Udaipur News Tid Bits – Week #12

News Tid Bits

#1 Monkey Attacked Kid at Gulab Bagh Zoo

A monkey at Gulab Bagh Zoo attacked a kid on Friday. The monkey spared some space and came out from the cage and attacked the child in intention to grab a packet of potato wafers. By this sudden jerk the kid tumbled down and stabbed by the animal. The immediate reaction by his father prevented any major injury to occur. With lot of efforts by the zoo workers and his father the monkey was tranquilized and put in the cage again. The victim’s father Mr. Kailash Kumawat said that the boy was medicated at the hospital and has been called again for further vaccination. The cage in which the monkey was kept was broken and the passable arrangement could not stop the animal within. His urge for food rolled higher and he succeeded with a perfect break out.

 #2 Sub City Centre Not Erected in 25 Years

To connect Udaipur with the suburb the proposed Sub City Centre has not been completed in span of 25 years. It was planned to shape up the complex like Delhi’s Cannaught Place in order to develop the city but things have progressed in opposite direction. Instead, the place is providing shelter for illegal activities. Anti social elements have made it a meeting point for planning and execution of crime. Serious crime like murder, attempt to murder, chain snatching etc have happened many times in the area. All government offices are lying vacant. The proposed park boundary walls have been completely damaged. After five years of introduction of this plan the area was cleared out from encroachments in spite of several protests. Meanwhile new areas like Govardhan Vilas, Manvakheda, Savina, Baleecha etc. developed leaving the hope of Sub City Centre completion intact.

#3 Students Rampage at Science College for Counseling

Students at Science College protested and spread disturbance during the admission process. Students were held outside and were not allowed to enter in the college. It did not stabilize the situation and the college administration had to call the police. After defending by the police the application process and counseling resumed again. After release of the first cut off list the student union officials reached college and demanded college administration to increase number of seats. The college administration added that they have already added 10% seats and still the student union officials forced them to increase number of seats which is not possible. At the time of the incident more than 2000 students and their parents were present at the college campus.

#4 Entrepreneurs Not Unleashing the Power of Internet in International Trade

A workshop on ‘Finding Potential Customer and Promoting Export through E-Commerce’ was organized at UCCI’s P.P. Singhal Auditorium by Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Federation of Indian Export Organization and E Web Pay Pal. During the workshop the fact came out that due to ignorance and lack of tech savvy industrialists India’s export share is very less in the international trade and business. Mr. Vaibhav the chief of Federation of Indian Export Organization said for every trade the most important factor is buyer or the key customer. E commerce is the important mode through which one can sell his products at any corner of the world. It also saves time, energy and money. The Export Manager of E Bay retail Mr. Pushpendra highlighted the importance of E Bay, registration on E Bay, verification, logistics for export, billing, payments and communicating with the buyer, listing the product on E Bay for export, marketing and making a direct reach to the customer and many such issues that he revealed through his powerful presentation. According to him internet is the best medium to enhance our business.

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