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Rajasthani Folk Music Instruments You Should Know About

We live in a world full of music. A chirping bird, a whistling wind, a drop of rain, or a huss of grass, everything has an instrumental touch to it. And when we talk about music and instruments, we have to land on the cultural capital, Rajasthan. 

With the enormous and diversified heritage and culture Rajasthan has provided, one can never forget the contribution of the state in folk music and instruments. We as a generation may not be aware of the instruments that were popular and originated from our enriching state. 

It’s time to dive right into the melodious history and know about strings and strands. 


Ravanhatha is a bow and string instrument, usually made by the player itself. It is an important folk music instrument of Rajasthan made up of bamboo, coconut shell and is covered with a goat membrane and the strings are made up of horsehair. Ravanhatta players are called ‘Bhopas’. They belong to the Nayak, Bhil or Thori castes. It is also known as the ancestor of the violin.


Morchang, also known as morsing, is another very popular Rajasthani folk music instrument. To play this wind percussion instrument, the player has to hold it firmly in his hands and between the teeth and strike the metal tongue of the instrument with a free hand. The movement of the player’s tongue, blowing and sucking of air through the instrument produces different sounds. People who play Morchang are known as morsingists.


One of the oldest instruments in the world, Kamaicha is the heart and soul of Rajasthan’s folk music. The ancient instrument is made from a single piece of mostly seasoned mango tree wood and its round part is converted with goatskin. The bow is made from the wood of the Khejari tree and string from horsehair. It plays a crucial role in the vibrant music of the Manganiyar community, depicting the stories, Sufi tales and many more folklores with the help of this instrument. It is found more in the Jaisalmer-Barmer region.


Dedh Satara, popularly known as Alghoza is a woodwind instrument used in the folk culture of Rajasthan. There are 2 flutes, either tied together or sometimes loosely handed by the player in both hands and played together. Both the flutes differ in size and purpose so, the longer one is said to be the male and the shorter one is female. Also, one is used for melody and another one for setting the tone.


Sindhi Sarangi is a stringed instrument made of wood. This instrument is played with a bow. The whole instrument is carved out of a single piece of wood. It has four playing gut strings and twenty-two sympathetic steel strings. The strings are managed with the left hand’s fingernails and the bow runs from the right hand. This folk instrument is found in Rajasthan, majorly used by the ‘Langa’ Community of west Rajasthan as an accompaniment to their songs.


Naag Phani, a wind instrument made with bronze and metal, shaped like a snake at the end is a folk instrument, found in Rajasthan and Gujrat. The structure is defined as a bronze tube shaped like a serpentine bell. And the end has a snake-shaped head with a metal tongue hanging and is painted with bright colors. It is mainly used in religious and social ceremonies as a part of the procession in Rajasthan and in ritualistic social ceremonies and festivities in Gujarat.


Bhapang is a rare single-stringed instrument also known as a ‘talking drum.’ It is made from the hollow shell of the dry pumpkin. It is often played to accompany Bhajans, devotional songs and poetry. It is positioned under the armpit and plucked and then played. When Bhapang is played the musician grasps a wooden handle that is attached to a string. The same string is attached to the membrane. It originates from the Mewati community in the Alwar district. The Bhat community of Rajasthan also uses it.


A Khartal is a striking instrument that is mainly used for devotional and folk songs of Rajasthan. The word is derived from 2 words ‘kara’ means ‘hands’ and ‘tala’ means ‘music generated by clapping instruments. The instrument is made up of Sheesham aka teak tree. It is mostly made by the tribe called Langas and Manganiyaars of Rajasthan.

Well, music is a way of expression and it never fails to express the oy our heart and ear experience. Likewise, the Rajasthani folk music and instruments have lured us into their magical sound and there is no turning back. If you have a taste of music for folk instruments of Rajasthan, then yes you are among the few blessed ones!

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List of Amazing Music Videos Shot in Udaipur

Udaipur is a treasured location for shooting music videos, movies, photoshoots by prominent brands, advertisements and more. The city is extremely famous for its bountiful lakes, heritage, palace, and picturesque locations, making it one of the most preferred locations for shooting in Rajasthan. The air of royalty, serene environment and historic streets just adds up to the astounding beauty of the City of Lakes.

Just like the iconic movies and advertisements that are shot in Udaipur, the city has also been a preferred choice for singers or music directors. Check out the list below and know all about the number of music videos shot in Udaipur so far.

Veham | Armaan Malik (Ft. Asim Riaz & Sakshi Malik)

The trend of making music videos in India is catching on and doesn’t look like it is going to subsidize anytime soon. We have all been seeing the famous actors appear in music videos, where fans go gaga over the beats! One such music video is Veham, sung by the ever-melodious Armaan Malik, featuring the Big Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz and Sakshi Malik. Veham is a pretty soulful song, shot in the mesmerizing City of Lakes, Udaipur. The video highlights the drone shot of Udaipur’s scenic beauty, featuring Lake Pichola, Lake Fatehsagar, Rani Road, and other prominent locations in the city.  The first and last half of the video has shots taken from Kankarwa Haveli, near Lal ghat, Udaipur.

Toh Aagaye Hum | Mithoon Feat Jubin Nautiyal

Gulshan Kumar and T-Series present Bhushan Kumar’s “Toh Aagaye Hum” new song by the extremely talented and soulful singer Jubin Nautiyal. The video features Sanjeeda Shaikh, Mithoon, and Jubin Nautiyal. This iconic song was shot in Udaipur in 2021 and got an overwhelming response from the audience. The video starts with a drone shot of Lake Pichola, showcasing the Chandpole bridge, Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, and several other prominent hotels that come along the way. We can see the enchanting Jagat Niwas Palace in the video in all its white heritage glory! Other major tourist spots, such as City Palace, Lake Palace, etc., can be seen in the video. Jubin is seen as riding a bike through Rani Road, situated along Lake Fatehsagar. The beautiful and historic streets of Old City Udaipur in this video is a sight for sore eyes! We can also see snippets of Natural View Restaurant, situated at Lal Ghat Road. This beautiful video shot in Udaipur was a proud moment for us Udaipurites!

AHIDA | Shyamoli Sanghi

The Official Music Video of AHIDA, is a soulful Sufi song sung by Shyamoli Sanghi and composed by Ravi Singhal. The song shows how a girl in love ends up devoting her life to others’ cause, thus exemplifying the meaning of ‘Ahida’ and the immense power of love. The video is exclusively shot in Udaipur, highlighting Shilpgram, Fatehsagar Lake, Rani Road, and more such aesthetic tourist spots. Bird Eye view from Karni Mata Temple is also highlighted in the music video, and the protagonists are further seen wandering the streets of Old City Udaipur. See and listen to the soulful video to relish the beauty of Udaipur.

Mitho Laage | Dhruv Ghanekar & Mame Khan

There is not a single person who is oblivious to the powerful and traditional songs by the one and only Mame Khan. His accent and way of expressing the Rajasthani tradition give just the right amount of satisfaction and love for our heritage and culture. Mitho Laage is a hidden gem, sung by Dhruv Ganekar and Mame Khan, and the video is shot in the Udaipur’s regal Chunda Palace. From the breathtaking palaces of Udaipur, Mame Khan and Dhruv Ghanekar come together to tell their LIVE TRUE story that screams passion and glory. The video brings together the diverse cultural and musical backgrounds of the two artists. The video contains shots of Lake Pichola, a Sunset view from the lake, and more. The majority of this music video is filmed in Chunda Palace, which is owned by a noble family of Mewar. We can all the grandeur, beautiful Rajasthani architecture, aesthetic walls and ceilings, and majestic artwork held in Chunda Palace in the video.

DJ NYK | Electronyk Podcast Specials

The Electronyk Podcast Specials by DJ NYK is shot at the Bollywood Sunset scene at the incredibly famous Lake Pichola in Udaipur. The whole video is shot on a ferry boat, reflecting the whole magnificence of Udaipur. We can see City Palace, Lake Palace, Gangaur Ghat, Ambrai Ghat, Jag Mandir, and other famous historic places and hotels in Udaipur. Also, the sunset casting its orange hues in the sky and reflecting in the lake is a delightful sight combines with the captivating music playing in the background.

Birthday Pawri – Meet Bros | Arradhya Maan, Nikki Tamboli

The latest Birthday Pawri video by Meet Bros, featuring Amit Mishra, Aditi S Sharma, Mellow D, Arradhya Maan, and Nikki Tamboli is a groovy single presented by Transmedia Films. The video is shot in the newly opened palatial hotel Enigma Royale, situated on the grounds of the Royal Retreat Resort and Spa, Udaipur. We can see the regal heritage property with ornately draped interiors and chic chandeliers that make the place a perfect location to shoot the groovy as well as an energetic music video.

Dance me If you Can | The Cheetah Girls

The music video of Cheetah girls was shot at the Sajjangarh Palace or better known as the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur. It is a dance face-off video where the famous girl group – The Cheetah Girls are performing on the ever-charming terrace of Sajjangarh Palace. We can see the unmistakable jharokhas of the palace and the enchanting scenery from the hilltop. The video was released in the year 2008. To tell you about The Cheetah Girls, well, they were a famous American girl group consisting of Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, Sabrina Bryan, and Raven-Symoné as the starring leads. The group was created by Disney and was made famous by the eponymous Disney Channel original film.


These were some amazing music videos shot in Udaipur! If you have some suggestions related to more such videos which you can’t find in the list, then feel free to comment below.


Streaming the Future on World Music Day: Meet the Artists from Udaipur Listed on Spotify

On World Music Day, anyone can play their favourite instruments in public parks and open places for the enjoyment of others. Free concerts and other musical activities are organised by music enthusiasts. The Summer Solstice, another fantastic day for feasts and festivities, often falls on the same day as World Music Day. However, looking at the current scenario where the pandemic has restricted us from any outdoor events, we can celebrate World Music Day by listening to our favourite singers on Spotify.

Artists from Udaipur Listed on Spotify

Did you know that the musicians and singers from Udaipur are also listed on Spotify and are quite popular on the platform? Some artists are surprisingly famous and are known to perform electronic-fusion music, rock music, and others are budding composers, and producers. In the competitive music industry, the dominant form of music composition is actively praised on online music platforms such as Spotify. So, let us know about all the amazing musicians and singers from Udaipur who are listed on Spotify.

1. Vidit Meghwal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

I am sure you must have come across this name if you are from Udaipur. Vidit Meghwal is a Professional Singer and has been singing for the past 10 years, with that, he is also an Electronic Music Producer and Composer and featured as an Electronic Musical Artist in Google’s Knowledge Panel. He has released his 4 originals until now, namely Aatishbaziya, Zamana, Mewar Mera, and Ishq. He was also in the top 10 contestants of Surilo Rajasthan in the very first episode. You can listen to his best songs such as Zamaana and Aatishbaziya on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

2. Avneet Kalra

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Avneet is an Independent Indian Artist, a DJ & Producer from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He has been DJing under the alias – DJ-Duo ‘LESSTHAN3’ along with Kushagra Singhvi, who has been playing since 2014. Avneet has been working with Arman & Shivansh as the vocalist. Avneet & Arman have written most of the songs together. Listen to the amazing songs by the group on Spotify and gear up for some original music on World Music Day 2021.

Find them on Spotify & Instagram

3. Kamlesh Salvi

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Kamlesh has got a knack for singing and he pursued the path to become a singer. In his free time, he just picks up some notes and starts strumming his guitar. Check out his originally composed songs on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

4. Harshit Paliwal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

A singer, musician, and music producer, Harshit loves creating soulful music for you folks to listen to anytime you want. Go check out his original songs on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

5. Beatboxdcoder Aka Divya Gonja

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Divya is into beatboxing for the past three years and has composed a number of good music that is listed on Spotify. Listen to his songs when you are exercising and feel the adrenaline rush.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

6. Mayank Suyal

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Being an individual artist and singer, Mayank is into singing for a long time. His music is soulful and will create a mood around you. Listen to his songs on Spotify and let him know which one is your favourites.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

7. Black Tiii

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Been listening to music all his life, Black Tiii performs as a music producer under his stage name. Check out Black Tiii’s music on Spotify.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

8. BODMAS | Jai Singh

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Jai is an Indian DJ & Music Producer, introducing a unique blend of folk with electronic music that will blow your mind. Go check out his mashups on Spotify and dance along with the beats.

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

9. Rahul Upadhyaya

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Writing songs has always given him immense pleasure. Rahul has been singing his own songs for a long time and can be easily classified as an enthralling singer from Udaipur. Check out his latest release “Saare Gham” on Spotify, pronto!

Find him on Spotify & Instagram

10. Khanabadosh

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

While rock and electronic music may appear to be the dominant genres in India, Khanabadosh Band from Udaipur is keeping the rock flag flying high. They have performed several gigs in renowned restaurants of Udaipur, so you might recognize them. Check out their latest hits on Spotify!

Find the band on Spotify & Instagram

11. Blue Hush

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

Blue Hush is a Udaipur-based band, mostly recognized for its alternative/indie style of music. They have performed several gigs in and around Udaipur and led by Ojas Goyal and Heena. Check out their latest songs on Spotify.

Find them on Spotify & Instagram

13. Aelaan

Singers from Udaipur listed on Spotify

A rapper from Badi, Udaipur, Aelaan has been into rapping since 2018. He has recently started his YouTube channel. Being a rapper is what gives him immense pleasure! Check out his songs on Spotify and listen to his latest singles such as Fake Media, Nakli Rapper, etc.

Find him on Spotify, Instagram & Youtube


Let the songs from these amazing artists roll out on this World Music Day 2021 and absorb yourself in their soulful music. Turn the negative vibes that we are all experiencing during these challenging times into positive vibes; and what better way to do that than listen to soulful music? Find these artists on Spotify and feel the connection!

If you are a singer or a musician from Udaipur and your songs are listed on Spotify, then write to us at and we shall include you in our upcoming list to feature the artists from Udaipur listed on Spotify. So, are you ready for Part 2 of this series?