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Blessings of the Rain: A Relief from the Sun

One fine Monday morning. Everyone on their routine business. No one could ever imagine that by the evening, intense clouds would be covering up the entire heated up sky. It was about 6 p.m. when the almighty was a bit merciful on the climate of Udaipur and showered his blessings on us in form of rains, beginning with small showers to continuous rain for more than an hour, followed by strong winds and thunders in the sky. Here are few photos showing few of the scenes of the city of Lakes enjoying the first rains in the burning summer. This rain can be a signal for good hope in the coming monsoon season of Udaipur, lets hope we can see Fatehsagar Overflowing again in 2011.

Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011

However, few exterior parts of the city faced power cuts which spoilt the mood of both the public and RSEB workers. Reportedly, power supply in few areas was restarted about near midnight, and few areas are still waiting in candle light for the electricity, as assured will be supplied the next morning.

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By Prasun Bannerjee

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