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Udaipur, we are happy to announce our new series which will be featuring various Talents of Udaipur. On that note we start with Young Talent from Udaipur – Priyansh Paliwal – Singer.

Cover of a song recently uploaded on YouTube grabbed attention of many music enthusiasts. The amazing singer from Udaipur requested Big B to watch the cover and surprisingly the life time achiever, the evergreen Bollywood celebrity Mr. Amitabh Bachchan not only watched the video but in addition praised the boy and shared the video on his official Facebook and Twitter accounts. A lost and unknown name turned into a celebrity overnight. Who was this glittering star of tomorrow and how did he succeed to amaze the Bollywood celeb like Amit Ji.

For others he would have been an anonymous but, for Udaipurites he is a famed personality and almost all aspiring singers adores him a lot. Priyansh Paliwal, twenty two years old young blood hailing from Udaipur is a commerce graduate and masters in journalism & mass communication is an avid singer and he is one of the founder members of the famous band of Udaipur – Rooh. Priyansh unveiled many secrets of his personal and professional life in a recent interview carried by one of our UB correspondent & author Mr. Ashwini Bagga. The glimpse of the interaction revealed his journey of becoming a professional singer and his success mantra.


priyansh paliwal udaipur

Where did it all start?

It all started right from my childhood when I was in second standard. I bow to my guru, my only inspiration, Late. Mr. C.M. Makhan. He had been my music mentor in my entire school life and he had always been with me. And more interestingly, really speaking I have never learned music like being his regular student. In those times I used to watch him very enthusiastically playing different instruments. Later in his absence I practice them in free hours and many a times I by bunking my regular classes at school. While after the formation of Rooh Band, Mr. Ashok Gandharva guided me to improve my singing and Live performing skills.


 Priyansh Paliwal in school

And how long you followed his teachings in succession?

I had covered a very long journey and that continued till I was in class tenth. By the time I had started playing various music instruments like harmonium, tabla and congo etc. I had been an active participant in various cultural activities being organized at our school. I must say that music had always been in my blood. I might survive past starving  but I can’t live without music.


When did the thought of becoming a singer beckoned your conscience?

People might have a perception that I am a born singer, because music had always been too close to me. But, to be honest, let me tell you that this is not the case actually. I had never imagined myself to be a singer. I have undergone with lots of ups and downs in my life. When I passed out my school, I got more inclined towards choreography. After being into it for two years I lose interest in choreography and then I penetrated into the entertainment industry. I joined Big FM as an Intern as I wanted to become Radio Jockey and later my quest finally landed me onto the platform of singing.

Priyansh Paliwal performing Live

Can you elaborate your journey of Priyansh Paliwal as a singer?

After quitting Choreography, Radio Jockeying and much different stuff that I had tried, I felt being at home when I started performing on stage as a singer. Later on I had never looked back. I have performed around five hundred live shows and seen places. After my eternal destiny took a turn when I formed Rooh Band with my fellow colleagues and that I assume that every Udaipurite is well aware of.


What is your favorite genre and liking about the present music and trend?

Usually I prefer singing current romantic Bollywood numbers. And from past few months I have been releasing covers of new songs that have lot of music transformations. My latest release is cover of Chunar from ABCD 2.

What is your biggest achievement till date?

I count the cover of Bezubaan from the film Piku as one of my greatest achievements. After uploading the cover I had requested Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji to watch the video. Although I was not sure that he would but, he watched it and shared it on his social profiles within next fifteen minutes. I am very grateful to receive such a humble response from one of the legendary Bollywood celebrity. Thereafter I received applauds from round the corners. I had been interviewed by various print and electronic media after the incident.

Priyansh admired by Amitabh Bachan

Who is your ideal?

None other than Arijit Singh he is my favorite. His name resides in the hearts of every aspiring singer these days.

Where do you see yourself after five years?

Probably as a Bollywood playback singer in settled Mumbai.

Priyansh wall

How do you come up with these Bollywood covers?

First of all I select a song rather I must say a latest Bollywood number. In step two I workout various transformations that are required to modify the original music of the song. In next step I go for music arrangement and production that done in sound recording studio. After producing the final audio, I produce and edit its video. It takes almost fifteen to twenty days to complete the cycle, right from perceiving to production.


Who else are there in your production team? Or you do everything of your own?

No, I am not alone. Music arrangement and production is taken care by Mr. Samarth Janve. Being a Good Classical, He also guides me while recording. While Video Production is looked after by my friends and at times I also try my hands on video editing.


How do you manage the financial aspects of audio video production?

I manage all the financial aspects of production. Of course there is a huge production cost that is involved in the production. If you can die for your passion then certainly you will find ways to live with your passion.



Do your parents support you in these activities?

Initially, I faced a lot of resistance regarding my passion for singing. My parents had always been insisting on studies but I always preferred moving in reverse gear. Instead giving my full time to studies I gave it to music and rest of the time I pitied on my studies. My siblings did vice versa, they took only academics on the top priority.

Priyansh Paliwal

Do you wish to convey some guidelines for the aspiring singers? What a wannabe singer must do to succeed.

As I had mentioned earlier that I have not undergone any professional training for singing or playing any instrument. Rather, I was an avid chaser and I have learnt singing by following others. It might seem others as child’s play but it is not. Regular practice is the only key which can take you places and there is no shortcut to success. Those who believe in instant success and wish to gain without pain; they can never go a long way. Precision is obtained through consistency only and for consistency hard work is the prime ingredient.

One thing I would like to add at the end that people have started perceiving that anybody can sing and become a singer. They have a misconception that even someone’s voice is not good he can beautify by recording it in a sound studio. I agree but, modulation and effects can help but to an extent. If someone wants to be a singer then he must have guts to perform in public.

You Can Connect to Priyansh Paliwal on his no: 07737620742

You can find his Videos on : Click Here

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Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #12

News Tid Bits

#1 Monkey Attacked Kid at Gulab Bagh Zoo

A monkey at Gulab Bagh Zoo attacked a kid on Friday. The monkey spared some space and came out from the cage and attacked the child in intention to grab a packet of potato wafers. By this sudden jerk the kid tumbled down and stabbed by the animal. The immediate reaction by his father prevented any major injury to occur. With lot of efforts by the zoo workers and his father the monkey was tranquilized and put in the cage again. The victim’s father Mr. Kailash Kumawat said that the boy was medicated at the hospital and has been called again for further vaccination. The cage in which the monkey was kept was broken and the passable arrangement could not stop the animal within. His urge for food rolled higher and he succeeded with a perfect break out.

 #2 Sub City Centre Not Erected in 25 Years

To connect Udaipur with the suburb the proposed Sub City Centre has not been completed in span of 25 years. It was planned to shape up the complex like Delhi’s Cannaught Place in order to develop the city but things have progressed in opposite direction. Instead, the place is providing shelter for illegal activities. Anti social elements have made it a meeting point for planning and execution of crime. Serious crime like murder, attempt to murder, chain snatching etc have happened many times in the area. All government offices are lying vacant. The proposed park boundary walls have been completely damaged. After five years of introduction of this plan the area was cleared out from encroachments in spite of several protests. Meanwhile new areas like Govardhan Vilas, Manvakheda, Savina, Baleecha etc. developed leaving the hope of Sub City Centre completion intact.

#3 Students Rampage at Science College for Counseling

Students at Science College protested and spread disturbance during the admission process. Students were held outside and were not allowed to enter in the college. It did not stabilize the situation and the college administration had to call the police. After defending by the police the application process and counseling resumed again. After release of the first cut off list the student union officials reached college and demanded college administration to increase number of seats. The college administration added that they have already added 10% seats and still the student union officials forced them to increase number of seats which is not possible. At the time of the incident more than 2000 students and their parents were present at the college campus.

#4 Entrepreneurs Not Unleashing the Power of Internet in International Trade

A workshop on ‘Finding Potential Customer and Promoting Export through E-Commerce’ was organized at UCCI’s P.P. Singhal Auditorium by Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Federation of Indian Export Organization and E Web Pay Pal. During the workshop the fact came out that due to ignorance and lack of tech savvy industrialists India’s export share is very less in the international trade and business. Mr. Vaibhav the chief of Federation of Indian Export Organization said for every trade the most important factor is buyer or the key customer. E commerce is the important mode through which one can sell his products at any corner of the world. It also saves time, energy and money. The Export Manager of E Bay retail Mr. Pushpendra highlighted the importance of E Bay, registration on E Bay, verification, logistics for export, billing, payments and communicating with the buyer, listing the product on E Bay for export, marketing and making a direct reach to the customer and many such issues that he revealed through his powerful presentation. According to him internet is the best medium to enhance our business.


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #11

Udaipur News, News of Udaipur

#1 Woman Died After Delivery on Road

A shameful incident has been reported that has crossed all barriers of humanity. Even the government arrangement has failed to offer necessary to help to save her life. At one side where the government is promoting the Janani Suraksha Yojna and on the other hand a woman died after delivering child on road. The incident took place at the busiest place of Udaipur, near Gangaur Ghat. Woman gave birth to a child at early morning at 5.30 am. After passing four and a half hours no aid reached the site and as a result she died. The ambulance 108 did not reached after informing. Later people hired a private ambulance and cleared off the dead body whereas the child has been admitted in the I.C.U. The local residents said that the lady was mentally retarded and seen may times roaming in the area. After getting the information police reached the site for leftover formalities.


#2 Udaipur Ahmedabad Night Train Put on Halt

The Udaipur Ahmedabad night train has been put on halt by railway administration for a period of three months. The decision has been taken keeping in view the rainy season. The track is prone to land slides during monsoon and it is quite risky to operate during night. The management has issued orders to keep operation suspended for the train. According to Rail Traffic Controller Mr Suman Chandra Verma revealed that Train No 19943 and 19944 from Udaipur to Ahmedabad and return would not operate from 1 July to 30 September. The Area Manager of Udaipur Mr. Harphool Singh Choudhary said that the day trains on this route would continue and the passengers who have got reservation can take the full refund against their reservation tickets.


#3 Couple Kidnapped From Bhupalpura

A couple going on bike were kidnapped from Bhupalpura police station area, opposite Banshi Pan kiosk. The eyewitness of the incident told police that a luxury car stopped the bike and started abusing the couple and kidnapped them in the car. The bike remained on the incident site and later impounded by the police. People witnessed the incident and reported the incident immediately at Bhupalpura Police Station. According to the information police tried to locate the kidnappers but could not succeeded. Various blockaded were put on highways but culprits got a sneak peak and remained unreported. Later the couple was released and they reached safe home. No F.I.R. was lodged from the either side by the family members of kidnapped youth.


#4 Hands Rising for Uttarakhand

As death and missing toll is rising daily at Uttarakhand hands rising for aid are also rising in equal proportion. Continuing the reform action a decision taken in a meeting at Rajasthan Roadways that all employees would donate salary of one day for the Uttarakhand victims. According to the decision all employees would donate their one-day’s salary of July 2013 and would deposit the amount in Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. There are 25000 employees in Rajasthan and around 700 employees are there in Udaipur. After hearing the decision no one has thought about deducting their salary. All employees agreed and said in unison that this is a National Calamity and every individual should think about helping others. Not only Rajasthan Roadways, many other organizations have also followed the suite and offered their helping hand.

Places to Visit

Famous Temples In and Around Udaipur

Most of us are unaware that Udaipur is also famous for its temples. These temples are visited by several thousand tourists every year. Many tourists visit these temples regularly. The vibrant and marvelous historical background of Mewar region reveals that many of these temples were built by the emperors of Mewar dynasty. Throughout the history; the emperors of Mewar had showcased a blend of courage and spirituality. These are few famous temples of Udaipur and their small stories behind their construction.

#1 Bohra Ganesh Temple

Bohra Ganesh Ji

Bohra Ganesh Ji a very old and famous temple of Udaipur is situated near Mohanlal Sukhadia University. A standing statue of Shri Ganesh Ji has been established which bestow blessings to hundreds of devotees visiting every day. In India it is a custom to worship Lord Ganesh whenever something new is started like new business, new asset or starting a new relationship. Wednesday is considered as the special day to worship Lord Ganesha. Thousands of devotees visit Bohra Ganesh Ji temple to offer Prayer and Prasad (Sweets) to Shri Ganesh Ji. Without his worship no holy work is considered to be complete.


#2 Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata

Karni Mata Temple is situated at Machhla Hills and surrounded by the bliss of the nature. Being situated at height, people can enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Pichhola, Dudh Talai and Sajjangarh. The sunset could be enjoyed in the evening from the sunset point built beside the temple. The temple could be reached through the rope way that starts from Dudh Talai or through stairs that starts from Deendayal Upadhyay Park. Maharana Karan Singh made residence at Machhla Magra between 1620 and 1628. During this time the temple was built. For a long time it remained as a deserted place and in 1997 Manshapurna Karni Mata Development Committee renovated it.


#3 Ekling Ji Temple

Ekling Ji temple is situated 22 kilometers far from Udaipur. It is said that the forefathers of Bappa Rawal ruled the Mewar dynasty. They had enmity with the Mauryas. The Mauryas wanted to kill their family. His mother escaped and came to a place known as Kailashpuri. Bappa started grazing herd of cows. One day he noticed that a cow entered into the dense bushes and at a lonely place and started shredding milk. The place was later recognized as shivalingam and after that Ekling ji temple was built by Bappa Rawal.


#4 Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Mandir

Jagdish Temple was built by Maharana Jagat Singh of Udaipur. Maharana Jagat Singh had deep devotion in Lord Jaganath Puri of Orissa. He used to visit Jagan Nath temple in every annual rath yatra. At one occasion he could not reached at the rath yatra on time and he had to halt in the midst of his journey. Maharana got disappointed a lot that he could not attend the rath yatra. When re reached there he had a dream in which the Lord told him that there is no need to travel such long distance and he could made a temple in his city itself. After returning Udaipur he started the construction of the temple.


#5 Neemach Mata

Neemach Mata

Neemach Mata is a famous temple in Udaipur and it is situated at a small hill top near Fateh Sagar Lake. According to the residents here this temple is also considered as Vaishno Devi of Udaipur. The name Neemach Mata came due to its origin, which is under a Neem tree. People here believe that those who come here regularly and offer their worship never get any skin ailments due to the strong spiritual spirit of the neem tree. Several pilgrims and tourists visit the Neemach Mata temple every year.


#6 Shrinath Ji Temple


Shrinath Ji temple is situated at Nathdwara, which is around 50 kilometers from Udaipur city and it is also termed as the gateway to lord Shrinath Ji. The temple was built in 17th century and owes a great story behind it. It is said that an idol of Lord Krishna was transferred to a distant and safer place from Vrindavan. There were chances of its destruction of the idol by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. When the idol reached this placed the bull cart stuck in deep mud and could not moved further. The priest accompanying the idol thought it as the right place and therefore Shrinath Ji temple was built in Nathdwara. The spirituality of the temple is so strong that from the poorest to richest person in the world including celebrities & stars visit Shrinath Ji temple for darshans and manoraths.


#7 Ambamata Temple

Amba Mata Ji

The Ambamata Temple deserves the fame as it is one of the main temple of Udaipur. The temple too has a fascinating story behind its construction. It is been said that the erstwhile Maharana of Udaipur Maharana Raj Singh had severe eye problem that did not recovered after treatment. Someone suggested Maharana Raj Singh to have darshan of Amba Mata in Gujarat. At the night before the departure for his journey he had a dream of Goddesses that told him to construct the temple in Udaipur. Next day Maharana visited the place where he found the statue of Ambamata and started the construction of the temple and his ailment also recovered very soon.


#8 Sagasji Bavji Temple

Sagas Ji Bavji

Sagasji Bavji temple is situated at Sarvaritu Vilas. Sagasji Bavji is worshiped as a symbol of bravery as people say that he never lost a war in his life. Sagasji was son of Maharaj Raj Singh. When Sagasji lost his life his wife Maharani Kunwariprada became a sati. Every year Sagasji’s birthday is celebrated with full glory and fervor. Thousands of devotees wait in long queues to have a glimpse of Sagasji Maharaj. There is a large idol of Ganesh Ji that catches eye of devotees visiting the temple. On his birthday the temple remains open for 24 hours for few days. The occasion is celebrated with night jagrans and the crowd enjoys with full enthusiasm and vigor.


#9 Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalakshmi TempleThe Mahalaxmi Temple is situated at Bhattiyani Chohatta and it was named after Bhati Rani who developed this area. It is said that the temple was built by Maharana Shambhu Singh who fought a battle and brought idols of Mahalaxmi, Rishabhdev and Sundar Vinayak. Mahalaxmi is considered Goddess of wealth and prosperity and worshipped by everyone. The birthday of Mahalaxmi is celebrated every year with fervor and passion. Devotees visits temple and wait in long queues to offer their prayers and Prasad. On the day of Deepawali the temple opens at 5.30 am with the Mangla Aarti. His highness Shri Arvind Singh Mewar visits the temple every Diwali to offer prayers on the occasion of the holy festival of lights.


#10 Mahakaleshwar Temple

Mahakaleshwara Temple

The marvelous Mahakaleshwar Temple is situated at the bank of Fatehsagar Lake opposite Panna Vilas surrounded by the lush green Aravali Hills. The temple is spread around 3.5 acres of land and great saints like Guru Gorakhnath, the dignified devotee of Lord Shiva, has worshipped here. The devotees have strong faith in Lord Shiva and every day huge number of devotees visits temple to have a glimpse of Mahakaleshwar. The temple opens at 5.30 am with the first prayer and the last prayer takes place at 10.30 pm and the prayers are attended by hundreds of devotees. On special occasions the Rudrabhishek is also performed here by the temple priests.


#11 Rishabh Dev Ji

Shri Rishabh Dev Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra is situated at Dhulev village at Udaipur. The place became famous as Rishabh Dev due to the miracles of Bhagwan Adinath (Rishabh Dev). This is also known as Kesariya Ji because there is a tradition of worshipping the idol with Kesar (Saffron). The idol having black color is also known as Kalia Baba and the local people call it by this name. The place is surrounded by the magnificent Aravali Mountain Range. The idol established here is very ancient as it even does not provide any information at the base. It is also said that this idol was worshipped by Acharya Vidyanand in 9th century. Few ancient petro graphs were also found here that reveals that this Khetra was renovated from time to time.


#12 Old Shrinath Ji Temple Ghasiyar

It is called as the Old Shrinath Ji Temple and it holds very long history behind construction of this temple. Shrinath Ji temple was made in Nathdwara and Shrinath Ji were well settled in Nathdwara temple. Soon Nathdwara faced attack from Scindia army. Having seen the glory and beautiful architecture of Nathdwara he threatened and asked for 3 Lacs gold coins as ransom. The Maharana of Udaipur being heard this soon made the arrangements to move Shrinath Ji to Udaipur. While Shrinath Ji moved to Udaipur a similar replica of Udaipur haveli was started building at a place called Ghasiyar. The scenic place was situated in midst of Gokunda Mountains. After keeping Shrinath Ji to Ghasiyar after some time they were again moved to Nathdwara. And this way the place Ghasiyar became famous as the Shrinath Ji temple.


This is just a general list of temples suggested by People.

You can suggest us more temples by Commenting Below. 


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #10

Suraj Badjatya in Udaipur, Student Drowned in Fateh Sagar, No School Bus Without Speed Governor, Nirjala Ekadashi Celebrated in City, How to Prevent Diseases in Monsoon, Udaipur News Tid bits, udaipur news, news udaipur, udaipurtimes,

#1 Suraj Badjatya in City

The famous film maker Suraj Badjatya who had given blockbusters like Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Vivah visited Kumbhalgarh in connection with his next project. He checked in various locations including Shiv Temple within the fort premise, Yagya Vedi Chowk, Badal Mahal etc. Mr. Badjatya found the locations perfect for the shooting. During his conversation with journalist he acclaimed that he would shoot some scenes as soon as the shooting of the film begins. Suraj Badjatya along with his team and famous photo journalist are visiting different locations in Rajasthan for his upcoming project. It is evident that Salman Khan would be in lead role in this film. According to the media Salman Khan has dedicated his schedule for this aspiring project to Suraj Badjatya.


#2 Student Drowned in Fateh Sagar

A class 12th student died in a tragic accident on Wednesday morning. The student of Saint Pauls School Udaipur, Anush Jacob drowned in Fateh Sagar Lake. According to his friends Ellen, Rony and Johny after having their regular football practice they headed to Fateh Sagar Lake and planned to have a bath in the lake. Anush didn’t know swimming and went down in deep water and drowned. Anush had celebrated his 17th birthday just day before.


#3 No School Bus Without Speed Governor

The Regional Transport Office has issued guidelines to schools and educational institutions to stop operating Bal Vahini (School Bus) if they are not equipped with Speed Governor. The orders have been issued concerning safety of kids travelling in school buses. The District Transport Officer Mr. M. L. Mathur told that schools would reopen in July and school management has been asked to install speed governor in school buses compulsorily. The department has ensured that they would not be issued fitness certificate unless they do not comply the norms.
What is Speed Governor? – It is a device that controls the speed limit of a vehicle. When speed of a vehicle is configured to 40 km/hr and a speed governor is installed then that vehicle could not be driven above the said limit.


#4 Nirjala Ekadashi Celebrated in City

The city observed and celebrated Nirjala Ekadashi and youth enjoyed kites at Rani Road, Fateh Sagar Lake. Kids were seemed more enthusiastic and crowd was observed at various kite merchants of the city. The famous kite flyer of the city Abdul Quadir entertained udaipurites with his kite flying skills. He flew kites with varied shapes, colours and designs. He also flew a trail of 400 kites along with a kite resembling a hut. It created an awesome scene in the sky. Hundreds of people including little ones and youth reached Fateh Sagar to enjoy the festival. The famous kite club Udai Kite Club also exhibited their skill on the next day.


#5 Prevent Diseases in Monsoon

The city is observing the sun-shade game of weather. Such instant change in weather brings inevitable diseases. The epidemic symptoms could be seen in adults and children as well. According to experts during monsoon our immune system becomes weaker during monsoon season and we get prone to diseases like typhoid, malaria, dengue, cough, cold and flu. Similarly a rise in has been reported in M.B. Hospital in patients suffering from diseases like typhoid, malaria dengue etc. In 25% cases the dengue becomes severe. Doctors advice not to take risk and in such cases and the ailment should be consulted immediately in the hospital. Bright sun light after rain also causes damage to skin and eyes.
Take Following Precautions
1. Clear blockage of water from surrounding.
2. Change water in cooler more frequently.
3. Wash eyes with clean water three or four times in a day. Wear sun glasses if moving out.
4. Protect your skin from direct sun light.
5. Drink purified water.
6. Add green vegetables in your diet.


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #9

udaipur news

#1 Pratap Gaurav Kendra at Udaipur

The most magnificent and majestic monument is being built at the Tiger Hills Udaipur. A 57 feet high statue of Maharana Pratap is being erected on the cliff. The project costs over 150 crores and it would spread around 25 acres of land at hilltop. The centre would include the material which would showcase Mewar’s rich historical culture and heritage. The foundation stone of this project was laid in August 2008 and it is likely to be completed in January 2014. The centre would have the following line of attractions:

Bharat Mata Temple – A 12 feet high statue of Bharat Mata with a lion has been established. A meditation centre is also been built below the temple.

Mewar Research Center – Based on the Indian History the research center would be helpful for research scholars. The center would comprise around more than 5000 books related to history.

Ancient India Gallery – This would be divided into 9 sections and would showcase God, Goddesses, Freedom Fighters, Emperors, Saints, and Scientists related to ancient India. The statues of various God and Goddesses would be established just above them.

Water Show & Boating – Near the Research Centre a water hole and lawn would be developed. Tourists could enjoy boating in the pond.

Underground Haldi Ghati – The glimpse of Haldi Ghati battle would be the centre of attraction. Light and sound show would provide the live effect to the battle scenes.

India and Mewar Art Gallery – An Art Gallery would be developed based on the history of India and Mewar.


#2 Prof Trivedi Becomes Vice Chancellor for the Second Time

Professor I.V. Trivedi has become Vice Chancellor of MLSU for the second time. He would head the post for three years. A group of people including professors and students from MLSU arrived at his residence and smothered him with garland and distributed sweets. Different members of BOM committee and UGC officials had recommended the name of Professor Trivedi. The Honorable Governor Mrs. Margaret Alva finally stamped his name for the post.

Around three fourth of the University officials are happy with the return of Professor Trivedi. Many team mates reached his residence on Wednesday and greeted him happily and on the contrary others who were not happy just congratulated him to fulfill their responsibility. Professor Trivedi as assured that the professors who are working on contractual basis in various departments in the university, their appointment process would be likely to be finished very soon.


#3 Famous TV and Bollywood Actors To Teach Theatre Education at Udaipur

The first lecture on theatre education was delivered at Janardan Rai Nagar Vidyapeeth, Udaipur. Mr. Ashok Banthia, a television artist took the first class of the Theatre Education batch comprising 22 students. On the occasion Vice Chancellor Professor Sarangdevot said that big TV stars and actors would be visiting here for classes in coming days. It has been evident that the demand of Theatre Education was continuously made. The proposal was put in the BOM Meeting and after the grant the first batch consisting 22 students was launched.

On the first day Mr. Ashok Banthia taught the nuances associated with Personality Development. Mr. Banthia said that acting on stage is no different than the actual representation of life’s reality. He said that at the event our gesture should be genuine on stage or in front of camera. On the occasion Mr. Banthia tested children on various topics.


#4 Smart Card Driving License From July 15

People would be issued Smart Card Driving License from July 15th. Transport Department had sent the proposal for approval to Finance Department. In the first phase of the licensing system the smart card licenses would be issued for renewal and duplicate license. The Transport Department would not charge for the Smart Card License and the cost would be included in the license fee. The Smart Card would have a 64 KB inbuilt chip which would have license holder’s details like address, date of birth, blood group and mobile number.

After the issue of Smart Card, it would not be possible to steal or copy the license. A test has already made compulsory by the Transport Department for issuing the new driving license. After the approval of the project licenses would be issued only on Smart Card.


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #7

Udaipur News Tid Bit - Week 7

#1 Pre-Monsoon Rain Turned On The Mood 

Weather turned around at 3 PM on Thursday in city and experienced rain with thunder showers. This brought people rejuvenating relief from the scorching heat of May. The pleasant weather drove people out for picnic and many rushed at Fateh Sagar, the favorite spot for the people of Udaipur. The sun was shining bright until a sudden change covered the sky with the blanket of clouds. Strong dazzle of cold wind shivered the senses and gradually it took over with moderate rain in the evening. The temperature fell down a few degrees after the rainfall in the city.


#2 Debari Zinc Smelter Plant Caught Fire At Midnight

The Roaster Plant at Hindustan Zinc Limited, Debari caught fire at midnight at 12 on Thursday. The officials said that it is a computerized plant and no employee was there at the time when fire broke. The connectivity of the plant disrupted due to fire. Flames and smoke emerging from plant revealed about the accident. The excessive heat of sulfuric acid tank and fabric melt down caused the fire to break. Meanwhile no casualties were reported in the incident. Panic situation aroused while employees seen the fire. 6 Fire brigades reached the place controlled the situation after an hour of struggle. There were proper arrangements in the plant which avoided possibility of a major incident.


#3 Jain Community’s Demonstration in Support of Kataria & Patni

Jain Community has united in the matter of submitting charge sheet against the opposition leader Gulab Chand Kataria and marble entrepreneur Vimal Patni. The Jain Community under the banner of Mahaveer Jain Council would carry out the procession and would protest at city Collectorate on Friday. A memo would be presented on behalf of council to plead the president of India to intervene into the matter and issue order to Home Ministry to rollback the orders. Mr. Rajkumar, a syndicate from the society, told this to the media correspondents. He further added that the whole Jain Community has been hurt due to the sudden action. Memorandum would be presented to the president from 24 district head quarters of Rajasthan.


#4 Now Enjoy Bhilwara To Mumbai Central

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation would start a Deluxe Bus sleeper coach from Bhilwara to Mumbai Central from 01 June 2013. This bus would en-route Mumbai Central from Bhilwara via Gangapur, Rajsamand, Nathdwara, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat.  The Zonal Manager of the depot Mr. T.C. Goyal said that the sleeper bus from Bhilwara to Mumbai was in demand from a long time. The bus would depart from Bhilwara at 11.50 am and would reach Mumbai Central next day at 9.30 am. The bus would depart from Nathdwara at 2.30 pm, from Udaipur at 4.50 pm. From Mumbai it would depart at 4.30 pm and would arrive at Udaipur at 8.30 am and would reach Bhilwara via Nathdwara at 12.00 pm next day. The deluxe sleeper coach has 27 seats and 15 sleeper seats.

The Fare of the Bus would be as follows:

Place                                                   Seat                 Sleeper

Bhilwara to Mumbai Central              710                  760

Nathdwara to Mumbai Central           626                  676

Udaipur to Mumbai Central                586                  636

Udaipur to Ahmedabad                      222                  272


Udaipur New Tid Bits – Week #6

Dudh Talai To Be Developed As Tourist Destination, Businessman Seeks Permission For 28 Story Building, Students Handed Over Cheap Chinese Tablets, Severe Accident Snatched Two Lives

#1 Dudh Talai to be Developed as Tourist Destination

City’s host spot Dhudh Talai would be developed as a major tourist destination of Udaipur very soon. It would also be declared as no vehicle zone. The initiative are been taken to enhance the stay of the tourists in the city. This suggestion emerged out in a meeting of International Finance Corporation (IFC) with the tour operators that the spot should be developed in terms of tourism. Water Puppet Show with No Vehicle Zone is to be planned for the first phase. To make it a pollution free zone it is necessary to stop vehicular movement in the area. If the project gets the approved then it would be the first of its kind in Udaipur. The water puppet would grab the attraction of domestic and international tourists as well.


#2 Businessman Seeks Permission For 28 Story Building

A businessman has sought permission from the state government to build a 28 story building in Udaipur for a hotel. A high level committee has been formed to look upon the matter. A retired Chief Town Planner from the central government Mr. D.S. Mesram has been included in the committee to discuss the feasibility of the project. The committee would present its report to the government after visiting the proposed site. Mr. S.N. Acharya, Commissioner of Municipal Corporation and Mr. Satish Shrimali, Senior Town Planner of Udaipur are also included in the committee. The applicant has sought the approval for a double basement 28+ story building. If granted permission then it would be the tallest building in the state. Even in Jaipur the elevation does not exceed 12 to 14 floors.


#3 Students Handed Over Cheap Chinese Tablets

Under the Chief Minister’s Scheme of distributing free tablets to meritorious students of the state, a case of handing over cheap Chinese tablet instead of branded tablets has been reported in Mavli, Udaipur. Department of Education, Mavli Block has reported the incident that such tablets were distributed to over 26 meritorious students. The government has suspended three teachers and the further process of distribution of tablets has been put on hold. After the disclosure of the case by the media the DEO Mr. Bharat Mehta issued the orders to take action against who are involved in the act. Soon after the release of orders the necessary actions were taken.


#4 Severe Accident Snatched Two Lives

A severe accident at Madri Industrial Area snatched lives of two young women who were returning home from office. Both were employees of Pyrotech and were on the way their homes on the scooty. The eyewitness of the accident told policemen that while they were passing from road number 2 a truck came by their side. To give away side to the truck Priyanka, who was driving, landed scooty towards the roadside. The scooty stuck up and Priyanka lost her balance and both of them fell on the road and came under the truck. Both girls lost their life on the spot. Subsequently, the truck driver fled from the spot after the accident and the family members of Priyanka and Shruti were informed by the police. The police have impounded the truck.


Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #5

Udaipur News Tidbits

#1 Special Trains for Ajmer From 17 May

Special trains have been announced by the railway administration to facilitate the zayreens visiting Ajmer at urs.

Train no 09636 one sided train from Agra Fort to Udaipur via Ajmer would depart from 17 May 2013 from Agra Fort and would reach Udaipur at 10:45 pm. The Chief Public Relations Officer Mr. Tarun Jain told the correspondents. The train would halt at Bharatpur, Bandikui, Jaipur, Ajmer, Nasirabad, Bijai Nagar, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Mavli and Rana Pratap Nagar Stations. The train would comprise of one Third AC, twelve Sleeper and eight Second Class coaches having a total capacity of 23 coaches.

Similarly another train having number 09633 from Udaipur to Ajmer would depart from Udaipur City Station at 11:00 pm and would arrive at Ajmer at 05:20 am next morning. This train would halt at the following railway stations Rana Pratap Nagar, Mavli Junction, Kapasan, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Bijai Nagar and Nasirabad.


#2 Thanda Thanda, Cool Cool for Gulab Bagh Zoo Animals

A total nine coolers have been installed at Gulab Bagh Zoo to relief the animals from scorching heat. Two coolers have been installed outside the cages of bear, panther, wolf and monkey. After the installation of coolers the animals were spotted having great relief from the extraordinary heat.

Mr. Arun Murdia from Gypsy Murdia Foundation has donated four coolers to the Gulab Bagh Zoo in memory of his dog Gypsy. Earlier he has donated five coolers to the zoo. The coolers have been installed outside the cages of the above said animals. Animals are feeling relief in the cold breeze from the coolers. Zoo keeper Mr. Dinesh Vaishnav said that all the coolers are operational and turned on to cool down the cages.


#3 CP Joshi Given Charge of Railways, Supporters Delighted

The congress leader of Mewar Dr. C.P. Joshi has been given additional charge of Railways Ministry on Saturday. A wave of cheer has been observed with his supporters. Following the resignation of Railway Minister Mr. Pawan Bansal Dr Joshi has been handed over the additional charge.  The supporters have distributed sweets and expressed their gratitude.

Joy and speculation spurted out in form of fireworks by congress supporters on Saturday evening. Many streets in Udaipur were also observed with jubilant fireworks. A ray of hope has been brightened again for expansion and development of railway facilities in Mewar. Congress is looking as an advantage in forthcoming assembly elections.


#4 Rajasthan Bandh Called on Saturday

Rajasthan Bandh has been called on Saturday 18th May 2013. Marble Association of Udaipur has come forward in support of the Bandh. Savina Fruit and vegetable market would remain close on Saturday. The bandh has been announced by BJP in support of Mr. Kataria. The Trade Board of Savina had issued notice to the dealers and asked them not to conduct any business on the day. President of the trade union has said that considering any mass destruction activity by the bandh supporters they have decided to keep their establishments closed. Several private institutions and industries have also declared off for the workers on 18th May 2013.


#5 Tourists to Enjoy Soon Double Decker Boat at Fateh Sagar

Soon a double decker boat ride could be enjoyed at Fateh Sagar just like at Gate Way of India. Typically, this would be a slow boat that would rode tourists in the ripples of Fateh Sagar especially in the evening for one hour. This is the first time such amusement activity has been introduced in Udaipur. The company leading the contract had completed the preparation to start the project.

One of the company officials has said that the boat would be having seating capacity of 100 persons. On the top of the boat there would be a solar panel to facilitate power to the boat. Tourist could enjoy the beautiful view of sunset from the boat as it would hail in the evening only. Advance booking could be done at afternoon. For safety every tourist in the boat would be provided a safety life jacket.


Kicking It Up With Rajputana Football Club

People in India are crazy about ‘CRICKET‘. They play with their remote and flicker numerous sports channels but their search halts where cricket is smashing fours and sixes. Despite billions of cricket fans there exist a literally tiny community which is dedicated to sports other than cricket. They admit that they have fewer fans that can be counted on their fingers, but their passion does not let them sleep and they always think of their sport. Amongst such sport groups, a name sprawls into the horizon and that is Rajputana Football Club of Udaipur. Our team spoke to them and took a closer look on their activities. They shared with us each and every detail about their club and the same is being shared with you.

Rajputana Football Club 

RFC Futta

How was this club formed?

The answer really stunned everyone at first as they revealed that it was not at all planned. There wasn’t any objective to form a club. There were only 5 or 6 members, although all were having some background related to sports, they used to play football at BN College just for fun and it was their regular routine. Gradually their numbers and supporters rouse and simple practicing shaped up into agile revolution which led the birth of Rajputana Football Club.

How RFC is different from other sports club?

There are a numbers of factors which keeps us apart from other sports clubs. For instance;

  • We are an open community. Anyone can come and join our club.
  • There is no coach or trainer in the club. We watch matches, learn from them and practice the same at ground.
  • You need not to be a football player. Irrespective of sport you have played in past does not matter for us. Here we gather to play football.
  • There is no requirement to be a member of any eminent club, not at all. At RFC we respect every individual and do not encourage discriminations. For us everyone is equal.
  • The strongest thing about our club is that people of every age, gender, caste and even nationality is the part of our regiment. Girls enjoy playing football with us and they feel themselves safe and protected, which matters a lot to us.
  • Foreigners working at various NGOs join us in the evening and enjoy the game.
  • It is a fact that a nominal fee has been decided which each members has to pay every month but still it is not a bounded rule for young kids. There are examples of many school children who play with us and learning the tactics of the game.
  • Football is in our blood and we could go to any level to promote it.


RFC During Training

What was the strength of the club at inception and today?

The club was formed hardly by 5 or 6 members and today we are a strong team of more than 150 members.

Can you sum up some of your major achievements?

Yeah, since we practiced regularly and gradually our playing techniques improved significantly. People noticed us and some of them offered us to play tournaments on behalf of their team. We also played various matches under the banner of RFC and at times we played for the other teams too. We played matches in 2011 in Futta Tournament and grabbed 2nd and 3rd position. We won the Krishna Tournament in 2012. We are regularly playing with army troops and they accept that they are learning a lot from RFC. Kids in RFC from various schools, playing from their school teams are also scoring good results.

Rajputana Football Club

How do you consider the status of Football in India?

Cricket is everywhere. Even parents have not seen any other game apart from cricket. So they wish their kids to learn cricket. There is lack of awareness in the society. People are more excited and thrilled towards pace as we can see how 20-20 matches have gained popularity over the years. Truly speaking football has much pace than cricket. We need medium which can spread awareness among the mass about the benefit of sports other than cricket.

What are your future plans?

At times we also face lack of infrastructure to promote the game. Sometime we do not have ground when the Field Club is hosting other activities. For playing tournaments we need to have professional sports kits. There are lots of such hurdles we face every day, but we try to find out solutions out of the problems. We are keenly looking for a good sponsor which could help us to saturate our infra related issues. What may come, our objective is to keep football alive in our blood and we are working very hard for it. We are planning to come up with our own sports academy. This is what we can say at the moment for the future to come.