5 Things that will make Udaipur the Ultimate Tourist Destination

Udaipur has always been famous as a tourist destination thanks to its serenity and natural beauty. Obviously, it is the most beautiful city on the planet.

But yes, as they say, there is always a space for improvement. There are certain things that can make udaipur the ultimate travel destination. These things when fulfilled, will surely help the tourist flow to this Awesome City.

1. Water Park/ Amusement Park:

water park in udaipur
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Be it the Essel world of Mumbai or Wonder La of Bengaluru, these have always been in the places that tourist include in their must visit list. So how about a amusement park or a Water Park in our city. This will attract the tourists for sure and also give a new place to the local people as well as the tourists.

2. A Cool Official Website:

website of udaipur
Poorest Website of Beautiful Udaipur we could ever have. Screenshot of:, Atleast correct the spelling of “Website”

While planning for vacations, the tourists definitely searches for places on the Internet. They will research about the place they are visiting, especially the ones from outside India. So Udaipur must have cool, official website with plenty of photographs.

(P.S.: While reviewing about this point on Internet, we just found that the official website of Udaipur has shifted to : , We won’t take a minute to admit that It is the worst site we can ever have!!  Is it seriously the website for the World’s Tourist Hub? We hope that the officials read this post and work for better alluring website.)

3. Adventure Activities:

water sports in udaipur
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Like we love having variety in our lunch/dinner, tourists visiting will definitely require a variety in the places they are visiting. Adventure sports will always work as a great option for them. Also Udaipur has that potential to develop Adventure Sports as it is surrounded by many mountains and water streams. We seek our local government to work over this new class of Adventure Tourim.

4. International Flights:

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Foreigners visiting Rajasthan may prefer Jaipur over Rajasthan the simple reason being better connectivity. No direct flights or even a stop, has been a negative point for Udaipur. If the number of International Flights are increased, the foreign tourists visiting will also increase as being directly proportional.

5. Night Life

nightlife in udaipur
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Udaipur lacks way behind in the field of Night Life. Our city has zero night life with no clubs, discos or places to Eat. Development of good pubs and discos can change city’s Night Life condition. This will surely attract more tourists and allow them to enjoy their Journey in Udaipur.

Also better Local transport and cleanliness will leave a soft corner for our city among tourists which will attract them towards our city again.

These 5 are the major things that need to be taken care of for development of Udaipur as the Ultimate Tourist Destination and therefore going higher in the Tourist’s rankings.

We Hope our Government and Businessmen from Udaipur come up to enhance the present Status.

*Comments and Suggestions are Welcomed*

8 replies on “5 Things that will make Udaipur the Ultimate Tourist Destination”

One more > Decent means of public transport or at least intra-city bus service…that should come along the international flights connectivity.

Is this what Udaipur needs or is it what You need.. ?!?
I can imagine living in Udaipur mite get Boring.. But being a tourist who’s planning to come to Udaipur soon.. Most of the above mentioned by you is Not what I’d be expecting to OR looking forward to seeing there..
Except Website & international flights.. None of the above make sense!
People come there for the Rich heritage Udaipur has to offer.. Not Night life of amusement or adventure sports!
They can get the Best night life in the country in Bombay or Delhi..!
So maybe all this is what YOU guys living in Udaipur mite want! NOT the tourists (Indian or foreigners)
Just my Opinion & a Reality check for the one writing this blog.. So u don’t disguise Your needs for the modernisation of you lovely city.. Making false claims saying that’s what tourists want!

उदयपुर को रेल्वे से नई दिल्ली से कनैक्ट करना ज़रूरी है क्योंकि पर्यटक नई दिल्ली से जायदा आते है कम से कम एक सताब्दी को और राजधानी को चलना चाहिए

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