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Black Fungus Declared an Epidemic in Rajasthan: Know All About the Treatment of Black Fungus in Udaipur

As per the sources, Black Fungus or Mucormycosis, primarily affecting the people recovered from the COVID-19, was declared an epidemic in Rajasthan on Wednesday, 19th May 2021. The state has recorded more than 400 cases in Jaipur and Jodhpur, and the fungus is spreading quickly through Udaipur, Sikar, Pali, Barmer, Bikaner, Kota and other districts. Following the declaration of black fungus as an epidemic, the government claims that the condition and the harshness of treatment will now be effectively monitored. More than 45 patients have been admitted to the SMS Hospital in Jaipur alone. After the hospital’s 33-bed ward became overcrowded, a surge in the cases was established. More than 70 cases of this sickness have been reported thus far in Jaipur’s private hospitals. In Jodhpur’s AIIMS and Medical College facilities, more than 100 cases have been documented. In Bikaner, there have been around 30 cases.

Mucormycosis or Black Fungus in Udaipur

While the population of Udaipur and beyond were already fighting the challenges presented by the pandemic followed by the strict lockdown, the news of Black Fungus, also known as Mucormycosis, has further put them in a threatening and stressful situation. Black Fungus has also landed in the middle of Corona’s developing change in the Udaipur division. The RNT Medical College of Rescue’s expert team was formed. Only 11 shots are available at RNT Medical College in Udaipur, and a hundred more are being purchased in preparation for the anticipated surge.

Seven patients with black fungus have been admitted to RNT Medical College, Maharana Bhupal Hospital, ENT department. The experts from the RNT College, Udaipur, have further added that aside from the eyes, black fungus illness particularly affects the jaw. If not treated promptly, the eyesight will deteriorate, and the jaw will become deformed. Experts have stated that once the sickness has reached the brain, there is no way to retract it.

Treatment for Black Fungus in Udaipur

The state government has made the treatment of Black Fungus free of cost under the Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Yojana. Under the scheme, all the beneficiaries will be able to get the disease treated free of cost in both government and selected private hospitals.

There has been a continuous increase in the number of patients with black fungus (mucormycosis), which appeared as a side effect of the Coronavirus. On the other hand, Black Fungus has been declared an epidemic and notifiable disease in the entire state under Rajasthan Epidemic Diseases Act due to its coordinated treatment with Corona. Now the data of all government and private hospitals that treat and identify the disease will remain with the state government. The doctors are suspicious after getting a look at the symptoms, but it is taking 3 to 5 days to detect the Black Fungus disease in the patient. The treatment of Black Fungus has started in Udaipur in the Burn Ward of MB Hospital, however, there is a shortage of medicines to continue the treatment of patients. The symptoms include pain or redness around the nose, fever, headache, cough, difficulty in breathing, vomiting blood, and changes in mental state.

List of Hospitals Authorized for the Treatment of Black Fungus in Udaipur

The Rajasthan government has fixed treatment rates in hospitals for the treatment of Mucormycosis (black fungus). The fixed rates have been issued by the government on Friday, 21 May 2021. The Rajasthan Medical and Health Department has fixed the rates for all types of tests related to Mucormycosis (black fungus) along with corona test in private hospitals and labs in Rajasthan.

Black Fungus treatment rates in udaipur

Also, for the treatment of this disease, 20 hospitals in the state have been recognized, in which 4 hospitals are from Udaipur, and those are:

  • RNT Medical College
  • Gitanjali Medical College, Udaipur
  • Pacific Medical College
  • GBH American Hospital

The state government and District Administration have geared up the process and treatment of Black Fungus in Rajasthan. As per Dr. Lakhan Poswal, Principal, RNT Medical College, Udaipur, a different ward has been dedicated for the patients suffering from Mucormycosis or Black Fungus in Udaipur and a team of Senior Doctors has been appointed to take care of ENT, Eye, Neurosurgery, and any general surgery, if required.

See the full video for more updates on COVID-19 and Black Fungus treatment in Udaipur.


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Is Black Fungus a Threat for People in Udaipur, Rajasthan?

The only drug that can prevent this fungus and infection is a liposomal amphotericin-B injection, which is in short supply on the market for now. Families of suffering patients are compelled to stroll from place to place in search of an injection. As a result, the local bodies have asked the federal government for this injection. Aside from that, the government has made an order with the Serum Institute of India for 2500 vials of this injection to be purchased.

Here are some facts as to why Black Fungus is a threat for people living in Udaipur and nearby cities in Rajasthan:

  • In the second wave, the disease’s most severe and rapid cases have appeared in the state. The first case in the second wave was recorded in the Jodhpur-Bikaner region.
  • In Rajasthan, two patients have died as a result of Black Fungus, while more than 80 others have shown deadly symptoms. Some people had to have their eyes removed as well.
  • More than 70 cases of black fungus have been reported in Jaipur’s private hospitals. Rajasthan has reported the most number of casualties.

What is Black Fungus, and why is it so deadly?

While fungal infections aren’t as uncommon or new as COVID-19, the number of instances has increased lately. The illness appears to have the most impact on people who have severe COVID-19 infections, causing people who have recovered from COVID-19 to end up in hospitals again with strange facial deformities. Black fungus infection, also known as fatal Mucormycosis, is caused by a group of moulds known as ‘mucormycetes,’ which are found in the air and create complications when inhaled by an unwell patient, spreading to the sinus cavities, lungs, and chest cavities. Steroids are prescribed to corona patients to lessen the consequences of the infection. This lowers the patient’s immunity. As a result, the patient’s blood sugar level begins to rise suddenly. Mucormycosis is one of the negative effects of the drugs used to treat Corona patients. This condition creates a dry nose at first. The inside of the nose begins to dry out and become numb. The face and soles of the feet go numb as well and the face begins to swell, while the teeth are seen crooked. In this condition, fungus grows around the eye’s veins, blocking the central retinal artery’s blood supply. In most people, this causes their eyesight to last forever. Furthermore, the fungus creeps to the lower jaw in many patients.

Patients with comorbidities or those using drugs that reduce their immune system’s ability to fight off environmental microorganisms are the most vulnerable to the effects of black fungus, according to ICMR guidelines. Poor contaminated water resources utilised for the manufacture of medical oxygen and ambient variables have been suggested as possible causes of Mucormycosis infection in COVID-19 patients on prolonged oxygenation support. There have also been worries that COVID-19 individuals with severe diabetes are the most vulnerable to the disease. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels not only make it simpler for people to catch serious illnesses, but they also provide an easier surface for fungi to thrive and transmit symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Black Fungus?

The black fungus has a high mortality rate of 50%. However, if the disease is detected early enough, it can be effectively treated. The disease, known as ‘rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis,’ primarily affects the face and can result in distinct facial distortions.

Aside from that, the condition might cause acute swelling and inflammation in the sinus tube. If you have recovered from COVID-19 and are wondering about how to locate the Black Fungus, then have a look at these distinct symptoms, which you should be on the lookout for:

  • Black crusts around the nose
  • Headaches and swelling in/and around the forehead
  • Swelling in the cheeks, eyes or parts of the face
  • Vision loss or partial blindness
  • Pulmonary infections (Fungus growth in the respiratory passage).


After the Coronavirus, Rajasthan is now experiencing a severe threat by the new epidemic that is Black Fungus or Mucormycosis. However, we are bound to stay strong in these challenging times. UdaipurBlog requests you to stay safe, always wear a mask when going out, sanitize your hands regularly, and most importantly, maintain Social Distancing. Stay tuned for more such updates on the Second Wave of Coronavirus in Udaipur and beyond. Meanwhile, go get vaccinated to safeguard your family and yourself from the COVID-19. Click Here to know how to register for the COVID-19 Vaccine Online.

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Did You Know About these Iconic Advertisements Shot in Udaipur?

Udaipur is a beautiful haven situated in Rajasthan. The city is brimming with beautiful lakes, culture, and heritage, which attracts thousands of tourists across the world. Udaipur is not only famous as a popular tourist’s and wedding destination, but it is also a major and sought out location for shooting Bollywood & Hollywood movies, music videos, as well as some of the most iconic advertisements by flourishing brands such as Morris Garages (MG), Canon, Mahindra Group, Amazon, etc. So, did you know about these iconic advertisements that were shot in the City of Lakes, Udaipur? If not, then check out this blog to know about the famous advertisements shot in Udaipur so far.

List of Ads Shot in Udaipur

MG Gloster SUV | MG Motors

The undulating terrains of Udaipur were used at their best in the MG Gloster’s advertisement. In the ad, we can see the vivacious car is shown flying through the Aravalli Hills, situated in the countryside area near Udaipur. The lush green hills, which you can especially experience during the rainy season in Udaipur, can be seen in the video.

The MG Gloster is not only India’s first Autonomous Level 1 Premium SUV but also known the biggest SUV in its segment. MG or Morris Garages is a British marquee now owned by SAIC and are known to make cars with one of the latest tech on markets, and is a very recent entrant to the automobile market of India. and what could be a better place than countryside Udaipur to show the true USPs of this mighty flagship SUV from the brand.

Mahindra Group | Mahindra Rise

Mahindra Group’s advertisement was extremely engaging and gained a lot of exposure due to its powerful message with the hashtag #LadkiHaathSeNikalJaayegi.​

The advertisement features Udaipur’s old city, showcasing the beautiful and historic locations such as Jagdish Chowk, Chandpole Bridge, Gangaur Ghat, Fatehsagar Lake, and Rani Road. Mahindra Rise is a technology and innovation-led, an international federation of companies that offer a broad range of services, products, and possibilities to rise. The advertisement shows the efforts taken by Mahindra Rise under their initiative or project Mahindra x Nanhi Kali, under which more than 350,000 girls received education across India.

Amazon India – Chonkpur Cheetahs

Amazon India shot an amazing advertisement in Udaipur, highlighting one of Udaipur’s most famous grounds, i.e., Gandhi Ground. The commercial depicts the Chonkpur Cheetah team that got added to the T20 season lately. The advertisement is all about buying products related to sports and everything else on Amazon India. Amazon’s #SapnoKiApniDukaan commercial was a great success and received a solid engagement from the audience.

Amazon India | Great Indian Festival


The commercial is to promote the Amazon Great Indian Festival, which is held every year withholding amazing offers for people to buy products at a cheap rate. The advertisement is shot in Udaipur reflecting the aesthetic streets of the city.

Nestlé India | Maggi Special Masala

The advertisement is all about adding the taste of Maggi all over India. The initial part of the commercial includes the beautiful tourist spots of Udaipur. At the very starting of the video, you can see the orange hues in the sky, Fatehsagar Lake, Ganguar Ghat, and the historic lanes of Old City. Our city has been magnificently portrayed in the video, followed by snippets from the Blue City, Jodhpur, Punjab, etc.

Incredible India | The Maharani of Manhattan

The video by Incredible India sincerely reflects the true luxury of Indian Designs. Udaipur and its heritage are wonderfully highlighted with a beautiful message i.e., Find the Incredible You, defining luxury as well as the splendid culture of India. The commercial is shot in Udaipur showcasing the famous tourist destinations in the city such as Ganguar Ghat, Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat, City Palace, etc. The regal City Palace’s exterior and interior areas such as Mor Chowk, the cushioned Royal Swing for the Maharani, and more can be seen in the advertisement. The ever-enchanting palace hotel Oberoi Udaivilas can also be seen in the visualization. Also, we can see the lanes of Old City Jagdish Chowk and art shops in the commercial.

Naudic | Australia

The video truly defines travel and tourism in the City of Lakes, Udaipur. Naudic is an Australian clothing brand that is famous for its vibrant and enchanting product line. The commercial for Naudic Australia for Skylark Productions India was shot in Udaipur by The Crew Production where they have beautifully used the historic and aesthetic streets of Ghanta Ghar, Jagdish Chowk, etc. to capture some artistic shots. Bird-eye view of Lake Pichola, the scenic City Palace, and Gangaur Ghat casting its golden lights in the evening has given an appealing backdrop to showcase the apparel brand. Lake Palace, Chunda Palace, and other royal hotels of Udaipur can be seen in the video as well. The nomadic and adventurous life with Udaipur tourism is truly reflected in the commercial.

2016 Kabaddi World Cup | Ready to Raid!

The commercial is about the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup India. It is a visualization showing the journey of a Kabaddi player who belongs from a small town and becomes a champion later. The commercial got famous through its hashtag #ReadyToRaid. The video is shot in Udaipur, where we can see a shot of Lakecity Mall, Old City, and several other glimpses of our beautiful city.

PICKLE NATION RAJASTHAN With Chef Kunal Kapur | Living Foodz

The show Pickle Nation airs on the Living Foodz channel and this video is done with one of the best Indian Chefs, Kunal Kapoor. The video is shot in Udaipur and the utterly charming sunset view taken from a bird-eye angle from Karni Mata Temple is a delight to see for us Udaipurites! City Palace, The Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel, Lake Pichola, Lake Palace, and more such tourists’ locations featuring Chef Kunal Kapoor can be seen in the video.


So, these were some of the commercials that were shot in our City of Lakes, Udaipur. Hope you received some insights from this blog! I, for one, am very curious about knowing what took place in our city and things that are the talk of the town. If you are one of my kind, then read this blog and know more about the movies shot in our beloved Udaipur.


Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

From Indians to foreigners, all have become quite interested in the idea of getting married in a royal way in India. The dreamland for Royal Weddings is Rajasthan- and Udaipur has become the hub for the weddings celebrated and hosted in the most royal way!

Known as the city of lakes, Udaipur really is one of the most romantic places in India due to its picturesque backdrop of Aravali Hills and obviously, the lakes are most sumptuous part of the entire city. Not only these, Udaipur has many fantabulous palaces and havelis that are been restored and converted into luxurious boutique hotels. These palaces, havelis, and hotels can serve as the best venues for your wedding. Made for weddings of all sizes, these are the choice of many who wish to tie the knots in the most royal style. Let’s find out which are these places that make Udaipur such an outstanding destination for weddings in India- the Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur.

City Palace Complex

  • Manek Chowk

    Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur
    Source: Eternal Mewar

Manek Chowk was once used for public meetings, elephant parades, horse cavalry, and other festivals. Built by Rana Karan Singhji during the period 1620-1628, this place is perfect for accommodating a regal wedding of 1,000 guests. It has a Mughal style garden which is perfect for celebrating a Royal Wedding. Be it the sangeet or the main reception, every function becomes grand at the Manek Chowk inside City Palace Complex

  • Zenana Mahal

    Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur
    Source: Wedding Destinations

Constructed in the early 1600s, the Zenana Mahal has hosted a number of royal weddings. The place can accommodate up to 500 guests and the main courtyard of the Zenana Mahal, known as the Laxmi Chowk is a great place to host any function of the wedding.

  • Mor ChowkRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Often referred to as the most amazing courtyard of the City Palace Udaipur, Mor Chowk is where the Maharajas used to dine. In present times, it can accommodate up to 20-50 people and is a great venue for a petite function.

  • Shiv Niwas Palace

    Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur
    Source: TripAdvisor

Shiv Niwas has a grand courtyard and large open area, for a smooth flow of. The palatial hotel boasts 19 Palace Rooms, 8 Terrace Suites, 6 Royal Suites, 3 Imperial Suites. The hotel has a lawn, exquisite poolside and terrace to host a regal wedding ceremony.

Jagmandir Island PalaceRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Jag Mandir Island Palace is located on an island in Lake Pichola and is celebrated venue for royal weddings in Udaipur.  The place is ideal for hosting a lavish reception party and as it is located in the middle of the beautiful waters of Lake Pichola, this place is considered to one of the most romantic as well.

The Leela Palace

Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur
Source: TripAdvisor

The Leela Palace boasts a total of 80 Rooms & Suites. It has a lavish banquet hall that can accommodate up to 200-seated guests in one go, with an additional outdoor capacity for 100 guests. Bifurcation of rooms:  16 Lake View Rooms, 56 Heritage Lake View Rooms, 4 Luxury Suites, 2 Duplex Suites, 1 Royal Suite, 1 Maharaja Suite.

Oberoi UdaivillasRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

One of the most lavish and expensive options is the Oberoi Udaivillas. The hotel spreads over 50 acres, which includes a 20-acre wildlife sanctuary with deer and wild boar. The hotel is huge and thus allows you to carry out your weddings proceedings in a smooth and wondrous manner. Peacocks dancing and deer grazing is a common site at Udaivillas; imagine spending your nuptials at such an exotic place.

Chunda PalaceRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Situated right next to Oberoi Udai Vilas is the Hotel Chunda Palace. The place is a great option for a lavish wedding of a size of 200 guests. Having two open terraces, halls and 46 rooms in total, the Chunda Palace becomes ideal for hosting all the functions under a single roof. The place gives a fine view of the city and lets you enjoy the beauty of Udaipur.

Fort FatehgarhRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Fort Fatehgarh is a Heritage Renaissance Resort-Sanctuary with a 360° view of Aravali Hill Ranges, Lake Pichola, City Palace and the old city. It great to host exceptional weddings away from the hustle bustle of the city as its perched on a hillock. It has spacious and beautiful 51 rooms and is idyllic for a phenomenal royal wedding.

Devigarh Palace

Royal Wedding Venues in Udaipur
Source: rareindia

The Devigarh palace is an ideal fusion of past, present , and future and hence a perfect set up for palatial weddings. To solemnize your nuptials, no place can be as beautiful and peaceful as Fort Fatehgarh. It is an 18th-century hotel in the village of Delwara, 28km from the main city of Udaipur.  It is considered to be one of the Dream Hotels across the country and is perfect for your D-Day.

Lalit Laxmi VillasRoyal Wedding Venues in Udaipur

Located in the heart of the city Lalit Laxmi Villas has an outstanding location for your royal wedding. It overlooks Lake Fateh Sagar with a stupendous backdrop of Aravalli hills. This palace was built by Maharana Bhupal Singh in 1911 and has 55 rooms in total. The place is ideal for celebrating your big day!


Weddings bells ringing already? So, which place would be your venue for a royal wedding!?


Souvenirs from Udaipur: Shopping in the colorful markets of the City of Lakes

Shopping is always a fun and stress-relieving errand. While you’re on your voyage in the City of Lakes, you might as well like to shop for some Souvenirs from Udaipur. All you need is an eye to catch hold of some different stuff and mindset to bargain- there you go! You are so ready to dive into the shopping retreat. Udaipur has great markets and they retail some authentic Rajasthani products.

A quick tip: Binge on some roadside snacks to keep yourself full, you are gonna need energy to negotiate ladies!


Hathi-Pol and the markets of the Old City of Udaipur are perfect for finding souvenirs that will always be reminiscent of your visit to the City of Lakes. you can buy beautifully carved wooden toys, puppets, copper and zinc metal showpieces. In addition to this, you can also get silver coated furniture, jewelry boxes, figurines, also glass inlay work (lanterns, hangings, small chandeliers etc.) which can serve as impeccable decoration pieces for your home.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: udaipurtimes

The market selling Handicrafts is huge in Udaipur and one can actually shop a lot from the bazaars here.

Price Range: Depends what you are buying; can go up to several thousand.

Buy From: Antiques from Old City and handicrafts from Hathi-Pol


One thing to give you that ultimate Rajasthani feel is the Mojaris. They are usually made from using tanned leather. The embroidered and embellished are the ones you might swoon over! The market at Hathi-Pol has a number of shops adjacent to each other, in a row, having a variety of Mojaris.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: shopkhoj

From Plain to textured, embroidered and with several designs, the Mojaris is a must buy item from Udaipur. Both for ladies and men, these serve as beautiful footwear that looks great when worn with ethnic apparels.

Price Range: Ranging from Rs. 100-120 it can go up to Rs. 500-700 or more depending on your bargaining skills.

Buy From: Hathi-Pol is the best place to buy Mojaris.

Miniature paintings

Udaipur has a huge number of miniature Rajasthani painting artists in the market. Pichwai and Phad paintings are also popular. As the name suggests, Miniature art is an intricate form of painting done on sheets as well as on ivory plates. These can be a great addition to your collection.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: TrekEarth

You can have an in-depth knowledge of Miniature Paintings by clicking here

Price Range: From a mere 100-150 Rupees for small ones they can range up to lacs of Rupees.

Buy From: From Hathi-Pol to the entire Old city to other markets as well, you can find miniature art at art galleries, art houses etc.

Leather journals

There are a lot of people who love collecting journals from where ever they tour. For all such people, leather journals from Udaipur can be a great pick as a souvenir. From small cute ones to actually large journals, you can get them in various shapes and size. Some are embellished and have some kind of cutwork.Souvenirs from Udaipur

Price Range: From Rs. 80-100 to 1000 above

Buy From: Old City, Jagdish Chowk Market

Tribal Jewelry

These pieces of eccentric jewelry will be an apt gift for her. The tribal jewelry of Rajasthan is quite famous. The ones found in the Markets of Udaipur are really cool and authentic. You can buy massive and bold rings, neck pieces, anklets, bangles, bracelets, earrings and so much more. The similar ones can be found in Silver metal as well, but those are quite expensive.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: travel triangle

Put in simpler words, the jewelry is one we say ‘Boho-Chic’ and Bohemian Jewelry and can be paired with any ensemble to get an eye-catchy look!

Price Range: The metal imitation ones start from some 100 bucks

Buy From: Old City, Jagdish Chowk Market, Hathi-Pol, Chand-Pol


When in Rajasthan you gotta buy Bandhej. Bandhej is the outcome of the tie-and-dye process of coloring fabrics. These fabrics are then sewn into clothes and other forms of apparels. From the inexpensive Bandhej scarfs or ‘Dupattas’ they can go up to quite expensive cloth materials, sarees, bedsheets to many more.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: fashionlivemedia

The authentic Bandhej can costs you a lot, while a bargain would not make a huge hole in your pocket.

Price Range: Scarfs/Dupattas are a good pick and can be bought within Rs. 500

Buy From: It is available in all the markets, especially, Bapu Bazaar, Maldas Street, Hathi-pol, Chand-Pol

Loads of photos and memories

The one thing that won’t cost you anything is the memories you make here. The city is beautiful and extremely peaceful. The scenic landscape can serve a picturesque backdrop for your snaps that you will cherish forever. Get yourself some memorable moments or things that keep your Udaipur visit alive.

Souvenirs from Udaipur
Source: andBeyond

I am sure, you will return home with lots of beautiful pictures and memories.


5 Things that will make Udaipur the Ultimate Tourist Destination

Udaipur has always been famous as a tourist destination thanks to its serenity and natural beauty. Obviously, it is the most beautiful city on the planet.

But yes, as they say, there is always a space for improvement. There are certain things that can make udaipur the ultimate travel destination. These things when fulfilled, will surely help the tourist flow to this Awesome City.

1. Water Park/ Amusement Park:

water park in udaipur
Photo via:

Be it the Essel world of Mumbai or Wonder La of Bengaluru, these have always been in the places that tourist include in their must visit list. So how about a amusement park or a Water Park in our city. This will attract the tourists for sure and also give a new place to the local people as well as the tourists.

2. A Cool Official Website:

website of udaipur
Poorest Website of Beautiful Udaipur we could ever have. Screenshot of:, Atleast correct the spelling of “Website”

While planning for vacations, the tourists definitely searches for places on the Internet. They will research about the place they are visiting, especially the ones from outside India. So Udaipur must have cool, official website with plenty of photographs.

(P.S.: While reviewing about this point on Internet, we just found that the official website of Udaipur has shifted to : , We won’t take a minute to admit that It is the worst site we can ever have!!  Is it seriously the website for the World’s Tourist Hub? We hope that the officials read this post and work for better alluring website.)

3. Adventure Activities:

water sports in udaipur
Photo via:

Like we love having variety in our lunch/dinner, tourists visiting will definitely require a variety in the places they are visiting. Adventure sports will always work as a great option for them. Also Udaipur has that potential to develop Adventure Sports as it is surrounded by many mountains and water streams. We seek our local government to work over this new class of Adventure Tourim.

4. International Flights:

Photo via:

Foreigners visiting Rajasthan may prefer Jaipur over Rajasthan the simple reason being better connectivity. No direct flights or even a stop, has been a negative point for Udaipur. If the number of International Flights are increased, the foreign tourists visiting will also increase as being directly proportional.

5. Night Life

nightlife in udaipur
Photo via:

Udaipur lacks way behind in the field of Night Life. Our city has zero night life with no clubs, discos or places to Eat. Development of good pubs and discos can change city’s Night Life condition. This will surely attract more tourists and allow them to enjoy their Journey in Udaipur.

Also better Local transport and cleanliness will leave a soft corner for our city among tourists which will attract them towards our city again.

These 5 are the major things that need to be taken care of for development of Udaipur as the Ultimate Tourist Destination and therefore going higher in the Tourist’s rankings.

We Hope our Government and Businessmen from Udaipur come up to enhance the present Status.

*Comments and Suggestions are Welcomed*

Places to Visit Top

5 Must Visit Places in Udaipur

5 Places to Visit in Udaipur


Whenever we plan to visit any city as a tourist; the very first thing that strikes is, what to see there? And if your dream destination is Udaipur then of course there are places that you must visit, or else you can also plan according to your interest. Let’s explore the top five destinations of Udaipur.


Fateh Sagar:

fatehsagar udaipur

Udaipur city is famous as Lake City or City of Lakes and it is also known as Venice of the East. Your visit to Udaipur is incomplete till you have not enjoyed the heart throbbing views of its lakes. Fateh Sagar is one such kind of a place in Udaipur. Not only tourists, even the local residents of Udaipur always enjoy most of their time at Fateh Sagar. For a few their day doesn’t complete if they do not visit and spend some time at the lake side. This is the magic of the place. You can pass several hours sitting beside it and watching hilarious beauty of the lake. Mumbaiya Bazar would certainly catch your attraction at Fateh Sagar.


Gulab Bagh:

gulab bagh udaipur

Gulab Bagh is the perfect place for nature lovers. If you really want to enjoy the greenery of Udaipur then visit this place. It is situated at the center of the city. Gulab Bagh is the life line of Udaipur; it is the Green Heart of the city which provides clean and fresh air to the residents of Udaipur. The two major attractions of Gulab Bagh which would certainly grab the sight of kids are the Gulab Bagh Zoological Garden and the Mini Train. Since Gulab Bagh is quite spread in very large area, it would be a better idea to enjoy the Mini Train Ride which would cover the entire circumference of Gulab Bagh. The train ride would make your Gulab Bagh visit memorable.


Dudh Talai:

dudh talai

Like Fateh Sagar, Dudh Talai is another place in Udaipur which would offer of enjoying the lake side view. This place is situated near the famous Pichhola Lake. Unlike Fateh Sagar you won’t find enough space to roam around the confines of the lake Pichhola. Still you can enjoy boating and camel ride over here. This is not the end, yet there is one more adventure to go. Just near Dudh Talai there is a rope way to visit Karni Mata Temple on a small hillock. The rope way offers an amazing view of the entire Pichhola Lake, City Palace and Jagmandir. The view from the top is amazing at day and as well as at night. At the top of hillock at temple you could see the entire Udaipur city spreading its wings. The sunset point won’t allow you getting back to your home.


Sajjan Garh:

sajjan garh udaipur

The Sajjan Garh is a hilltop extravagant place in the Udaipur overlooking the Pichhola Lake. It was named after Maharana Sajjan of the Mewar Dynasty and was built 1884. For nature and wild life lovers it is the perfect place look upon. The Sajjan Garh offers a panoramic view of the city’s surrounding and its lakes. The place has been taken under control of the Forest Department and has been open for public over past few years. The place provides a magnificent view of Sun Set and it is very famous for it. The area of the Sajjan Garh has been developed as a wild life sanctuary. Wild animals like panther have been watched many times in the area by the local villagers of the nearby area.  Sajjan Garh is also known as Monsoon Palace.


City Palace:

city palace udaipur

City Palace is located at the heart of Udaipur and it was built by Maharana Udai Singh Ji. The palace is situated at the bank of Pichhola Lake. It is certainly would be a place to visit who has a keen interest in history of Rajasthan. The famous Jagdish Temple is close to it and from the Palace one can have the beautiful view of Lake Palace and Jag Mandir which are both located in midst of the Pichhola Lake. The major part of the City Palace has been converted into museum which displays a diverse range of preserved monuments and armor. The museum exhibits a wide collection of weapons, gears, clothes furniture etc.



Top 10 Hotels of Udaipur on

Being it a Tourist season everyone is interested to know about the hotels of Udaipur, Here are the top 10 Hotels of Udaipur according to the ratings of,

  1. Taj Lake Palace
  2. The Oberoi Udaivilas
  3. The Leela Palace
  4. Trident
  5. Jaiwana Haveli
  6. Mahendra Prakash
  7. Hotel Aashiya Haveli
  8. Devra
  9. Jagat Niwas Palace
  10. Dayal Hotel


  • Hotel Taj Lake Palace:

taj lake palace
Jag Niwas, now the world famous Taj Lake Palace, is one of 4 lovely islands in Lake Pichola, a luminous palace emerging from the mist. A Leading Small Hotel with the backdrop of the enchanting Aravalli Mountains and city palaces.A delightful experience to witness the Mosaics, exquisite artifacts, and other fine embellishments punctuate opulent silks, richly colored frescoes and ornately carved furniture.


  • Hotel Oberoi Udaivilas:

the oberoi udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas showcases itself as a traditional Indian Palace. A world class leisure spot whose architecture is inspired by the Rajasthani Palaces, showcasing the rich heritage of the Mewar with its rambling courtyards, gentle rippling fountains, reflection pools and verdant gardens. A palace filled with the delightful sight of decorative domes, hand painted frescoes, intricate mirror work and beautifully crafted artefacts.


  • The Leela Palace:

leela palace udaipur

It evokes the grandeur of the land of the Mewar. Beautifully designed to reflect the surrounding style and influences,with a majestic location on the Lake Pichola and spectacular view of the Aravalli Mountains sprinkled with the intricate craftsmanship and world class amenities.


  • Hotel Trident:

trident udaipur
Set in forty three acres of lush green landscaping on the banks of the picturesque Pichola Lake and is ten minutes drive from the city center. The rooms at the Trident, Udaipur are furnished in shades of beige and light cream and the architecture reflects the ancient heritage of Udaipur.


  •  Hotel Jaiwana Haveli:

jaiwana haveli udaipur

Earlier a private residence of the Thakur of Jaiwana, which was later converted to a twenty-four roomed hotel,located on the eastern bank of Lake Pichola and possesses unparalleled views across the sparkling waters and island palaces. It is Designed with a touch of the Rajput tradition and also offers a roof top restaurant.


  • Hotel Mahendra Prakash:

hotel mahendra prakash udaipur

An oasis of Rajasthani tradition, culture, safety and comfort. It is one of the popular Udaipur Hotels,  a family-run Haveli-styled hotel with 26 rooms, situated on Lake Palace Road overlooking the Sajan Niwas Gardens.


  • Hotel Aashiya Haveli:

hotel aashiya haveli

An ancestral “HAVELI” that has still kept the traditions of ages alive.A heritage building on the eastern bank of Lake Pichhola, a purely vegetarian hotel with all modern amenities for guests.


  • Hotel Devra :

hotel devra udaipur

A privately owned five acre estate built on a hillock in the lap of Aravali Hills, the exterior walls and facade is completely clad with stones the hotel offers a view of fields, environs and some spectacular view of The City Palace, Lake Pichola and Lake Palace, Udaipur.


  • Hotel Jagat Niwas Palace:

hotel jagat niwas palace

An early 17th century haveli,situated in the heart of one of the most romantic cities.The hotel is surrounded by the ancient havelis and temples,and is designed in typical Mewar architecture which provides the visitors a very relaxing and regal haveli atmosphere and style. Followed by the excellent view of all the Palaces of Udaipur i.e. City Palace, Lake Palace, Monsoon Palace.


  •  Dayal Hotel:

hotel dayal

A well decorated and comfortable hotel, hardly a  few minutes from the lakes of Pichhola, Fatehsagar and within the reach of bustling business and shopping center of city.


5 Things I really hate about Udaipur

I Hate Udaipur

Udaipur popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’ fills the mind with thrill and excitement at the thought of Natural beauty, blooming lakes and majestic palaces. Yes, it has been rated as one of the most beautiful cities if the world, but have you ever thought that with the increase in pollution and population and other stuff what this city has turned into..?? Well, I’ll tell you… The following are the five things what I dislike and want to improve about Udaipur :-


Ghats turned to Dhobi Ghats:

Udaipur has many lakes. That’s the reason why it is also known as the Lakecity. But these lakes are being turned into Dhobhighats. The local people use the water of these lakes to wash clothes. Especially, Lake Pichola is mostly highlighted. The grill that is been placed at the side of the lake is been used as clothes line. All this is just hampering the beauty of the place. And if the concerned authorities don’t take any immediate and strict action the place will lose its attraction and natural beauty.


Problem of Parking:

Many tourists visit Udaipur to see its scenic beauty and lakes. But these places do not have a proper parking place for vehicles. People park their vehicles in haphazard way. Such a situation further leads to chaos and inconvenience for the commuters. So the administrative authorities must look over this condition so that there is a smooth flow of traffic.


Pollution Problem:

The problem of pollution is throughout our country and the same is with Udaipur too. If you go around through the houses of Udaipur, you will find that most of them will have the ratio of Members: Vehicles be 2:1. The results could be disastrous if the pollution problem is not taken into consideration. The rapid growth in the number of vehicles have resulted in traffic jams and parking problems.



Udaipur’s tourist places are not maintained properly regarding CLEANLINESS. Every now and then you may see that there are pictures of untidiness are there in newspapers and the authorities are continuously needed to be reminded about this issue. The city is still waiting for a strict action of the authorities towards cleanliness.


International Flights:

The next thing relates with the Flights especially international flights. The tourist coming from abroad doesn’t directly land in Udaipur. Instead, they have to bear discomfort in order to directly reach Udaipur. Thus, international flights will increase networking and pull towards more and more tourists and industrialists.


Friends, we are the lucky ones who live in such a beautiful city. Numerous people visit our city to see its beauty and exquisiteness. We should be now more conscious and responsible to turn our city into a heaven. We shall also stop others from tearing down our city’s attractiveness.


5 things I hate about The Celebration Mall, Udaipur

The Celebration Mall Logo
This Logo is a Property of The Celebration Mall and is taken from their website


The Celebration Mall, Bhuwana : A joint development of CapitaMalls Asia & AIPL (Advance India Project Limited) is the first and only Heritage Mall of Udaipur offering wide ranging services of a Mall. But there are certain things we hate about it and it will be really appreciable if they can work on this.. !! And make this Mall – A happening place to Be 🙂

Proper Drinking Facility:

While checking out the complaint/suggestion book of the celebration mall I found that the most hated problem is of “Drinking Water Facility”. This problem is prolonging and no one is taking care of it. Can’t the mall Authorities add Proper Drinking facilities in the Mall to facilitate people???

No Personal Celebration in Celebration Mall:

For this point I would refer to one of the incidents me and my friends faced.. ! It was one of my friends birthday and we all planned to have birthday celebration in our ‘Celebration’ Mall. We were ready with the birthday cake but there was no place to cut the cake; Finally we found our space on the 3rd Floor in front of the local shoppee zone. We found a table to place the birthday cake and when we were about to cut the cake the security guards caught us all and stopped us to ‘Celebrate’.  So My question is why can’t a Mall named ‘THE CELEBRATION MALL’ have some space(apt suggestion for this will be to get a FOOD COURT soon!) to really ‘celebrate’ Waiting to hear the answer from them.. 😉

Not enough place to sit:

How do you feel when after buying a McDonald’s Meal on Sunday you don’t find enough space to sit comfortably and have your meal. I hope that sentence was enough to describe my feelings. This BIG Mall with 90,000 sq. ft Area don’t even have enough space to make proper seating for people who come there. 🙂 Anyways.. I hope they improve this too 😀

No Locker Rooms:

Again would add my personal incident in this heading.. 😛 Being a responsible citizen I always care to wear Helmet as my Local Traffic Police suggests. One fine day me along with my friends planned to go for movie; Maybe it was my first time to enter into celebration mall with a Helmet. 😛 When we went to PVR we found that no valuables were allowed inside. There was no place to keep our helmet or bags in the complete mall. As my tickets were already booked so I had to keep my Helmet outside in open space(maybe some construction site inside!!). After enjoying the movie with fear of losing my Helmet when we came out I found that I have really lost my HELMET worth : 1200Rs.  I don’t know whom should I blame is it the Mall Authority or PVR. I had my point so stated it here 😛

Official Website ain’t updated about Events:

Every now and than there are various events that keep happening in The Celebration Mall (Maybe In order to prove itself that it really celebrates :/ ) but their Official Website: is never updated about these events and schedules or even photos of these events.. 🙁 Its our generous suggestion to keep us all updated about your mall happenings through your site because we have more reasons to love it than to rather have 5 things to hate about it 🙂

There are still many points people hate such like not being allowed to clicks pictures inside, can’t run or have fun inside etc. Do Share your comments what are your views about the celebration mall. We will definitely inform the Mall Authorities and wait for their answers about this.. 😉



  • has taken the initiative to keep the site updated with upcoming events.
  • This Article was forwarded to Mall staff but No response from the Mall staff yet including the Managerial Team. :/

Top – 5 Unforgettables in Udaipur of 2010

2010 has come to an end. Now “Next Year” is only “Next Day” away.
But this year has given us tremendous memories, many good and few unfortunately bad. So to get u into a quick flashback of the whole year, without stressing your brain a lot, here I start my illustration for the year.


I ‘m Lovin’ It

Now this statement will be heard in almost every home in Udaipur.
Yes my dear Udaipies. Finally McDonalds has opened its first outlet in Lakecity at the Celebration Mall in Bhuvana.

iim udaipur

Lakecity to create Management Machos

Finally after so much issue on the matter of IIT in udaipur, finally Udaipur is blessed with an IIM, proposed to be at baleecha. The proposed IIM for the time being will however be run in the newly constructed polymer science building in MLSU.

earthquake udaipur

Earthquake trembles Lakecity

10th November 4:16 a.m. would be one of the bad times of our city, when we were shook by an earthquake. However thankfully, there was no damage to life or property.

masterchef udaipur

Rolling, Camera, and Action…!!!

Udaipur’s spectacular beauty is simply irresistible. To capture this picturesque beauty of the world’s no. 1 city, many movie and TV artists entered our Lakecity. The year saw rise in global visitors for the same reason. To mention a few, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (starring Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire fame), Mission Impossible 4 (starring Tom Cruise)( as reported by unverified sources) ,Rani (a French TV serial), Master Chef India (Indian TV serial hosted by Akshay Kumar on Star Plus), Impatient Vivek, and a Documentary from Seria was also shot in our own Lakecity.

fatehsagar overflows

The day the Lakecity stood still

Monsoons 2010 brought in many expectations to Udaipies about the dried up lakes. Every prayer was answered by the almighty. The dried lakes soon turned into brimful lakes. Finally the day was 9th September when the lakes overflowed after 4 years. However, a sad part associated with the happy news was that a tourist drowned in a boat accident in the lake Fatehsagar.