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Did You Know About these Iconic Advertisements Shot in Udaipur?

Udaipur is a beautiful haven situated in Rajasthan. The city is brimming with beautiful lakes, culture, and heritage, which attracts thousands of tourists across the world. Udaipur is not only famous as a popular tourist’s and wedding destination, but it is also a major and sought out location for shooting Bollywood & Hollywood movies, music videos, as well as some of the most iconic advertisements by flourishing brands such as Morris Garages (MG), Canon, Mahindra Group, Amazon, etc. So, did you know about these iconic advertisements that were shot in the City of Lakes, Udaipur? If not, then check out this blog to know about the famous advertisements shot in Udaipur so far.

List of Ads Shot in Udaipur

MG Gloster SUV | MG Motors

The undulating terrains of Udaipur were used at their best in the MG Gloster’s advertisement. In the ad, we can see the vivacious car is shown flying through the Aravalli Hills, situated in the countryside area near Udaipur. The lush green hills, which you can especially experience during the rainy season in Udaipur, can be seen in the video.

The MG Gloster is not only India’s first Autonomous Level 1 Premium SUV but also known the biggest SUV in its segment. MG or Morris Garages is a British marquee now owned by SAIC and are known to make cars with one of the latest tech on markets, and is a very recent entrant to the automobile market of India. and what could be a better place than countryside Udaipur to show the true USPs of this mighty flagship SUV from the brand.

Mahindra Group | Mahindra Rise

Mahindra Group’s advertisement was extremely engaging and gained a lot of exposure due to its powerful message with the hashtag #LadkiHaathSeNikalJaayegi.​

The advertisement features Udaipur’s old city, showcasing the beautiful and historic locations such as Jagdish Chowk, Chandpole Bridge, Gangaur Ghat, Fatehsagar Lake, and Rani Road. Mahindra Rise is a technology and innovation-led, an international federation of companies that offer a broad range of services, products, and possibilities to rise. The advertisement shows the efforts taken by Mahindra Rise under their initiative or project Mahindra x Nanhi Kali, under which more than 350,000 girls received education across India.

Amazon India – Chonkpur Cheetahs

Amazon India shot an amazing advertisement in Udaipur, highlighting one of Udaipur’s most famous grounds, i.e., Gandhi Ground. The commercial depicts the Chonkpur Cheetah team that got added to the T20 season lately. The advertisement is all about buying products related to sports and everything else on Amazon India. Amazon’s #SapnoKiApniDukaan commercial was a great success and received a solid engagement from the audience.

Amazon India | Great Indian Festival


The commercial is to promote the Amazon Great Indian Festival, which is held every year withholding amazing offers for people to buy products at a cheap rate. The advertisement is shot in Udaipur reflecting the aesthetic streets of the city.

Nestlé India | Maggi Special Masala

The advertisement is all about adding the taste of Maggi all over India. The initial part of the commercial includes the beautiful tourist spots of Udaipur. At the very starting of the video, you can see the orange hues in the sky, Fatehsagar Lake, Ganguar Ghat, and the historic lanes of Old City. Our city has been magnificently portrayed in the video, followed by snippets from the Blue City, Jodhpur, Punjab, etc.

Incredible India | The Maharani of Manhattan

The video by Incredible India sincerely reflects the true luxury of Indian Designs. Udaipur and its heritage are wonderfully highlighted with a beautiful message i.e., Find the Incredible You, defining luxury as well as the splendid culture of India. The commercial is shot in Udaipur showcasing the famous tourist destinations in the city such as Ganguar Ghat, Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat, City Palace, etc. The regal City Palace’s exterior and interior areas such as Mor Chowk, the cushioned Royal Swing for the Maharani, and more can be seen in the advertisement. The ever-enchanting palace hotel Oberoi Udaivilas can also be seen in the visualization. Also, we can see the lanes of Old City Jagdish Chowk and art shops in the commercial.

Naudic | Australia

The video truly defines travel and tourism in the City of Lakes, Udaipur. Naudic is an Australian clothing brand that is famous for its vibrant and enchanting product line. The commercial for Naudic Australia for Skylark Productions India was shot in Udaipur by The Crew Production where they have beautifully used the historic and aesthetic streets of Ghanta Ghar, Jagdish Chowk, etc. to capture some artistic shots. Bird-eye view of Lake Pichola, the scenic City Palace, and Gangaur Ghat casting its golden lights in the evening has given an appealing backdrop to showcase the apparel brand. Lake Palace, Chunda Palace, and other royal hotels of Udaipur can be seen in the video as well. The nomadic and adventurous life with Udaipur tourism is truly reflected in the commercial.

2016 Kabaddi World Cup | Ready to Raid!

The commercial is about the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup India. It is a visualization showing the journey of a Kabaddi player who belongs from a small town and becomes a champion later. The commercial got famous through its hashtag #ReadyToRaid. The video is shot in Udaipur, where we can see a shot of Lakecity Mall, Old City, and several other glimpses of our beautiful city.

PICKLE NATION RAJASTHAN With Chef Kunal Kapur | Living Foodz

The show Pickle Nation airs on the Living Foodz channel and this video is done with one of the best Indian Chefs, Kunal Kapoor. The video is shot in Udaipur and the utterly charming sunset view taken from a bird-eye angle from Karni Mata Temple is a delight to see for us Udaipurites! City Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel, Lake Pichola, Lake Palace, and more such tourists’ locations featuring Chef Kunal Kapoor can be seen in the video.


So, these were some of the commercials that were shot in our City of Lakes, Udaipur. Hope you received some insights from this blog! I, for one, am very curious about knowing what took place in our city and things that are the talk of the town. If you are one of my kind, then read this blog and know more about the movies shot in our beloved Udaipur.


7 Tips To Play a Social Media Strategy for Your Wedding

Social media platforms offer everyone an opportunity to talk to the world about an event, product or service. After getting engaged, people tend to think of how to make people aware of the wedding plans and the like.

There’s so much to do through social media to get people to notice your event, but there are tips that make it easy to succeed in your social media strategy. The good bit is, it doesn’t cost a fortune to work out the tips. 

The following are social media strategy tips for your next wedding. 


  • Create an Instagram Business Account


The reason why I am insisting on a business account is that it has lots of useful options that ordinary accounts don’t have. An Instagram business account has the following options:

  • Contact buttons

With a business account, your profile will displace CTA features like Call, Email and Directions buttons directly above your feed. This makes it easy for visitors to contact you with a click of a button. You definitely grab the attention of many visitors with a click.

  • Link Your Pages

If you didn’t know, the owner of Instagram owns Facebook as well. Additionally, it is easier to link your Instagram business account to Facebook. Then it will be easy to share your feed in both places, respond to messages and reply to comments from inside Facebook.

  • Analytics

Analytics is apparently the best feature with a business account. This is because your account can track your engagement on your posts and display the statistics. This is the most useful information for generating new content, creating your Ad’s and engaging with your audience.

  • Swipe Up

It has been rumored that soon all Instagram business counts will receive the swipe up feature sooner or later. Currently, swipe up is only given to those with 10 thousand followers or more. 


  • Create A Hashtag


Hashtags work. They make your content viewable by anyone who has an interest in your event as it goes beyond just your followers. Hashtags can help you engage with friends by joining the conversation about your wedding. 

A hashtag in twitter helps you to reach beyond your follower list. While hashtagging about your wedding, use short word hashtags like #marywedspeter. Also, be careful to fill your content with too many hashtags, this may portray you as desperate and certainly dilutes your message. 

Even though hashtags are useful and drive engagement, they don’t always work on every single social media platform. They are not meant to be used on Facebook or LinkedIn. 


  • Design Ad’s To Promote The Event


Ads require little to no investment regarding money. However, if done correctly, it can help you reach a larger audience who you may not have connected with yet.

With Facebook Ads, for example, you can target a specific audience which is likely to get interested in your event.  

Always design a professional-looking Ad to give the best first impression. You can use a customizable template to help your event stand out. 


  • Post Images On Event Preparations


If you have a blog, the better. But that doesn’t mean social media can’t be of help.

There are plenty of plugins that prompt visitors to use or share the image. This will often lead to a reader sharing the image and spreading the word.

Ensure you post a beautiful and relevant image that your readers will be proud to pin, so use bright colors and sleek graphics to people to love and share. 


  • Relevant Quotes From Guest 


Guests and friends will definitely grace your wedding. A wedding without one or two guests speakers may be dull and so you need to feature one guest quote about your event. Although it’s not reasonably okay to disclose who your guests are, much of your audience may not even know who this person is or what they’re about.

By posting their quotes, you’re telling your audience what to expect on your big day and that they will learn a relevant lesson. Make the quotes and images shareable, most importantly.  


  • Post Continual


Of course, your audience needs an update of anything towards the wedding. They expect an update on the dates, theme, and venue details. 

Grab the photos of your wedding spot and talk about it continually. Choose a romantic getaway from the Caribbean and get your audience want to visit here early in advance. Who can resist the charm of Royal Barbados, a perfect spot for a total romance and relaxation, under the Caribbean sun!


  • Host a live video session on Facebook or Snapchat


Live videos are currently gaining immense popularity. Live videos will make your viewers ask questions which you can answer immediately concerning your event. You could also host a Snapchat story Q&A session to encourage participants to ask you questions about your big day. 

While doing a live video, use a beautiful image to catch followers’ attention and make you definitely stand out to your Facebook fans definitely. Encourage them to interact with you on other social media platforms to foster trust in you and your wedding event.