शहर के पहले मानव निर्मित मियावाकी जंगल की शुरुआत

उदयपुर: इस रविवार 6 साल से पर्यावरण के लिए कार्यरत पुकार फ़ाउंडेशन ने अपना 250वां रविवार हरित 250 के रूप में समर्पित किया। जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी उदयपुर व बंदूकवाला परिवार के सहयोग से संस्थान ने जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी मुख्यालय के परिसर में करीबन 100 वर्ग मीटर क्षेत्र में जापानी विधि “मियावाकी” द्वारा शहर का पहला मानव निर्मित मियावाकी जंगल का निर्माण करने के लिए 351 पौधों का पौधरोपण किया गया जिसमें शहर के सभी वर्ग, क्षेत्र, व्यवसाय के 150 से अधिक लोगों ने स्वेच्छापूर्वक और पूरे उत्साह के साथ पौधरोपण कर श्रमदान किया। विशेषकर नमो विचार मंच के प्रदेशाध्यक्ष प्रवीण रतलीया, ग्वालियर से रोहित उपाध्याय, जर्मनी से फ्रैंक, आयुर्वेदिक विशेषज्ञ शोभालाल औदिच्य, मोइनी फ़ाउंडेशन, नाट्यान्श संस्थान, मर्सी लीग, उदयपुर ब्लॉग, ठालागिरी, दिया संस्थान, ब्लीस फ़ाउंडेशन, रॉबिन हूड आर्मी, आबु टाइम्स, नितांदु इवैंट की भागदारी रही।

मियावाकी विधि क्या है? – संस्थापक भुवनेश ओझा ने बताया कि यह नाम जापानी पर्यावरणविद् अकीरा मियावाकी के नाम पर रखा गया है जिन्होने इस विधि को ईजाद किया है जिससे प्राकृतिक रूप से 100 सालों में बनने वाले जंगल को 10 साल में ही बनाया जा सकता है। यह जंगल 30 गुना ज्यादा घने होते हैं जिससे कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड व हानिकारक सूक्ष्म कणों को यह सोखते है जो प्रदूषण कम करने का असरदार हल है। इस विधि के तहत विश्वभर में कहीं भी जंगल लगाना संभव है।

अरावली के पैतृक पौधों का रोपण – संस्था के सदस्य आशीष बृजवासी ने बताया कि पौधरोपण के दौरान इस बात का विशेष ध्यान रखा गया कि केवल अरावली पर्वतमाला के विलुप्त होते पैतृक पौधे जैसे रोंझ, कोटमबड़ी, पिलखन, गूँदी व गुग्गल साथ ही राज्य का राजकीय वृक्ष खेजड़ी व इन्हीं के साथ अन्य 37 प्रजातियों के 351 पौधों को लगाये गए।

दो साल तक करेंगे रखरखाव – मुख्य जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी शिवजी गौड़ ने बताया कि प्रकृति के प्रति अपनी जिम्मेदारी को समझते हुए संस्थान द्वारा यह एक अभिनव पहल है। पौधों का नियमित रूप रखरखाव जिला शिक्षा अधिकारी कार्यालय एवं पुकार संस्थान द्वारा कम से कम दो वर्ष तक किया जाएगा ताकि आने वाले समय में यह वृक्ष बनकर जैव विविधता में सुधार लाएँगे।



Your Summer Guide to Beat the Heat! | Travelling to Udaipur in Summers Made Easy

It is mid-June but the sun is still blazing! How can we combat such heat without getting tossed in the sun? Here is a brief guide for you if you are traveling to Udaipur in the summer months! We haven’t made it the obvious summer guide you would have read everywhere on the internet, rather it is custom made for Udaipur!

Although Udaipur doesn’t experience soaring temperatures throughout the summer months, but from mid-May to end June the temperatures are quite harsh and it is not recommended to leave your home/hotel without proper ‘beat-the-heat’ tools.

Here are some tips or you can call a guide for traveling in Udaipur in summers.

#5 Drink More

By drinking, I mean hydrating juices and Jal Jeera 😉Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

There are a lot of places in Udaipur where you can get freshly prepared juices and Jal Jeera which are really helpful in retaining the amount of water lost during your outdoor visit in the sun.

Get the list here

#4 Eat less and more often, Cafes can be your pick!

5 Best coffee places in Udaipur
Source: Justdial

Eating a lot doesn’t help in summers. I know you would be enticed by the luscious delicacies in the city but you need to take them in small quantities. This helps your body to maintain its metabolic activity at the same time won’t let you bloat.

Get the list of cafes here

#3 Dive in the pools

Top 10 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Udaipur

Take a bath or shower especially before bedtime. You can also indulge yourself in a brief dive in the pool which shall compensate your day’s heat. There are various pools in and around the city where you can enjoy your summer trip.

Get the list of pools here

#2 Be chic in summer clothes from Hathipol

Famous Shopping Markets of Udaipur
Source – My Udaipur City

Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes in the summers. And where can you find these other than the market of Hathipol? The whole market shall receive you well when it comes to shopping. There are other markets as well and if you are new to the city you can go to these markets in Udaipur to have a good shopping experience.

Get the list of markets here

#1 Get yourself Tan Proof! 

Men and women traveling to Rajasthan often get a bad tan due to the excessive heat they are subjected to. And not just them even the locals get tanned and trust me it’s not a nice feeling ☹ One must swap their usual body moisturizer with a cooling Aloe-Vera Gel which will help lower the temperature of the skin.


So, these were the tips that you can keep in mind when traveling to Udaipur in summers. Also, you can always read about the best time to visit Udaipur so you never have to compromise with the weather. Monsoons in Udaipur are great for people who love rains, the city is covered with great greenery and the weather is also beauteous. For people who are comfy in winters, the best time to visit Udaipur is winters according to me. The weather is great, the sun is not harsh at all and you can enjoy every bit of the city.

Tell me in the comment section below, when are you coming to Udaipur?

Food List

The Best Fruit Juice Shops in Udaipur

Udaipur is well-known for its magnificent palaces, traditional food, scenic lakes, and also the scorching heat that is this season. Almost everyone is talking about the prickling heat that has brought every work to a standstill, but this doesn’t stop us from visiting different places or hanging out with friends at the lakeside, does it?

As the summer season in Rajasthan moves towards its climax, there are some important things all of us must make a note of, in order to beat the heat and keep our bodies hydrated and healthy. Most of us have to head out during the peak hours of the day when the air is very humid. While there are several measures we can take to safeguard ourselves from the hot spell, the best and foolproof way is to gulp down a chilled glass of fruit juice or shake to quench your thirst and keep yourself hydrated at the same time.

There are dozens of juice shops spread across every nook and cranny of the city and we have finally come up with a list of some of the best juice shops in town to put an end to your dehydration woes. Take a look at the following list and try them out for yourself!

1. Manohar Phal Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Located in the heart of the city, this is one of the most popular juice shops and sees a heavy footfall during the day, most of them being visitors from the hospital looking for a healthy alternative to fried foods and other food items.

Specialty – Pomegranate juice, Mango Shake, Pineapple juice, carrot juice.

Starting price – ₹20 – 60/-

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Chetak Circle, Opp. MB Hospital, Udaipur

2. Maharana Juice and Ice Cream Center

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

One of the oldest juice shops in Udaipur, serving tasty shakes, juices, ice creams and soft drinks.

Specialty – Mango shake, Makhaniya Lassi, Papaya Shake, Chiku shake, Custard apple (sitaphal) shake.

Starting price – ₹20/- onwards    

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Hospital Rd., Court Chouraha, Udaipur

3. Anand Juice Center

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Head over to this shop for some fresh fruit juices, and appetizing shakes. This is a must-visit place.

Specialty – Papaya shake, Pineapple juice, Orange juice.

Starting price – ₹25/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Court Chouraha, Opp. Sessions Court, Udaipur

4. Vandana Fruit Juice and Ice Cream Center

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

This is again one of the oldest fruit juice shops in Udaipur and serves some of the best shakes and juices.

Specialty – Seasonal fruit juice, Strawberry shake, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Shop no. 5, Panchwati, Udaipur

5. Jai Bhawani Phal Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Situated in the busiest part of the town, this shop is sure to satisfy your thirst with a chilled glass of yummy fresh fruit juice.

Specialty – Pineapple and orange mix fruit juice, Mango shake, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Bapu Bazaar, Opp. Bawarchi Restaurant, Udaipur

6. Vidyarthi Ras Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

One of the most famous sugarcane juice shops in town. Also, the best way to remain hydrated for almost half the price, as compared to other fruit juices.

Specialty – Sugarcane juice.

Starting price – ₹10 – 20/-

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Town Hall Road, Opp. Kalyan Jewelers, Udaipur

7. Rajasthan Ras Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

A popular choice for many Udaipurites for fresh sugarcane juice. Pocket-friendly and a healthy choice to remain cool.

Specialty – Sugarcane juice.

Starting price – ₹10 – 20/-

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Fateh Memorial, Surajpole Main Chouraha, Udaipur

8. Mahalaxmi Phal Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

They specialize in a variety of thick shakes, including chocolate, strawberry, papaya, banana, etc.

Specialty – Banana shake, Mango shake, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Saturday

Location – Surajpole Main Chouraha, Near Star Drycleaners, Udaipur

9. Shri Bhola Juice Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

A favorite spot among students and college goers for lassi and tasty shakes.

Specialty – Makhaniya Lassi, Pineapple juice, Carrot juice, Mango Shake, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Surajpole, College Road, Udaipur

10. The Hashtag Zone

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Widely popular for its sugarcane juice served with ice cream, this popular spot also serves fast food and other fresh fruit juices in a neat and clean kiosk outside of the JMB premises.

Specialty – Sugarcane juice with ice cream, Watermelon juice, Pineapple juice, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Shop No. 4, Inside JMB Premises, Ground Floor, Opp. Nehru Hostel, Hiran Magri, Sec. 3, Udaipur

11. Jay Ras Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Specialty – Sugarcane juice.

Starting price – ₹10 – 20/-

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Bohra Ganesh Ji Chouraha, Udaipur

12. Manohar Phal Bhandar

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

Different from the former, serving yummy oreo shakes, chocolate milkshakes, as well as fresh fruit juices, this is the place to go to!

Specialty – Shakes, Grape juice, Pineapple juice, Orange juice, etc.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Saturday

Location – 100 ft. Rd., Opp. A-one School, Udaipur

13. Hind Ras Vikreta

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur

One of the most popular juice shops of the old city area. Head over for that nutritious glass of sugarcane juice, now!

Specialty – Sugarcane juice.

Starting price – ₹10 – 20/-

Open on – Monday – Sunday

Location – Sindhi Bazar, Udaipur

14. Pap’s Juice’s 

Beat the heat - The best fruit juice shops in Udaipur
Source – TripAdvisor

Another popular juice shop in the old city area, serving yummy smoothies, shakes, and juices. It is closed as of now.

Specialty – Shakes and fresh fruit juices.

Starting price – ₹30/- onwards

Open on – Monday – Saturday

Location – Satta Pole, Gadi Devra Dai Ji Bridge, Chandpole, Udaipur

How many of these have you been to yet and which one did you like the best?

Tell us your suggestions and feedbacks in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great day!


Places to Visit

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

During the summers in Udaipur, it looks like the sun is quite angry with all of us. Advertisement of glucose powder where the sun is sucking the energy out of us seems literal. Each day seems like a new challenge especially when we have to get out of our house and face the prickly sun. While nobody really likes the side effects of summers, there is something which makes us look forward to it. And that is a pool party.

In such hot weather, all we want to do is leap into the cool water and give our body the pleasure of summers. But when we think about it, the first problem that pops up in our minds is POOL. So, here we are presenting with a list of pools which are not just body soothing but also pocket-friendly.

Aravali Silence Lakend Resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: trip advisor

To all the skin-conscious girls and boys out there, here’s a good news for you. The water in the pool here is CHLORINE FREE. So you do not have to worry about the tanning that catches your skin and water that irritates your eyes after the pool party. There’s a garden beside the pool where you can put your belongings, have snacks or just rest in case you are one of the people who doesn’t want to go inside the pool. It is situated at a distance of approx. 15 km from the city.

Price: Rs. 100/- per head

Time limit: 1 Hr

Address: Nathawato ka Guda, Lake Badi

Dhar Lali Padma Bagh

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Trip Carta

If you are looking for a large pool for a large number of people, this one’s for you. Away from the chaos of the city, Padma bagh is situated at a distance of 25 km from the city. The pool is large and appropriate for a large number of people. However, it is recommended to call and book the pool in case you are planning a pool party here. You can take snacks and beverages along with you with no additional cover charges.

Price: Rs. 200/- per head

Time limit: 3 Hrs

Address: Village Dhar, Dist. Udaipur

Amantra Shilpi Resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Amantra Shilpi Resort

Amantra Shilpi resort is a well-equipped pool party destination which is not very far from the city. It is located at a distance of approx 8 km from the city. Restaurant and bar are available at the resort as well. Note that it is mandatory to wear swimming costumes in the pool here or in this case any clothing will work as long as it is made up of Lycra fabric.

Price: Rs. 250/- per head

Time limit: 2 Hrs

Address: Fateh Sagar road, Near Shilpgram

Q Hotel

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

If you are quite too excited for the pool party and do not want to travel much, this is a wonderful place for you and guess what? It even fits your budget. The size of the pool is comfortable for 4-5 people at a time. Therefore, if you are planning for a pool party with a large number of people then it is recommended to look elsewhere.

Price: 250/- per head

Time limit: 2 and half hours

Address: 2-A, New Flora Complex, Near New Pula Bridge, Fatehpura


Vijaygarh resort

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300

Vijaygarh is a picture perfect resort situated at Tiger hills in the lap of nature. The pool is placed in a top corner of the resort. The restaurant is just above the pool so you can have a meal or snacks too. Although, the pool is not much large but is comfortable for 5-6 persons at once. You can look at the statue of Maharana Pratap from the resort. With amazing aura, good facilities, and picturesque environment Vijaygarh resort is a must visit place.

Price: Rs. 300/- per head

Time limit: 3 Hrs

Address: Tiger Hills, Badgaon


Gazebo Inn

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Source: Trip Advisor

Perfect pool destination for a family as there are two adjoining pools. One pool has shallow water for kids and another one has deep water for adults. The name of this place justifies itself quite enough as there are a number of gazebos installed all around.

Price: Rs. 250/- per head

Time limit: Unlimited

Address: RJ SH 50, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313031


Blu feather hotel

Best pool party venues in Udaipur under Rs. 300
Blu Feather Hotel & Spa

It has a rooftop swimming pool and posh luxurious environment. The size of the pool is suitable for an average number of 8-10 people at a time. You will be provided with a welcome drink as well. However, if you wish to have a meal and snacks along with the pool party, you can choose from one of their packages accordingly.

Price: Rs. 300/- per person + Tax

Time limit: Unlimited

Address: No. 4, Pratap Nagar Road, Bhuwana Sukher bypass


So now that you have so many amazing and inexpensive list of pools in Udaipur, tell your friends, pack your bags and get ready to challenge the sun this summer.

If you have some more suggestions for pocket-friendly pools in Udaipur, tell us in the comment section below.


Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50

Sun can act as a real devil in summers. Times when you’re returning from your school, college or work and sweat envelopes your entire body, all you need is something cool to relax your body and soul.

Here are the things that you can try this summer and they won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.

Buttermilk (Chaach)

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: Faking news

All the health conscious people out there, this is the great option that you can try to relieve your body this summer. A glass of cool mint buttermilk that will give you the energy to drag yourself for the rest of the day. And if you crave for sweet you can go for lassi as well.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Bandwal restaurant at Nehru Bazar road


Nimbu soda

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Juhee Mehta

Apart from bringing peace to the body, Nimbu soda is the great alternative to maintain your digestion. It comes in different flavors such as orange, cola, sweet, salty, etc.

Price: Rs 15/-

Place: Shree Krishna cold center at Bapu Bazaar road opposite to Bharat optical


Papita shake

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Mango Shake

A glass of cool, thick papita shake topped with tutty fruity is all you need this season. Apart from being delicious, this drink is healthy too. You can also get other flavors like mango, pineapple, etc.

Price: Rs 30/-

Place: Maharana juice and Ice cream at Court Chauraha



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Kashmeeri Jaljeera

This sour and tangy drink will play with your mouth like anything. From children to adults everyone like jaljeera. This Kashmiri jaljeera is topped with boondi and is one perfect option to relish your throat this summer.

Price: Rs 5/-

Place: Kashmeeri jaljeera at Shastri Circle


Badaam shake

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: the food kiosk

Cold milk mixed with ice-cream and lots of almonds will soothe your tongue and at the end of this shake, you will be left craving for one more.

Price: Rs 40/-

Place: Bank Tiraha at Bapu Bazaar



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Siddharth Nagar

I don’t think there’s anything to tell about kulfi. Kulfi has been our favorite since childhood. You can choose between two types of kulfis– mawa kulfi and rabdi kulfi.

Price: Starting at Rs 10/-

Place: Jheeni ret chowk


Barf gola

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: the better India

Heaven is the word which you’ll experience when your lips which touch the icy cold gola filled with sweet and tangy flavors. You can top it with rabdi and tutti frutty by adding just ten rupees.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Townhall stalls


Ganne ka ras

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: Taste of city

This drink is a necessity in summers. Cold sugarcane juice mixed with mint and salt will just quench your thirst like never before.

Price: Rs 10/-

Place: Jay ras bhandar at Bohra Ganesh Chowraha



Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Picture by: Juhee Mehta
Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Rabdi Falooda

One layer of lacche topped with a layer of rabdi and a thick slice of Kulfi, if it doesn’t tempt your stomach, I don’t know what will. This Falooda will definitely fulfill your sweet cravings.


Price: Rs 40/-

Place: Karmchandji faloode vala near Fusion store at Shaktinagar

Time: 5 pm to 8 pm


Cold coffee

Please your mouth this summer under Rs. 50
Source: trip advisor

Last but definitely not the least. This is a boon for all the coffee addicts in the city. Coffee crushed with milk, ice cream, and chocolate chips is just irresistible. You can top it up with chocolate ice cream by adding just rupees ten.

Price: Rs 50/-

Place: Sai Sagar at Fatehsagar


With these above, summers will not trouble you anymore. Happy summers!


Best Places to have summer drinks in Udaipur

‘Summer is coming’, rather it has already arrived. Although Udaipur city is known for its pleasant weather, the summers can be really brutal. Now, we are really left with the scorching heat and increasing temperatures which result in sweaty and exhausting days. So, with the sun beating mercilessly on us, we crave for cool and refreshing drinks and that is where Udaipur restaurants and cafes have come to our rescue. Let’s take a look at some places that serve the best summer drinks in Udaipur.

The best places to beat the heat are-

1. Jheel ginger café bar-

Jheel Ginger cafe

A prominent café of Udaipur, Jheel ginger café is located on the banks of Lake Pichola and it is considered as the best place to chill, eat and drink. The café provides a variety of soft drinks and mocktails to go with and the food here is just finger licking’ good.

Address: 52-56 gangaur ghat, Jheel Guest House, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 400 for two (approx.)

UB Tip:

Use UB Life card to avail Flat 10% up to Rs 500/-

Flat 15% above Rs. 500/-

2. Dialogue café-

source: my udaipur city.

The café has nothing but good vibes to offer. Complimented with awesome ambience, great food, delicious shakes and mocktails, the place is a must visit in summers.

Address: Shobhagpura 100 ft. road, near Shubh Kesar Garden, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 350 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB life card to avail Flat 10% above Rs. 300/- and flat 15% above Rs. 500.

3. Keventers-

Keventers, Celebration Mall.

With its branches located all over India, Keventers came to Udaipur somewhere in 2017, and since then it has been the talk of the town. It provides a great variety of shakes which is quite impressive and makes it stand out of the league.

Address: Food court, celebration mall, bhuwana, Udaipur.

Sukhadia circle, Big Bazaar, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

4. Royal Brewmen-

source: my Udaipur City. Royal Brewmwn

When the summer is really killing us, Royal Brewmen’s shakes, Ice tea, and mojitos come as a whish of fresh air. Friendly atmosphere, the great ambience makes this place worth every penny.

Address: No.4 Hitawala complex, Saheli marg, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 400 for two. (approx.)

5. Brewberrys café bar-

Brewberrys cafe.

The beautiful café, since its establishment has garnered eyeballs of both the young generation as well as families. What makes it attractive is its decent ambience and calm atmosphere. Everyone should make a visit at least once.

Address: 56, New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB card to avail flat 10% above Rs. 300-550/-

Flat 20% off above Rs. 550/-

6. So Foody, Vinod’s cafe-

So Foody, vinod cafe

A small yet beautiful kiosk situated outside the RK Mall is the best place to beat the heat as it serves delicious cold coffee and thick shakes complimented with mouth-watering snacks.

Address: Outside R kay Mall, Panchawati road, Udaipur.

Price: Rs 250 for two (approx.)

UB tip: Use UB card to avail Flat 10% off.

7. Shakes and Bites-

Shakes and Bites Cafe

As the name itself suggests, the place is well known for its thick shakes. Summers are the best time to visit this place and to treat yourself to delicious shakes and fast food.

Address: Ground floor, Hithawala complex, Saheli marg, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 300 for two (approx.)

And a special mention!

8. Happinezz-

When it comes to escaping the blazing heat how can we forget the oldest and yet very popular in the list i.e. Happinezz ice cream parlor. The famous Sundays and Ice creams are a must-have.

Address: New Fatehpura, Opposite Allahabad Bank, Udaipur.

Price: Rs. 250 for two (approx.)


The most important tip for this summer is to stay hydrated. So, drink lots and lots of water.

There you have it- a list of places that provide the best summer drinks in the city. Do you know of any others? We would love to hear them.


8 days, 5000 clicks, several videos: ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’

Udaipur is like a peaceful dream; a place called the City of Lakes amidst the land of sand, a city against all the odds. The very soul of the city was captured in a recent video clip named ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR.’ It is the first of its kind video of Udaipur. It is a short clip of 3 minutes and 41 seconds delineating an arousing story of the city.

A mesh of inventive ideas, striking visuals, seamless editing, and the comforting soundtrack is what ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ is all about.


The sound of chirruping birds, people talking, the waves of the lakes and grandeur of the royalty of the city; A Summer in Udaipur expresses how beautiful can a place look even in the most parched and dried state of India. The city indeed is shown as a masterwork by the hands of nature. The video starts with a glimpse of a typical Rajasthani couple riding a bike. As the video finds its course, one can witness an immense aesthetic appeal. The soundtrack of the clip makes it all the more surreal. The video concludes on a quick note, leaving a mystical essence that compels the onlooker to press play again.

The Man Behind A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR- Ayush Dinker

The young and talented Ayush Dinker from Delhi is the artist behind the appealing and involving short clip shot on a trip through Udaipur and completed over the course of a month. He also runs a youtube channel named ‘Ethereal.’ Ayush traveled for more than a week through every nook and corner of the city along with UdaipurBlog’s Team from the morning before the dawn till evening, while working on this project.

A Still From The Video

The footage of ‘A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR’ was captured with a GoPro, Canon 6D Camera, Flycam Stabilizer, a microphone and three different lenses. The stills for the hyper lapses were shot handheld. The video is a mixture of match edits, in-camera effects, some hyper lapses, compositing shots and small video clips. Crash zooms, back-time cuts, picture inverses and light effects were also added to add a dramatic touch between the cuts. The real challenge was of stitching all these shots together while maintaining a fluid movement of the footage.

Nearly 5000 clicks and numerous clips and hyper lapses were taken during Ayush’s visit to the city of lakes. He traveled with our teammates to various parts of the city covering every little detail. Facing some troubles too, the video came out to be a spectacular one.

As per Ayush, whenever he used to hear about Rajasthan, he would think of some of the obvious places and the sweeping desert. He perceived Udaipur to be a small city which he knew less about.A SUMMER IN UDAIPUR

He further expresses his sight of the city as, in his words, “The moment I sat down beside Lake Pichola on a summer evening, I knew this place is beautiful with a flavor unmatched in this world. The vast expanse of a number of lakes and the magnificent palaces huddled with narrow city lanes is a synthesis to make you a guest here. No doubt the hotels are soaring high for the best view. Whether the city has any more romance left is for you to conclude.”

The video has achieved soaring views of about 250k on Facebook alone and is still a trending video in Udaipur.

A visually compelling masterpiece takes time, patience, dedication, talent, creative vision, and a lot of hard work. ‘A Summer in Udaipur’ can indeed elevate your senses and make you love your city even more. Have a look at the video 

An initiative by UdaipurBlog in collaboration with Ethereal.



Health & Fashion

Be Prepared to beat the Monsoon Blues

Can’t wait to have a plate of garma-garam pakodas and hot tea sip by the stalls? But stop, make sure that what you are eating is healthy or not.

Monsoon in my own definition is after scorching hot summer, the rainy showers, which are super relieving for us, and are a hello to joy and pleasure. Though monsoon lessens our sweat, but it also brings many problems with it due to sudden fluctuations in temperature and moisture.


So here, UdaipurBlog brings to you some do’s and don’ts, health and fashion tips so that you can gear up for these rains.

  • Prepare your rain wears, raincoats, caps, umbrellas, waterproof shoes and plastic sheets. Keep plastic bags in your handbags also to prevent your belongings from getting wet in water.
  • Go for a walk daily in the morning. The fresh monsoon air will refresh you and open your skin pores for happy skin and happy you.
  • Don’t do heavy exercise. Instead go for yoga or simple aerobics.
  • Always take a shower when you are rain soaked. Never wear wet clothes without washing and ironing, otherwise they may cause itching.
  • Our skin becomes more prone to infections these days. So, do take care of your body hygiene. Add dettol or neem leaves to your bucket while taking bath.
  • Apply anti-fungal talcum powder to the areas which are more prone to infections like armpits, etc.
  •  The moisture and temperature during rains are the favorable conditions for microbial growth. These also results in poor digestion.
    • Therefore, while cooking, firstly wash all vegetables and fruits well, especially the leafy green as they may have hidden worms.
    • Add light grilled and tandoori foods cooked in less oil and less salt, loads of seasonal fruits, cereals and vegetables to your meals instead of heavy oily foods.
    • In breakfast we may add poha, sandwiches, egg, and cornflakes and avoid stuffed parathas.
    • Load up your kitchen and dining tables with Vitamin-C. It is a good antioxidant which helps in viral cold.
    • Add ginger to your servings. (Tea and dals).
    • Avoid packed juices and junk food, of which most of us are used to.
    • Drink boiled and purified water, homemade juices and soups only.
  • Prepare your wardrobe to drive everyone crazy with your looks.
    • Style yourself up with floral prints, pastel shades, sea blue, flora green. They all give you charming fresh look in the monsoons.
    • Go for cotton fabrics, loose fitting pants or shorts. These are comfortable and casual and also do not cause any kind of skin allergies.
    • Avoid high heels and slippery foot wears. Instead try wooden sole.
  • Exclusively for girls:
    • For glowing skin and healthy hair, apply 1 cup curd plus 1tsp of lime juice to skin and hair and wash off after 15 minutes under rain shower.
    • If you are suffering from crack heel problems, then soak your feet in warm water with a pinch of salt for 20 minutes, then wash with cold water and dry with towel.
    • A light body massage with mustard or olive oil is the need of season.

So take care of all the above, to stay healthy and charming and enjoy every treat of this awesome season outside.

Wish you all a very HAPPY and HEALTHY MONSOON.

Photograph By: Prasun Bannerjee


Because a Healthy Mind lives in a Healthy Body

In today’s cutthroat competition era it is mandatory for the children to maintain complete physical fitness too. Keeping this in mind, a Guragon based company, Fitness 365 is organising a summer fitness camp for young children in Udaipur.

“We received a huge response from Udaipur in aspects of making children socially active. Udaipur is well alert regarding sports and fitness of students. We strongly felt that a well organised summer programme will encourage more and more students for fitness. Fitness 365, in coming years, will be organising national level sport talent hunts from schools all around India”

-Mr. Sujeet Panigrahi, CEO, Fitness 365.

Ms. Preeti Sogani, Director, Witty International School said that the summer sports camp will be organised in Witty International School from 23rd of May. Dr. Hitesh Rawal, Asst. Prof. (P.E.), B.N. College said that parents must realise that sports and physical fitness are an integral part of child’s life, and must encourage them to participate in sports activities from the school level itself.

Photos and Videos

Blessings of the Rain: A Relief from the Sun

One fine Monday morning. Everyone on their routine business. No one could ever imagine that by the evening, intense clouds would be covering up the entire heated up sky. It was about 6 p.m. when the almighty was a bit merciful on the climate of Udaipur and showered his blessings on us in form of rains, beginning with small showers to continuous rain for more than an hour, followed by strong winds and thunders in the sky. Here are few photos showing few of the scenes of the city of Lakes enjoying the first rains in the burning summer. This rain can be a signal for good hope in the coming monsoon season of Udaipur, lets hope we can see Fatehsagar Overflowing again in 2011.

Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011Rain in Udaipur 2011

However, few exterior parts of the city faced power cuts which spoilt the mood of both the public and RSEB workers. Reportedly, power supply in few areas was restarted about near midnight, and few areas are still waiting in candle light for the electricity, as assured will be supplied the next morning.

Photos by:-