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Rainography 2012 – Monsoon finally arrives in Udaipur

It started with light rain showers when the clock ticked 1 a.m. late night; this series of rain showers continued till late evening today. After such a long wait we can finally say that monsoon has arrived, fulfilling the aspirations of the broken hearts which had left the hopes of Rain. To capture this beauty of Rain, I went down in the City to start with my Monsoon Photography Collection for UdaipurBlog – RainoGraphy 2012. 🙂 Do like, share and comment… 😉















Rainography 2012 _ Udaipur




Just For Updates :-

It rained around : 25mm in Udaipur City, 175mm in Banswara, Dungarpur – 102mm, Jhadol – 9mm, Gogunda – 10mm, Sagwara – 188mm, Madar Bada – 6mm, Swaroopsagar – 19mm, Udaisagar – 16mm, Nai – 4mm, Kherwara – 40mm, Jaisamand – 69mm, Salumber – 62mm


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Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Photos by : Vikas Sharma


Parag Pancholi - Lake Palace

Photo by : Parag Pancholi


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Health & Fashion

Be Prepared to beat the Monsoon Blues

Can’t wait to have a plate of garma-garam pakodas and hot tea sip by the stalls? But stop, make sure that what you are eating is healthy or not.

Monsoon in my own definition is after scorching hot summer, the rainy showers, which are super relieving for us, and are a hello to joy and pleasure. Though monsoon lessens our sweat, but it also brings many problems with it due to sudden fluctuations in temperature and moisture.


So here, UdaipurBlog brings to you some do’s and don’ts, health and fashion tips so that you can gear up for these rains.

  • Prepare your rain wears, raincoats, caps, umbrellas, waterproof shoes and plastic sheets. Keep plastic bags in your handbags also to prevent your belongings from getting wet in water.
  • Go for a walk daily in the morning. The fresh monsoon air will refresh you and open your skin pores for happy skin and happy you.
  • Don’t do heavy exercise. Instead go for yoga or simple aerobics.
  • Always take a shower when you are rain soaked. Never wear wet clothes without washing and ironing, otherwise they may cause itching.
  • Our skin becomes more prone to infections these days. So, do take care of your body hygiene. Add dettol or neem leaves to your bucket while taking bath.
  • Apply anti-fungal talcum powder to the areas which are more prone to infections like armpits, etc.
  •  The moisture and temperature during rains are the favorable conditions for microbial growth. These also results in poor digestion.
    • Therefore, while cooking, firstly wash all vegetables and fruits well, especially the leafy green as they may have hidden worms.
    • Add light grilled and tandoori foods cooked in less oil and less salt, loads of seasonal fruits, cereals and vegetables to your meals instead of heavy oily foods.
    • In breakfast we may add poha, sandwiches, egg, and cornflakes and avoid stuffed parathas.
    • Load up your kitchen and dining tables with Vitamin-C. It is a good antioxidant which helps in viral cold.
    • Add ginger to your servings. (Tea and dals).
    • Avoid packed juices and junk food, of which most of us are used to.
    • Drink boiled and purified water, homemade juices and soups only.
  • Prepare your wardrobe to drive everyone crazy with your looks.
    • Style yourself up with floral prints, pastel shades, sea blue, flora green. They all give you charming fresh look in the monsoons.
    • Go for cotton fabrics, loose fitting pants or shorts. These are comfortable and casual and also do not cause any kind of skin allergies.
    • Avoid high heels and slippery foot wears. Instead try wooden sole.
  • Exclusively for girls:
    • For glowing skin and healthy hair, apply 1 cup curd plus 1tsp of lime juice to skin and hair and wash off after 15 minutes under rain shower.
    • If you are suffering from crack heel problems, then soak your feet in warm water with a pinch of salt for 20 minutes, then wash with cold water and dry with towel.
    • A light body massage with mustard or olive oil is the need of season.

So take care of all the above, to stay healthy and charming and enjoy every treat of this awesome season outside.

Wish you all a very HAPPY and HEALTHY MONSOON.

Photograph By: Prasun Bannerjee

Photos and Videos

Blessings of the Rain: A Relief from the Sun

One fine Monday morning. Everyone on their routine business. No one could ever imagine that by the evening, intense clouds would be covering up the entire heated up sky. It was about 6 p.m. when the almighty was a bit merciful on the climate of Udaipur and showered his blessings on us in form of rains, beginning with small showers to continuous rain for more than an hour, followed by strong winds and thunders in the sky. Here are few photos showing few of the scenes of the city of Lakes enjoying the first rains in the burning summer. This rain can be a signal for good hope in the coming monsoon season of Udaipur, lets hope we can see Fatehsagar Overflowing again in 2011.

Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011

However, few exterior parts of the city faced power cuts which spoilt the mood of both the public and RSEB workers. Reportedly, power supply in few areas was restarted about near midnight, and few areas are still waiting in candle light for the electricity, as assured will be supplied the next morning.

Photos by:-

News Udaipur Speaks

Awesome Mausam in Udaipur

It was a Great Rainy Season this year for Udaipur When all our dried lakes were filled up and Overflowed. But the changing Climatic Conditions have Brought about the Monsoon again in the Winter season.

From Past few days its raining in Udaipur and Nearby regions Including Rajsamand, Dabok. Bageri ka Naka, Madaar Bada , Madaar Chota etc Lakes all have overflown again and the Water is now heading towards Fatehsagar and Other Water Sources to Be Overflown again. Today on 17th November 2010. I captured these pictures and Video of the awesome weather seen from my House. It is now Raining Heavily with Thunder in the City. 🙂




Celebrating The Greenery – Hariyali Amavasya

haryali amavasya udaipur

The so called ‘Venice Of East’ is all set to celebrate its greenery. The last few showers have surely infused us with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.
We can witness large stretch of lush greenery, the pleasant smell of wet soil and celebration all around.
Now we all are waiting eagerly for one of the most ‘happening fairs of Udaipur. Well you got it right its the fair of ‘ Harayali Amawas(Amavasya)’. Hariyali Amavasya is a monsoon festival celebrated on Amavasya or a No Moon Day of the Shravan month in North India. People mainly worship Lord Shiva on this very day for wealth and prosperity and for best agricultural season.

Huge fairs/melas are held on this day in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. It is Among one of the prevalent and respected festival in Udaipur, Rajasthan and On this Day It is a Collector’s Declared Holiday, Maybe For The Local City Mates To Enjoy and Welcome the Greenery or Haryali 🙂 .

It is very well known event not only in our own city but also in the nearby areas. The fair at Rajsamand and Udaipur attract thousands of tourists from all around the globe. People of all ages, regions come to experience our very own city’s celebration. A massive crowd can be witnessed enjoying various rides, games, snacks etc.
The fair is accessible for two days out of which one day is specially open for the women. Women can be seen shopping, enjoying various games, rides, snacks etc. There are colors all around, loads of rides, lots of stalls, full on entertainment.The entire place holds within itself a very raw yet beautiful atmosphere.

This event is celebrated lavishly in various places out of which most famous are

  • Madhura Dwarkadhish Temple
  • Banke Bihariji Temple in Vrindavan
  • And many other temples of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

This day marks an end to the Phool Bangal Utsav in Vrindavan Banke Bihari Temple.

Hariyali Amavasi corresponds with Ashada Amavasya in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It is celebrated as Chukkala Amavasya in Andhra Pradesh, Bheemana Amavasya in Karnataka, Gatari Amavasya in Maharashtra.

We wish you All a Happy Haryali Amavasya and May we all have the Extended Monsoon Till the End of this Month Alongwith, the Lakes Getting Filled and Greenery Whole Year.

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Finally Monsoon Arrives in Udaipur

After such a long wait from past one month finally the monsoon paves a way to Udaipur. With a Heavy rainfall this evening  04.07.2010 approximately 50mm+ in just 1 hour . Here are 2 Videos and Link to our Facebook Page Monsoon Pictures Captured By UdaipurBlog. 🙂 Enjoy it,  Like it and Share it.

Video Before and After Rain:

A Look Of the Monsoon Arrival in Udaipur:

Click Here to see Exclusives Pictures of Monsoon Arrival and Awesome Weather in Udaipur

monsoon udaipur