social media platforms to foster trust in you and your wedding event. 



For all the couples fancying an ideal proposal | Here is the best wedding proposal of Udaipur Planned by Believe Happenings

It’s no secret! Anyone would love to have an ostentatious wedding proposal. And why not! Weddings are beautiful and how can someone simply neglect when you see such a presentation of the ring! You must be thinking what am I talking about? Well, I am telling you about a beautiful and magnificent proposal idea which was organized in Udaipur and I tell you I fell in love just with the video!

the best wedding proposal of Udaipur
Markus and Linda

Flash Mob Proposals have been popping up all over the last few years but we don’t get to see them a lot in India and primarily in Rajasthan. Recently, one such surprise idea was organized for two lovebirds Markus and Linda. It turned out to be really a memorable one giving them an experience like never before. Markus and Linda, from Dusseldorf, Germany, working as Psychologist and Marketing Manager respectively got engaged in October 2017 with the help of Believe Happenings.

How Did Believe Happenings Make It Happen?

On their trip to North India, Markus approached Believe Happenings to help him propose Linda. Through a succession of emails and calls, Markus and Believe Happenings created an exceptional and overwhelming proposal idea for Linda and himself. And finally, during their stay in Udaipur, Markus decided to bring his plan to action. A group of young boys and girls danced to the Bhangra version of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You at the beautiful and breathtaking Lake Badi, where Markus who had learned a few steps from the entire sequence from the dance videos sent to him also joined the flash mob. His dance gave Linda an experience she would not have expected at all.

And finally arrived the moment where he sat down on his knees and proposed to Linda. Who would say NO to such a beautiful proposal! Linda said YES and the couple expressed their happiness and love. To celebrate their engagement, they went to Fatehgarh for a dinner date, hence sealing their relationship with the tag of the wedding.

Watch the Video of Markus proposing to Linda, arranged and conceptualized by Believe Happenings:

How can you have an unforgettable proposal?

You can have a great and memorable proposal for your loved one with the help of Believe Happenings. Most of us think about having date ideas or wedding proposal ideas but aren’t able to execute them for your loved ones. So now, all you have to do is simply contact Believe Happenings and let them know that you desire an exceptional wedding proposal.

How to contact Believe Happenings?

You can contact them at the below-given mail address. You can also visit their website or simply call them at the number given below.the best wedding proposal of Udaipur

Drop queries at or

Facebook: believehappenings

Instagram: believehappenings

Pinterest: believehappenin

Call: +91 9549289777, 9610167867, 9549288333


Aren’t you excited to surprise your partner?


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms

Are you a groom-to-be? Then look nowhere else! ‘Wewaah’ Store in Udaipur is creating awesome embellished clothes for grooms who seek to be quite different from the crowd. While there are several showrooms and stores that cater to wedding wears, Wewaah devotes itself to today’s grooms. Dealing in exclusive grooms clothing; Wewaah boasts some of the finest forms of menswear.

What’s so special about Wewaah?

The Wewaah store caters to no cliché stuff just like its name! (No ‘vivah’) they have very chic clothing for the grooms which range from velveteen finish to very fine type of brocade fabric. The store has some really cool and fresh colored interiors which are new to the city as well. The flowery wall and door murals also add charm to the beautiful store.

What all can you get there?

At the Wewaah store, grooms can get cufflinks, sherwanis, waist coats, Jodhpuris, belts, kamar-bandhs, broaches, saafas, paags and so much more. In addition to this, you can also get cloth material at the store from which you can get apparels customized at the store itself to fit your size.

The store not only caters to clothes but accessories that a groom can utilize in his wedding. The broaches and cufflinks are super awesome and have a fine touch of the Rajasthani style. The other embellishments like neckpieces and head gears are something to swoon over. They also have gifts that can be given to your guests to make them feel special. Wewaah can also get you wedding cards which have a royal touch. You can also get some specially designed buttons and shirts which have unique patterns and motifs.

Last but not the least; they have the traditional Mojaris, which any groom would love to wear. They also keep swords which are much liked by the grooms for carrying on their big day.

Apart from the whole clothing and accessories, they also provide wedding photography solutions; from pre-wed to all the functions of a wedding. So what are you waiting for! Dive into the royalty and charm of being a groom- visit the Wewaah store today.

 Also, if you have visited the store already or are planning to visit, do share your reviews of the awesomeness.

Where is the store located in Udaipur?

Location: Sector 4, opposite GuruNanak Girls College.

Contact: +91- 9982159492 or +91- 7597403354


Let us have a look at the awesome store and its chic grooms wear collection:


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms

Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms


Trend Alert! This Store in Udaipur Is Creating Awesome Clothes Exclusively for Grooms






Health & Fashion

Traditional Dressing Tips for women for the Party Season

This is the season of marriages and parties. Every lady loves going to the parties, and want themselves to look different and attractive from the rest of the crowd. It could be monotonous to every time pull on the pants and struggle into a short top. One can look different as well as attractive with the traditional dressing, that adds an aesthetic value to your charm and definitely takes you a class apart. So, be the talk of the party with these Tips on traditional dressing.

Dressing Tips | UdaipurBlog
1. Go for plain sarees in colours like blues, reds, blacks, with borders in metallic hues such as silver, bronze or burnished gold. You could even team it up with a stylish blouse, low backs, preferably in metallic hues.

2. Go for black velvet straight cut churidar kurtas with low back or an elegant Chinese neck – both can be carried with as grace and ease as a slit backless gown or a fur lines short jacket.

3. Go for a beautiful Kashmiri designed silk kaftan or a revel knee-length kaftan,

4. Go minimalistic on neckwear if sporting long chandelier earrings. If you just love your colorful beady neck strings or that funky neckwear, try teaming it with stunning simplistic or flower power studs.

5. Choose comfortable, smart footwear to party all night, small or no heels can help you party the night away while giving minimal stress to your back and feet.

6. To protect yourself from the winter chill, get an elegant stole in single colour with a little glitter on the end corners. Throw it casually over a saree see the change in your appearance.

7. Go for light make-up and play with your hair. Don some hair Accessories to create magic.



Model: Sonika Jain

Article By: Subastou Daksh Pandey – Fashion Desinger, Udaipur


About the Author: After his basic education from Udaipur, Subastou received his B.A.Honor’s in fashion merchandising and production management form New Delhi (Nottingham University, London). He is an Artisan certified from Ministry of Textiles , Government of India as well as a Faculty in National Centre for Design and Product Development, set up by the Ministry of Textile, Government of India. He has won several awards, including Best creative designer award from Designer Jatin Kocchar, New Delhi.


An opportunity to Experience Royal Weddings

Udaipur is a great and famous destination for people who are in search of peace, heritage, and scenic beauty all at a same place. Being a great tourist destination, this place has also emerged as a great hub for destination and royal weddings, from all around the world. Udaipur is day by day becoming the first choice of people for royal, and theme based dream weddings.

Now the good news is that there is a fine opportunity for hardworking and enthusiastic Udaipurites, who are waiting for a chance to be a part of Royal Weddings in Udaipur and other great destinations of India, as well as around the globe, as Frozen Apple Events and Entertainment is now giving the opportunity to the aspiring and willing people.

Frozen Apple Events and Entertainment are up with a few vacancies of hosts, hostesses and supervisors, whose job profile is to conduct the guest management and transport management in Royal weddings. They have to deal with guest who will be few of the most elite people of the Indian subcontinent, as well as the world.

This opportunity also helps the employees to learn about conducting and managing the events, being part of and conducting the Royal weddings in the city and outside, dealing with the topmost class of the society who are generally part of these weddings, such as high profile businessmen, prominent public figures, popular celebrities, politicians, foreigners, etc.

How to join: Just a simple step If you have skills of hard work and discipline, and if you really want to be a part of the dynamic, cheerful, and successful team,  just mail your CV along with a photograph to


About Frozen Apple Events and Entertainment: Founded by Sahil Thakur, It is an Udaipur based company with branches in Delhi and Mumbai too. They provide facilities to make someone’s wedding a dream Royal wedding with their Royal wedding packages, from grand royal welcomes to high comfort level departure. They do provide royal hospitality and decor for clients.


About Sahil Thakur: Sahil started his job as a host in a royal wedding 5 years ago.  Since then he has worked with India’s leading event managers and wedding planners. Few months before he took an initiative to take it professionally, and that’s how frozen apple Events and Entertainment came into existence.


Frozen Apple Events & Entertainment


Sahil Thakur