Spine Care Chair 2109: An Innovative Product Launched by A Udaipur-based Company That Is Gaining Popularity Across The Country

Udaipur is known for many things, where royalty and grandeur top the list, but now we can proudly say that the feathers of innovation and technological advancements have also been added to our hat. There is particularly one product launched by a Udaipur-based company that has caught our eye. This company is making sure that Udaipur’s claim to prominence expands beyond culture and heritage.

Italica Furniture

Behold the innovative – Spine Care Chair 2109 that has become quite a rage across the country. It is a plastic chair that many furniture designers worldwide are beginning to acknowledge as the cutting edge of modern plastic chair design. PIL Italica Lifestyle Ltd., an NSE/BSE listed plastic furniture and material handling products manufacturing company, based in Udaipur, designed this excellent injection-moulded plastic chair in association with a team of Italian designers and engineers.

italica chair

Why is Spine Care Chair 2109 so Unique?

You must be wondering why this chair is so unique?  Well, it takes care of your back in all its glory.
So, let’s take a closer look at how the Spine Care Chair 2109 is the best pick for you to reduce any back pain issues you face due to the work-from-home scenario lately.

A One-of-its-kind Monobloc Plastic Chair offering flexible backrest in India:

Plastic furniture is manufactured using injection-molding technology. It is a moulding technique formerly limited to making solely rigid objects with no mechanical components. However, with the Spine Care chair, Italica’s designers and engineers have raised the bar by moulding a chair with flexible back support that moves with your spine for the first time in the world. Even if you move your body back and forth while sitting on this chair, the back support will remain attached to your spine. This chair’s flexible spine to upper back support makes it particularly pleasant to sit in for lengthy periods. The doctors tested and recommended the spine care chair, making it an even more reliable option for back pain relief.

Italica chair

Curved Design for Back Support:

It is indeed a one-of-a-kind plastic chair with a dramatically curved backrest. It combines executive office chair comfort with a wonderfully streamlined design. This colourful chair may be used as a focal point in any location, including the home, office, café, or restaurant.

Intricate yet Unbending Design:

It appears to be an elegantly crafted plastic chair at first glance. When you watch closely, though, you can see how a combination of complex design and material-technical work together to achieve extraordinary aesthetics and strength.

Spine chair

Benefits of the Spine Care Chair

All the spine care chairs have been tested to withstand a weight of 150 kg. It also has a UV coating all around the body that keeps the colour from fading.
This incredible product has re-established Udaipur as a place that is more than just a tourist destination. It’s no longer only the City of Lakes. The city is proud to present the Spine Care Chair, the most advanced plastic chair our nation has ever seen.

In the current scenario where people are engrossed with the Work from Home routine, the Spine Care Chair has proven to be a lifesaver. It is a trending piece of furniture, especially gaining popularity among the millennials. The content creators on various Social Media platforms are referring to the Spine Care Chair with the hashtag #itsamillennialthing.

The Spine Care Chair is the epitome of style, practical use, as well as comfort. Its raised design has proven to correct your posture while sitting for long hours during work from home or in the office. The chair is made up of high virgin plastic with a toughened matte finish for a stylish look.

The chair was launched in December 2019 and has gained a lot of exposure since its inception. Within a year after its launch, the Spine Care Chair took over the furniture industry in India, and the sales took a hike to 25,000 units per month. It is a hot-selling product on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Pepperfry, and Flipkart. If you want to bring the Spine Care chair home, go to Italica’s website to receive the best pricing and free home delivery anywhere in India.

You can also find all of Italica’s other premium plastic chair series at

Spine chair

List Music

List of Amazing Music Videos Shot in Udaipur

Udaipur is a treasured location for shooting music videos, movies, photoshoots by prominent brands, advertisements and more. The city is extremely famous for its bountiful lakes, heritage, palace, and picturesque locations, making it one of the most preferred locations for shooting in Rajasthan. The air of royalty, serene environment and historic streets just adds up to the astounding beauty of the City of Lakes.

Just like the iconic movies and advertisements that are shot in Udaipur, the city has also been a preferred choice for singers or music directors. Check out the list below and know all about the number of music videos shot in Udaipur so far.

Veham | Armaan Malik (Ft. Asim Riaz & Sakshi Malik)

The trend of making music videos in India is catching on and doesn’t look like it is going to subsidize anytime soon. We have all been seeing the famous actors appear in music videos, where fans go gaga over the beats! One such music video is Veham, sung by the ever-melodious Armaan Malik, featuring the Big Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz and Sakshi Malik. Veham is a pretty soulful song, shot in the mesmerizing City of Lakes, Udaipur. The video highlights the drone shot of Udaipur’s scenic beauty, featuring Lake Pichola, Lake Fatehsagar, Rani Road, and other prominent locations in the city.  The first and last half of the video has shots taken from Kankarwa Haveli, near Lal ghat, Udaipur.

Toh Aagaye Hum | Mithoon Feat Jubin Nautiyal

Gulshan Kumar and T-Series present Bhushan Kumar’s “Toh Aagaye Hum” new song by the extremely talented and soulful singer Jubin Nautiyal. The video features Sanjeeda Shaikh, Mithoon, and Jubin Nautiyal. This iconic song was shot in Udaipur in 2021 and got an overwhelming response from the audience. The video starts with a drone shot of Lake Pichola, showcasing the Chandpole bridge, Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, and several other prominent hotels that come along the way. We can see the enchanting Jagat Niwas Palace in the video in all its white heritage glory! Other major tourist spots, such as City Palace, Lake Palace, etc., can be seen in the video. Jubin is seen as riding a bike through Rani Road, situated along Lake Fatehsagar. The beautiful and historic streets of Old City Udaipur in this video is a sight for sore eyes! We can also see snippets of Natural View Restaurant, situated at Lal Ghat Road. This beautiful video shot in Udaipur was a proud moment for us Udaipurites!

AHIDA | Shyamoli Sanghi

The Official Music Video of AHIDA, is a soulful Sufi song sung by Shyamoli Sanghi and composed by Ravi Singhal. The song shows how a girl in love ends up devoting her life to others’ cause, thus exemplifying the meaning of ‘Ahida’ and the immense power of love. The video is exclusively shot in Udaipur, highlighting Shilpgram, Fatehsagar Lake, Rani Road, and more such aesthetic tourist spots. Bird Eye view from Karni Mata Temple is also highlighted in the music video, and the protagonists are further seen wandering the streets of Old City Udaipur. See and listen to the soulful video to relish the beauty of Udaipur.

Mitho Laage | Dhruv Ghanekar & Mame Khan

There is not a single person who is oblivious to the powerful and traditional songs by the one and only Mame Khan. His accent and way of expressing the Rajasthani tradition give just the right amount of satisfaction and love for our heritage and culture. Mitho Laage is a hidden gem, sung by Dhruv Ganekar and Mame Khan, and the video is shot in the Udaipur’s regal Chunda Palace. From the breathtaking palaces of Udaipur, Mame Khan and Dhruv Ghanekar come together to tell their LIVE TRUE story that screams passion and glory. The video brings together the diverse cultural and musical backgrounds of the two artists. The video contains shots of Lake Pichola, a Sunset view from the lake, and more. The majority of this music video is filmed in Chunda Palace, which is owned by a noble family of Mewar. We can all the grandeur, beautiful Rajasthani architecture, aesthetic walls and ceilings, and majestic artwork held in Chunda Palace in the video.

DJ NYK | Electronyk Podcast Specials

The Electronyk Podcast Specials by DJ NYK is shot at the Bollywood Sunset scene at the incredibly famous Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The whole video is shot on a ferry boat, reflecting the whole magnificence of Udaipur. We can see City Palace, Lake Palace, Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, Jag Mandir, and other famous historic places and hotels in Udaipur. Also, the sunset casting its orange hues in the sky and reflecting in the lake is a delightful sight combines with the captivating music playing in the background.

Birthday Pawri – Meet Bros | Arradhya Maan, Nikki Tamboli

The latest Birthday Pawri video by Meet Bros, featuring Amit Mishra, Aditi S Sharma, Mellow D, Arradhya Maan, and Nikki Tamboli is a groovy single presented by Transmedia Films. The video is shot in the newly opened palatial hotel Enigma Royale, situated on the grounds of the Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, Udaipur. We can see the regal heritage property with ornately draped interiors and chic chandeliers that make the place a perfect location to shoot the groovy as well as an energetic music video.

Dance me If you Can | The Cheetah Girls

The music video of Cheetah girls was shot at the Sajjangarh Palace or better known as the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur. It is a dance face-off video where the famous girl group – The Cheetah Girls are performing on the ever-charming terrace of Sajjangarh Palace. We can see the unmistakable jharokhas of the palace and the enchanting scenery from the hilltop. The video was released in the year 2008. To tell you about The Cheetah Girls, well, they were a famous American girl group consisting of Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan, and Raven-Symoné as the starring leads. The group was created by Disney and was made famous by the eponymous Disney Channel original film.


These were some amazing music videos shot in Udaipur! If you have some suggestions related to more such videos which you can’t find in the list, then feel free to comment below.


In Remembrance: Shri Manik Arya

With utmost sadness and angst, we are sad to inform the demise of Shri Manik Arya on June 21, 2021. You may remember him as a prominent media personality and one of the most loved broadcasters. He was the Retd. Deputy Director, All India Radio. A gem of a man gone too soon!

Early Life of Manik Arya

Manik Arya was born in Pratapgarh on June 7, 1954. He inherited music from his mother and as a result, got famous as a Violin Player and culturally righteous. His father was famous for Shastriya Sangeet, and so Manik got into playing the guitar, sitar, guitar, and tabla. Arya’s father was better known as a famous Tabla Vadak across the nation. Manik learnt music in Allahabad and in 1972 he completed his schooling in Udaipur. He further completed his graduation and post-graduation in 1976-78. He worked with Hindustan Zinc as a Social Welfare Officer in 1979. Finally, his career in broadcasting began in 1980.

Life in Broadcasting: Mr Manik Arya’s Journey so far!

A well-known personality in the media and broadcasting field, Manik Arya was a Senior Officer of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. Manik Arya retired from the post of Deputy Director-General, All India Radio, on June 30, 2014. Manik had a keen interest in literature, music, art, and culture. He took a lot of initiatives to flourish the music in the Rajasthani Folk Music Industry.

Mr Arya was selected in the Indian Broadcasting Service organized by the Union Public Service Commission in the year 1980. Manik Arya got posted in Akashwani Kendra in Jodhpur in 1983. He made a special contribution to the establishment of All India Radio’s Jaisalmer and Barmer branch in the year 1985. For the same, he received a certificate from the Director-General, Akashwani, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for this service.

Shri Manik Arya went to Malaysia in 1987 for 3 months during his posting in Kota to represent the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, where he represented India by taking the test for broadcasting at the Asian Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development organization in order to hasten development works via broadcasting in our country. He was transferred from Kota to Udaipur in 1992 and was further promoted to Banswara as a Senior Official of the Indian Broadcasting Service. While stationed in Banswara, he preserved the tribal folk music of the Wagad region. Eventually, in 1995 he was posted again in Udaipur. In the year 2007, he was awarded by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting the Hindi Rajbhasha National Award. In 2008, he went for the coverage of the 8th World Hindi Convention in New York, USA. The convention was organized in the auditorium of the United Nations, and he took interview with various subject matters experts. The program was broadcasted live on various news channels such as BBC London, Voice of America, and other nationwide and across the globe. Manik Arya was promoted to Udaipur in 2012 by the ministry of information and broadcasting, directorate general of All India Radio as Regional Deputy Director-General (program). Manik Arya was the first official in Rajasthan from the Indian Broadcasting Service to be appointed as a Deputy Director. He rendered remarkable services in All India Radio for 33 years.

Perhaps everyone who knew him learnt something from him. An inspiration to many, Shri Manik Arya will be always remembered. Rest in Peace!


Streaming the Future on World Music Day: Meet the Artists from Udaipur Listed on Spotify

On World Music Day, anyone can play their favourite instruments in public parks and open places for the enjoyment of others. Free concerts and other musical activities are organised by music enthusiasts. The Summer Solstice, another fantastic day for feasts and festivities, often falls on the same day as World Music Day. However, looking at the current scenario where the pandemic has restricted us from any outdoor events, we can celebrate World Music Day by listening to our favourite singers on Spotify.

Artists from Udaipur Listed on Spotify

Did you know that the musicians and singers from Udaipur are also listed on Spotify and are quite popular on the platform? Some artists are surprisingly famous and are known to perform electronic-fusion music, rock music, and others are budding composers, and producers. In the competitive music industry, the dominant form of music composition is actively praised on online music platforms such as Spotify. So, let us know about all the amazing musicians and singers from Udaipur who are listed on Spotify.

1. Vidit Meghwal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

I am sure you must have come across this name if you are from Udaipur. Vidit Meghwal is a Professional Singer and has been singing for the past 10 years, with that, he is also an Electronic Music Producer and Composer and featured as an Electronic Musical Artist in Google’s Knowledge Panel. He has released his 4 originals until now, namely Aatishbaziya, Zamana, Mewar Mera, and Ishq. He was also in the top 10 contestants of Surilo Rajasthan in the very first episode. You can listen to his best songs such as Zamaana and Aatishbaziya on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

2. Avneet Kalra

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Avneet is an Independent Indian Artist, a DJ & Producer from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He has been DJing under the alias – DJ-Duo ‘LESSTHAN3’ along with Kushagra Singhvi, who has been playing since 2014. Avneet has been working with Arman & Shivansh as the vocalist. Avneet & Arman have written most of the songs together. Listen to the amazing songs by the group on Spotify and gear up for some original music on World Music Day 2021.

Find them on Spotify & Instagram

3. Kamlesh Salvi

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Kamlesh has got a knack for singing and he pursued the path to become a singer. In his free time, he just picks up some notes and starts strumming his guitar. Check out his originally composed songs on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

4. Harshit Paliwal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

A singer, musician, and music producer, Harshit loves creating soulful music for you folks to listen to anytime you want. Go check out his original songs on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

5. Beatboxdcoder Aka Divya Gonja

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Divya is into beatboxing for the past three years and has composed a number of good music that is listed on Spotify. Listen to his songs when you are exercising and feel the adrenaline rush.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

6. Mayank Suyal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Being an individual artist and singer, Mayank is into singing for a long time. His music is soulful and will create a mood around you. Listen to his songs on Spotify and let him know which one is your favourites.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

7. Black Tiii

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Been listening to music all his life, Black Tiii performs as a music producer under his stage name. Check out Black Tiii’s music on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

8. BODMAS | Jai Singh

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Jai is an Indian DJ & Music Producer, introducing a unique blend of folk with electronic music that will blow your mind. Go check out his mashups on Spotify and dance along with the beats.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

9. Rahul Upadhyaya

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Writing songs has always given him immense pleasure. Rahul has been singing his own songs for a long time and can be easily classified as an enthralling singer from Udaipur. Check out his latest release “Saare Gham” on Spotify, pronto!

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

10. Khanabadosh

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

While rock and electronic music may appear to be the dominant genres in India, Khanabadosh Band from Udaipur is keeping the rock flag flying high. They have performed several gigs in renowned restaurants of Udaipur, so you might recognize them. Check out their latest hits on Spotify!

Find the band on Spotify & Instagram

11. Blue Hush

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Blue Hush is a Udaipur-based band, mostly recognized for its alternative/indie style of music. They have performed several gigs in and around Udaipur and led by Ojas Goyal and Heena. Check out their latest songs on Spotify.

Find them on Spotify & Instagram

13. Aelaan

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

A rapper from Badi, Udaipur, Aelaan has been into rapping since 2018. He has recently started his YouTube channel. Being a rapper is what gives him immense pleasure! Check out his songs on Spotify and listen to his latest singles such as Fake Media, Nakli Rapper, etc.

Find him on Spotify, Instagram & Youtube


Let the songs from these amazing artists roll out on this World Music Day 2021 and absorb yourself in their soulful music. Turn the negative vibes that we are all experiencing during these challenging times into positive vibes; and what better way to do that than listen to soulful music? Find these artists on Spotify and feel the connection!

If you are a singer or a musician from Udaipur and your songs are listed on Spotify, then write to us at and we shall include you in our upcoming list to feature the artists from Udaipur listed on Spotify. So, are you ready for Part 2 of this series?


UB A Hero: Biggest Blood Donation Drive of Udaipur in Association with Raktdata Yuva Vahini

To help resolve the shortage of blood in Udaipur, 136 units of blood was collected and distributed by Rakt Data Yuva Vahini to the patients who were in dire need of it.

Since the first wave began, Rakt Data Yuva Vahini is encouraging people to donate blood whenever they can to save people’s lives. With the help of more than 1000 volunteer, Rakt Data Yuva Vahini has successfully pulled off the biggest blood drive in Udaipur. Keeping the spirit of the charitable and noble work alive, the members of Rakt Data Yuva Vahini were available day and night whenever there was a request for blood. Fortunately, the blood donors associated with the organization were ready to donate whenever requested. All the blood donors belonging to the group together have given their selfless support for a noble cause, like blood donation.

All of this was possible because the donors of Udaipur and the Rakt Data Yuva Vahini Team are like a strong pillar that worked together to pull off a remarkably successful campaign. The organization has always been striving for blood donation and will continue to do so. In the recent blood donation drive that started from June 1, 2021, to June 15, 2021, 136 units of blood were distributed by the organization to needy patients, as well as 139 units (127 units VD (voluntary distribution) + 12-unit SDP/single donation process) Blood in total has been collected.

Rakt Data Yuva Vahini aims to grow better in the near future to continue donating blood in and around the city. It is their goal to try their best to help every patient who needs blood to stay alive.

UdaipurBlog, being a digital outreach partner has helped Rakt Data Yuva Vahini to reach as many audiences as possible. #Ubahero campaign supported the blood donation organization to enhance their digital presence and create a major influence with the help of regular and vigorous campaigning.

Here are some pictures from the biggest blood donation drive in Udaipur organized by Rakt Data Yuva Vahini in association with UdaipurBlog:

biggest blood donation drive in Udaipur by rakt data yuva vahini

biggest blood donation drive in Udaipur by rakt data yuva vahini

biggest blood donation drive in Udaipur by rakt data yuva vahini

biggest blood donation drive in Udaipur by rakt data yuva vahini


Making a Difference: Meet the Selfless COVID-19 Heroes of Udaipur

The greatest pandemic the world has seen in 100 years has dominated the year 2020 and 2021. The coronavirus outbreak immobilised people all around the world. This is also the year in which the world came together to fight the Coronavirus. As the pandemic increased and more fighters with an incredible work ethic stood up bravely to face the challenge front on, the year brought forth some remarkable work being done by organisations and individuals at this tough time. This year is devoted to all Coronavirus warriors who, in some way or another, have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of this highly infectious disease. Our doctors and other healthcare workers are among the frontline fighters against COVID-19. They have selflessly dedicated their time and energy to save lives.

UdaipurBlog appreciates all those NGO workers, selfless individuals, and communities who came forward to provide help and support to the sufferers and their families.

Let’s take a moment to thank the COVID Heroes of Udaipur!

1. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar donated a hi-tech ambulance to the Indian Army


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Being a philanthropist himself, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar has set another example by donating a hi-tech ambulance to the Indian Army. To talk about his various contributions towards society, Maharaj Kumar Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar donated 12,508 personal hygiene products in an hour distinguished as biodegradable sanitary pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, toilet paper rolls, tissue papers, hand wash and hand sanitisers in an hour, which counted as the Fourth Guinness World Record set by him.

Moreover, this year Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar has set an example by presenting a high-tech ambulance worth about 22 lakh rupees to the Indian Army. Lakshyaraj Singh on Saturday presented this new ambulance to Brigadier Shekhar of Eklinggarh Cantonment, Udaipur, so that the Army can use this ambulance for the treatment of serious patients suffering from other diseases, including the Corona patients. Lakshyaraj Singh says that in this second wave of the Coronavirus, the Army has done a commendable job at the ground level to rescue and treat the people across the country. Significantly, the member of the Mewar royal family, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, has been continuously engaged in public service activities since the first wave of Coronavirus. He has also presented lakhs of rupees to the district administration so that the district administration can help the needy. Mewar is ready to help the financially weak people in every village.


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On 03 June 2021, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar gave wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, dog food, oil, ghee, and water bottles to Dr. Rajiv Pachar, S. P., for further distribution in Udaipur. “The police have been vigorously working for the last 15 months to provide food and essential items to the underprivileged, and now the team can work harder to reach more people with the help of Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar and his donation of 2000 kgs of ration”, says Dr. Pachar.

2. Vegetable Vendors in Mandi Delivering Free Produce to the Institutions Providing Food to the Corona Patients


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Amidst the lockdown and the pandemic, a lot of institutions and communities are delivering tiffin or food to the patients suffering from the Coronavirus. However, the rates of groceries and other products are constantly rising. In such dire times, to control the persistent issue of high prices, the vegetable vendors in mandi stood up to support the cause. Free of cost vegetables and fresh produce is delivered to the COVID relief tiffin centres by the vegetable vendors in mandi. They have also delivered free vegetables on a mandi holiday. The President of Shree Sabzi-Phal Vyapari Sangh, Mr. Mukesh Khilwani, said 400 to 50 kg of vegetables are sent to the institutions free of cost every day.

Furthermore, they supplied vegetables to the food institutions last year (2020) for three months during the lockdown. The workers working in the mandi are also getting a Ration Kit (Packet) as per the requirement. Approximately 50 to 60 merchants are involved as a part of this free distribution process. They all contact with the help of a social media group where all the food institutions are added.

3. World Vision India organisation donated 25 Oxygen Concentrators to the CMHO office


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During the growing transition of Corona, 25 oxygen concentrators were presented to the CMHO office by the World Vision India organisation to strengthen the oxygen system in Udaipur’s hospitals. These 25 oxygen concentrators visited by the organisation will be used at the Covid Consultation Care Centre set up in rural areas.

4. Gamerlal Rajdhani Velawat Charitable Trust Donated 1.83 Lakhs


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On Tuesday, a check of INR 1.83 Lakhs was handed over to the District Collector, Chetan Deora, by the Gamerlal Rajdhani Velawat Charitable Trust for oxygen pipeline installation work at the satellite hospital. Additionally, Oxygen pipeline installation work has been done at Satellite Hospital Hiran Magri on behalf of the Trust.

5. An Initiative by NGO Round Table India: Free Oxygen Bank


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Free Oxygen Concentrator Bank facility has been started by Round Table India NGO in Udaipur, Jaipur, Ajmer and Bhilwara. It is essential to submit a Covid report, a prescription written for 72 hours, a copy of the patient’s Aadhaar card and an Aadhar card of the attendant in order to get the Oxygen Concentrator. The machine will be given free for seven days, and at the time of taking it, the security amount will have to be deposited, which will be refunded after the return. The NGO can be contacted through a WhatsApp helpline number. The helpline number for various cities are given in the following list:

  • Udaipur: +91-90249 53539
  • Jaipur: +91-70141 48914
  • Ajmer: +91-91163 61184
  • Bhilwara: +91-75683 21240

6. Making a Difference: Hindustan Zinc, Vedanta Group Provided 500 Oxygen Concentrator


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Hindustan Zinc, a company of Vedanta group, is providing 500 oxygen concentrators to the state due to the shortage of oxygen in hospitals in Rajasthan. In the first wave, 200 oxygen concentrators were offered to the district administration of Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Udaipur.

7. Mukesh Sharma – Oxygen Cylinder Supply


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As the second wave of the novel coronavirus hit the City of Lakes, Udaipur, and when people were in dire need of oxygen, Mukesh Sharma stood up to lend a hand. He started delivering and supplying oxygen cylinders to the homes of people who were suffering from the COVID-19 and were isolated or quarantined. Mukesh started the noble service on April 2, 2021, and to do this, he started collecting oxygen cylinders from vendors and then supplied them to the houses of people who were in excessive need of the same.

8. Mission Madad – Ration Kits


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In view of the impending Covid-19 pandemic, a team of young enthusiasts under the support of Helping Youth Sansthan, Udaipur, is helping the underprivileged to provide at least 2 times meal a day. Diyesh Bandwaal and the team of Mission Madad prepared ration kits which were delivered to the underprivileged. They have delivered 76 ration kits till now around Udaipur, and meanwhile, they were also providing food to the animals. Animal lovers Ankit Agrawal, Hardik Bandwaal, Rishabh Jain, Vishwas Dhiwar, Luv Sharma, Nitin Sukhwal, Shubahm Kumawat, Pratham Sahu, Umesh Kumawat, Kunal Malviya, Dipesh Kumawat, Hitesh Kumawat, Kiran Khatri, Jyoti Trivedi, and more team members contributed for the social cause.

9. Free Tea by Roadways Staff


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Roadways employees have also joined hands to help the corona warriors and hospital staff. These employees are providing free tea to the attendants, hospital staff, police personnel, etc., from 6 am to 8 am in MB and ESIC Hospital from 10th May. Basant Lohar, Mohammad Yusuf, Devilal Tank, Abdul Salim, Rashan Tawar are helping in the service work.

The Final Say!

All of us have done something or the other things, tangible or intangible, to help the patients or families cope up with the challenges presented by the pandemic. If you have done any such deed that deserves a shoutout, then write to us at, and we shall include you in our upcoming part 2 dedicated to the Covid-19 Heroes in Udaipur.


Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy While Staying Indoors

Although there is a partial unlock process going on in our city, we are still encouraged to stay at home for as long as we can. There are multiple things you can do while staying indoors if you are not feeling social yet. In between staying at home and managing your daily chores, you must get a little bored while staying put in your homes. Missing going out with your friends to have a cold coffee at Fatehsagar or sit around at Ganguar Ghat and peacefully see the water flow by? Well, since we can’t go out right now due to obvious reasons, you can always do something fun and productive at home to pass your time and take your mind off the constant news and updates of Coronavirus rolling on news channels and social media platforms.

Are you at a loss for what to do right now? If you have exhausted your Netflix selections and the prospect of spending another day on the couch browsing memes is too much to bear, it is time to shake things up and get your creative juices flowing. In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, 2021 looks bleak, and as we continue to navigate the state’s final lockdown, it can feel as if you’re being grounded for some reason. Staying at home may be restricting, but it does not have to be boring – there are plenty of enjoyable and productive activities you can do to pass the time, from keeping your health in check, learning a language to organising your closet, updating your CV to writing a novel – why not start right now?

Here are some productive yet fun things you can do at home during the pandemic:

1. Set Goals

Progress is what productivity is all about; it is about breaking down our long-term goals into everyday action so we can grow and improve. There are goal-planning journals and notebooks for everything from housekeeping, exercise, and diet to business and life goals, depending on what you want to achieve. Get a planner for yourself, set your routine, and most importantly – Stick by it!

Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy During Lockdown
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2. Learn a Language

Remember how you said you would learn Italian, Spanish, or French but couldn’t seem to find the time? Now is your time to shine. Why not utilise this time to learn an entirely new language? There are plenty of YouTube videos and online lessons available. It is so important to learn how to say or pronounce some basic words in different languages so that we don’t make a fool of ourselves whenever we have a chance to go to a foreign country or even a restaurant serving international cuisines. Watch the video to learn how to say “Hello” in different languages.

3. Clean/Organize your Wardrobe

Clutter can easily accumulate in our homes as a result of our fast-paced occupations and hectic lifestyles, but it’s actually easier than you may think to keep everything clean and well-organised. Dedicate time and attention to sorting your clothes, decluttering your home, getting rid of pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in six months, and organising your clothes into groups, so they are simpler to find in the morning. Well, this your chance to utilise your free time to organise your clothes and sort them out once and for all.

4. Get Yourself into Reading

Reading has a plethora of advantages. There are many possibilities available to you whether you want to increase your vocabulary, learn something new, escape to other realms, or relax. Don’t know where to begin? Check out the books written by our very own authors from Udaipur. Please give them a read and let us know what you think about them.

Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy During Lockdown
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5. Give Your House a Cleaning Session

Cleaning is not only beneficial, but it may also be soothing. You know what they say: a tidy room equals a tidy mind! Just answer honestly, when was the last time you had a good old cleaning session with your mother and father? Probably around Diwali when your mom makes sure you dust all the fans and clean every petty inch of your house. Taking a few hours to clear up a crowded room or office is not exactly the definition of “fun,” but you might be surprised at how useful a quick cleaning session can be. In fact, every time you clean up clutter or unneeded paperwork, take out the trash or sweep the kitchen floors, you may be contributing to a healthier and happier you. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have OCD or something!

Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy During Lockdown
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6. Indulge yourself in Cooking

Well, we saw a lot of people cooking this lockdown and posting delicious-looking dishes on social media, didn’t we? So, how about trying our hands on cooking while we have all the free time in the world! You can start with the basics and work your way up to star dishes with the help of a plethora of recipe books or cooking videos available on the internet. If you didn’t fully perfect your cooking abilities during the first coronavirus lockdown, it’s time to give it another shot and start from the beginning. Check out our list of the finest food delivery services in Udaipur if you want a safe and hygienic tiffin service for the people suffering from Coronavirus.

Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy During Lockdown
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7. Make a Bucket List

Make a bucket list to help you stay happy and look forward to brighter days. Instead of sulking in your pyjamas for the sixth day in a row (we’ve all been there), shift your perspective and consider all the things you’ll be allowed to do once all the limitations are lifted. We hope you will come up with some interesting travel ideas.

Fun & Productive Activities to Keep you Busy During Lockdown
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8. Plant a Kitchen Garden

Plant a herb garden with those green fingers – there’s nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients. Growing your vegetables not only provides fresh produce but also aids in mental relaxation. Drill holes in the sides of a bucket with a cover so that you can hang them on the walls.


9. Exercise/Yoga

Squats, burpees, and press-ups are all exercises that may be done at home without using any equipment. Stretch out in your lounge by converting it into a yoga space. You can even indulge yourself in doing simple yoga poses such as Suryanamaskar. Whether it’s your balcony or terrace, find an open, breathable space to do yoga early in the morning and then some stretching exercises to keep your body in check. Getting up in the morning and doing exercise will energise you and help you with an early start which will be good for a change.

10. Baking!

For all the sweet tooths out there, go indulge yourself in some baking and eat delicious cakes, cookies, and pastries at home. You don’t need many ingredients for most of the items. Lockdown and chocolate go hand and hand, so give in to your temptation and try your hand at baking. For starters, you can make chocolate cake from Oreo biscuits and do the icing by melting the dark chocolate bars that are easily available at the stores selling essential items during the lockdown.



Embark on a creative process of indulging yourself in fun and productive activities during this lockdown. Try new stuff, go beyond your comfort level, and trust us, you’ll be amazed at how good you are at the things you never thought you’d do. However, the most important thing to spend some time with your family. Reflect on your lifestyle and see what changes you want to implement to make it better. Let’s make the best out of the lockdown this year!


Everyday a Cheat Day during Lockdown? Know all the Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!

Sticking to a healthy routine can be tough business when you are home and are glued to your couch for pretty much the whole day. Our normal routine has been turned upside down due to the nationwide lockdown. Many people are working from home, and no one is going out to eat, which could indicate one of two things. Either you eat nutritious, home-cooked meals, or you cook only to fulfil your fast-food cravings. While cooking at home is a smart option on any given day, you must be cautious about what you put on your plate. Whether you work from home or in an office, there are certain dos and don’ts to remember when it comes to diet.

Whether you work from home or in an office, there are certain dos and don’ts to remember when it comes to diet. So, let’s find out the basic tips and tricks you should follow to keep your body active and healthy during this lockdown.

Not Drinking Water/Keeping yourself dehydrated.

 Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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It is critical for your body to stay hydrated. Because we are not sweating as much during the lockdown due to the restricted time, many of us avoid water. Water deprivation can also lead to overeating. Water replaces empty calories while also suppressing hunger, causing you to eat less. It also boosts your metabolism, which helps you lose weight. So bottom line, try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep yourself super hydrated.

Overloaded Carbs!

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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If you have packed your pantry with instant noodles, chips, and namkeen, you might want to keep note of how many carbs you consume on a daily basis. Excess carbohydrate consumption may result in weight gain. Furthermore, carbohydrates are absorbed too quickly, leaving you hungry too soon, prompting you to go for another food. You can easily come up with a diet plan that makes you feel full and does not let you think again and again about that hot chocolate lava cake every time you sit to work. Calculate your carbs wisely; while they are an important part of your diet and help you gain energy, having them in the whole form as well as in excessive amount can be a bad deal.

Eating without any schedule

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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Munching during the wee hours of the night while binge-watching Netflix is not going to help you stay fit in any way. We take frequent food breaks in between countless calls, lounging on your couch, and staring at your laptop. While snacking is beneficial in that it serves to fuel and energise our bodies, excessive and unhealthy eating can have a negative impact on our diet. It’s also a good idea to put down your laptop and go for a short stroll or indulge in some little physical activity in between. You can have a fixed time for snacking and replace your snacking options from fritters to healthy items such as fibre cookies, nuts, etc.

Liquid Calories

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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Have you stocked up on cola drinks, carbonated beverages, and store-bought juices? It’s a good idea to learn how to regulate your portions. The majority of these drinks are high in calories, and some even include additional sugar, which can completely derail your weight-loss efforts. Instead of these packed juices, you can opt for fresh Nimbu Shikanji or a glass of fresh orange juice for a refreshing start on these sunny days.

Consuming Foods that are Loaded with Sugar

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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It’s simple to grab a cookie or a chocolate bar, but it’s much more difficult to lose those additional pounds. Sugar is not healthy for our bodies; too much sugar leads to fat storage, and this is the kind of fat that is difficult to shed. If you are craving anything sweet, you can always grab one apple or have something made of jaggery to help you maintain a balance throughout the day.

Indulging Mostly with Fried Foods or Fritters

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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Deep-fried bread pakodas, kachoris, and samosas should be saved for exceptional occasions; if you’re willing to lose weight during the lockdown, they can’t be your breakfast every day. “Is it raining outside? Let’s make some Pakodas with Chai while we sit on the balcony to enjoy the rain.” Are you thinking the same? While it is not wrong to fulfil your cravings every now and then, you can try and avoid deep-fried items and replace them with a healthier option. For instance, you can make some papdi chat or sprouts with sprinkled herbs to have the same tangy taste while you enjoy the rain.

Forgetting About the Existence of Fruits

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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If you’re hunting for the most delicious snack in your fridge (which hasn’t appeared yet after looking for at least 10 times in merely an hour), don’t forget to include fruits in your diet. Grab an orange or an apple from the fridge instead of searching for a chocolate bar that you already finished the other day and haven’t restocked yet! Fresh, seasonal fruits are high in antioxidants, which can help strengthen your immune, restore important nutrients in your body, keep your skin healthy, and help you lose weight.

Skipping Meals!

Diet Mistakes you are making while Working from Home!
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Making time to eat is vital because missing meals can reduce blood sugar and energy levels. You don’t really want to lose track of mealtimes and end up munching all day, especially when the fridge and pantry are so close to you at home. You don’t need to worry about anything if you eat the right thing and at the right time. Well, the dieticians simply suggest you set a mealtime every day and make sure you stick to it no matter what. This will help you reduce your overeating habit and stop you from snacking all day and at odd hours because you will already be satisfied with the meal you had earlier.


So, the bottom line is to take care of your food intake during the pandemic and maintain a healthy diet plan. Do exercise at home whenever you get the time and try sitting on a desk or chair rather than slouching on with the laptop in your lap. Remember to accept yourself the way you are! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!



World Day Against Child Labour 2021: NGOs in Udaipur Fighting Against Child Labour!

For the first time in two decades, the number of children working has increased to 160 million worldwide, up to 8.4 million in only four years, while millions more are at risk owing to the COVID-19 pandemic lately. Therefore, there is a dire need to promote social protection programmes to help children get out of the labour market and back into schools. In 2002, the International Labour Organization (ILO) established the World Day Against Child Labour to draw attention to the global scope of child labour and the actions and efforts required to end it. Each year on 12th June, thousands of people across the country plead to rescue the child labourers. “Act Now: End Child Labour” is considered the theme of this year’s World Day Against Child Labour.

NGOs in Udaipur to protect Children from Child Labour

The burgeoning issue of child labour in Udaipur has been an eye-opener for many of us. Child labour deprives children of their dignity and is bad for their physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, child labour is morally unacceptable and deprives children of the opportunity to go to school. Children are commonly engaged in non-harmful work, both paid and unpaid, across the city. They are categorised as child labourers; however, they are either too young to work or are engaged in dangerous activities that could jeopardise their physical, mental, social, or educational development.

To eradicate the situation and act against child labour, the NGOs based in Udaipur are vigorously working. If you ever come across any situation where you see a child working or involved in any hazardous activity, you can call any of the NGOs listed below.

Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action

Name of the NGO: Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action

Contact: +91-94142 96542


Address: Fatehpura, Udaipur

Operational Areas: Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha.

Gayatri Seva Sansthan

Name of the NGO: Gayatri Seva Sansthan

Contact: +91-99826 17296

Emergency Helpline Number: +91- 88909 26243


Address: Hiran Magri, Sector-6, Udaipur

Operational Areas: Rajasthan, Haryana, and Himachal.

World of Humanity – Narayan Seva Sansthan

Name of the NGO: World of Humanity – Narayan Seva Sansthan

Contact: 0294-662 2222


Address: Head Office, Narayan Seva Sansthan Seva Dham Seva Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sector-4, Udaipur

Operational Areas: All over India and abroad (total 480 branches across India)

ARTH (Action Research and Training for Health)

Name of the NGO: ARTH (Action Research and Training for Health)

Contact: 0294-298 0075


Address: Udaipur

Operational Areas: Udaipur (Mainly Badgaon)

Jatan Sansthan

Name of the NGO: Jatan Sansthan

Connect with them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Pledge

Address: Udaipur

Operational Areas: Udaipur


As active citizens of Udaipur, we are required to put a lid on the increasing issue of Child Labour in our city. If you ever encounter any incident where a child is being enslaved and exposed to serious harm or illness, please contact any of the NGOs given in the above list. It is time for us to Act now and End Child Labour!

If you are an organisation/group or know any that fights against child labour, then write to us at


How to Report Cybercrime in Udaipur? Know all about the process here!

Today’s society is highly interactive on the web and social platforms, and the millennials are usually connected to the internet for pretty much the whole day. Moreover, the work-life of many people revolves around the internet. Whether it’s social media or any other internet-based service, staying online makes you vulnerable in every possible sense since your personal information is on the show to everyone looking vigorously.

Any malicious or harmful activity done to a person using the internet services is known as Cybercrime. Although our devices and interactions on the internet are strongly encrypted, these hackers and stalkers can find a way to get into our cyberspace. Unfortunately, too many aged people and even youngsters are victims of Cybercrime since they easily get carried away by the information offered to them over the call or through social media messages.

Look at the types of Cybercrime and see where you fall as a victim.

Common Use Cases and Types of Cybercrime

Cybercrime usually falls under two categories: criminal activities that target and second is criminal activities that take up other computers to commit crimes anonymously. Here are some specific examples of various cybercrimes happening around us:

Email and Internet Fraud

Email fraud (or email scam) uses email to deceive another person for personal benefit or harm another person. Emails are still used to scam individuals almost as soon as they became extensively utilised. A “con game,” or a dupe, can be used to commit email fraud. Confidence tactics usually prey on the victims’ innate greed and dishonesty. Spoofing, phishing, bogus offers, requests for help, etc., are some examples of email or internet fraud cybercrime in India.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious problem in India (where personal information is stolen and used). This type of crime involves people who wrongfully obtain your personal information and uses it for deception, or mainly economic benefit. For example, people on social media extract information from their friends and make a fake profile out of it. They then message or DM you to ask for money, saying they got into a problem and he or she urgently needs a certain amount to get out of the problem. This is a serious identity theft that is quite common, and people all over India and beyond are victims of such frauds.

Fake Profiles on social media

There are people who make fake profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. The fake profiles then try to connect with you and extract personal information from you. Here, the fake profiles try to connect with you through video call, DM, or text messages, record your conversation, edit them, send your friends in your list, and demand money to take it down from the internet. There are many incidents that took place in our city where fake profiles connect with you and extract personal information from you. For example, the alleged fake profile video calls you on WhatsApp and record the screen to edit it with nudes further and send it to your list of friends on Facebook. They can get your number from Facebook as well if you have provided the same over there. Now they would ask for ransom money in order to take down the video from the internet.

Financial Fraud (Credit Card Payments & Data)

Credit card fraud refers to any type of fraud involving a payment card, such as a credit or debit card. For example, the objective could be to obtain goods or services or make a payment to a criminal-controlled account. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a data security standard designed to assist businesses in securely processing card payments and reducing fraud. Credit cards are, however, far more secured than ever, with regulatory authorities, card issuers, and banks putting in a lot of time and effort to work with investigators all around the world to make sure that fraudsters don’t succeed. In addition, regulations that hold the card provider and bank accountable frequently protect cardholders’ money from scammers.

Aged people and naïve or uneducated people are the most vulnerable to credit card frauds. There are incidents where scammers call these people and ask them for their mail address, OTP, PIN, etc., to steal money further. You would be surprised by how many people fall for this malicious activity and make these scammers rich.

To safeguard you from credit card or financial frauds, Indian banks such as ICICI, HDFC, etc., have introduced various emergency guidelines. You can on the toll-free number given on their websites to report credit card fraud, and you can reimburse the stolen money.

Theft and sale of corporate data

The conduct of stealing information from company databases, devices, and servers is known as data theft. This type of corporate theft is a serious threat to businesses of all sizes, and it can come from both inside and outside the company. Normally, corporate data theft takes place in big or renowned companies since they have a lot of personal and financial information, making them vulnerable to these scammers or hackers. However, with the burgeoning development in technology, it is next impossible for scammers to get past the highly encrypted security system used by big organisations.

The process to report Cybercrime in Udaipur, Rajasthan

The applicant must file a cyber-crime allegation with the city’s cyber-crime cell, where they are currently living. If the claimant does not have access to any cyber cells, they can file a “First Information Report (FIR)” at the nearest police station. If the report is not acknowledged there, they might file a complaint with the Commissioner or the district level police authority office. However, cyber-crime cells are only present in Jaipur in the whole Rajasthan, so if they have to register any complaint, they are advised to go to the local/nearest police station to file a complaint.

National Cybercrime portal

If you want to report a cybercrime online, then you can log in to with the help of your mobile number to file a complaint on this portal. There are Nodal Officers in every state who are appointed under the provision of IT (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking for Access of Information by the public). The e-compliant is then sent to the local police station from the cyber-crime cell to get it resolved.

Steps to register through National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal:

  • Go to the online portal
  • Please click the “Report other Cyber Crime” menu option.
  • You will be redirected to a new screen, and please go through the information provided and then click on the “File a complaint” button.
  • Click on the “I Accept” button when you have read all the terms and conditions.
  • You will now reach the login page, where you can access the “Citizen Login” section.
  • Complete the details as prompted and click on the “Get OTP” button to get OTP in your registered number.
  • Enter the OTP and click the “Submit” button.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, the applicant will reach the “Report & Track” page.
  • Fill in the complete details as prompted for Incident Details, Suspect Details, and Complaint Details one by one.
  • Once you have reached the “Preview & Submit” section, you can preview the application. If every detail entered is correct, you can go ahead and click on the “I Agree” box and then click the “Confirm and Submit” button.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement number, so save it for future reference and click the “OK” button to clock the popup for acknowledgement.
  • Click on the “Download PDF” button to download or print the application form.
  • This issue will be looked at further. To track the resolution process, please follow the department’s instructions.

Apply in-person

  • The victim of Cybercrime must file a report detailing the entire incident, including a brief history.
  • Go to a local cyber-crime unit. Since we do not have a cybercrime unit in Udaipur, you can go to the nearest police station.
  • The applicant can record a “Zero FIR” through a policeman, then forwarded it to the nearest police station to file the complaint.
  • The department will investigate this report, and the complainant will be updated on the process.
  • To obtain justice, the applicant must adhere to the department’s notification.

How can you prevent Cybercrime?

While it may not be possible to eliminate Cybercrime and assure complete internet security entirely, organisations may mitigate their risk by implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy that employs a defence-in-depth approach to protect systems, networks, and data. However, when we talk about personal information and Cybercrime, it mostly depends on how we protect our data and stay aware of the information we put up on the internet. Here are a few steps to prevent Cybercrime:

  1. Every day there are more than 50 cases related to fake profiles on Facebook that get registered in the city. Therefore, instead of going to the police and waiting for the issue to get resolved, you can now complain on Facebook itself and get the fake ID removed. You can even call on 155260 to remove the fake profile immediately.
  2. Don’t pick up the call if the number is registered as spam. Beware of strange numbers and do not trust them even for a moment. They would try and lure you into things and make you share your bank information or OTP eventually. This is common among aged people, so they need to aware of the same. Even if you pick up the call by mistake or out of curiosity, don’t answer any personal question and disconnect the call as soon as you feel they are trying to entice you for something.
  3. You might often ignore the privacy settings on your social media accounts, but it is incredibly important. Change the privacy setting to make your post visible only for friends and your registered mobile number and email id only for friends and me to make your friend list only for me. Change the password of the account every month and keep both the mobile number and email ID connected to the account in your account. For the past few days, many cases are coming in which blackmailing is being done by making video calls on Facebook and WhatsApp. If something like this happens to you, first deactivate your ID, block the number from which they are blackmailing you, do not pay the ransom money, and report to the nearest police station. Make sure you keep the evidence, such as the registered number, recording of the call, text messages on social media, etc., to make it easier for the police to investigate further.
  4. To report a fake profile, log in to Facebook, open the fake profile, click on the 3 dots beside the name of the ID. You will find an option for “Find Support or Report Profile” where you will find three options to report a fake profile. If the fake profile has impersonated you then click on “Pretending to be someone” and click the ME option. If the fake profile is of your friend then click on A FRIEND, and then click on NEXT to report it further. Click on FAKE ACCOUNT if the fake ID is not from your friend list. Lastly, click on the submit button and select the DONE option. You will receive a case number in your inbox and Facebook’s team will investigate the issue on their end.
  1. Always use two-factor authentication apps (2FA) or physical security keys for every online account you use.
  2. Keep your social media platforms updated to have the recent software and security updates.
  3. Regularly back up data and information to minimise the impact of a ransomware attack or data breach.


We would like to thanks Manas Trivedi of Rakshasutra Foundation for his expert inputs. We hope these tips and preventative measures help you avoid falling foul of Cybercrime. However, if all else is not useful or effective, spotting that you are a victim of Cybercrime is very important so that you can go ahead and report the fraudulent activities. So, now that you understand the extent of Cybercrime through this article protect yourself from it!