For all the couples fancying an ideal proposal | Here is the best wedding proposal of Udaipur Planned by Believe Happenings

It’s no secret! Anyone would love to have an ostentatious wedding proposal. And why not! Weddings are beautiful and how can someone simply neglect when you see such a presentation of the ring! You must be thinking what am I talking about? Well, I am telling you about a beautiful and magnificent proposal idea which was organized in Udaipur and I tell you I fell in love just with the video!

the best wedding proposal of Udaipur
Markus and Linda

Flash Mob Proposals have been popping up all over the last few years but we don’t get to see them a lot in India and primarily in Rajasthan. Recently, one such surprise idea was organized for two lovebirds Markus and Linda. It turned out to be really a memorable one giving them an experience like never before. Markus and Linda, from Dusseldorf, Germany, working as Psychologist and Marketing Manager respectively got engaged in October 2017 with the help of Believe Happenings.

How Did Believe Happenings Make It Happen?

On their trip to North India, Markus approached Believe Happenings to help him propose Linda. Through a succession of emails and calls, Markus and Believe Happenings created an exceptional and overwhelming proposal idea for Linda and himself. And finally, during their stay in Udaipur, Markus decided to bring his plan to action. A group of young boys and girls danced to the Bhangra version of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You at the beautiful and breathtaking Lake Badi, where Markus who had learned a few steps from the entire sequence from the dance videos sent to him also joined the flash mob. His dance gave Linda an experience she would not have expected at all.

And finally arrived the moment where he sat down on his knees and proposed to Linda. Who would say NO to such a beautiful proposal! Linda said YES and the couple expressed their happiness and love. To celebrate their engagement, they went to Fatehgarh for a dinner date, hence sealing their relationship with the tag of the wedding.

Watch the Video of Markus proposing to Linda, arranged and conceptualized by Believe Happenings:

How can you have an unforgettable proposal?

You can have a great and memorable proposal for your loved one with the help of Believe Happenings. Most of us think about having date ideas or wedding proposal ideas but aren’t able to execute them for your loved ones. So now, all you have to do is simply contact Believe Happenings and let them know that you desire an exceptional wedding proposal.

How to contact Believe Happenings?

You can contact them at the below-given mail address. You can also visit their website or simply call them at the number given below.the best wedding proposal of Udaipur

Drop queries at or

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